Brit/pol/ #2788: St George Edition

God bless you cunts and God bless England

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for her

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Get out of that Bongo Bongo Land, lad. Have some self-respect smh

kill me

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For them

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Are they gone under?

*spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) on your customers*

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For ebonyperium

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Afro pubes.

Bad lad, absolutely disgusting.

It's called Chimperium , you filthy monkey fucker.

I hope not


Good lad

It's full of brits who lost their way and are looking for mummies. That could've been any one of you if you hadn't gotten IBpilled. I'm gonna save them lad.

conflicted rn tbh

Go on then lad,let's see the white latinas. And do it before you gain another 4lbs

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Smh I know another lad like you who tries to save trannies, but I can't quite tell if that's the truth or if he himself is partial to the trannies smh. Hope you save them, lad.

What is IBpilled?

This is all GCHQ has to do to get Zig Forums lads questioning their principles.

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i like big tits, thats my principle

Don't be lad.


What are you saying when these lasses turn up at the border of the ethnostate, Zig Forums?

it's fine, just selecting themselves out of the huwhite race leaving only us dumb racists smh

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Imageboard-pilled, figured that's how most of us got the info needed to understand what's wrong with the world, since it's unfiltered info.
Truth be told I think 99% of them are beyond redemption and would just call me a nazi if I tried to change their mind, I'm really mostly in it for the laughs. Sorry for trying to appear self-righteous lad I thought it would be seen-through.

take the women kill the men tbfh

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Even as a wee lad I was never attracted to non-white skin tbh.

Running away and leaving my cloak in their hands.

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Wews looks like a quirky homeless man that might appear in an adaptation of Oliver Twist.

"Did not Solomon king of Israel sin by these things?

yet among many nations was there no king like him, who was beloved of his God, and God made him king over all Israel:

nevertheless even him did outlandish women cause to sin. "

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Good lad. Send the bastard mongrels to English Tangiers.

Still need to read that part of Genesis. Only up to the bit where Esau gets cucked by Israel.

Did you see the interview Russell Brand did with him? Russell is a fucking weasel.

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It's just preferences yeah. Wouldn't it be nice if civics and ethnics could separate and then browns and brown-nosers could live together and use backwards pale lads could live together

just had another cup of coffee lads

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somebody should shop them into 18th century dress and have wews in highland rags keeeek


No, link, lad

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do scottish still shite themselves to stay warm

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Who here voted for Greta Spergberg?

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yes lad you should try it to reconnect with your ancestors

Fresh Tim

Lovely little ode to St George.
Have they been celebrating this auspicious day in Wales? I bet they have.

Monmouthshire is England. Prove me wrong.

I am very very grimy rn

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guess it was too much to ask for

I'm afraid for this girl. There is no way you can be this tight with the NWO/globohomo elite without also being nonced at that age.


she is fucked looking

She has a weird, drugged stare.

i think mark was a virgin at the time this video was made

Smh clean the thigh sludge up

oh she has arseburgers nevermind

Looks like they were running low on foreheads when God made her.

h-haha yeah he's never had sex! *sweats*

Her fake tears in front of the EU was very disturbing.

watch this if you want to watch mark have a slight breakdown

This Greta lass is being retweeted by Barrack "hotdogs" Obama. Definitely an illumanati fuck/sock puppet.

this is it

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fak off yank

Speak for yourself.
Combat 18 fucking do it again daft nick.

i just want you all to watch mark collett have a nervous breakdown

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She's defo been nonced by Bercow

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Wew it's so old. Like Collett tbh. People bully him but everything he's said on e-celeb channels makes sense to me.

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How did they get a 45 year old mans head on that body?

Depends if you view the 11th-12thC Normans as English tbh?

I assume you do by the fact St George is the patron saint and not the English St Edward the Confessor.


more like a down syndrome head

god she is fuck ugly


stop posting this FAS creature



this she is fugly and people should not listen to fugly people

And that is what happens to a lot of mixed Swedish/finns, they get BIG heads

Face like a slapped arse.

She looks 12 not 16 fucking hell.

should i order mcdonalds tbh?

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She looks 12, 16, and 45 at the same time.

that's weird to think about. She used to be a girl girl but now she has had a dick inside her.

No, go and get some good British steak lad and a bit of Broccolli and asparagus, you'll spend the same.

Thats continentals for you. Proper horrid lot.

Can't you walk? My maccas is only about 15 mins away.

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mine too but i live in a south london shithole and i dont want to walk past romanians outside the mcdonalds and poos inside the mcdonalds

he fucking massive head probably caused more climate change than a 747 going to autrailia and back 10 times

Their chips are quality while hot.

Lad go out there with your best smile on and represent the English race, even if it is just buying some McNuggets.


but chiluns are smarter now because of education lad

anyone have that tired looking stubble peep?

was tempted to get some chicken nuggies but remembered i have left overs in the fridge

i do that every day lad, i want a break

yeah tbh, gonna get it now


Can't even tell if that is a good thing or not

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It's not good lad.