Male Liberation Now

We need a bill of rights for men:
1. No child support if some woman pokes a hole in the condom you use to have sex
2. False rape allegations should be punished with a death sentence
3. Men should receive custody of their children in every divorce case
4. Men can have a right to deny their partner an abortion if he wants to have the child
5. Men's shelters should be set up for the predominately male homeless population

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something something kill yourself

I know you're trolling but unironically support most of this. The state oppresses men to favor of women and this more than anything divides proles.

I am not trolling. The aforementioned suggestions highlight some of the major issues men face across the world. Abolish the matriarchy!

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When you go to university and discover that women make up 50% of the student population yet study the most inane disciplines, you will be come a male liberationist. You need to discover feminism firsthand.

My ex gf was a feminist, which is how I discovered feminism.
And so I just went and looked up what women in my country study, and this is the top 10 disciplines with the highest ratio of women.
1. Animal Science
2. Pedagogy
3. Public Health
4. Dentist
5. Theater and performance study
6. Literature
7. Something there's no English word for, but basically the study of communication problems (from mutes to deaf people etc.) and the development of techniques to help them
8. Veterinary medicine
9. Classical archeology
10. Anthropology

Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Note; this is not the studies where there are most women, but where there are most women compared to men.

You proved my point.

I think this post finally made me realize that Americans are beyond redemption.

Why do you assume they'll be assistants?
I'm not American, we don't have shit wages.
No, that's not what that is, but yeah, many female nurses too. You don't think we need nurses?
Yes. You uncultured American pig.
Sure, that could be a thing. Sounds like a reasonable thing to teach?
Yes, vets need proper medicine.
Oh, it's all about pleasing the capitalists. I see.

You are absolutely retarded my dude.

this is almost as pathetic as being mad about gamergate in 2018

You came to the wrong board bucko

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Based and redpilled

We need to abolish all genders. Destroy matriarchy AND patriarchy.

This nibba gets it.

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What does Zig Forums think of artificial wombs and sexbots?

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nice idpol thread faggot

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This is your brain on roastie apologetics

fuck off id/pol/

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This was pretty good

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fuck off

I don't give a fuck about muh idpol in the first place, I am just saying your white knight attitude is closer to what mainline huwhite nationalists actually believe.

"Muh Americans"

this is why we bomb you

and then she said you both should see other men

for telling /idpol/yps to fuck off? fuck off

Nobody is an id/pol/yp ITT though, they believe in standard tradcon white knight shit for the most part

read the OP and tell me it isn't identity politics

Not the kind that Zig Forums would like though, which is my point. I am anti moderator anyway so I don't think people should be banned for anything including idpol.

id/pol/ is id/pol/ no matter which flavour it comes in

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spooked as fuck

lurk more newfriend
or better yet, read a book

He thinks i'm a new fag while I'm pointing out his undialecticality

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you don't know what a spook is, shitpost-kun
so you need to learn, either by lurking or preferably by reading the spook book

Spook is shit devoid of its context, saying idpol is idpol is even more than spookery: it's giving meaning to arbitrary fucking tags.
I won't suggest you to read books, because a brain is needed first, and books without brain might create the dangerous illusion of a brain.

don't use words you don't understand
meaning IS arbitrary tags
the noumenal world doesn't come pre-labelled

Incredible: you are really retarded.

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What exactly does it ever means other than you don't function normally?

are you having a stroke?

And no, being a "stay at home mom" isn't a job.

I wouldn't care so much if women were the ones dying slowly in wagie cagies while we just sat around fucking eachother and posting Snapchat filters

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You know I don't post just to get banned by some pedo mod… People get mad i say women are shit but here I go and have an okcupid profile, Tumblr, Fedbook, Reddit, and can't meet one God damn female who isn't some ultra caddy cunt or has a bunch of kids

So yeah I'm gonna say women are shit. If I went bird watching and every bird I came across was some squawking annoying mouth piece shitting everywhere I'd be like wow birds suck. Wouldn't matter if somewhere in Narnia good birds existed. I don't see them, therefore they don't exist.

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Women are actually becoming a majority in zoology disciplines.

I am 900% sure Tankie poster is an assmad female tankie-lib from Zig Forums.

Yeah I remember getting into a flame war with them some months back on Zig Forums over incel. I was posting with the stache at the time

Female lol


This crybaby Zig Forums post presumes all the gender, racial tensions between proles are simply superstructural, or in laymen's terms, cultural.
The state enforces many of these divisions with violence. The state knows proles will go for the path of least resistance and subjugate other more vulnerable proles to protect the small scraps they are thrown from porky.

This. Women are fucking gay.

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Try Tinder and see how much you hate them then.

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Daily reminder that anyone that supports M.R.A./M.G.T.O.W. is also an idpoller.

Also, fuck off back to Zig Forums, nazbolfaggots.

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That looks like bait. Try harder to make anti-MRA propaganda Capitalist bitch. Idpol sucks but you suck more.

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Not enough of them!

Genocide of the MRAs when?
If we purge the MRAs, the only reactionaries left will be too old to defend themselves, and therefore socialism will be trivial to achieve.

Not an argument

Thats just going to make him hate them even more lol, unless thats the point.

Of course not. A job pays. Housework and child-rearing are work

For the rest

I bet you're easily killable irl and have never even shot a gun in your life

Looks like we have a badass over here
If you're so rugged and manly, then why won't anyone fuck you retard?

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Sage ignore faggot butterfly.

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Also, the whole “you can’t get laid hurr durr” doesn’t work on leftist image boards. If you are a male you are probably fucking trannies. It’s gross and not better than virgins.

Sage ignore tankie false flagger. Go to uni faggot.

I never claimed to be either, though. If anything the guy I was responding to was acting tough, anyway I do know how to use a gun

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Yeah, all those feminists who won't fuck you because you're a ghoul definitely just don't have sex, and literally every person I fuck is in a small pool comprising less than 1% of the population.
You cracked the code with your superior braincel mind.

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Male feminists are this gay. Seek help.

Tankie fag hasn’t been utterly annihilated through this thread and has to resort to mutated Wojack memes to express himself. What a pitiful display.

That ressentiment is going to eat you alive. Even ugly people like you can get laid if you stop acting like an entitled little shit.

Oh noooo, a bunch of sad basementdwellers totally owned me with facts and logic. How will I ever recover!?

Learn 2 English.

You already mentioned you were only here to “bully OP.” Why should I take your comments seriously?

The absolute state of incels

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The way you bully incels is really just to be factual. Much like nazis, they're slippery and slithery snakes, fearing anything that resembles an argument, so they lash out with >ur gay ur a cuck ur a bitch lol

From the Wikipedia page.
You simply misspelled the word resentment you pseudointellectual faggot.

Tips fedora

Read the rest of the page, and then open a dictionary and see if there is an entry for the word I used. You'll find that you don't understand English as well as you seem to think you do.

But by all means, keep making yourself look like a fool and at the same time calling other people inauthentic. I'm rolling.

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I read it. Sounds like resentment to me. Faggots like you alienate people’s with your pseudo ramblings.

Whatever you say buddy

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Don't understand why MRAs always get lumped in with the alt-right/lite. It's literally "all leftists are purple haired hillary voters"-tier. I'm against things like a male only draft and circumcision, how are me and like minded people supposed to change anything if we can't organize without people sperging over "muh mras"?

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Being bombarded with loweffort threads depletes my maximum effort co tainers

the MRA label is irrevocably tainted
I'd tell you to just call yourself a consistent feminist but that label is also tainted, in many places terminally
well, if you aren't from one of those places, call yourself a feminist but don't coat your words in academic feminist lingo that people will misunderstand like "toxic masculinity" or whatever
it's not the fucking academics you're trying to convince, if the rabid libfems cry about you not signalling your purity enough to them its prob a sign you might actually get across to the men who suffer from toxic masculinity the most
as you may have noticed this rant wasn't so much targeted at you, but at some organisations/people I know

Feminists who pose as leftists dont want real change. all they want is to replace white men in limousines with women in limousines! Yay porky!

Because it's a known and demonstrated pipeline to those politics, with a lot of cross-pollination between it and other reactionary virtual communities.

Traditional sexism and male chauvinism /= alt-right. And journalists are idiots. When you send an ADL post I know to ignore mr. moishe.

I'm against male only draft and male circumcision too, but guess what, I'm also against female circumcision.
You don't have to be a men's right activist to see that cutting the genitals of children is poor praxis.

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fuck off, ADL is zionist and zionism if anything is anti-jew

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Bump-lock this thread already and any other future idpol one.

This board is for political discussion, not about bitching about your sexual failures, incels.

The thing is you can't actually give a good argument to why we should actually distance ourselves from MRA/willful cuckold? Like why would it be more in our self interest to go along with your brand of feminism? I am not a particularly altruistic person, I really don't like humans so I don't care about others for the most part so if you can't appeal to my self interest and that of some of the other counter gynocentric posters on the board you don't really have an argument.

if you want to promote ethno-nationalism and jewish exceptionalism this isn't the board for you. Go hang out with your ideological brethren instead:
>>>Zig Forums

No, I don't like being around your ilk. Once I get the doomsday machine up and running it's over for all you frogposters anyway.

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You wanna know the most basic reason for why I'm a feminist? I don't like the way I'm expected to behave towards women and how they're expected to behave towards me. I don't like having to be the macho-man initiating any romance, I don't like that men treat women like children, pushing us into a relationship where I'm expected to dominate her.
I want to elevate women so I can have meaningful and equal relationships with them. It is ENTIRELY in my self interest.

Go back to trannypol and or reddit

You can’t reason with Jews. Quit trying. They are like monkeys that sling shit at you until you give up. Better to gas them.

You know what happens when those behaviors are eliminated? Hypergamy. And trust me, you won’t be the alpha male getting all the pussy.

Seems you completely missed my point. When women are no longer internalizing their oppression, they will no longer seek the dominating alpha male to put them in their place.

Similar to how when the working class stops internalizing their oppression, they will stop being class cucks protecting, and wanting to get dominated by, the capitalists.

Exactly. You can always tell when someone is a virgin of at least has little experience with women when they say shit like that. I don't say that to be mean, he just DOESN'T KNOW

He doesn't talk to women

He hasn't fucked women

I have. Women hate men, they hate themselves, they hate their children. They're egotistical and downright demonic. Really the only reason I don't go out of my way to emphasize this is well, moderators are worse. But that's quite a low bar if all you can say is "well at least she's not a moderator"

No she's just a selfish whore who lives to gaslight those around her who care about her, try to financially parasite off of someone so she doesn't have to work, and shame and emotionally bully others for no reason than she feels superior to them. Showing no moral convictions, no sort of relatable attributes like hobbies, and overall just being unbearable to interact with. Like a screaming alien thing that only on the most instinctual level of reproduction do I find attractive but on every other level find repulsive.

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