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Opinion on Egoist Anarchism

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its inferior to Egoist Hoxhaism

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its a good tactic to use against those who say your union or commune can't have certain people based on collective individual preference.

Legitimately decent but almost everyone who follows Stirner solely comes off as being an arrogant dipshit at best and a complete retard at worst. That's why I had to emphasize "almost." For what it's worth Stirner does a good job of elaborating the mentality behind anarchism.

he's a good writer but a lot of egoists are also prog libshits who get offended at suggestions such as the one I made before your post

We should reverse Stirnerism and recognize ourself as property of the Einzige.

Ironically, the ego is the biggest spook.

One of the few effective Zig Forums psyops

worst argument

The Ego in Stirnerite terminology is merely "I" and it can easily be known simply by recognizing you exist and are aware of your existence.

Anarcho-Neetism is the real shit, get this weak stuff out of here.

Egoist anarchy is neat. Individualist anarchy is a fuck, fight me.

I've slightly heard of this but never got any details, bumping because this seems interesting, can you explain how Stirner was a Zig Forums psyops?


Bad meme. Read Stirner's Critics

Just tried to link from libcom and it locks me out as an unsecure page. What's that all about?

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In terms of actual societal/ideological ideas, I'm much closer to forms of libertarian socialism like green anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism. However, for me egoism is a very important mental and philosophical exercise. It's really about questioning the validity and usefulness of literally everything, all of your assumptions. I actually find it very similar to Zen, except of course that egoism looks at things in terms of how they relate to the self and the ego, while Zen attempts to dismantle the concept of the self, itself, which I assume the egoist would question the utility of doing.

BTFO by every theorist from Engles to Schmitt.

Looks like someone forgot to update their certificates… You must be using HTTPS Everywhere though, libcom doesn't use HTTPS by default.

It was working fine before… Now it's back up
What do you mean it doesn't use HTTPS. What's it use?

I wasn't here for 2 months and what the fuck happened to this board

I did pretty much the same thing. It's gotten so bad :(

There seems to be a couple MRAs, a primitivist, and a crypto-fascist who uses the Christian Communism flag trying to dominate the top threads with their idiocy

Christcom poster is a huge retard

I see nothing wrong with the board yet but might start bringing it down soon since his softesque posting style is recognizable everywhere.
And yes general bitching from incels and other tards has gotten too big, they deserve a containment thread in my opinion so both them and the retards who keep enabling them by taking their bait are pleased.

Fuck off

Fantastic response.

You threw a dumb, meaningless insult at me.

I threw a dumb, meaningful insult at you, you're not wrong about somethings but you strike me as being always way too polarizing and in every post of yours I've seen you're the one who's meaningless, that's how I can tell you apart from the Anprim poster even though you both use Green Anarchist flags.

I've probably made too many insulting posts, but they're because since coming back to the board, I have been taken aback by some of the shit people have said. You're right that I should cut down on those. However, I've also done a number of pretty involved posts on theory, and I don't see how you can call those meaningless, since above all this board pretty much focuses on theory.

You're almost worse than that Muslim LARPer

You don't know anything about me.

They're not insulting at all, just annoying and furthering discussion that's irrelevant. The theory posts have been drowned out by those.

You just can't stop can you

I think I've generally stayed on topic pretty well, and it's obvious you're being disingenuous because I've been extremely insulting, telling people to kill themselves. So I assume you're butthurt about something I said. But I will try to make fewer empty posts.

And I'll make a point to respond less to retards like you ;)


I've literally never noticed you until this week or so, so now, this is the first time you've ever spoken to me.
The emoticons make my eyes burn get rid of them and you'll be bearable.