How many layers of self-interest are you on?

How many layers of self-interest are you on?

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Self-interest is a spook.
The self is a spook.

The spook itself is a spook.

About 3 or 4 my dude

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Can I have your belongings then?

Striner is laughable.

they're not spooks, because only I exist.

My own!


Don't turn nazbol into the new incel meme plz

Speaking of incel, banned for a week from Reddit. So on average I get banned every month almost to the number.

For "harassment". That's some big allegations. I've gone to court for harassment before harassing someone for over two years and still it went nowhere. You got some evidence to back that up?


Than you're harassing me. Assault too. Two different things but interconnected.

Or you just made shit up and creatively interpret what is and isnt harassment. Even if it was legitimately since you went and banned me you're now liable for what I did. Enjoy that. Ill post credit cards, you can fucking ban me and take legal heat on my behalf. Sound good?

That has nothing to do with you I'm just saying. Especially cause Reddit loves calling literally everything incel. Fucking dog barking at night when they gotta get up in the morning is incel dog

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stop avatarfagging, it's stupid

Jesus Christ you managed to sperg out just by her calling you a Nazbol calm down.

How did i sperg? Explain

Or are you just gonna get mad again about the colors black and red? Did you throw shit at the t.v. whenever wrestling was on and Kane came out?

I bet this just makes your peepee fall off. It'll be the next official flag

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I'm not the autist that keeps spamming the board with anti-Nazbol messages I'm certain it's one person and we should probably get the mods to check if it's a single ip doing this then ban him, him shitposting about nazbols is ironically worse than nazbols like (You) on the board.
Stop making assumptions.
You sperged because all she did was call you Nazbol and you took it as some sort of personal insult buzzword although there was no such thing to imply she used it in that context.

Wow. Thin skin. I said nothing about your lack of a sex life, earthbender. Just read The Unique and its Property before you critique it is all I'm sayin'.

That was a definite sperg

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I didn't say you did. Im saying that the explicit jump to conclusions about who is and isnt a nazbol or what that entails is comparably incel

It's like Forest said there's two kinds of people. Those who don't care cause they know it's a lie, or those that self identify so it'd be dumb to throw the word around.

You just say nazbol looking for validity to your own red lobster liberalism. And that's why I use the flag as an antithesis to your dumb dumb thesis

Forest created the synthesis. Pure Marxism. Counter terrorists win

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You're flying a Nazbowl flag, Earthbender.

Is it your aim to not make sense?

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Is it your aim to be a huge faggot by posting tumblr pics constantly?

How do I filter all the posts replying to a trip?

It's a movie I like to promote.
Are you the earth bender nazbowl or are you letting him off the hook for some reason?

Someone tell this poster
By controlling your autism

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No I mean just filter all the posts replying to you
How do I do that?
Like 90% of people replying to you are just insults that have nothing to do with what you post.

Oh, I'm sorry! I take it back.
Too used to this kind of thing from around the site.

Only thing we can do is close them as they come

I refuse to Google your gay fairie film.

Shut it down lil Sassenach

It's not a gay fairie film. It's a tanky era Czech comedy. If you were a socialist you'd be interested.

I'm an anarchist. And a socialist. And not interested in your shilled amateur flick. Sorry.

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Czech comedy is great. Don't be so bitter and egotistical.

They are anarchy in this film.

More dada really.

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Holy shit newfag.

New wave shit is generally garbage so good choice, if anything I'd say it's the film era that killed all originality in Eurasian films.

No, like I said, I don't want to filter butterfly, just the people replying to butterfly.

That's it.

1 for now

The layer of fuck everyone who isnt me, I will rape that corpse and nobody can stop me

I'm so high on self interest that I have destroyed my self and my interest.