(((Passover))) is coming, lock up your kids


March 30 CY+3 is (((Passover))), kikes the world round will be sacrificing and eating goyim children more than usual. The most famous yet forgotten example was Simon of Trent, a three year old found tortured to death in the basement of Trent, Italy's synagogue/moneylender. Simon was canonized a Saint, but (((Pope Paul VI))) removed Simon from the Martyrology in 1965 for reasons. Saint Gabriel of Białystok Russia is another example who was sacrificed on Passover April 20th 1690. William of Norwich was also sacrificed on March 22nd 1144. (((Wikipedia))) foolishly lists over 150 examples; leading up to 2005 in Krasnoyarsk, Russian when 5 boys ages 9-12 went missing before Passover. Their charred bodies were found in the sewer after the holiday.
>regnum.ru/news/454284.html (vodkarunes)
The week before last year's Passover was the false flag chemical weapons hoax in Syria on April 4th. That day the Israeli deputy foreign minister tweeted out a picture of her and her department making a Passover toast with wine.

Create fresh OC, infographs, and poster templates on Blood Passover and Saint Simon in order to redpill normalfags and protect white children.

Make like Martin Luther and poster up every church in driving distance. Posters must be simple, with an archive link and a hashtag. #Perfidiouspassover is available and even if searched off Twitter, leads to many websites on the subject. #simonoftrent and #ripsimon are already established as well.

No, fuck no anons. Libel implies baseless accusations and is what kikes want goyim to refer to this as. Jewish Medieval historian (((Dr. Ariel Toaff))), son of the chief Rabbi of Rome, wrote a book proving the history of Jewish child sacrifice which was published, then recalled for reasons. Kikes have since edited and republished goyim approved PDFs, and the original one on /zundel/ was 404'd. Here are links and archives to the original and a summary article.

Time is critical so there is no need for consensus on OC for social media, fire for effect when ready. Posters need to go up at least before March 25th, the Sunday prior to Passover, if not earlier. The more msm kvetching the better.
As always, no command because op is a faggot.
Gott mit uns.


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kike free 1st post. nice idea OP

Isn't passover the kike celebration of dodging one of the biblical divine punishments by rat-holing themselves away in a cave where god couldn't see them or something?

Ex 12:12-14

[12:12] For I will go through the land of Egypt in that night, and will smite all the first-born in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgments: I am Jehovah. [12:13] And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and there shall no plague be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt. [12:14] And this day shall be unto you for a memorial, and ye shall keep it a feast to Jehovah: throughout your generations ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.

It's a celebration of demiurge genociding whites.


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from twtr before it nuked my account for wrongthink

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Sanguine Seas of Bigotry

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More important question: What kind of an attack will happen for the sacrifice for this particular time of year? There are a number of jewish celebrations in the spring.
Wasn't the Brussels airport almost-911 attack foiled in this time of year?

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I wonder how many evangelical pastors will admit they learned of this in Seminary?

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Check the missing children reports this summer and you'll have your answer.

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bumping with info

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if we prevent passover then do we break free from their magic they cast over us? I know its there, they are doing something with these rites, its not just for shits and giggles, they are doing some sort of fucking magic I know it.

The net effect on those who participate in the ritual is that they are bonded with their tribe, and separate from the sacrificed goyim. These kinds of rituals make the participants a little more brave and bold in their movements. If you stop this (you have to do it for a few years, which is a challenge), they'll lose their chosen status over that time period, roughly speaking.

Well done

It's in their nature to behave like vermin. The audacity of the kikel to think they would have any power of hiding from a god

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no, its much more metaphysical and supernatural then just that.

I think these two pictures and the first one in op would make the easiest posters to print out. Goy Katan is the Yiddish phrase for "young goyim chosen for sacrifice" according to historian (((Dr. Toaff))). #bloodpassover is also established on Instagram to use. (((They))) use #bloodlibel a lot on twatter but it's pretty low energy; ripe for rebranding.

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Checking both of these, but goddamn them to hell, those are some disgusting paintings. The truth behind them is what makes them so gross.

From the horses mouth.

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Jews should consider killing someone that deserves to die for once, like every single Jew.

This is disturbing.

It is even more disturbing when you consider saint simon's island in Georgia, and it's connections to the slave trade. I understand now why Olgethorpe wanted to keep the jews out.

Does anyone happen to have the missal for St. Simon of Trent?

I added the pastbin of all the accounts of human sacrifice by jews so normalfags can see the pattern. Thoughts?

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Why do you think (((they))) are getting more sloppy and reckless with false flags and hoax shootings? The more normalfags that know, the less effective it is.

Confirmation bias ahoy.


Theres even a folk song about Little Sir Hugh of Lincoln about his murder, and the kike's attempt to hide it by throwing his corpse down their own drinking-water well, which was foiled when his spirit called out to his mother.

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They are sacrificing them to their god (saturn,molech,el) who is the Lord of time and space and demands sacrifice, the Canaanites were known to throw children into outs of fire at the alter of molech, this is the true meaning of the word Shoah and the Greek translation holocaust.

*Pits of fire

bump for the potential lulz. The whole "It's ok to be white" tactics combined our own material, potentially aimed at Jewish centres and other religious organisations like the christ of cuck or mudslimes could be in ingenious way to go.

could pizzagate just be a modern time blood libel all along this time?

Exactly my thinking. I bet if one was put on a synagogue (((they))) would make copies and spread them for us "hey what 'cha doing rabbi" style, looking for sympathy.

Obviously. Also, like I said in the op, "blood libel" is what they want you to call it, since libel implies false accusation. Just like anything with the suffix "g-ate" makes normalfags think conspiracy instead of true major scandal.

Thanks for naming the kike modsama.

I've been saying for a while that jewish ritual murder is one of the issues we really have to push hard. Other than the two Honest Media Today documentaries, there's very little easily accessible material out there. One of the audiobook anons (or anybody with a good voice) should consider recording one of the classics on the topic. Leese's book is only around 60 pages.

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Agreed, so many pizzafags right on the precipice of seeing (((the pattern))).
It should be a Britbong tbh.

Here's the archive of the pastebin from the cap to put on graphs/posters so normalfags can't report it or poison with disinfo.

Maybe Sven Longshanks or Andrew Carrington Hitchcock would do it? Both have done narrations in the past.

I believe this is what is known as the "sarcastic confession".

Oh shit, Arnold Leese, you don't hear much about him nowadays.

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ill dump what i have

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and in more recent news, the execution of the czar and his family have now made it to the public space as a possible jewish ritual murder

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this goes back for a long time of our history, romans even speculated on this practice. i also think that the giant in beanstalk fairy tale is based on a jew.

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always the same hat too

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Is taking blood from the dick a thing, besides metitzah pbeh I mean? Once in a hospital a jew looking fellow shoved a scalpel up my urethra and drained blood from it. I'm sure this wasn't normal

I have a copy of that I got from the National Alliance years ago. I'm tempted to scan it, but Dr. Harrell Rhome, who wrote it under the pen name Philip de Vier, released an updated ebook a year or two before his passing. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have it anymore.

most of the kids missing in America are basically killed by these kike demons.

user, if possible when you have free time, pls scan every page then upload here or /pdf

Kikes will deny it to the end of the Kali Yuga, but it was carried out on one of their holidays, Tish'a'Bav, and made post cards to commemorate it. The interesting cohencidence was that the main suspect in a 1911 sacrifice of a a boy in Kiev was arrested on Tish'a'Bav by the Tsar's police. Sadly the Yids walked free because some witnesses were killed and coerced into silence. Pic 3 in this post was the flyer locals printed out the next year to warn the locals that Passover was coming and to watch their kids. Here we are a century later.

Probably; if I had to guess the giant was probably a metaphor for world Jewry rather than just one rabbi.
Pic related is from Goya's "Black Paintings". The 4th pic is the one by Peter Paul Rubens. The semetic appearance of your and Rubens' Saturn is unmistakable even without the hat in yours.

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i have seen those paintings before but hadnt considered the connection. also what is the chicken with the czars head suppose to represent? im not familiar with this whole jew and chicken thing.

It is the Kapparot sacrifice the day before Yom Kippur. The item to be offered to the poor, in the Tsar's case to the proletariat, is waved over the head three times while prayers are spoken. Then it is butchered in the kosher way, drained of blood alive. So when level 1 kikes say blood magic is forbidden, this is your argument.

appreciate the info user. do you know, have there been any other leader or world figure depicted like this?

There's only one way to achieve your goal.

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I haven't seen any. In looking there are a fuckton of anti-kapparot memes in multiple languages which is a good sign. Apparently, these savages think the magic spell transfers the sins of the family that bought the chicken onto it.

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Bump. The Jews just murder ~100 kids in Siberia. Inb4 one of you retards tells me siberia is all mongoloids. Stalin sent Estonians, Germans, Latvians, etc.. there and only the strongest made it.

anyway, was just a huge fire and police aren't expecting to recover the kids' bodies. Over 100 missing. The Jews probably had a plan to take the kids out through the sewers and then set the fire:



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Exactly, daily reminder that

If you had kids, would you consider putting a trackign thing in their skin like they do with dogs (that they could take out at 18) in case they get kidnapped by Jews for passover or purim?

orig. link: nypost.com/2017/09/25/murdered-model-was-scalped-drained-of-all-blood-cops/

archive: archive.is/zUJ1E

Blake Leibel, a Jewish rich kid, ritually killed and drained the blood of the model gf he had. Wonder who he learned that from … ?

The Inquisition had quite a lot of success with forced conversion, but I do prefer to just kill the filthy kikes.

Underrated posts

forced conversion can't possibly work on kikes. we could forcibly convert muslims and it would be fine, because they're just dumb hypersexual humans. the jewish parasite will say and do anything if it means they live to jew another day.

forced conversion, at best, leaves you with parasitic kikes who now blend in almost seamlessly with the rest of your society.

Damn, that dude should be kicked off twitter for that shit.

Abramovic is basically putting Jewish ritual murder out there for the world to see.

Sage for offtopic question, but why the fuck are there still Estonians, Germans, etc. still in Siberia? Why haven't they been repatriated back to their own countries, or returned of their own volition?

friendly reminder
kikes had to have about five revisions done to their own religion because they kept holocausting their own children in effigies of molech and baal
friendly reminder part two
kikes have a trillion dollar "blood libel" fund to sue and defame anyone who exposes their disgusting pedophile rings and satanic child sacrifice rituals

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The shapeshifters are half the problem these days. A lot became royalty and bishops/popes.


Fuck off (((Zuckerberg)))

Any proof of coincidences?

Maybe they're fine with living there/have integrated?

Whites should set up an intelligence circle that follows these kikes on important days so that we can stop them abusing kids.

According to the synagog of satan they should slit the throat of their firstborn son to show loyalty with whatever sand demon they worship, they then pretend that instruction dont exist and go after human kids instead.

I've tried but most people here just want to shitpost about the news.

Check out Millchan on the zeronet?
There's a Zig Forums board there, it's p2p though.

So they do a false flag such as a fire or arson, to cover up a mass kidnapping? Then they have child sacrifices for passover, is that about right?

user, even after Stalin died the exile order stayed in effect for the vast majority of them. By the early 90s when the USSR collapsed, there was nothing left for them back in their homes, many had kids who were forcibly russianized or the jews would beat them with sticks if they tried peaking their native language.

There's a reason Siberia is known for producing some of the strongest powerlifters/ builders in the world. Stalin and his jewish henchmen created a sort of natural darwinism where only the very strongest who could live on almost nonfood while doing 14 hours a day of physical work could survive, while all others died. See video for an example of one of the famous public workout parks in Siberia.

Also, as (((passover))) approaches, reminder to check your local papers for disappearances of children or strange killings. The Jew owners of the big media conglomerates aren't bold enough to directly tell their goyim in small towns to cover these things up, but they will keep it off the wire and out of national/ intl news, so check your local paper for any strange shit.

fucking hooktube link not working now. if you really want to see video, here is jewtube link:


I took this screencap a few minutes ago. If you think you're luring anyone to that abortion of a board, you are completely insane.

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D-did you just confuse Siberia and Serbia…
user I…

didn't confuse it, there[s a famous fucking park in siberia full of old rusty shit used as barbells and dumbells and mostly pull up bars and other such shit that can't be stolen. Some of it is even used military equipment and giant tires. Where the video I was looking for went, no idea.


I see.
I thought the whole thing was a ritual itself.
But wouldn't they still ask for the remains of the bodies?

If enough people spot jews kidnapping kids and report it, the police would have to put out a statement explicitly stating the connection.


bullshit. you should see the fucking crimes they get away with in NYC and the word JEW is never mentioned if it even is reported. Every one of the orthodox kikes in crown heights is on some sort of benefits fraud. Once in a while they round up a bunch of them and never in news.

Recall "The Wichita Massacre" or the Newsom/Chrstian kidnap, rape, and torture by niggers? Not a single national media reported it. Even the negress who made the retarded white guy drink from the toilet and say"fuck donald trump" and tied him up and tortured him got no jail. Reverse the races and it would have been 25 years.

Any illusions you have about "equal justice" anywhere there are Jews, forget it user.

Then you fags better sit outside of schools with your cameras ready

Agreed, kek. Scorched, salted earth and nothing less, is what it will take to be done with these filthy kikes.

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Really? Cameras. No. Do as kek and sekhmet guide you to do. No less.

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… it's really not a good idea to sit outside of a school with a camera.

It just seems baffling to me that the governments of their homelands didn't just demand them back on principle. The thought of just leaving countrymen stranded in hostile territory doesn't sit right with me. I guess you have a point when it comes to there not being anything for them to return to, though.


Yea I guess this is the only option.
Document it, track them, record them, post it on zeronet/i2p and then share it on Zig Forums and elsewhere.
We need to make sure the crimes are known.
And don't get scrubbed from the internet.

Allow me to check those dubs, and then remind you of the words of Johann Fichte:

and on women:

The man was Zig Forums in the age of the cotton gin.

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Basically. Vid related.

Attached: Rabbi says pedophile rape is not to be reported according to jewish law.webm (480x360, 8.8M)

If you don't do it, user. I can. I ordered it a little while ago and read it a couple months later.

Rumour has it that William Pierce himself wrote it. He said he would do just what Blood Ritual is in one of his broadcasts.

Op is getting comfy across from the local synagogue for the night. Pic related was plastered to a stop sign near by, can any daring autist translate the parasite runes? Thanks for the support lads.

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Good luck, user.

Who would win. Jews or Sekhmet?

Sekhmet wins, flawless victory.

The rabbi is literally wringing his hands.

What was the jewish law that prevents the jews from reporting their fellow kikes called again? Nazerah?

Legit question; do we have any proven cases of "blood rituals"?

I'm checking out these links in the mean time.

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Nice OP.


In essence: The jews had spent a couple of hundred years in the fertile areas of North Eastern Egypt growing their population and infiltrating the bureaucracy and installing their own Pharoah over the local Egyptians.
They were never slaves, in fact they brought superior technology in armour and arms to Egypt. Once the locals had tired of their shenanigans and prepared to expel them the jews struck first with death squads, killing all men and livestock they could get their hands on. This act is what weakened the original, native delta Egyptians against the upper egypt niggers and eventuated in the first blackening of that once proud culture. Having all those males die would destroy the ability to raise effective standing armies to seek retribution by pursuing the hebrews and the racemixing forced on them by this act would forever see to it that Egypt would no more rise to her previous heights.
It's logical that filthy beasts would bake blood into the matzos for the journey back towards canaan to bolster their "homelands" from incursions by foreign powers. They are after all, the descendants in a long line of child sacrificers.

Holocaust means burned sacrifice. They really only need one child for the purpose of exsanguination and the holocaust at that mall is acceptable as a sacrifice and a cover for any missing children.

The Simon of Trent case is the most proven one since the bloodless tortured body was recovered in the basement of the Synagogue. It was also researched and published by (((Dr Toaff))). In which he staters that even though the kike's were coerced into confessing; their testimonies he translated used phrases and details of ritual that outsiders couldn't know and add latter to the testimony. Opposite of how police wil leave details of a crime out from the press release to eliminate false confessions. In the book he also writes of the traveling blood merchants that sold rabbi certified goy blood all over Europe for spells and healing potions. In the (((2nd edition))) he now claims all the blood came from voluntary donors, or debtors that gave their children as payment.

Modsama, danke for the sticky. All quiet here so far.

I read that the location of the one was predetermined by a meeting of rabbis in Spain or Switzerland every year.

Leese is another once-famous historical figure who has been completely flushed down the memory hole. His autobiography is hilariously titled "Events in the Two Lives of an Anti-Jewish Camel Doctor." There's a meme waiting to happen here, I just don't know what it is yet. Is it possible to bring him back into the public mind with images of camels somehow?

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