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Nasa already is the space force, thats why you always see colonels and corporals flying up there

also look up the leaker who said he hacked into nasa and found evidence of a space fleet

you lazy nigger

I can't make a webm right now, but if someone else feels like it

fucking kikes always pushing their kike wars


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Throwing it out there, Trump did want to push space exploration and this would be the most sensible way of doing so; getting the military shekels to pay for it.



It was this guy you idiot:
Literally the most well known bad (got caught) hacker on Earth for like 2 decades.

we WY now? Bring it on xenos

No it was a man called Gary McKinnon.

Wasn´t it thiss guy?

Yeah, I was wrong but if there's one thing I can rely on it's the ability to get to the right answer by stating the wrong answer confidentially on the interweb.

Did we meme irresponsibly?

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Not yet we haven't.
Kekspeed ahead

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True, even if the Anons are being shitty (not this case), I learned something and/or got corrected on it. Always a nice thing tbh

And this is not the first time he has floated the idea for this. The fact he keeps bringing it up like this makes it seem like he really wants to do this.

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Oh fucking please do it asap, I want to ensure the foundational culture of the space force is loaded with references to 40k

Goddamn, Trump is always on news outlets. Fuckin lul, but in regards to that, it's a good idea, but at the same time, we definitely don't need to waste more on military.


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Fucking just kill me already.

a bit off topic but i just saw this on RT..

Tillerson was made aware of his termination via trumps tweets … kek

seppuku if already discussed

He's a smart dude , he knows. Pretty sure he has a time machine
Can't wait to see what Bannon gets done too
circa '93

"And these shall my finest of Warriors…"
Official Thread Music

I mean when you think about it, the process the Emperor used to make Thunder Warriors, Custodes, Primarchs and Space Marines was a TAD convoluted and nonsensical. He COULD have just cloned himself and had a way better army.

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Isn't Primarch's just a genetic clone of the emperor though?

they are made from his gene seed but each one is different.

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Makes you question why doesn't the Emperor make genetic clone of his own body so that if his current physical dies his spirit can be installed into the new body instead of trying to utilize the entire star child reincarnation theory to be reborn as a new entity, that would've saved a lot of grief for the Imperium.

his power didnt come from his body but his soul

Come on you apes, ya wanna live forever?

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It hasn't been discussed much, but it's fucking hilarious.

the emperor did nothing wrong

the emperor is infallible

The Emperor is a gestalt entity of humanity's most powerful shamans, creating a super-soul. His biology probably doesn't differ too awfully much from the primarchs (peak physical engineering and all that), it's his psychic presence that puts him a step above.

how about we deport the parasitic blacks and browns that are dragging our country into the shit first?

how about we build the wall?

how about we cut legal immigration by 95% and make it merit-based?

how about we deport all the hellspawn kikes to israel since they are the main force behind White genocide as well as many other crimes against White America?

how about you drain the damn swamp, Trump?

America already can't balance the budget in large part because it takes 2-3 White people worth of taxes to pay for 1 black's worth of government spending and welfare
hispanics are little better. it takes 1-2 Whites worth of taxes to pay for each one of those assholes.

the White backbone of this country is FUCKING BREAKING under the weight of White genocide, and Trump wants to talk about space war?

the house is ON FIRE
now is not the time to sit down at the computer and plan long distance travel
now is the time to PUT OUT THE FIRE

I get that most of you are just having a bit of fun, but still.

White America must put it's house in order before it can reach for the stars.

Trump does not give a fuck about White America if it is no longer interested in dying for israel and making sure Lockheeb is giving out record bonuses. His primary concern is making world policeman more profitable than it has been and ensuring jewish capital's position remains unchallenged.

lel; glow in the dark niggers fighting among yourselves. Kindly gut yourselves and jump into a piranha tank so they can eat you from the inside out.

Keep kidding yourself. Filtered.

This is actually pretty cool and will give our space programs some much needed funding.

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you could have just said "manifest destiny" and avoided all that earlobe typing that you did you dumb fucking ugly person
the race of mankind (whites) as a whole must purge the parts that are a direct threat to it's existence (which is actually very obvious and completely logical presumption if you have a normal functioning brain and all that). nonwhites on earth should be considered the same as extraterrestrial invaders, a la project bluebeam. they are no different from a foreign army directed at our destruction. while nonwhites can fit into this category through easily identifiable material means, traitors can also very easily fit into it, but in a more figurative or spiritual sense

Stop being a lazy fucking nigger
Also checked

All I could find is and

You know it’s incredible to watch this man give speeches. He literally draws you in to researching topics or events you may not know about. Watch how at the end of the clip, he says “space force, think about it. You know we have a lot of money coming. I’m sure you saw what happened the other day. Tremendous.”

Well no trump. I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. Let me go find that.

So this means my grandchildren will be space marines hunting down astro-kikes? (Ferengis?)
Is this the start of the swoleverse, Terran empire?

T. Trek fag

He also said we're going to Mars, very soon.

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I know you're a shill, but let me point something out;


Really makes me wonder (((who))) has been behind us not going to space all these years, the cuts to NASA's funding, etc…

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They would just follow us.

How is the weather in Jerusalem?

Where did I say that ?

He's right though, we can't risk going to space and bringing along the disease that is the jews to the universe at large. They have to be exterminated here first.

We could gather a small group of men and women and just go to another planet to raise another reich.

Good luck getting the votes required to oust the kikes while they control the media. Good luck getting anything difficult done while women can vote.

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Like the kikes would follow us to space, they are terrified.
The only and last space kike burned and became ash (lmao) in 2003 when the morons at NASA allowed a space shuttle with a gigantic hole on its wing to come back.

He also did nothing but to bring a holohoax drawing of the moon and cry about the poor kids (while he slaughtered Lebanese, Iraqis and french people when he bombed them in his f-16 paid with us money).
Good news is that his son who followed daddy's footstep's to kill innocent arabs via f-16 bombing died in a training accident.


checked, the SSP is reel. navy has domain over space already. microwave thrust ufos get to space easy

What I like best about this is how he's bound to be pilloried by the left for being an insane tinpot wacko. Then I'll spend a few news cycles pointing out that the Marines do, indeed, have an astronaut program. They actually send (sent) Marines into space.

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Why vote when you can revolt?

Dog bless the devil dogs.

space force motherfuckers

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Niggers are scared of space, user. They won't follow us up there unless there are space-gibs.

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why must you make things difficult for yourself?



Meme carefully lads. There's an 88% chance they break through reality.

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I'm ok with this, I've already been trying this myself.

The technocrats of Adeptum Mechanicum are probably too regressed to know what's common sense for a 2.1k high schooler.


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Because it wasn't just his body that was damaged in the fight with Horus.

I'm still trying to meme monstergirls into reality. I'm reasonably certain they'd fix everything.

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Let's worry about xenos after the subhumans are exterminated on our Holy soil

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nah, we use the xenos to kill the shitskins, win win.

That sounds like total bullshit.

Everyone says so but china and russia are very serious about it
Even if it's micronewtons of force its enough for space and worth the time and money.

Revolution is impossible while Jews control the media and clearnet. We can larp but that's as far as we get. Every day I see thread after thread - high profile targets, easy targets, nothing done. We need hard times to create hard men.

How cucked is our race if we flee the planet? This last year has blackpilled the fuck out of me. There is no viable NatSoc group in the West. Blacks and kikes somehow manage to get worse everyday. Women have been destroyed, spermcounts destroyed, and if you try to talk about it openly you lose your job at a minimum. If running away is your idea of winning maybe we deserve to die.

He probably can't. The closest he's gotten to cloning himself are the primarchs, and even they are just shadows of his true self. The only way for Emps to get himself a new body is to die and get reborn, and he can't afford to do that because the Imperium cannot survive without the Astronomican guiding its ships for 9 months. If the Human Webway project worked that might be another story, but Tzeentch working through Magnus fucked that up, so now on top of operating a psychic space lighthouse and single-handedly fending off the four Ruinous Powers attempting to murderfuck his soul, The Emperor also has to concentrate on keeping a corrupted and broken gate to the Webway shut, through which a stream of daemons would pour onto Terra itself were it not for his constant ministrations.

We can have both.

More likely neither. The kikes will get a space program and whites will be genocided. Whites will not fight. Boomers want you dead, too. They think NatSocs are Russian trolls. How many would gave to be murdered? Whites are going to offer themselves up for the slaughter. There are 2000 IDs on this board, vs globalists with trillions of dollars and a public that has been castrated and subverted, meanwhile POTUS is retweeting "It's ok to be black".

You mean Solar Warden?

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This is patently false. Parasitism is common on earth, and if life exists elsewhere in the universe then parasitism certainly does too. What you SHOULD care about is DIVERSITY. That's right, I am telling you that diversity is important. Real diversity though, I mean GENETIC DIVERSITY is something that occurs naturally, increases over time, and generally makes an ecosystem more robust. Genetic diversity is evolution in action. You can see the beginning of new cultures within the United States. People begin speaking a new dialect, and over generations begin to look and speak differently. The joke is that the single world-wide human race that zionists and globalists envision will require a complete systematic opposition to natural evolution. A large central government will have to move large masses of people all over constantly to prevent any areas from becoming isolated and genetically branching off.

This is why getting to space is all that matters. With endless space there will be endless room for new diversification and natural selection. They won't ever be able to race-mix a people traveling away across the galaxy at supersonic speeds.

Filtered and reported for being a blackpill shill.

Well that will certainly change my mind and save the white race, you safe-space tumblr faggot.

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Where are these photographs from?

northrup and lockheed already have built massive carrier ships for the navy up there

Some user dropped them in a Skyking Thread back in cuckchan.
Thread reached bump limit before he could spill the beans.
Hope some oldfag could enlighten more on the subject.

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And some heathens STILL think meme magic isn't real.

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It's hard to lose a race war when the enemy uses spears and you're a Kardashev-II civilization.

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In South Africa the blacks are reportedly using military cell phone jammers to attack white owned farms so that the whites cant call for backup. They are already past the spear stage, unfortunately.

Are you taking the piss? It would take hundreds of years to get to that stage and the west doesn't have hundreds of years, it doesnt have fifty years if we continue down this path of two party jewdaism.

I wonder ((( who ))) taught them

You say that, but here we are in year four of the migrant crisis.

I wonder who supplied them with those.

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You're forgetting one important factor, Suicide-chan – Whites are fucking amazing.

We're just intrinsically awesome. How many times as a kid did you read about, like, 2 dozen whites with muzzle-loading blunderbusses getting surrounded by 10,000 insane tribal warriors, only to slaughter the shit out of them and take over their nigger empire? Off the top of my head, I can name six times that happened.

Have you ever noticed how some bad shit just doesn't seem to apply to you? Whether it's getting hassled by the cops because you thought ahead and paid your registration, or it's a job coming through because you have the sense to get a haircut before the interview, or you just don't lose your temper and go to jail for punching a waiter. . . it's hard for us to learn, but niggers and spics genuinely have a hard time with that shit.

We've been demoralized, courtesy of Soviet secret agents and useful idiots working for the Jews. It's the equivalent of knocking the spear out of Achilles' hand. But Achilles is still Achilles, and he's still going to drag you behind his chariot eventually. We're magic; just the right balance between nig passion and chink conformity. We are the happy medium between niggers, who needed Arabs to teach them about the wheel, and Japs, who still haven't figured out music theory.

The present age shall pass, and those better than ourselves will follow. Our duty is to hold the line and lay the groundwork they will cultivate into a space empire. It's actually closer than you think. We could do it right now, if we weren't shackled by debt and burdened by nigs and the pygmy imaginations of those who disgrace our kind.

It's coming. The space colonies will be whites-only, or they will not get built at all. Either all of humanity dies in the next asteroid collision, or one race – our race – laughs in pity and carries on its million-year mission of planting 10 quintillion white lives in orbit of every one of our galaxy's 100 billion stars. Then comes the hard work of conquering Andromeda and the Local Group before we're ready to tame the Orion Supercluster, and the Great Attractor beyond that.

It won't be Mexicans who make that trip. And if Khoisan come along for the ride, it will be as our pets.

Screencap this, so when it happens I can say I told you so.

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we need this to get to mars

Hundreds of years? For what? There's no new technology we need to colonize the Jovian system or the area around the Sun, and that's sufficient room for more white humans than could fit on all the planets of every star in the galaxy. All we need is solar panels and radiation shields. An economic launch system couldn't hurt, and maybe a technique for curing large sections of carbon fiber panels that we haven't developed yet.

Once we have nuclear fusion, we don't even need the Sun. Then it's off to neighboring systems for raw materials at 10% light speed. Niggers are pretty fast, but I haven't met one who can sprint that fast.