Stormies can't be this stupid can they?

stormies can't be this stupid can they?

I just spent an hour arguing with someone on halfchan /tv/ who was saying that Theresa May was left wing and the proof of this was that she was an "economic liberal" I told them that economic liberal means right wing, but they flat out accused me of following american definitions of "liberal", when it was him doing that.

They are just fucking insane or are they just being willfully disingenuous now?

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Are there any good images/infographics that explain clearly the difference between liberalism and leftism, because to me that seems like the main misunderstanding/propaganda point. There are people who think that mainstream media is "leftist" and that it is impossible to be right wing and pro gay marriage for example.

I feel like this is the main point that stormies are purposefully pushing in order to equate Mainstream=leftism and we need to push back against it.

Everybody else is [opposite team], of course.

It's actually the opposite of the American use of the word?

Sounds like a typical boomer talking point.

If you seriously think that mode of thinking equates to stormfags then you're just as politically illiterate as the person you're describing

this is an old Zig Forums pic
but the conception is based on certain fundamental assumptions ingrained in the ideology
to libs both us and the far right are the same since "totalitarianism"
to the far right us and libs are the same since "globalism"
for us far right and libs are the same since "capitalism"
it's a 3-way-linked horseshoe

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Pffft. kys stormfag apologist. They really do think like that.

IN the UK the liberal democrats are a centre right pro market party.


ok or get mad.

But typical dinesh d'souza / democrats are the real racists modes of thinking isn't anything you'd find in stormfag circles and saying so is just incorrect.


It's basically an advanced no true Scotsman.
They do the same shit with Merkel

Glass houses user.

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liberals are rightwing everywhere there is a labour party

where are you getting this bullshit? stormfags call liberals leftist for not hating on nonwhites and homos, regardless of their economics

Well, technically it’s true, since liberals, much like Theresa May, WERE the first leftists.
However, you do have a point as well, since the social perception of what is left and right, in your social circle in this specific time cycle, solidifies your argument.

and thats an excuse to be just as ignorant as them?

Not everyone on halfchan is a nazi. After Trump, you have loads of retarded boomer Republicans there too.

ignorant of what?

in no sane social circle is someone calling theresa may a leftist. fuck off

just read above

And only one of those analyses is right.

Stormies are the worst.

fuck off cuckchanner

You have only yourself to blame.

well, they are all mutually exclusive and based on differences in the fundamental axioms of ideology
from a historical-materialist perspective, the socialist one is. from a "natural-rights" (including property rights) perspective the totalitarian is, and from a demography-is-destiny, organic-society perspective the "globalist" is, though rooted in some very vague and questionable axioms.