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Seems fleabay is getting worried. They have removed all references to the Turner Diaries. The Hunter is the only book that pops up when you look for the author and I expect the wrong think police will remedy that shortly.

Are they trying to hide something? The CEO is obviously a Jew, or atleast married one and had a jew wedding.
kikepedia >wikipedia.org/wiki/Devin_Wenig

Apparently this silly little book is more dangerous that selling gun parts.

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Actually a quick update. It seems they scrubbed "Hunter" while i was making this thread.

Forgot to add the proof picture.

You will notice they have the same item number, and price and seller.

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Buy it here: cosmotheistchurch.org/product/the-turner-diaries/

quit giving kikes money and [b emoji]ownload it

Pay cash in a bookstore or download it somewhere (but downloads still rape any privacy). Refuse to give companies like ebay/Amazon your dollar.

Fuck the information control, and fuck the surveillance society. It's revolting.

This is Zig Forums not /lit/. Why is this stickied as well?
Fucks sake

also, for all the shills:
Get gassed, kikes.

Why must you
Be a jew
we're sick of you
so shoo, shoo shoo.

Yeah, a cautionary and well thought-out tale of a dystopian era twenty minutes into the future that we're sprinting ever closer to, is not related to the board.

I'm honestly surprised it got stickied myself. Wanted a physical copy and no bookstore nearby had the turner diaries so i ebayed it since the seller gets most of the money.

I'm digging in and seeing what else they decided wasn't kosher. For the luls look up Mein Kampf. fucking pure propaganda what they've allowed.

Thanks for the link.

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Guys see this, this is from 4cuck. I have not used an ai or anything on this ip. I dropped them some massive red pills, now this happens

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they removed legacy captca now google owns them, can anyone of you get this message to them?

Listen here princess, I am merely pointing out a fact that every thread I have ever seen about books gets nuked instantly. Regardless of inferred political reasons. I just dont get why this particular one has been stickied to boot. Fucking douchebag.
Watch your fucking tongue boy, jew is a filthy slur and Id rather not be called something I fucking despise.
It is strange as this is a poorly constructed thread offering barely anything truly of note other than, as user pointed out. Christ we could fill tonnes of threads with censorship related items alone, that doesnt mean they all deserve their own individual thread.

Did you clear the cache & cookies and restart the browser (and optionally your computer) before trying again?

yes, it's on a ip level

quite alarming, cookies all deleted still get this

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basically this ip is blocked from google now, I have to use a vpn. however this is our future, they have made so many use their captcha, and now (((they))) are just going to block us

ffs bitrex uses google captcha, I have a lot of valuables there!

Yeah and I wasnt upset at you for the thread just merely shocked that it was stickied and about books. The amount of amazing threads I have been in on Zig Forums that got anchored due to being about books, and yours is stickied? You must be some kind of magician.

Someone else used that IP. Just get another.

Gonna bump n check dat shit!

Checked. Seems you do.

Kill yourself kike

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I read Turner Diaries recently during the gun control push. Now I'm reading Hunter

we are being censored and removed from the net guys. I will drink today, but I will be back tomorrow, this is it, they do it now. What we expected all along. They simply block your ip

Im not a kike you fuckstain, merely shocked that a thread on literature was stickied. You fucking retard. Did you even read the thread and the responses and my replies? Or are you to stupid and just got triggered at the first sign of a potential impasse? Fucking snowflake faggot.

If you haven't read it yet. You can here:

audiobook read by Alex Linder:

pdf: e-reading.club/bookreader.php/133469/The_Turner_Diaries.pdf

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Jævla jødesvin, ta å pell dere unna internetten min for helvete!

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< wasting farm equipment

I am going to make a police report out off this, locked of the internet because off google

first I am going to get drunk though, but expect this guys. I haven't used this ip for trolling or anything, seriously they just (((shut it down)))


I think that Hunter is better written.

The PDFs are all around the 'net. IF you must have a paper copy, print it out yourself. It's not like Mr Pierce is around to collect royalties anyways.

going into the top-seekrit file that ranks you on various lists for criminality, dissent, and other factors

Well lets see here homeschooling, paying with cash, certain bumper stickers, buying food in bulk, having a garden, having alternative ways to produce energy, flying the flag, certain books, certain websites, voting third party, taking pictures and video, the list goes on.

Actually what will not get you on some sort of government list is the real question.

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You're on this website, which means you're already on some list somewhere. Big deal.
I've been on some list or another most of my adult life. When they decide to act on those lists, THAT is why you own guns.
To go to Valhalla with a dog at your feet.

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The thread isn't about literature you fucking retard. The reason for the thread is the books getting kiked on ebay. Keep up.

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Yeah, I found an antique, leather bound, english copy of Mien Kamph for $80 but before I could by it EBAY pulled it. And since I can't contact the seller outside of EBAY I can't purchase on the side.

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You buy it when it's mature, otherwise you have to invest in it's growth cycle. Unless one of your niggers drops a litter, you should never spend money on a pup.

Is cheesybay still up? That shit is so fucked

Nope it's pulled. Good fuck the kikes are worried

Isn't the book in >>>/pdfs/ or >>>/zundel/ ?
I think I saw it there once up on a time

Nevermind, see this user
It's an internal Red Dawn scenario.


If you havent read it, you should.
If you havent saved William Luther Pierce personally reading the book in audio form, you should.
If you havent listened to that absolute gem at some point in your life, question what you are doing with your spare time.

Not really a good way to sum it up. Its a subtle and broad guideline on guerilla resistance groups and operating an underground organization, which is what Pierce thought whites would be doing.. probably by now.

I recently wanted to buy a used old book by Goebbels (in German, I am German) from a US seller and I had already won the bid but they pulled it. I was pissed.

The list is so big they cant keep up, the best thing to do is to get as many people on the list as possible so they lose track of the actual people they should be watching.

Ive had books go missing in the mail for no reason, take months to show up, so many of them end up pulled right after I buy them. One seller was nice enough to send me a second copy free of charge after waiting a month, the first copy he sent never showed up afterwards.
A lot of the books I get have college/university library stamps on them too which means they were purged, Ive heard they delete the computer archive versions too, of right wing literature.

Also Im guessing thats Michael. Goebbels had a literary degree, its probably best read in German as the style was a bit clunky in English, it seemed. You can get that online if so, his diaries are the rare books, pre 39 is only in German and French.

Resistance to Tyranny - Joseph P. Martino - valuable for its "further reading" sources mainly as the rest is very broad and really a primer on the subjects, its a big book full of lots of complaints about Hitler being the worst thing ever, but again, the sources it provides at the end of the chapters are numerous and high quality.
Fry the Brain - John West - Urban sniper/assassin practices, final chapter ends with them building a remote controlled rifle with computer and webcam setup using car door actuators to move it around in the real assassination of a Hezbollah leader. The whole book is full of great information, even has a chapter on the Werewolves in Germany. Covers Lebanon, Ireland, Yugoslavia and more. Very worth the read, available widely in PDF.
Special Forces Guerilla Warfare Manual: Scott Wimberly - a by the book manual on guerilla operations in foreign countries using methods the CIA would employ. The book which gives all the real details TTD left out. Troop spacing/positioning, roles, patrols, movement, chain of command and duties, psychological warfare, all sorts of things that a leader NEEDS to know. This is my #1 recommendation for reading on a small to medium or even large size guerilla group, how to set up and operate a group like FARC pretty much.
Theres other books too, some I havent come across. Tracking/counter tracking is extremely important for example, this tiny little manual has some basic stuff but Im guessing theres non-military manuals too which have better information, ones that are a few hundred pages.

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It was Kampf um Berlin, but thanks. And yes I am thankful I can read this stuff in the original. Pretty much every translation I've seen so far, even the ones that are lauded as good, were quite horrible at certain parts.

Yea, thatd probably be a great one. Im trying to learn German myself, the Battle of Berlin was one of his most impressive accomplishments, obviously worth learning from since he pretty much won over communists.

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I guess thats what they call the bombing of Berlin, the fight for Berlin w.e. Im assuming the book is about him winning over Berlin for the NSDAP and not the propaganda involved in fighting to the end in Berlin.

What about changing countries on VPN?

Reminder to all anons to keep a decent sized pdf collection on your computer even if you don't intend to use it. Eventually they're going to start oy veying the books they don't like on archive.org and /pdfs/, so it's important to be able to share when possible. There are some books that are nigh impossible to get your hands on, and it just takes a single distributor to get a book into the hands of half of Zig Forums. Counter-censorship is going to be really important in the coming years. I could see Zig Forums becoming extremely powerful if it manages to be a place where people know they won't have Judeo-masonic backed corporations trying to spy on them and block evil nazi books.

t. has never read mein kampf

It's basically just Hitler chatting about his life and thoughts on things. It's kind of funny when he goes off on a tangent about boxing, or some random shit. Definitely not propaganda in the way most people imagine propaganda. Although my reply is using the assumption that you mean propaganda in a negative way, even though propaganda isn't really evil.

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Note the birthday:
William Luther Pierce III (September 11, 1933 – July 23, 2002) was an American white supremacist, author, and political activist.[3][4] He was one of the most influential ideologues of the white nationalist movement for some 30 years before his death. A physicist by profession, he was also an author under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald of the novels The Turner Diaries and Hunter. Pierce founded the National Alliance, a major white nationalist organization, which he led for almost thirty years.

I he didn't call MK propaganda.

I'll go ahead and ask in this thread since it seems the most appropriate. At one point Archive removed all of Dr. Pierces audio recordings. I believe most of them are back up now, but I dont think its all of them. Regardless it showed they have the intentions of removing history. There was a torrent file of all of his works in a thread somewhere that I was too foolish to have downloaded at the time. Does anyone have that torrent of all of Pierces broadcasts?

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Jon Lovitz is behind every tor post.

He didn't? I just noticed the period after "Mein Kampf" which wasn't very noticeable because the following F wasn't capitalized. But I still interpret his post as saying "They allow Mein Kampf, which is pure propaganda." What else would would he be calling propaganda if not Mein Kampf?

I ordered some books from David Irving, and they took over a month to arrive, and the box was ripped open. Surprised they even made it.

He's says what they've allowed is propaganda. I haven't looked to see they have on Ebay, but from a grammatical perspective, his post can't be referring to MK as propaganda.

Wut about battle catto

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There are multiple customers of VPN. It's like if you were to go to the houses of five prostitutes only to find the doors marked by police "sent to the state hospital, for VD", and then thinking the police are after you.

I'm not sure propaganda is the right word for that, though. Actually, what would be the right word for censoring/allowing certain things to fit your own agenda? Bias?

If it's not the Stalag Edition, or Ford Translation of MK, it 's propaganda. I looked at a copy of MK at Barnes & Noble once, and on the back cover it's referred to as a "book of hate" or something like that.

I just looked on Ebay, and the closest thing they have on there to MK, is a bunch of anti-nazi allied propaganda, like "The Language of Violence: Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf".

Ebay was playing around with gun related listings too. (((Kikes))) are attacking the retail side of the badgoy supply chain. If you need anything, it's getting late…We definitely aren't getting the 4 year reprieve I had hoped for. Lame

Are you retarded?

Kill yourself, imkikey.

Big companies do shit like this all the time. Maybe someone wrote a nasty email, or sellers were reported one too many times.
You can still pick it up on amazon, albeit at a high price.

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example 2

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Seems like it was pulled from Abebook as well. Wonder what skelrala they're trying to hide

Are there any pdf collections that aren't in the sticky? I've been slacking in that regard.

there's a seller on amazon textsell1 its probably the same guy. quite a few sellers

Reminder this guy is a literal Russian agent (pic related):

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I requested my local library add it to their catalog. We're already on the list, trust me.

That doesn't really prove he's a Russian agent, but anyone posting reaction images of that bitch probably isn't from Zig Forums

Don't forget your service manuals.
Someone should have a link or two to some of the newer manuals as well.


Know how I know you aren't from here?

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how can any place of the internet be or become unkiked? its impossible
give solutions then motherfucker

You seem to be glowing in the dark, can you explain this please?

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You tards fall so easily for the Illuminati plans of race war 😫 look you dumb giganiggers this is a childs fantasy book about race war. What do the "jews" want? RACE WAR. The jews are willing puppets of the powerful families sure but it's not 100% jews, they will kill their own without a thought, just like mountain trash hillbillies are bleached niggers but it's cultural brainwashing and then those retards selectively breed making more Appalachian apes. Any race can be made subhuman, it just happens that blacks had a mad Max society after the cataclysm ~10k BC a segment of Jews fell into the Baal/Saturn worship and since 1600~ or so when technology caught up with wealth and power the actual clans in charge changed from Waring masses to phycological and financial control. The white race vs whoever is part of the long con. They say so in their plans, they've been working on it for 400+ years to gain global domination. You faggots are think skull coolaid drinking cows being controlled by Jewish trolls and threads. We all know the censorship is huge on 4c and 8c but yet you still belive what you read. Do some research, William Cooper was right and got killed because race war can't happen if people know it's culture selective breeding of traits being used against them. You're all almost as bad as Alex Jones who says mainstream media is all lies but look here at this article telling you what I'm saying is true published by the same news outlets.

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Are you even trying? Put some effort into your shitposts

oh shit I remember this. I sent him $20 sheckels years ago after I downloaded just about everything off his page. good stuff highly recommend

Think you could upload a folder to mega.nz so we could download in one go?

You might need to reinstall your operating system, user. Pic related.

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So, Rach poster comes here a lot. It's the same guy. Now, it's a Russian agent. Its views are not those of anyone on the American left. Its views are more like that of the Republican Congress - but exactly those of Russia.

Really, he needs Linux, but most people would rather have CIA installed.


Less people giving shekels to sheenieBay, and more money spent on right wing sites that carry the text

Should I buy it on amazon?

try this

Effete liberals gonna effete.


You can get is at amazon for $22.00 plush Shipping and Handling.

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