Heimbach Arrested on Felony Counts

So Heimbach founded the TWP with the help of his wife's step-father whose wife he had an affair with. Heimbach was banging his wife's biological mother, who apparently lived next door. Then, when everyone found out that everyone found out, he apparently went ballistic and started kicking some ass. lol

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sorry. laughing so hard I forgot the link

Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack.name/traditionalist-worker-party-leader-matthew-heimbach-charged-with-domestic-violence-spokesman-quits/

fucking wordfilters


tradworker.org down

Pick one and only one.

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Not too surprising. Any man walking around with that much testosterone is going to be kicking a little more ass and slaying a little more pussy than the next guy.

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Parrot says he quits and he's baleet all the membership information


yeah, but he could've gotten a normal mistress like every other famous person… a secretary, some floozy from out of town etc. he just had to fuck his wife's mother… who lives next door… in a trailerpark. holy shit

He needs to lose weight and shave, you won't see me proclaiming myself The Little King until this temple is restored.

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a true motherfucker

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Maybe he had an ara-ara fetish?

LMAO looks like TRS cut ties with them with suspiciously good timing

okay guys, I have to put on the tinfoil for a second here. Doesn't this seem just a little too perfectly exactly what his enemies wanted? Is this possibly a frame up?

I don't know. I'm just asking.

That's not very Christian like. I guess he didn't take matrimony as seriously as he said on that Monday podcast.

He's probably just a fed asset being utilized for some program Trump just axed. They provide a clean exit for him to take, and you'll not hear from him again as he and his friends are rolled up.

as his swollen soy face clearly show

Low tier behavior.


Clearly living the trad life.

What was the official reason?

I'm a big fan. I really liked his "Death to the jews" communist-subversive rhetoric and attention whoring/megalomaniacal goon marches. Clearly this is the message and organization that the white American working class are hungry for. I hope he bounces back from this. Big fan. Tough break folks…Tough break.

"death to Emerika" gets auto filtered to "death to the jews". I wrote "death to Emurika"

And trs dodges a bullet before the revelations .. how convenient

WN 1.0 doing WN 1.0 things. Fucking your best friends wife while you're married to his step-daughter, beating him, then beating your wife in front of your children isn't nigger tier.

TRS started featuring (not hosting) a TWP podcast by Heimbach and Hovator a few months back. After the MSU shit went down there were 'optics' disputes and TRS dropped the show. The new stance as of last week is "no outside groups use our platform" or some such.

I guess he really was working for the Jews after all. Bonus time.

Can we get one advocate who will A: Show his face, B: Not glow in the dark, and C: Shower more than once a month?

i thought this same thing

yeah, but I'm inclined not to believe so. I mean could be right and all of them could be fed assets, but my understanding of the origin and development of TWP wouldn't indicate that is the case

"His" in that sentence is Parrott, Heimbach's father-in-law

Sven is an insufferable faggot and like a woman routinely kicks people out of their little club when his feefees get hurt. not even kidding

He's the only true NatSoc I know of in the alt-right. Your use of the word communist tell me you're not from here and you should go back

This is how the feds remove him from the field, by pretending to arrest him and send him to jail, like they did with Chris Cantwell after he made an ass of himself by laying it on way too thick in the Vice documentary.

Heimbach is a fat fuck. Fat contains aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen and testosterone also have an inverse relationship. Heimbach does not have high testosterone. He suffers from estrogen dominance.

Probably wasn't that his wife was a (((Jewess))) lel.

OK so it wasn't his wife's actual mother or his wife's stepmom, it was the new wife of his wife's ex-step-dad? Parrot used to be married to Heimbach's wife's mom, but Parrot divorced her and remarried, and Parrot's new wife is the gal Heimbach fucked

wew laddie.

At least it's not one of the two "burn them with fire" deaths in the Law, it's only a stoning offense.a woman and her mother, and the priest's daughter, are the only two "burn them with fire" in the Law

Still, this shit isn't any worse than anything David Duke ever did!

he gained most of that weight in the last year. it makes you wonder what he's been up to

a true chad would have been banging the mother and the daughter at the same time tbh

Is it just that phrase or the word? Let's test:
Death to the jews

Cantwell is back to doing his old bit online, and seems to be actually being charged with major crimes. I don't mind a little tinfoil, but you should really get your facts straight

idk, I just assumed it was the biological mom, since they lived next door. Maybe you're right

this. He should have held his fucking temper, though. Getting arrested looks really bad. If not for that, he probably could have swept everything under the proverbial rug

I just read OP's link. If they've got it right, then I do, too. It makes me wonder about the ages of the players though.

Apparently they live in the same property because it's a "compound" of TWP types.

That's why people don't take american political activism seriously, they either all feds, subhumans, or a mix of the two.

checked. i'm OP but I didn't read the whole link, just the police report and almost died of laughter so I didn't read the rest. Yeah, according to the article, you're right.

It sounds like all three of them tried to set Heimbach up, which is pretty fucked up retarded white trash bullshit, but I guess the do live in a trailerpark after all

I think a TRS sex scandal that doesn't involve sodomy might have been good for their image.

Not anywhere near being a TRSodomite apologogist but:
Even your wife would laugh at you.

is Cantwell a fed?

i don't think any of them are blood related

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That shit with Cantwell is crazy, just because the courts are filled with anti-racist activists in that part of Virginia the powers to be are able to keep someone locked up for almost a year and then on house arrest since then and unable to leave the damn county.

If any user was in that position they'd have to fold due the costs of living and so called "public defenders" don't care about defending "nazis".

Nothing asserts more dominance towards your spouse than fucking her mother.

That doesn't help in the raising of your children though.

I actually think this also. Not sure about Cantwell though. Cantwell was only a year into being redpilled about the kikes and got carried away. Also, Cantwell is back doing his podcasts and writing for DS. He’s More high profile and respected than before C’ville actually. Wasn’t “removed”. Heimbach’s operation got exposed because it was so obviously a fed/ADL/SPLC honeypot. The thing is, the feds SPLC/ADL are still stuck in WN cointelpro 1.0. Just comes off as hamfisted and comical to most jewwise observers.

Found the (((Jew))).

If he was redpilled, he wouldn't still be a lolberg. He's like a autistic Moneyjew, pretending to adopt pro-White talking points to keep his kike ideology relevant.

There’s alot of truth in that. Maybe these kind of Sun Tzu-tier lessons can be a class offered by TWP along with thier welding program.

I'm so sick of the torch of western white civilization being carried by trailer trash and bikers. When will a decently stable man like Rockwell rise up and give us the leader we may not deserve, but nonetheless need?


he's only able to do this bc of donations. And, he knows where the donations are coming from – not his ancap buddies… which explains why he's gone full 1488 after he got out

…get lawyer shekels from alt-righters. let's not forget that if not for donations, he'd be a felon right now

doubtful. heimbach is one of the few that I thought was fairly legit. you can't just claim everything is cointelpro. his organization was probably infiltrated af but that doesn't mean he's a controlled opposition patsy

Nothing to see here gringo

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More like Heimbach's Family Fuck Shack amirite?

He could Be compromised from something illegal or shady he did in the past. Anyone that fucks thier best friends wife/mother in law is a guaranteed sociopath. Would not be surprised if he’s compromised with something even more morally shameful.

Same. Seeing effeminate ecelebs like Dickie Spence and degenerate lard asses like Heimbach leading the charge is disheartening to say the least.
It's going to have to be you and me, user, and I don't mean that in a general or metaphorical sense. Literally only you and myself are capable of actually representing white interests without cucking out to Israel or being uncharismatic slobs because no one else will apparently.

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step up

The best organization I have found is American Renaissance. Jared Taylor weeds the trash out without making a scene/press or making anyone look bad. He is a master debater and he can still connect with normalfags long enough before they snap into total cuck mode. He is fairly reasonable on the jews given what he is doing. Although, look far enough back in Amren's speakers and some fairly redpilled people pop up on the JQ.

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Just you two anons huh? Make that 3. And the NSDAP started with 8.

What about Generation Identitaire? Majority of Zig Forums approves but they have a strict code about public optics.

Take your armchair psychology somewhere else, kiddo. honestly, making yourself the leader of some political movement is likely more damning evidence of sociopathy, narcissism etc than cheating on your wife. if a man and a woman spend too much time together that's always a possibility, married or not. I knew a preacher who had an affair with his secretary. they ended up running off together iirc. his whole life was otherwise inimpugnable

when you get to be a little older, you'll realize how absurd this reasoning is

trad heimbach's family fuck trailer lol

don't get disheartened. political leaders are always this way - you just don't hear about it because the ones that are successful are able to control their legacy. napoleon was a puny dweeb and a philsosemite. jefferson fucked his nigress slaves. franklin was notorious for cucking members of the french aristocracy, the whore he was. nobody is perfect, least of which political leaders. the real question is, are these leaders building on-the-ground solidarity networks? are they providing for their rank-and-file in any way whatsoever? if so, then they're good. if not, then they're bad. it looks like heimbach may have been good. dickie spencer is clearly not

Glad this board has dropped all pretenses and is now freely using the kike's language.
You're probably one of the boomer faggots bragging about how you employ niggers and spics while fucking hard working whites out of a paycheck.
You make me sick.

Leftygag is fucking ecstatic and they like every giddy little larping halfbreed in this thread got their information STRAIGHT FROM THE SPLC.

Of course I'll get banned and called a kike for pointing out these faggots are posting "information" straight from the the JUDE's maw.

Oh and the GOP lost that seat in Pennsylvania. Guess pushing gun confiscation when whites' in SA are having their land stolen by COMMUNIST NIGGERS isn't a winning strategy.
Whoda thunkit?

This board is a fucking joke.
This site is a fucking joke.
Fuck your kike mods.
Fuck your CIAnigger admin.
Fuck your communist subversion bullshit.

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These are holy dubs. Let's form a political party based on the principles of Zig Forums.

Jared Taylor is articulate and clean, but I have a hard time finding anyone worthy of following if they defend Jewish identity as belonging to Western identity even if it is to be more normalfag friendly.

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These people look so dysgenic.

anybody can talk shit on niggers. that's really, really low hanging fruit - not even an accompishment, really. He literally started an organization for talking about how niggers are stupid in a time when nobody in their right minds would join such an organization, not because it was wrong, but because it was such fucking common knowledge that no one felt the need.
Taylor: hey wanna join my organization
Avg Joe: maybe. what's it about
Taylor: oh well, we talk about how niggers are dumber and more violent than whites
Avg Joe: pssssshhhht. everybody knows that! whaddya need to go to meetings for?

if you're not calling out the jew, then you're in the way. period.

lol overreact much? ur right tho

If we(Americans)are going to larp as 1930’s dissonant antisemetic political movements, we need to start acting less like Hitler and more like Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee.

"The British and the Jewish races," he said at a rally in September 1941, "for reasons which are not American, wish to involve us in the war."

-BASED Lindbergh

source: LA Times, Jan 20th 2017, Brian Bennett

I have never heard him correlate Jewish Identity to Western Identity. Das ist night gut meinen Freund. I know he uses Israel as an example of an ethnostate. Nonetheless, he works for the 14 words. We don't have to follow him completely. He doesn't directly support the jews or Israel. The closest he has to working with the jews and have some jews attend his conferences, but so did Hitler with his jewish "Honorary Aryans".

Generation Identitaire I am skeptical, but I know why they are doing it. Anyone who shouts "SEIG HEIL!" will get arrested and the group will be declared illegal. They work for the 14 words and look sharp so I do support them for now. Keep an eye on them though.

There are many aspects that must be dealt with for the 14 words. He deals with some of those aspects and redpills the normalfags. We and others can take care of the rest.

Agreed. We need to tie any National Socialist type party to American vocabulary and heroes, not out of a distaste for Hitler but for an honest approach to the spirit of National Socialist thought. Though we are united in the sense that we are all Aryan and have inherited many of the same traditions and values, the American and German experiences are fundamentally different.
Lindbergh is an obvious poster child, but who else? I haven't looked too deeply into their positions and lives but Charles Coughlin and perhaps even Huey Long might also be useful sources of inspiration worth studying.

But wouldn't
be ideal?

I will call out any man who cheats on his wife.
I will call out any man who beats his wife.
I will call out any man who smokes meth.
I will call out any man who lies.
That you are willing to die for a man like Heimbach is pathetic "lefty/pol/ loves this!" no shit they love it. They love it whenever someone on the right makes an ass of themselves. Does that mean we need to come to their defense? Do we not make fun of the failures so others can learn from them? What the fuck is your actual point?

just point and laugh at this nigger.

You didn’t really think that one out did you kiddo?

when you get to be a little older, you'll realize how absurd this reasoning

No, fuck off. Banging your mother in law and best friend’s wife is certainly the penultimate sewer-rat move that a man could pull. With that kind of baggage on his resume along with his clown show optics/antics, it would be insane not to suspect him of being a compromised rat. His rhetoric is insanely off-putting to normal working class Americans also. He was likely out there to make opposition to the Jew World Order look like Hollywood Nazis. He gets no benefit of the doubt anymore. He’s a confirmed piece of shit. Stop defending him. It’s pathetic.

A BO of leftypol literally sucks a dick dressed as a chick. Pathetic.

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What is a shill?

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Henry Ford went after the Jews hard in the early 20’s.

Where did I use the SPLC you schizo son of a bitch? Tell me, why do you defend the actions of Heimbach? Is it cause he mentioned TRS positively once?

Yeah I'd say that spic police officer is a much better source eh?

I'm done with this place. Fucking hell leftykike is faster nowadays.

Just to add: there’s a shit ton of respected 20th century businessmen, intellectuals, celebrities and political figures that have taken hard shots at the Jews. Off of the top of my head: Tesla, Ezra Pound, Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford. Also, the Sec of State during the USS Liberty attack said he thought the Israelis did the USS Liberty intentionally. James Forrestal.

And the man whose wife he fucked. Make sure you kill yourself too. Make us better.

Plenty of time to take care of problems in our own family once we've gotten all of the unwanted "guests" out of our house.

There are a lot of reasons why a person can't be an effective leader for us, and morality is one of them, but at the same time, we've got priorities - remember those unwanted "guests"? - that need to be addressed and don't give us lots of time to "call out" shit.

Let the drama pass, the guy gets removed or steps down, we reorg, we move on. Try not to let it dissuade you from the overall goal. We'll have a few days of shock and humor the memes are already out there and everything associated with this kind of tragedy and then we gotta be truckin' on.

The levels of betrayal and hypocrisy here have pretty much reduced TWP and the Matts to clownworld, sure, but I'm not at the point of suspecting him of being (((compromised))) in that sense. Extreme politics always attracts more than its fair share of damaged goods, and desu there are lots of scandals in every movement, it's just that ours is small enough that every one of them hurts.
That's just untrue.

Get gassed.


Ah, found another (((Jew))).

Also: Marlon Brando. Tons others. Just wanted to get that one out there.

May want to look into this thing called "Night of the Long Knives"

You will never fit in TRSodomite.

Whats the big fuzz about this alt-kike ?

Looks like a New under new leadership after the retard before left to Patriot Front VA is about to get a shit ton of new members.

Edit: Dean Rusk not James Forrestal. Forrestal was the secretary of defense in the Truman admin…and he did indeed get murdered by the kikes


100% guaranteed he sold the member list to the (((SPLC))), so anyone that joined the TWP is forever unemployable. See kids, this is why you don't join alt0kike LARPer groups.

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And if any user here actually did try something, Zig Forumsacks would call them controlled opposition and refuse to coordinate with them.

Ironically, for all our powers of meme magery, anons are their own worst enemy when it comes to interpersonal coordination.

The (((SPLC))) has enough pull to get the raw legal documents right away. If this was a hoax, you wouldn't have Parrott confirming it, Heimbach nowhere to be found at the TWP site wouldn't be offline. These dumbasses just gave the kikes comedy gold at our expense, these retarded fucks have ZERO DISCIPLINE.

user….he's an informant with (((Federal))) connections. Also - beating women. Fuck the fat Jew.

I saw a couple TWP events and they were just in some small towns, in their barricades across the street from protesters. TWP seems okay but I think that's the wrong approach.

The best TWP event was the one in sacramento where antifa attacked them and got BTFO. Bring it to the heart of the enemy.

lolno, a real NatSoc would have discipline to at least not fuck his step-father's wife in front of him and his kids, and don't get me started on the lack of self-control that it takes to be as morbidly obese like him. What a joke.

It cant be blamed though. Just about all of us have grown up online to some extent, we're all too privy to the very real potential of damning infiltration trying to organize online. That's not to say organizing irl is any easier as far as infiltration is concerned but it's significantly easier when no faces are involved. Plus any effort to organize into something concrete on a place like Zig Forums is to give shape to something that draws much of its power from its formlessness. The media has been shitting themselves over us and our antics for years and years because our preference for anonymous posting is totally alien to the majority of people who wish to see their names or faces attached to the words and ideas they express.
We're hopelessly divided in our disagreements from person to person (along with the neighborhood shills to throw in a veneer of disunity) but unbreakable in our unity as a single faceless wall of text all coming from a thousand nobodies speaking the same odd dialect. It's a bizarre phenomenon that I think would be totally shattered if there were any serious measures taken on Zig Forums itself to make any concrete organization, which is the heart of the problem.
I am absolutely convinced that the men of Zig Forums must organize, but that we cannot organize on Zig Forums itself lest we become infiltrated to the point of serving as an unwitting honeypot or become so disillusioned with ourselves for having taken away the spirit of anonymity that we lose faith in our own movement and devolve into petty bickering as namefags.

Imageboards are the nearest an individual human can get to communing directly with the collective unconscious. The only cost is the inability to transfer this kind of consciousness to IRL. I've tried memeing such, but unfortunately I think it requires more. The only way I can see to practically manifest imageboard consciousness requires direct neural implants and learning new interaction protocols for example, what if you're in a group of people but information communicated through the implants doesn't specify who the communication came from.

Horst Wessel was dating a prostitute. No one is perfect. Even without the stuff that was blatant kike propaganda, the NSDAP had its share of degenerates like any political movement in history, and some of them made ti leadership roles.
Like it or not, white nationalism and national socialism attract the mentally unstable, because the mentally unstable are the ones that will accept the truth of reality the most readily. That isn't a bad thing because cowardly lemmings who are apprehensive about action won't be useful.

Horst Wessel didn't had kids while dating a prostitute and didn't looked like a bloated kike, unlike Heimbach.

Maybe he was trying to red pill the fuck out of her, literally, and make her a good Aryan Frau.

Goring comes to mind.

*gives the far-left priceless photo ops, fucks wfe's lover's son's mother in front of kids and chokes his actual wife*


That's fucking retarded.

No, he wasn't. He was banging her step-mom.

The police went to Heimbach’s trailer, Heimbach, Jessica and a third person met the police. Jessica said that she was an uninvolved neighbor, and asked to leave and the police told her to go home. Heimbach told the police that Brooke was inside with the children, and then she came to the door and said she was putting them to bed. The officer saw that she looked nervous and distraught, and the officer told her to put the children to bed and come back out and speak with her (the female officer).

Its worth noting that this comes at a very interesting time.
Support of TWP was becoming a fracture point within the Alt-Right.
The TRSodomites were having a big discussion about this, and it was tearing their ranks right in half… Now, suddenly, (((coincidentally))), Heimbach is exposed as some sort of slimebag fucking his wife's stepmom and physically abusing his wife.

Its almost like TWP had to be eliminated because it was creating too much strife in the honeypot movement which is very-obviously attempting to shift toward a civic nationalist stance.
Its almost like the Alt-Right was a Tea Party 2.0 for young people and now they're casting off the dead-weight to allow the shift back into status-quo maintenance cuckservatism.

All very (((coincidental))), of course.

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