May / Russia

May accuses Russia of using Novičok on Skripal and daughter.

Russia says it is circus in UK parliament

Theressa May has publicly pointed the figure of blame at Russia for launching a chemical attack on British soil.
In a statement in the House of Commons, the PM said that it was "highly likely" Russia was behind the assassination attempt of Sergei Skripal , 66, and his daughter Yulia, using the deadliest nerve agent ever created - Novichok.
Both remain seriously ill after the shocking attempted assassination in Salisbury, Wilts., last Sunday, which exposed hundreds of people to the potentially fatal chemical.
It is believed to be the first time a chemical weapon has been used on the streets of Britain.

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It was likely MI-5 that did it, Zionist sympathizers no doubt.

(((They))) want another brother war with Russia. Nothing they say is trustworthy.

That didn't do the Frenchies alotta good. Another alternative needs to be presented. I like Iceland's: ban all genital mutilation.

Notice how US doesn't blame Russia in official statement about solidarity with UK? I think that is quite telling

They just won't stop with this Russia shit

I concur. Definitely smells like a false flag to me.

I do believe Alexander Litvinenko was a real Putin-ordered hit (What would you expect after writing "The Kremlin pedophile"), but this guy seems too insignificant to warrant the effort. He had already been caught, jailed and exchanged ten years ago, there was no reason to go after him now. Litvinenko was intended to be conspicuous, he was being made an example of. A normal hit would be made to be as inconspicuous as possible, the use of nerve agent makes no sense at all.

I guess Trump smells a rat too.

Bingo. This guy and his daughter are just the latest sacrifices to the "Evil Russia" charade.

"Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia",- The West

we have to go to war with Iran because of this, goyim

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To look inwards all problems are revealed.

To focus on an outward enemy has been the MO of failing leaders since the beginning of time.

Very good post

It didn't intimidate anyone when Obama said it, it won't now.

If only nations called out the jews for their crimes

agent name novichok translates to newcomer, new arrival, newbie
I don't think Russia would use a noob agent to do a noob job like this

Also Skripal was double agent…. 5 or 6

Jews greedily expand the narrative to whomever the fuck they want the goyim to attack next. Whether it makes any logical sense is irrelevant.

>Oy vey, lemme run down the list of who we Jews don't like at the moment..
>Okay, white heterosexual men are also somehow responsible. Take all their rights away!

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This is the most retarded logic I have seen this month.
1) The Russian Federation signed the CWC Geneva protocols along with the Syrian Arab Republic and Iran.
2) In addition, the manufacture of chemical weapons is no secret, manufacturing and deploying it without risking harm to the attacker is. Making "Mother of Satan" primaries is safer and that they already have a terrible reputation for blowing off fingers when exposed to damp workspaces.
3) The same "redline! We must take action immediately!" is merely saber rattling from a (((sociopath))) who doesn't trust an investigation.

Its over, news is breaking now. No collusion.

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And with that one, there was no collateral damage. If Russia was taking care of business in the UK, you can bet they would be extra careful not to harm civilians.

Even I fell for the propaganda when it first occurred. I was angry that May was too weak to stand up to Putin, and thought she should retaliate in kind for such a sloppy hit job. Then of course, common sense kicked in.

this is blowing up in all MSM now


This is why. Mueller has nothing so theyre going to fucking triple down on this shit!
The utter state of desperation.

We have to bomb Iran, because Putin doesn't want us to defeat ISIS, and Iran could become a safe haven for ISIS and al Qaeda. Never forget Putin's actions on 9/11 where 19 Iranian hijackers caused such devastation.

Seems legit. Or maybe "kosher" would be a better choice in this situation.

Seriously, it's not like they don't have men with guns. Or bike tires, given it's in the UK.

ok who the fuck is skripal and why the fuck should I care about his daughter no less?
also what are the evidence that this attacked was perpetrated other the chemical agent being manufactured in Russia/USSR
also how the fuck do we know for sure its the Novičok chemical agent?

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because the (((media))) told you so, goy

I suppose being acid attack capital of the world doesn't count?

webm before gets shoahd

*Cultural misunderstandings

UK govt are all pedos or knowingly cover for pedos. Not to mention being fucking traitors to their own people.

Even if May is right fuck him, English spies are all either pussys or corrupt for what they let happen in their own back yard.

Hero's are those who hang pedophiles from lamp posts.

Fight WWII on the wrong side then try to start the kikes dream war. Our loyalty is to the indigenous English people not the child raping kikes and hadji vermin in your government.

Stop being faggots UK.

Isn't UK like the world leader in number of acid attacks?

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There's nothing else listed in the article yet, hence no archive.

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typical russian engineering tbh

You glow.

More details:

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has thrown his support behind UK
allegations that Russia is responsible for the poisoning of former double
agent Sergei Skripal in the UK, whether directly or through negligence. The
poisoning is "a really egregious act" and will "certainly trigger a response,"
Tillerson told reporters on board an aircraft as he was returning to
Washington DC from Nigeria. And, although he admits he does not know whether
the Russian government had knowledge of the attack, he has agreed with British
investigators that Moscow is "likely responsible."

Tillerson said that the US has “full confidence” in the investigation carried
out by the UK authorities and in the preliminary conclusions they have reached
on Russia’s alleged complicity in the former spy's death. The US diplomat,
however, like the UK PM before him, used the word “appears” when attributing
the “attempted murder” to Russia and stopped short of providing any new
evidence to support the claims.

He used the opportunity to again lash out at Russia for what the US and its
allies are pitching as Moscow's "destabilizing role" in Ukraine and Syria,
“and now the UK.” Moscow, Tillerson alleged, ”continues to be an irresponsible
force of instability in the world, acting with open disregard for the
sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens.”

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Literally "newfag"

I don't get the logic here. They claim that both:

1. Only Russian governments agents had access to this substance ever, and
2. They can identify that this specific substance was used.

How does that work?

Russian hackers told them, user.

Also, French nobility weren't the kikes, the masons doing the overthrowing were.

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Come on goy we have the signature.

It doesn’t work. Something like uranium or plutonium in a nuclear bomb can be traced back to the country that set off the bomb due to variations in the radiation signature which will be based upon where in the world the uranium/plutonium originated. As each nuclear nation gets its fissile material from different sources, we can know who’s responsible for a nuke simply from its signature. REMEMBER THAT WHEN ISRAEL NUKES THE US AND BLAMES IT ON IRAN.

But as for literally ANY other type of bomb or chemical weapon, it becomes far muddier. The more exotic chemicals may have only one or two places on Earth capable of manufacturing them, sure (such places statistically only being in either the US or Russia, interestingly), but as your chemical becomes less esoteric it becomes completely impossible to know the country in which it was made, much less the intentions or source of its creators. Some really dangerous shit can be made in your own fucking home, too.

Cuba and Uzbekistan have production capabilities, according to Assange (check his twitter)

Just in time before the muh russia investigation proved bogus. Can't have any russia/US unity silly goyim!

The fucking guy checked in once a week at the embassy, they always knew where he was. Personally, I'm surprised they didn't prevent it from happening in the first place.

The media is controlled by sayanim, it would never be reported and likely spun back on you.

nobody wants that anyway, moron. Its what Putin has been avoiding, for good reason too. National sovereignty of a country immediately dies when it cooperates with America and their jew overlords


even our mother earth wants to get assfucked

They'll nuke Germany and blame it on vague Iran backed rebels.

Just look at the numbers.
A word to the wise?
For the profane:it's a psyop, stupid

I sincerely hope that Russia wont respond within wednesday

"You can't hope to improve the world before you improve yourself"

Pretty jewy comment user.

More like even mother earth wants us all to fall into the pit of eternal suffering.

All these (1)s pushing self-hatred, looks like a kike pushed the panic button on this thread.

well, now it's (2), but what would you call it then, fellow (((Zig Forumslack)))?

Its a Jordan Peterkike quote Im pretty sure.

They also had an extremely legit and definitely related piece of footage of Putin saying he doesn't care if an enemy of Russia kicks the bucket.
Cold wars earn shekels and hide sins just like hot ones.

Ah that explains it. What else would come from a kike than kikeiness.

What would I call what? This is what you wrote:
And the 1 you replied to was making similarly hopeless statements. How else to interpret it than demoralization a la Yuri?

May's speech covers this, naturally Russia is expected to deny that this was a sanctioned attack, which causes the default explanation to be "lost control of inventory".
Which leads to Iran or Syria.
It's all bullshit of course, the most likely scenario is that neither Skripal nor his daughter were injured in any way.

user if you want to bitch at people /b/ exists

jesus christ how much of a cancerous moron can you be?

From the retard who decided to start posting without even reading the fist paragraph of the story:
And checking your other posts, one finds they are just spam/noise.
So yes, you're not only trying to spread demoralization a la Yuriimplying he knows who I'm referring to but you're also general shitposting/noise.
You don't seem to understand the culture of this board, we aren't Reddit or 4chan, or any other place where it's normal to use the thread as an outlet for your teenage hyperactivity, as you see how quickly you're outed as not belonging when you do.
Lurk 2 years and remember we have ids.

Another shill here to sow discord.
Thread confirmed for having been flagged for attack by the kikes.
They really don't want this psyop being discussed.


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It's self-improvement advice, not inaction advice.
It's advice for people whose first, immediate and only reaction is to blame others (i.e. feminists and shit who call everything "oppressive").
Almost all problems in the world are caused by people who don't understand that they are not perfect (i.e. narcissists). This is meant to get people to look for their own imperfections instead of just seeking out the imperfections in everything else. Thinking about it now, I think that everyone capable of cognitive dissonance is probably also a narcissist

Wait. They used newbie on them? What in the fuck have we memed?

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I'm doing the same, fuck

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Britain didn't become a judeo-masonic republic run by proto-communists and this is horrible.

This music video is the theme for the thread.


InB4 Trump orders a counter-hit on May with space-deployed smart pebbles, each marked with a hammer and sickle, and blames it on antifa.

Newcomer,new arrival, newbie.

Things to consider:

No need for such analysis. The white man's greatest strength is his faith, which only lets him down when there's a semite fairytale in the way.

I take it on faith that 100% of the stories we hear about how Russia needs to be attacked are planted by the Rothschild Bank via the necessary proxies. Literally every single one of them. Ditto Syria. Maybe half of the similar stories about Nork.

Remember the timeline:
+1 DAY - (((MSM))) in unison: "Russia probably did it"
+8 DAY - (((MSM))) : "We don't know what did it, but wash your clothes and possessions"
They unironically advised people to contaminate their washing machine and flush an unknown harmful substance into the sewer system - and expect them to do it without knowing what the substance is!

Seconded. I need some recipes for SHTF

Don't bother with the home chem lab. Like Plato said: You can't go wrong with arson!

Checking those dubs of truth

You forgot and not actually killing him. If he manages to survive the writing will be on the wall.

Obviously, whom else would want Europeans to fight each other? The Chinese? Doubtful. They may not get along with the Russians much, but that’s not their MO. They prefer espionage.

Well, judging by how this thread went, we have our answer. Glow-in-the-dark Kike anti-Russian psyop confirmed.

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Could have fooled me.

we should be carpet bombing the uk in solidarity with russia

bitch looks like she's on some newfag herself

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Daily reminder that the kikes NEED another world war because we're nearing the end of the long term debt cycle.

Macht sich noch jemand ausser mir Sorgen, dass sich die Situation um Russland sich zunehmend aufheizt?

Wrong thread

I wouldn't worry too much. Putin is a cool operator.
He thinks 4 moves ahead. (Like Trump)
I doubt he is phased by this stupid bitch at all.
They called the UK parliament "a circus"

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How I see that is, that Russian has declared it‘s civil defense ready to fight a NBC war, has enough shelter for the population. Some times later Putin shows of his new nukes. Days later some retired spy is found convulsing on a bench.
Meanwhile China has declared that it is not going to change its leadership soon. Before that, repeated ranting of Chinese military men about going to war with the USA.
To me the situation is escalating.