Who Should Be First in Line for DOTR?

It ought to commence with malignant scum like Tom Grauer. Lynchings of those irredeemable beyond measure, need fast tracking to the top of the list. This thread will attempt to compile by concensus and evidence, the chosen ones who should be first.

Kike mouthpiece of the movement to legitimize pedophilia, Tom Grauer began a high-profile campaign last December publishing on wordpress, The Daily Antifeminist. Shit posting about sex crimes, he claimed possession of abusive child porn and molestation of eight year old girls. The first post on his blog states his goal of legalization and normalization of child abuse.
Grauer gets to the core of the jq which is their perverted psychopathic talmadic ethics:
tldr: mossad's pedo front man should be first in line for DOTR.

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Traitors, jews, liberals, libertarians, nonwhites. In that order.

The next person who posts.

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US military officers.

If they respect their nation's sovereignty we would have a secure border like Hungary or Israel.

They're career politicians who would fag up the military to get promoted.

If Patton came back from the grave the officers would follow orders and kill him.

Good eye, user. I was popping in to announce a shill thread, but you beat me to it.

Traitors, as per Codreanu.

Anyone whose mere mention by the media is a redpill. If any of you want to pull a Dylan Roof, go for people the media doesn't want to talk about. Imagine someone offing Barbara Spectre?

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If I'm feeling magnanimous, the non-whites are allowed to leave with the understanding that they will be shot on sight if they ever approach our borders again.
Actually, while we're dealing with the others I would let the libertarians opt to take voluntary lifelong exile or hang around and get the rope.

oy vey

An user who understands how DOTR begins. No fault for pushing Barbara to the front of the line.

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You need to think bigger, user.

Trying to score "leaders" single-handedly is a recipe for getting an heroed. I understand the need to think bigger, although perhaps the most pressing need requires surgical strikes with a higher probability of success.

Are you even asking that question?

I would switch traitors and the chosen people, the former will flee to a third world nation where they'll meet their ultimate demise upon seeing their friends being taken down, but the latter will always prosper, given even an extra femtosecond to think about a plan.

the (((rat))) hands down all else are easily pushed out by white power and would have been already without the infection of jew parasites.


whites are provably by scientific facts better than every race on the planet, the only race that denies our absolute granduer is heel nipping race mixing rat jews.

Traitors & Jews Go First

rest will run back to wakanda lol or open borders israel.

Anyone and everyone who pushed the 'Trump is a secret based nazi' jewish lie.

moshe simmer down

We were discussing traitors getting the rope first, any non-jew pushing jewish lies is a traitor.

The entire aut-right was a jewish scheme to derail the movement and get the retarded tier goys to champion ZOG

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Stay buttmad, JTRIG.

Chosen ones was the topic, yet any traitor is welcome to be top of the list here.

Rest of Kike media

Pick your kike and advocate for this choice with documentation. Be specific and make an attempt to justify any initial dominoes.

I told you that I'll keep on fighting until January 4, 2020. If you glow-in-the-darks would've just let me do my thing, it really wouldn't have affected you at all. By the time my goals are realized, several decades into the future, none of you would be in power anyway. You really should just leave me alone.

Peace, my dude.

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Traitors, then Jews, then Jew-dupes, then degenerates.

Traitors go first, Jews watch to await their fate.

Politicians. Next the corps exploiting alng with prominent bloodlines, that would solve most of the JQ already. Then the nonwhites and brainwashed liberals rreman next in line.

Jews will not be transported, the kikes and judaism are a disease we will eradicate from the face of the planet.


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OP, a pervert piece of shit like this is a treat for afterwards. Certainly not a priority target. After communications and utilities are destroyed, people in leadership positions go first,

Anyway, if you can't wait, nothing is holding you back from getting this pedo jew today. If he doesn't know you and you've had no contact with him in any form, it's not difficult to do and get away with it.

He gets it.