Tillerson Fired- Pompeo Nominated



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Best part is that it was done with a tweet. First woman to head the glow agency too.

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I can feel the swamp draining right now.

Reminder that Deep State spy programs will be the secret police of the Jew World Order. The kikes want a hefty surveillance system so they will be able to spot you early enough to stop you.

I agree. They don't even have the goddamn decency to let the Rothschilds build a central bank in their backward country! Although this might be a signal to Kim in advance of the negotiations.


Double-fucking based


Good. Rex was a goddamn retard.


Nothing good can come from having CIA run foreign policy

You're right. Pompeo isn't any better, actually he might be worse.


Rex fucked up, Kek

Trump administers swift response of titty spanking and
You're fired

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>Haspel joined the CIA in 1985 and has held several top positions in the agency including deputy director of the National Clandestine Service.[9] Haspel ran a "black site" CIA prison located in Thailand in 2002.[10][11] The site was codenamed "Cat’s Eye" and held suspected al Qaeda members Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah for a time. The Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture specifies that during their detention at the site they were waterboarded and interrogated using no-longer-authorized methods.[9][12]
She glows very strongly.

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but womyn!
Trump owning libtards epic style xD BASED


Tbh I feel like you Americans are not up to speed, mostly heard shill screeching since the news broke.

Perhaps it is early and you are just waking up
You do realize the background of him being fired? he went against Trump numerous times and now against specific orders tried to stir up shit with Russia at the very point where Russian collusion has been disproved and the field is level to start building good relations.
He was already sent on a penalty mission to apologize to Africans for shithole remarks (Top Kek)
Him antagonizing Russia for Skripal
This was the straw that broke the camel's back.
Trump swiftly called him back to a warm welcome of
You're fired.

Rex is a moron and skull and bones shill and he got /justed/. He never was /ourguy/.
Also Trump gets along well with Pompeo, they are on the same "wave length"

Yikes. Pompeo's a textbook neocon.

Edward Snowden (not a real person) is "tweeting" his opposition to the CIA director because of muh torture. Strange game these alphabet agencies play against each other.

I'm surprised that anyone is surprised at this. Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. He is running USA like a company.
What do you do when you have unloyal retarded people who go against you in your own company? You replace them with competent individuals who you can work with and preferably get along with personally

This makes her the new head of CIA

Wonder if it is permanent?

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what we really need in leadership positions is more unstable, emotion driven creatures

It's 4d chess guy, placing a woman at the head of the CIA will be the downfall of that parasitical entity


We live in exquisite timeline. We have memed exceptionally responsible.
…And elected Lord of Chaos

Pompeo had no affiliation with the CIA before Trump appointed him to lead it. He's shit in other ways but not notably worse than Tillerson. The real problem with this news is that Pompeo is being replaced at the CIA with some cunt who's been glowing for decades.

Rex got shitholed


IT WAS THE IRAN DEAL! Trump to Reporters After Firing Tillerson: “I Thought It was Terrible. I Guess He Thought It Was OK”


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Don't forget the part where he fell ill in Nigeria.

Did he?
Mein fuckin jimmies

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more wars for ZOG

The funniest thing about this is Trump knew he was going to fire him, but still made him suffer on a tour of Africa apologising for shit he didn't even do.

I find that hilarious

It's hard to fight an overseas war without secure infrastructure at home. ;-)

Well i do know that when Tillerson was appointed, the kikes were worried because he is "big oil", but then he didnt give them any trouble at all. Exxon Mobil is kiked anyways, so very little suprise there. (buy Valvoline, support the little guy not ran by kikes, fellow car anons)

This Pompeo guy has said a few generic things about "israel is our friend", but in all reality you have to if you want elected. Anyways, the kike media is blasting him for being anti diversity and anti faggot, so thats an improvement in my eyes.

The chick replacing him was one of the ones they tried to blame for torturing ragheads in guantanamo, so could be ok if she hates muzzies, well see i guess. Still a boomer tho…

I'm trying to see the bright side here but it just looks like a shakeup where everything really stays the same.

Guess there is one good thing in theory, corruption is likely at the top of the CIA. He can promote CIA top guys into other cabinet positions without a confirmation, thus potentially getting rid of bad people.

Yeah also this is apparently our new CIA director according to random blogs. Not even sure what to think, lol.

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He didn't want war with Iran, that's why he was removed.


That's what they said about Bush Sr. It's CIA policy not to admit that people are CIA

Yes i read that. Pretty generic typical republicuck.

Actually does Gina Haspel have to be confirmed? I mean technically she should be confirmed, but she was already #2 at CIA. If she needs a confirmation it might be fun to watch.

I admire the pure chaos and state of the art Troll form which Trump brings.

This is invaluable. I am having more fun in the two years since we elected him than I maybe did in 5 years before that.

Before him, we were all sort of… dead inside. But now-we have come alive. And opened our eyes to the posibilities ahead

It's invaluable

GOP finally admits there's nothing in Russia collusion and now he goes and does the ZOG boogie.
Should have known better as a secretary of state.
But tbh he looks he was fed up with the job.

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He had no authorization:

In my opinion he purposefully fucked up.


I never knew Caterpillar had an infantry division.

Trump said so himself

This is what foreign policy made by Sheldon Adelson looks like.

Reddit is over there, newfag.

Adelson is going to be fried when the DWS/Awan scam comes out.

Well that is odd. The picture looks kinda fake to me tbh, but I'm sure people will run with it.

Is that going to be the trigger event for the mass arrests? It's a rhetorical question. Filtered.

lmao, the iran deal was to protect israel

stupid me just realizing this

literally the USA paying iran to not proliferate because israel is scared.

you're trying too hard

is this all part of draining the swamp?
are staff and cronies forced out also behind the scenes??

wtf r u on about m8

Good for the oil business I guess (appeasement, stability). I figure every middle east policy is where oil interests and israel interests align.

Come to think of it, I bet israel wants an eternal enemy like Iran. The constant fear mongering about them means more goy bucks.


Just filter the goytoys, he's just shotposting

the oil industry is inseparable from fed's USD relevance and israel protection, so yeah

Tillerson is speaking now.


He seems rattled.

lugenpresse is wearing a blanket. It's like Walmart on the 1st.
can't wake up

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Criminally underchecked quads

15 months ago Pompeo was a state rep that Trump APPOINTED as CIA director. Now Trump will know where all the bodies are buried.

did his mention of an "open society" bother anyone else.

After State Department Snub, Senators Look to ‘Other Means’ to Investigate Tax Dollars Propping Up Soros Work

Yeah I caught that too.

Wasn't soros funding the ukraine revolution? That is basically undermining any hope of better relations with russia. That alone would be a good reason to fire him without warning. Wouldn't be surprised if they also fund shilling on Zig Forums through a bunch of shell companies.

I just wonder, why did it take so long to fire him? The stuff in that article happened almost a year ago.

lack of better options? The fact that trump just now started focusing on foreign relations and had to deal with the cunt more?

Trump want to attack Iran before 2020 to actually have a chance of getting reelected

if this is any indication, hopefully yes

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Guess that makes sense. Also trump just got a ton of credit for the north korea stuff, the timing does make sense. Also tillerson accused russia of poisoning the guy in britain, so the timing does indeed make some sense here.

Trump needed a kikeshill to front for him. Do you remember what Tillerson was doing when Trump was tweeting about Spicland being “the number one most dangerous country in the world”? He was in Spicland, unwittingly getting their stupid hopes up for the big DACA letdown.

for any who missed it

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top kek, well this does indeed make sense. I honestly don't follow Tillerson news at all, really haven't heard of him since he got appointed.

tbh this plays into the narrative that one side of the deep state brought in Trump to be their man. Pompeo was like the first guy appointed to a position, but how the hell would Trump even know who he was back then, or who recommended him?

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that is a new level of ugly

Yes CIA director requires Senate confirmation no matter what.

I think it's obvious the only reason trump was allowed to be elected is because he had the support of most of the military and its industrial worker bees. CIA niggers fear the warrior class, and have been known to throw them a bone or two.because of this, we will see massive wars before 2020, but against Iran or NK or Syria I think remains to be seen. Honestly the best thing he could do would be to sack up and btfo china before they get too uppity and give lockheeb their shekels that way, but that will likely not happen now that Xi's assendance has basically been sanctioned by the west in exchange for peace in NK. Very complex, who knows, etc., but Pompeo is at least not career long deep state and served enough time at CIA to give trump a few leads. It's obvious trump is not the kike krushing Kaiser we want him to be, but the fact that for every neocon that gets fired one more takes his place is not exactly encouraging; means trump is either being told point blank 'hire z or we'll kill your family and take everything you own' OR there is really just a serious dearth of anyone but neocons in senior GOP to fill these positions (more likely but actually a harder problem to correct).

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They turn into alcoholics instead. Cowards.

la creatura does it again

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hahaha, saved.

Ah, he's a pedo.

>(((Gina Haspel)))
From Ancestry.com:
Jewish (Ashkenazic): Haspel ‘reel’, ‘winch’, hence a metonymic occupational name for someone who wound thread into a skein from a bobbin or who operated a winch or who manufactured the implements.

Great, so we got another Kike.
Doesn't Trump know any Gentiles?

Also, Pompeo seems suspicious as fuck. Like another Neo-Con.
See this:

What a way to thank Assange for helping you get elected!


Khaddafi gave up his WMD's; he got a sodomized with a hunting knife for the folly of trusting the jew banker run west.

If I was that fat little gook with the funny haircut no way I'd give up my nukes. No fucking way.

Trumpcucks are now defending a shitty GWB 2.0 administration that will never amount to anything.


Israel is doing just fine. Now if Europe the ME and America all collapse then it's time for a mitzvah. Call in the Ukrainian child sex slaves…the circumcized peckers are twitching and itching…

this is just too transparent, at least switch tactics

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kek, reminds me of the "sexist" air conditioner articles from last year.

The glass cliff is the alleged phenomenon of women in leadership roles, such as executives in the corporate world and female political election candidates, being likelier than men to achieve leadership roles during periods of crisis or downturn, when the chance of failure is highest.


Literally shitcanned, if you believe the latest news.

Lay off the meth for a while Matthew. You appear to be losing brain function which should be said compliments your smile, strangely enough

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Rex got bitchslapped hard.
He never was an asset to begin with. Old skull and bones fellow. Not loyal to the President

Rex wasn't into an Iranian war.

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daily reminder that pompeo is from commiefornia, and is a koch cocksucking duck – and the cryptokike glows in the dark

this is a sad, sad day for america


duck = cuck