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Here Come the Architects: Modernists Want Glass Roof, Steel Spire, or Minaret for Notre Dame
Modern architects have begun circling the charred remains of Notre Dame, proposing that it should not be faithfully restored, but rebuilt with “contemporary” features such as a glass roof, steel spire, or even a minaret.

Extinction Rebellion: Met Police asks for 200 extra officers
The Met Police has requested about 200 extra officers from neighbouring forces to help deal with the Extinction Rebellion protests in central London.

Change UK: ‘we’re the natural home of the remain alliance’
New party says it has received more than 1,000 applications to stand in Europe elections from defectors from other parties

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Fuck me this lamb leg is taking ages to chill down smh.

need to remember to add architects to the list of those due a roping tbh

Big Builders too

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*hangs them in a modernist gallows where they slide around several loop de loops before they drop*

lol fuck off, those officers are taking the utter piss

also good lad

No he wouldn't, because no-one will have heard.

And it's all a spiritualist metaphor for the frailty of the human condition or some shit like that.

thatch huts and dirt roads when tbh

make a guillotine with the blade out of bulletproof glass and the frame from painted steel tbh

for him

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for her

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She needs a helmet.

Like these Eastern depictions of Jesus as milites christi tbh

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For him

Forgot how much hassle it is to court girls

Pringles and iced coke for dinner again tbh

Hows the leg?

All healed up tbh, thanks lad, fuck penicillin tbh, made me feel so bloated

Then she would also need a shield with the jack on it but then her dress would need to be changed, hence why I didn't go down the martial Britannia route.

Bit lewd lad

yeah don't even bother tbh. i don't get enough time off toil to waste it doing that.

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I want to fuc though

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for him as well

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Toney Blear sucks cock


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if… Was good, Should I bother with o lucky man?


Either they are massively over estimating how much far right activity is going on or the government knows stuff we don't and are currently shitting themselves.

This homeless guy comes into my work every day and buys beer, he said he used to be a music producer and that they made a documentary about him and others like him but i cant find shit about him, and i dont think he is lying, he said he will com in with a book the documentary was based on and give it to me

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he said he helped elvis, whitney housten and ray charles write shite


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bet its this kek

Him helping Ray Charles is pretty believable tbh, blind people can't write.

Sequel to if, heard it was about socialism so I don't know if I should bother

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His name is graham but i dont know his last name


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Who knows tbh, there could legit be massive networks of dafties we don't know about.

Maybe they're off the internet exclusively or use more obscure sites



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Was it even worth watching tbh?

Modernism is good, but should exist completely seperately from classical styles, which are how we ground ourselves in the past while reaching for the future. Skyscrapers are at least a monument to human power and ingenuity and generally match their function. It's post-modernism that is bad. Sculptures that don't mean anything, and buildings that look like giant amorphous turds.

If you build something that looks like a pile of wreckage, then it should be bulldozed immediately and the architects thrown in a big waste compactor along with the rubbish they soiled the city with.

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this is a massive whitepill, it makes sense that active networks would be completely off the grid and communicating with pigeons and smoke signals or something. Or possibly on the deepweb, i've often wondered whether there are dafties that monitor our threads and laugh at how gay and useless we are. Besides bins of course.

There's a shit ton of dafty tier lads on Facebook tbh, mostly just regular lads, and then you can get into the "lads down the pub who are pissed off with everything but don't talk about it openly anywhere" level of stuff.

Wait for the highlights tbh.

kek if the day of the dafty comes and the military performs a coup and hangs everyone in parliament Id probably think it was a last ditch effort to maintain control, not sure what exactly these super dafties could be planning if they exist, probably some attack on the power grid or something

Fair enough, cheers lad

Pleasing to the scoobydooish sensibility

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Good lad

Wotsits for supper again

This tbh, it would likely be supported by the city and we would end up with what would basically be a British Pinochet government.

geography conundrum: what territory was this the flag of? No cheating.

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Apparently keeping architecture in-keeping with the surrounding buildings is an entire new school in the post-modern movement according to wikipedia. They call it New Classical Architecture.

It looks Gothic to me.

The birds remind me of NZ because of the Dodo but I can't remember any flags that look like that there, it's blue though so maybe somewhere in Australia?

christmas island

ah way off.

actually, considering Aussie demographics, maybe not that far off.


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good lad

The answer is Weihaiwei, a leased colony on the northern Chinese coast from 1898 to 1930.

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good lad

What Christian denomination are you from lads?

Get your credit cards ready, lads. You can ask him anything!


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Anglican tbh

Literally nothing wrong with newly built classical stuff tbh, pic related was built in 1986, although the inner futurist in me is screaming that we shouldn't just copy shit from the past.

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Church of Norway




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I don't understand why it's a post modern school.


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st helena

It's when you go so post-modern you end up back at classical.

But it's not all classical architecture either they're just keeping the new buildings in-keeping with the style of the surrounding ones.


wow, embarrassing, already answered lad, i know of every obscure British colony that has ever existed. Another good one is mosquito coast.

You know what it doesn't matter, I'm being autistic.

How did you acquire such powers?

Modernism would say in-keeping with the style is a bad thing and you should build modernist styles next to it surely.

we used to talk about these kind of things a lot more circa 2014/15

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These aren't bad looking tbh

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sony building looks like a mausoleum

yeah they're nice tbf

What is this, lad?

Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

I've always found it a bit sterile tbh.

Looks a bit like an inbred Enoch

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It's copying a style but putting no soul in.

Didnt even watch it tbh. Just heard the rundown from some of the lads and watched a brief clip and have been enjoying the memmies.


no. I felt scammed and I didn't even pay. They came 40 minutes too late to an event people paid AT LEAST 15 dollars for, some seats went for hundreds of dollars I've heard.

Probably in an attempt to blight out any memory of pre-industrial living.

Always a problem tbh, not sure how it would be solved.

It's all a bit Soviet when you put it like that tbh