Australia's Homeless Numbers Boom Thanks to Immigration


Because large cities disincentivize breeding and white Australian birth rates are below replacement level, the Australian government decided that it'd be best to turn the entire country into a garbage dump ruled by Chinese aristocracy. And, wow, it's going so well!

Basically, you can give a cold thanks to all the nonwhites who are settling anywhere and everywhere. Modern whites don't try to fit twelve family members into a three bedroom house in the suburbs.


Yep, that's clearly what they show. Seriously, you gotta wonder how these people manage to breathe and think at the same time. Jeniuz.

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I remember back a few years, Australian Jews celebrated that they had convinced the Australian PM to double it's Syrian refugee intake from 10,000 to 20,000 that year.

Thanks Jews

Every time.

Not just that problem. The house prices is very expensive so many of them are unable to buy a house.

It's a massive bubble and it's due to pop soon. You can already see some instability in the market. People hate it, but you can keep up on the situation with some good analysis on ZeroHedge. Look it up. Until it cinematically blows to pieces and tears flow, don't go near it.

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Since this is printed in the SMH it's obvious that (((they))) are only promoting this to justify taking homes from white Australians to give to invaders.

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they actually are, like in euro countries, or are u ranting?

Heard on the radio (listen to it at work, calm down) sydney house prices are down like 6% this last year, which is big considering the fucking ridiculous bubble that is currently happening.
This bubble needs to pop so all the sand nigger an gook "tradies" get sent packing for being fucking useless and the cheap cost no longer matters






How the fuck can you be "homeless" in a place where abos have lived in driftwood shacks, bushy lean-tos, and roo-skin huts for centuries? Oh right, they think idiot non-whites are entitled to white architecture.

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"Clearly we must give them free housing and money for life!! Hell, let's assign them a white wife too and extra money for every mutt baby she's made to shit out!"

Living in the hut is legal? I think only for privileged savages.

these invaders will never be australian.
66% face kek

That's my point. Who decided mudskins living in huts is now "homelessness?" It is especially retarded considering Australia has actual mudskins living in actual huts right fucking now!


Employers who will not hire people living in huts?
Bankers who will not open accounts for people living in huts?
Online stores who will not deliver goods to the huts?
Post service who will not deliver packages and letters to the huts?
Municipalities who may bulldoze these huts any moments?
Police who can harass and arrest people living in huts at their discretion because huts violate over 9000 laws and regulations by their mere existence?

Those are all things whites created for whites. What do the institutions of whites have to do with mudskins living in their natural habitats? Either you say muddies live in huts, or you say they don't get to live at all. You don't suddenly call them "homeless" for lacking white architecture, something they have never enjoyed in their entire existence. Furthermore, if they would build their huts in the wilderness where they belong instead of in the cities, nobody would bulldoze anything.

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Living in a livable boat is considered homeless because you don't have an address but could get mail because mail goes to Marnia it's self.

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It comes with implication that they are non citizen and non persons. Hilarious thing is that many Australian white ancestries where sent to Australia after committing of crime been homeliness. Anglo tradition.

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Yon know that this castle was build by literal manchild faggot on his quest of hiding from real world in the fantasy?

Though indeed vision and idea was cool like making video games real.

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1st pic is same nest just in a different angle, the 2nd-4th is the social weaver nest

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Zig Forums is that way, you retarded jewish faggot.

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Were anglos sending white people for petty crimes to Australia left wing or right wing? i am confus.

The crime of not paying jewdebt. Why are you here? Did the AIDS clinic fill up again? Or did they kick you out for being a nigger?

How can you write so many word that don't answer the question instead of just "left" or "right"?

Not even close. The early penal colony accounts for a small percentage of the white population.
You're meant to learn history, not suppress it, you stupid marxist child.

Left and Right Wing as you understand them are modern inventions moron.
Democrats were the pro-Slavery party back in the day. You're an idiot.

and thats fucked up

to be entirely fucking honest
the castle is home to a small village and the nobility of the surrounding 50km+ is concentrated in it
most peasants before even ww1 lived in what you would classify as a hut

They dislike the homeless people because it tends to attract the criminal activities and the cops don't want to deal with this shits.

well thats not my fucking problem is it

You are wrong. It is OUR problem. Why? Because we didn't vote the nationalists in power to deal with the shits.

ill love the fucking day when all the paid fucking shills get off my board and realize your conservative party will not get my vote or the vote of anyone here that actually votes
you stupid fuckers
we dont like the status quo
we dont want the same old but with new figure heads
we want you to fuck off
democracy is where we went wrong

I like the advertisement saying "make your opinion heard" while some fat bitch walks into the booth to vote. I went out for a drive later and looked at the average scum on the street, mentally noting that each of these subhumans has the same amount of voting power as I do.

In Germany its pretty much the same with a strongly increasing amount of homeless of whom a lot are refugees.

Good riddance.

What's wrong with that? That just means 10,000 more doctors and scientists than originally planned, right?

This, also push that by accepting them we are speeding the process of climate change by over crowding the earth.

The average white Australian you see on the street is a degenerate, both spiritually and physically. The amount of white untermensch we have in this country is astounding. If you aren't in generally fit and well read, it's your duty to exercise and read today. Throw fiction in the bin unless it's classic material, like Shakespeare or Homer. Make exercise and reading lifetime habits. Also, pick up Chess or a good RTS like Total Annihilation or Rusted Warfare so you can learn strategy and improve your thinking. You want to think about adopting a good diet, too. A good diet will improve both your physical and mental performance significantly. A standard Australian diet will wreak havoc on your body, without exceptions. Don't be another pleb on the street.


i think its time we separated plebeians and patricians from each other except this we have the caste system based on merit

But will it? Were we talking about a national economy then yes, property prices at the very least would hit a wall, but in a “post national” country (economic zone) this cannot be taken for granted. Is there even historic data on property markets in post national economic zones (formally countries) from which speculation can be based? I don’t think that there is.

Chinks and poos deliberately pack themselves into sharehouses. They're 'homeless' because they're probably illegals and/or paying rent under the table. I've never seen a poo or chink sleeping on the streets.

The arse is already falling out of construction with a lot of builders going broke. They're basically unable to sell the units in Brisbane for what they're asking.

you rarely see niggers, either. most of the visible homeless are white drug addicts or abos. with indians, most of their "homeless" live in private, indian owned, boardinghouse-style buildings. with asians, most of their sardine tins are packed with family members. they adopt minimalist lifestyles, commune-style living, and group purchasing strategy to acquire capital and money as fast as possible. i once worked for an indian physicist who was also owned multiple houses that he rented out. he told me to my face that he never rented to indians because they were "subhuman rat-people who ruin everything". it's hard to stop the value of your home plummeting down like a stone when it is occupied by a pack of street-shitting parasites. he also told me asians are just as bad unless they're high caste chinese or something similar. no surprise at all, honestly.

see the post linked below. learn market analysis and the actual psychology involved. this can only really be done by actually trading, using your real shekels. in australia, people bought in for ages because the market was great. you could get good houses in a great country with awesome weather. there was money to be made and deals to be had. now, as user notes, things are so bad devs can barely even sell their new apartments. you have 50 million dollar buildings with, sometimes, only 20 people living in them. it's the same with normal houses, too, and the whole situation is only getting worse. all you need to trigger the pop is enough people realising the market is shit and trading out. that's it. we could tell bitcoin was a bubble before it burst. there was not much historical data available before it did. but any tech with half decent analytic skills could tell you what was going on. i saw it coming, cashed out, then watched btc investors actually kill themselves after losing millions.

I've suggested it before, but I reckon we should meme the property crash as hard as we can. Spread memes about the 6% fall in Sydney. Suddenly people stop buying in a falling market, and due to Real Estate related shit comprising a huge portion of our economy, the whole economy shits the bed. This drives away chinks, poos and other economic migrants, and hopefully forces the government and banks to allocate money to businesses instead of property speculators.


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Most of us are. Not many red pilled Aussies would deny that. The average white here is an uncultured degenerate. Not only are the physically degenerated but they behave like human rats.

fyi though, only 1% of modern australian whites are descendants of the convicts. most of us came over in the last 100 years or so. i'm only second gen myself.


First lie of the thread.