Visegrad waxes; Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia support Poland

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kike free 1st post

Poor Poland. Whether by Germany, the Eternal Anglo, Russia, or Germany+EU they keep getting fucked over. You would think they would get muh holocaust card themselves they are the very reason for the war (officially)

What is the opinion of german far right on Poland?

I do not trust the D&C cucks on Zig Forums.

lee kuan yew's thoughts on the eu

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Have you got the original sauce for the OECD index?
They fixed their numbers to make poland less safe but i have a hard time finding a screencap of the original

There you go, user.

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Dude read what i wrote.
Your link has no safety index first of all.
2nd of all it's the new revised one where poland is not 2nd but like 17th.
They revised it so israel is now safer than poland(lol) by adding things like "do you feel safe" and other leftist drivel

I thought Israel was unsafe because they were under constant attack by Palestinian rockets? Or is that just an exaggeration by kike fundraising "charities"?

It doesn't matter OECD is worthless now since it's based on feelings, not facts in order to remove poland and japan from being 1 and 2(while both are 99% racially pure).

>(((polski))) claims credit like jews do and steals Zig Forums's creed
Good news even coming from a shitskin attempting to force a wedge. Thanks moshe.

Sage negated.

Czwarta Rzeczpospolita soon

Great news.

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Weird no news of this on any Latvian news sites i know of. Can't confirm it or deny it, but can tell that the Latvian PM is pretty nationalistic even without these statements.

Most of those flags are from slavic countries, not one is baltic at all.

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Zog msm doesn't want you to know.

About pictures I don't have any of Baltic states, post some

In all honesty, what did EU commies think that the former commie countries would do after they started dictating bullshit in the same old manner?
Extorting slavs with money is like extorting a heroin addict that you live with. You'll end up without a liver someday.


Wow. I'm Lithuanian and havent' heard about this. Probably because i dont' watch any news at all, but facebergaddicts should have spoken about this by now.
Good news our government supports Poland, i thought most of them are jew-loving EU shekelgrabbing asslickers.

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I know an East German. The relationship was not good, but mainly from the Polish side (though Germans don't hold back when challenged).

I'd say the Germans don't hate Poles, but they are aware Poles hates Germans.

They thought we, as weaker economies, would submit as easily as our markets when countries were opened to Western capital in accordance with single market rules. What they didn't suspect was the stubborness of the populace to the point of taking EU puppets from the reigns of power.

Basically, the West wanted colonies and it worked for a while; now the colonies dare to participate against their masters and are problematic - that's no good.

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Took me a minute to find:

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Germans hate every single one of their neighbours. That's why they keep shitting up the place.

Polish ambassador: too easy to nick German cars
Poland's ambassador to Germany says it is too easy to steal German cars – and this is why so many of them end up across the border in his country.

The problem of Polish car thieves stealing German cars and taking them across the border to sell was one for the German authorities, he said.
“I want to say, it is initially a problem for the police in the country where the cars are stolen,” he said. “They have to tackle it more effectively. Perhaps it is also too easy to steal cars in Germany?”
Regional police statistics cited in the media say car thefts in Brandenburg, which borders Poland, have risen by 250 percent compared to 2007, when Warsaw entered the EU's border-free Schengen zone.
In the border town of Frankfurt an der Oder, the number of cars stolen has risen by nearly 500 percent in the same period, according to official statistics.

Maybe you want to have look at the UK crime statistic, foreign criminals:

Foreigners 'commit fifth of crime in London'
Number One: Poles

Poland tops league for foreign inmates in UK's overcrowded jails
Almost 1,000 prisoners in British jails are from Poland, it was revealed today.
They make up 9 per cent of the 11,000 foreign inmates behind bars in the UK

Shows how much everyone really thinks.

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All of the white people must defend the europe and white majority countries.

So what you are saying is, that like the "asian" organized pedo rape that the UK police were ordered not to report, arrest for, or talk about, most crimes done by browns in the UK are largely unreported and then discarded or hidden by police?

More like Kikegrad



I'm actually surprised by baltic support. Especially coming from Lithuania, since they do hold a grudge against Poland for taking Vilnius in the Polish-Bolshevik war.
This might even be the start of a new "empire". Dividing the EU into a West and East part, where the West part might be wealthier but is full of war and the East is peaceful and rural.
Now where do we draw the lines?

Hrm… You could say that, although the primary reason why the ex-communist countries joined the EU was because of a certain delusion that the West is desirable, the optimum, the end goal… Oh boy were we wrong. Anyway, this delusion pretty much faded away almost completely back in 2015. For some even earlier.

Also Korwin government when?

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user Pope John Paul II was a cuckhold enabler and led the catholic church where it is today.

you totally misunderstood his Q

oy vey i didnt know about all these facts. based torposter. freakin poles are they even white, amiright?

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A Jewish think tank predicated that eastern Europe would be more desirable to live in due to the demographic changes happening in the west and would eventually become the center of power in Europe. Everything i have seen over the last few years suggest that this will indeed be the case.

I hope the 2nd Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is kike free. Gee, I wonder who was behind the three partions?

((((((Art Cohen)))))) thinks rioting and resisting is posting mean things on twatter.

Or they realized the people aren't under their thumb quite yet and maybe if they push it too soon, its instant gas chamber.

It was back when we were still on half Zig Forums so i can't remember all the details.


Not at all, he helped the Poles to retain their identity against the Communists. The Communists were all atheists and strictly dismissed any religion, since Communism was their only religion. He was a great help to make Communism fall… Be it for his Polish roots or for the Globalists… Like Soros did for Orban.
Anyway doesn't really matter now since John Paul II is dead… meanwhile Soros is actively trying to disrupt Hungary and generally the last stable non-degenerative white countries.

Yes, I also read that, that was back in 2015. If I remember correctly it was even the same guy who predicted Trump's win in 2016.

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Feels good to know that even if my country is completely tanked in retalitation the ((EU)) is still fucked no matter how much they try to shackle us.

Brexit accomplished nothing and only gave them the built in excuse to blame everything on it. That latest transition bullshit by may sealed the deal on it never happening.
That faggot Farage backed out when the country needed him the most. Now the choice for the public is: accept whatever (((May))) can come up with or that mutant Corbyn will fuck you even harder. I appreciate what Brexit did for worldwide awakening but I'm still pissed he just let the party die without a fight.

I'm surprised the eternal shill hasn't claimed poland is controlled opposition.

lol yids don't do shit when the goyim light the ovens. Deported from 109 countries over 300 times, when did they ever actually step up and fight to make a place for themselves? Never. They cried and died and the remnants scurried like roaches into another ghetto in the next country over.

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Poland should tell the EU to go fuck off or they'll turn Heinrich's Fun Camps into parking lots.

I pretty much expected it after the shit he was doing and what his family was going through, you could tell he was getting tired of it all.
I'm pissed he left and didnt stay to take people to task but there was some serious fuckery going on in UKIP so it might have been his only option.
It's becoming exceedingly obvious what may is doing with the EU even to normalfags, fishermen in particular are pretty pissed that she rolled over without a fight and only the die-hard europhiles are going to be happy with us staying in the eu indefinitely.
It wont last another decade, i can guess that much, only question is whether the UK does.
It really bothers me that eufags openly wish for the death of 'old brexiteers' just because they had a different opinion on this, and so they can do another referendum or some bollocks.
Old news to most guys here but it feels like i'm inside a burning building and the people trying to do something about it are constantly stopped by the others while they cart more fuel in.