End Naziphobia

I've had it guys. It's not okay to "punch nazis". It's not okay to judge all Nazis by the actions of a few. It's not okay to be Naziphobic.


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#Not All Nazis

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They're not sending their best.

Our culture and our race is inseparable. People who oppose Nazis are racist.

Being Naziphobic is not okay.

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Let's see that s last a week


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No more discussion.

Naziphobia is racism PERIOD!!

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This should be the central message:
"Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived… He had in him the stuff of which legends are made" - JFK



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Be an ally to the Nazi Movement.


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#Nazis welcome

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Only a naziphobe would reject nazis.

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Hey, that's spotted cow. One of my favorites.

This is on par with the shitty Zig Forums memes.

Naziphobes get out.

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checked and checked

Probably is one of theirs tbh. Dont see how this does anything but vilify Germans.

Donald Duck does not give a flying fuck

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Fine, I'll stop. The goal was to replace Religion of Cuck™ophobia with Naziphobia. Because in the mind of leftist, it's okay to punch Nazis. Would it be okay to punch Muslims?

It's not necessarily a pro-nazi meme as much as an anti Religion of Cuck™ meme.

Yes. And more.

There's good concepts in here. I do like the idea of messing with the leftist's massive cognitive dissonance.

Furthermore, punch a Muslim whilst bathing in a pool of Holy Water.

This is weak as fuck, and you should kill yourself.

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To add to that: National Socialism was a German populist movement in the 1920's and 30's. Don't try to revive it; it's got way too much baggage. We need something new. like Identitär Bewegung, but way more aggressive

Okay, well how can we convince lefties that Religion of Cuck™ is a dangerous political ideology wants to conquer and enslave them?

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I don't think we'll need to do much convincing for our part. They'll need to taste their own medicine before they realize maybe it wasn't a great idea to import savages after all, kind of how Germany is at the moment. They'll see their country changing, and they'll react on their own. Our job is to foster and promote that reaction.

If it's okay to punch Nazis,
Its okay to punch Muslims.

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It's ok OP, I thought they were funny.

Not that funny mind you, but some were pretty good.

You’re stupid. It was a worldwide movement that was forced underground by the communists and capitalists. It’s still very much in existence.

Sage for literally the worst attempt at an OP anyone has ever seen.

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Why would you want for Nazism to become mainstream? Right now Nazism is no vehicle for power or fame, but for moral and intellectual superiority. Nazism going mainstream would just taint it.

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Leftist hatred of Nazis, white males, gun-owners, etc. etc. etc ad nauseum is only invigorating. I welcome it because it shows the true nature of the Left: gullible non-thinkers driven to insanity by the very elites they rage against. They must be constantly stoned to be so stupid. Fuckem.

The Nazis did not care for white people. They intentionally brought devastation to Europe, the home of white people. They deserve the bad reputation they have.

The Nazis had an hypocritical racial standard, based on convenience, not facts. They considered Eastern Europeans subhumans (to justify invading them) but Japanese rats were “honorary aryans” because they were their allies. They applied the same hypocritical logic to the Italians. If this is not hypocritical, then I do not know what it is.

The irony is that Eastern Europeans are far better representatives of the National Socialists' Aryan ideal than the German people. Eastern Europeans have the finest facial features of white people, and a big proportion of them (esp. Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine) are blond with blue or green eyes, fine facial features, tall, and very pale skin. See the attached photo of a Polish girl imprisoned by the Nazis (note the “P”: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_concentration_camp_badges).

The Nazis knew no word of honor. They signed a non aggression pact with the USSR in 1939 just to break it in 1941. Search it! This resulted in the death of million of white people, both as war causalities, collateral damage, but also many that they killed intentionally in death camps.

They were so obsessed with the jews that they persecuted or historically disowned Christians for having some jewish ancestor (see for example, how they disowned H. R. Hertz. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Hertz#Nazi_persecution).

The few good things they did, like euthanasia (already existed and was practiced by the time of ancient Sparta), encouraging a family-centered society (that was basically like all of the Renaissance), were not their invention. They just copied that.

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this is like trying to start a campaign the the tagline "stop drumpfophobia" or something. stop using the word nazi. see if you can work in "national socialism".

How about end Jew worship instead? Force them back to Israel where they belong.

Quit believing the BS lies fabricated after the war user.

Stop deluding yourself that the Nazis were the paladins of the white race.

Bump for quality bait. I see many subhumans being rustled by this.