Commie rection pics, my folder is pathetic

Commie rection pics, my folder is pathetic

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reaction pics ofc, derp

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nice digits kamerat

merci kameraad

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The one with Unruhe wearing headphones may be one of the greatest pictures ever taken

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Damn, Lennon is hella high in that pic

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We are reaching peak AmeriKKKan here

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A classic.

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What next, 'Marxism-Leninism-Hillaryism'? Go LARP somewhere else, amerimutt.

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Who's that?

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Bad history, honestly. Decolonization was not the old empires leaving something that they were unaware was valuable. Petroleum had been used in the Middle East since Babylonian times. Everyone knew that there was plenty of it and that it was useful. Decolonization was the Americans and Soviets supporting nationalist uprisings in order to break off bits of the old empires and add them to their respective spheres of influence. That allowed them to extract the local resources without the trouble of actually governing the locals. It was just a more efficient way to do capitalism.

Get out right now and take that flag off, you're lucky the mods can't ban people but really get the fuck out right now.

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