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Proud to be an American. bros. Is refusing to stand for troops and pledge good praxis? Not standing for the pledge would get you yelled at and sent to the office sometimes depending on the teacher.

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*in high-school

Lmao, what the fuck is this country. To all the non-american anons here, do you ever think how lucky you are you aren't american? I know I do.

Yeah fuck the troops

Maybe have "the talk" with them and explain in layman's terms why you don't give a shit about "muh flag" and "muh troops".

Boomers were, for the most part, fed bourgeois propaganda ad nauseam. Not even Xgenners (my generation) escaped that bullshit.

Don't do shit with your parents anymore, though I am assuming you're an adult here. They can't tell you what to fucking do and yes tell them fuck off even if it ruins your relationship with them. Whatever you decide to do just don't pretend to be someone you're not just to maintain your relationship with them.

Never thought I'd agree with this shithead.

Yeah if he brings it up again out of public I’ll hash it out with him. My mom doesn’t care but my dad is a lot more reactionary in general so I got a whole lecture about
I just shrugged him off, I’m wasn’t going to try to explain imperialism or how none of our wars benefit a single US citizen at a fucking hockey game.

Yeah, I’m 21. I don’t usual do anything with my dad amd today I remembered why. I would never cuck out on my beliefs for the sake of a relationship either but it seems to have mostly blew over already.

If your dad actually gave a fuck about what America supposedly stands for then he fought for your right not to stand. That kind of shit has been validated over and over as protected by the first amendment. Shows what a bunch of schizos burgers are. They don't even understand their own nationalist mythos.

I never stood for the anthem or the pledge, and I explained why I didn't. People mostly understood and if they got mad I got mad, I still stick to my convictions. (Not standing's still a constitutional right, so it's not like they can actually retaliate.)

err, that's regarding teachers and stuff. Parents are another matter and you might have to have a long talk about politics first, but hopefully they respect you enough to let you follow your own principles.

Honestly getting beheaded by Isis sounds better than being American

At least the Arab moderators have to abide by their terms of service as well.

Pic semi related. Do you rot in the wagie cagie banned from everything or do you get ran over by the fire truck of peace Sassenachim?

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the trouble is getting run over by the fire truck of peace isn't a guaranteed death

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What are you, twelve?

Serious question: How many of your boomer family DIDN'T have a "fuck war, fuck the troops, fuck the flag" stance at your age?

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This is literally akin to that post from cuckchannel Zig Forums where some tard proudly said he was a Nazi to his WW2 grandad and got the shit beaten out of him. If this isn't a Zig Forumsyp shitposting to make us look pathetic go to the gym and get stronger than your dead, if he threatens to beat you, sock him across the face and curb stomp him then tell him he has to respect your choice.
I literally recall sitting down a majority of the time during the pledge of allegiance and no one did anything simply because I was tired and bored at 7 in the morning.

I'm assuming you're under 18 here by the way if not then there's no easy way to say this, you're pathetic on multiple levels right now for being treated like a child at your age.

Standard radlib idealism.
The veterans are the victims of the system, not the system itself.
What's the next fad in idealist posery? Hating on retirees for having served capitalism as labourers?


Do you legit think this about him not being strong enough to beat up his dad?

Some "anti-work" leftists really do think that way about "wagies".

get back in your cage wagie

He wasn't "hating on him" though, he just didn't want to conform to the troop worship ritual.

if its WW2, its ok, he fought alongside Stalin.

I dunno about you, I'm all about militarism