House intel committee: no collusion between Trump & Russia

>EW: Republican-led House Intelligence Committee says it found "no evidence of collusion" between Russia, Trump campaign in its Russia probe; the committee's Democrats are expected to release separate statement

rep. mike conaway, the top republican on house intelligence committee leading the russia probe, announces the panel has found no evidence of trump-russia collusion; will share draft report with democratic minority tomorrow.

tl;dr the MUH RUSSIA narrative is on its deathbed. Expect much panic and fuckery from the (((globalists)))

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Oh, you poor optimist. This is just further proof to the left that collusion did occur, and that the Republicans are protecting Griggly Glompf.

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How little Schiff must be feeling right now?

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You know this is coming next.

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I've been hearing its over for months, I'll believe it when I see it. Still think they're gonna drag it out til at least midterms, if not the 2020 campaign itself.

This isn't a prediction. Final report from intel committee is being given to Mueller tonight. Mueller will make his announcement soon. MSM will spin it obviously but no one will care.

All the lefty cucks will be crying that "Mueller is still investigating…"


Muller is now investigating Hillary and Uranium One, if Mueller was looking at Trump why would he be sending FBI guys to Australia of all places to look into the Clinton Foundation's activities there?



This is why the kikes poisoned that Russian and his daughter in the UK.


B-but Egg McMuffi said Trump colluded


Turned out it was actually only three, and it wasn't the entire agency or even an executive, just some individual, butt hurt communists embedded in them.

Whatever happened, if I was Russia or China and wanted to attack the credibility of US intelligence agencies pushing the '17 agencies agreed' lie is what I'd do.

Putin is behind this, because of the Ukraine.

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and yes, now its time to LOCK HER UP

Posting it until you like it.

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I would call you a JIDF shill who's only here to demoralize us, but you're probably completely right.

This will make a hell of an anecdote when I'm an old man telling my white grandchildren about the death of the republic.

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The kikes and cucks have gone full tinfoil, they dug themselves a hole so deep that they can't get out. Almost all media is on the ropes now, not just traditional media. Faceberg use is down 24%. People are checking out almost entirely on communications because of how heavily everything has been shilled. Even Anons are dropping off because they've already learned everything they could. How many times do you have to see kikes kike around before you say to hell with it and concentrate on acting on it? This board is still heavily used as an information source, but not so much for discussion because everything has already been discussed. We're more or less at the end of discussion, through every medium. People have made up their minds and my gut says we're going to see real world action sooner than later. The kikes are defeated, and they know it, but it's their nature to continue screeching right up until the moment the gas hits their lying mouths.

That phosphorus cocksucker gets what's coming to him in the end

The key now is spreading. Normies aren't quite as informed as you may think but are still on the brink of redpilling hard as a nation, so it's time to push them over the edge. Pol is an important resource, but the mass spreading must happen.

Donald Trump needs to dump everything he has on Clinton Foundation and arrest every single deep state/kike fuck associated with that treason. This has to happen now, because deep state is trying to take over Congress in the midterms. This has to happen now.

Look, I like Trump as much as the next ethnonationalist anti-Zionist, but…
He won't.
They're likely to fail.
It won't.

Trump should have aggressively pursued elimination of voter fraud while he had the chance.

What about the hundreds or thousands involved up and down and across the board in child molestation, blackmail, murder, treasonous sale of nuclear secrets, treasonous sale of nuclear weapons material, treasonous sale of satellite secrets, treasonous sale of anything and everything else?

What about those people? Just a few butthurt commies? Really?

Yep, take it into your every day life. The time is right, spread the light.

The problem is that no one is PROSECUTING THE MEDIA FOR LYING, and no one ever will. They have done NOTHING but LIE, 24/7 for AN ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR AND A HALF. This is apparently not litigable anymore.

This isn't a probabilistic "likely" question. It simply cannot happen. The they succeed in any measurable quantity, the entire thing is fucked. Any hope for the nation is fucked and no going back.

Also, fuck off you blackpill fuck.

Truth is not a blackpill. Truth is truth. If you have a refutation for his statements, please provide them. It’s interesting that you consider “the deep state will fail at taking over congress in the midterms” as blackpilling, by the way.

It's just government controlled propaganda.

Literally the entire thing is lost for good–the nation–if any of the 57 deep state fucks running for Congress in midterms win. Not a single one can win.

If they do, this country is completely done for and whites will have zero chance of surviving.

It literally cannot be truth by definition because it's a prediction. It's designed to discourage. That's blackpilling.


And no, I said

There is no luxury to speculate.

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You dumb shit one-post fuck.

It's actually trying to discourage fighting back, which is absolutely 100% required. There is no room for failure. None of these people can get elected.

And the rest of the post is certainly blackpilling.

I like how the shills jump on me. Fuck you, you one-post fuck shill piece of shit.

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Yes, it's everyone else that is wrong, leddit. Only you have it all figured out.

Ah, here we are with the Jew accusation shilling.

Ok, deep state. Done here.

Not ONE of these fucking candidates can get elected. Not one. That's the end of the republic.

Here's another post for you, you dumb shit

Ah, here's the reddit accusation.

You fuckers are too predictable.



What you said isn’t relevant. You’re making a different KIND of statement than he is. You’re saying, “If it happens, we’re fucked.” And you’re also saying, “It cannot be allowed to happen.” He’s saying, “Statistically there’s no chance of it happening.” And you’re calling that blackpilling. You’re the one leaving potentiality open for them to win (in your prediction). There’s a damn good chance OF them winning, obviously, since we have VIDEO FUCKING EVIDENCE OF DEMOCRATS ADMITTING TO STEALING ELECTIONS FOR THE LAST 60 FUCKING YEARS.

And no one will ever DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. That’s our real problem. No one remembers the Battle of Athens. WE HAVE PROOF THE ALABAMA SPECIAL ELECTION WAS STOLEN, and Trump ignored it.

Jab a knife in your own jugular, deep state comrade

It's predictable because you jew fucks aren't creative and we've had this dance time and again. Eat shit moshe, get fucked, don't come back.

He didn't say no chance. He said isn't likely. I said you cannot be probabilistic.

You first

Verbatim, he said:

"likely" isn't the same as "no chance" which is how you incorrectly summarized the statement


Why not? I understand your implication: “if they win at all, we lose” but… the statement is irrelevant within the context of the nature of the race.

Yeah. But… what do you intend to do about it if they win?

Therefore, my central point is: do not blackpill by pretending they don't have a chance to win. Any false confidence like that means something less than 100% effort to stop them might result. If there's no room for failure, there can be no overconfidence.

That particular part of his post isn't strictly the blackpill part I was referring to anyway, because he clearly says "no hope no hope" about everything else. But in a way, trying to make people overconfident when failure is a catastrophe is a similar psy op. Overconfidence and blackpilling lead to lack of effort.

It's funny how shills jump all over me the second I say all the Clinton Foundation shit needs to drop immediately and deep state has to be fought tooth and nail in midterms.

A better term, to stop this stupid debate once and for all, is he is trying to cause inaction through overconfidence. Whether it's trying to cause inaction through overconfidence or through hopelessness, the aim is the same.

They simply cannot win, and this ties into why I said Trump needs to dump the goods. There is no other surefire way to stop them

Too many anons run under this false idea that there is transparency and we will be seeing everything that goes on in draining the swamp. Some of it we likely won't see until after it happens. I guarantee they will not move on some of the players until they have everything in order to avoid any legal out. That doesn't mean they aren't doing anything, it just means you aren't privy to everything going on.
If only Nixon were alive to see all the shenanigans. I'm sure he'd be kekking.

more proof (((Trump))) can't be trusted

Republic's been over since the Civil War user.

I don't think we even see half of what's going on. Scary to think about.

Cunt is still traveling with Huma

Girls trip! Hillary Clinton takes private jet for sight seeing tour and stay with maharaja friend in India - after claiming Trump won because his voters 'don't like black people' and 'told their wives not to vote for her'

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Even half of "our" half. It's fucked.

How is it russia hasn't had an accident with one of it's defense systems and that bitch? It isn't like any of us would hold it against them.

As much as I hate the faggots who use "I'm an oldfag, I've been here since x" as the basis of their arguments, I found 4chan in 07, was around for /new/, and agree with you. CY+3 Zig Forums isn't the kind of place to discuss political philosophy and get into the weeds of what is the best way to govern a state– not because we don't know and haven't logically thought about it, but because it's been argued to death and we've arrived at a National Socialist answer that hasn't been uncrowned yet. I've seen a dramatic decline in my own contributions to Zig Forums during the Trump presidency as I simply feel like there's less to discuss: the ideology has coalesced and you're either with it or against it, in our public eye. More often than not now I'll scroll down the page for headlines I know I won't get anywhere else and save myself the annoyance of reading the thread, because it will just be Trump-is-a-kike shills and 400-d-chess shills arguing with each other, without any discussion of political theory or using whatever event as an opportunity to redpill more readers. I'm getting older and planning how to use the info Zig Forums has taught me to make a better world, but I don't post and fight here like I used to.

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It's called building a family. Don't worry, Zig Forums is not going anywhere, it's fine if you just lurk. But go enact real change.

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All the more reason for another one.

And thanks for still coming back not like the ride ever ends or anything

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The reeing is delicious, but the true salt damn won’t burst until the Mueller thing runs out of steam.

THEN it’s REALLY time to fap.

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It might even cure prostate cancer in our grandchildren's grandchildren.

That part will never run out until Trump leaves office in 2020 or 2024.

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look close - see a hooked nose

How are they backpedaling on this? I want to see them breaking.

Basically this. Even without proof, as long as they feel something occurred, then that is enough for them.

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It will be an excellent redpilling opportunity for any normies on the edge who still roll with the MSM narrative. There's rarely going to be a better chance to point out that CNN has lied, lied, lied, endlessly for over a year now. It *will* wake some of them up.

This is now a CIA nigger salt thread.

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Maybe they need to feel a rifle round going into their fucking craniums over ditches.

I'm all for salt but that is a kike creation.

Oh look, a real, honest to god post from a real user. I tip my hat to the OP's who are still making an effort, I drop a post here and there to keep the board moving but I haven't effort posted in forever. The collapse in "use x to redpill y" strategy threads is the real loss IMO. Fullchan used to be the brains behind Halfchan's brawn, now we're more like a VFW Hall for meme war vets.

lel, they are changing their story again.

I see hatechan more like the cooties to half's vfw

Couldn't get through 1min of the CNN kikery. I really like Sara Carter, she is a great actual journalist, and should be held up as a shining example after the rest of the lügenpresse gets the rope.

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checking these digits. praise kek

also checking these
and this one too from wherever it may be

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Oh CNN. Those kikes are so predictable.

These kikes really need some gas. Fast. I pray to God we get a hitler 2.0 in our lifetimes.

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I demand more Trump Music
I need more while I mine for salt in the rich vein off the coast of reddit.

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That is a look of contempt.

Pretty sure their landmass is increasing in size faster than the big island of Hawaii.

They're trying to crash the salt markets.

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It's getting good again, isn't it?

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you're going to be so proud of our president.

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Good point.

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this would be really awsome, imagine, if for some reason, the MSM were fed the narrative that mueller has ties to Russia. How would Mueller react? how would the leftist react? can we meme Bernie having ties to russia too?

Your a month late annon. They started saying this last month.

Bernard Ivan Sanderski?

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I would like to add, imageboards are cyclical. We might see a multi-year lull before the internet hate machine really fires up again.


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Do you honestly think we're in end-times?

Where's the salt thread


holy shit, that damage control

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The MUH RUSSIA narrative has been killed repeatedly but doesn't die because the left controls the bulk of the mainstream media. They can keep blasting this lie across the airwaves for an eternity no matter what happens.

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