Youtube,Reddit and Citi group taking actions against firearms community and businesses

Reddit changes website policy to ban /r/gundeals and various other firearms related trading subreddits.

Youtube chances policies to delete videos and outright ban channels if they have videos of firearm manufacturing, suppressor installation, reloading ammunition, magazines over 30 rounds, bump stocks or "other devices that convert semi automatic rifles to simulate automatic fire"

Citigroup is telling their business partners to restrict gun sales.

Who needs government regulation when we have private businesses to fuck us?

Have seen no mention of this, not one to make threads but this needs to be addressed, all information is in archive links.

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That's what happens when you rely on the good will of jews and liberals.
Do hands count as "devices" when bump firing?

Give it a few months

Nothing can be done. Everybody's 401k depends on these companies surviving.

kvetch somewhere else kike.

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You must have a pathetic portfolio to have invested in reddit.

These fuckers will kvetch right up until they actually get memed into ovens.

jewtube is garbage.

don't be a low iq nigger and pick up a book

The ovens are to the right for you, jew.

Can't stop shit you fucking bank kikes I'll buy whatever the fuck I want.

Guess who just committed nearly 100 felonies!
Look at your strips of kike cloth. “Legal tender for all debts, public and private.” You cannot be stopped or restricted in any way from purchasing something using those strips of cloth. CitiBank has less than a decade left to exist.

The good thing about businesses as opposed to governments is that you can choose not to give them your money. They also have less guns, so kill them if they fuck with your community.

This would effectively ban nearly every gun related youtube channel. Youtube is the largest platform out there and controls the minds of the youth, it's a fucking massive deal if they manage to keep kids from learning about firearms outside of CNN and other kike media outlets.

They aren't banning private individuals from doing so, but bullying companies that use their services into no longer selling to the consumer, getting the companies themselves into legal problems I imagine.

When FedEx or UPS stop delivering guns, will you change your shilling playbook? I doubt it.

What legal problems? There is no law that says there’s an age restriction on firearms. They’re trying to push social change without even bothering to get a law passed, AND THEY CAN DO IT BECAUSE THEY OWN FUCKING EVERYTHING.


Wait what? Are they just banning any DIY activity? I get that the others are politicized evils, but reloading? Did I miss a mass shooter who was "MAKING HIS OWN CUSTOM DEADLY BULLETS" or something?

A youtuber contacted one of the officials in charge of manually finding videos to ban, they thought reloading was just putting bullets into a magazine, so I bet they'll at least count actual proper reloading components as manufacturing.

Boycott Citigroup. You should already be off the electronic jew.

Gold, real estate, art, crypto, don't.

The problem is governments exist, claim exclusive right to initiate force, and are composed of fallible humans, thus can be purchased by the business owners, effectively making the businesses the government.

The New York Times converted me to an elite liberal at a young age.

They'll start classifying it as bomb manufacturing. Afterall, leadtrinitroresorcinate (lead styphnate) is the high explosive used in primers, and you are "putting together an explosive container" for it to ignite gunpowder. I guarantee this will happen, it's typical liberal/progressive/zionist jargon faggotry.

Is it legal for a bank which is FDIC insured and regulated by the fed government allowed to disallow transactions based upon any reason other than legal ones? Especially when it comes to an item that is a protected constitutional right?
Seems like there is a definite conflict of interest there. Like how schools that receive government money can't discriminate etc. and have to follow all the government rules and stipulations etc. Seems like it may be time for a citi class action by all those affected.

Kill yourself hobbyist.

They already have all kinds of legal classification fuckery they can apply to that shit now. They found too many people getting around the various other ways they screwed people with firearms and hit them at the source with the laws laying in wait.

You mean like being forced to buy shit like health insurance from a private company?

extremely awkward subject for the "right" that have spend decades fellating corporations

So find out which citi kikes are behind this, post their address and maybe someone with a sack will do something

tl;dr Banks have major banks have plans in the works for this but gonna let Citigroup test the waters.

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When the kikes have this much power over society and what we think there's so little we can do when they decide to really start cracking down without even hiding their origins.

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Corporations are considered people under American law.

Social virtue signalling doesn't translate into money.

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Haven't seen blatant shilling like this in a long time. Shills must be smelling blood in the water with all of the moderator absences and went back to stupid shit like this.

Google is NSA it will never run out of your money.

Either teach normies how to fight the tech giants ala economic boycotting or shill for the removal of Google and other social medias as a private enterprises and be treated as utility. Pick your poison, but at all cost silicone valley has to be removed.

The kikes must really be nearing their end-game in order to be going all-out after firearms like this.

So, in order to be in compliance, sellers will have to disclose to the bank the info of every customer?
And every dealer that works directly with manufacturers will now be disclosed, which opens they and their customers up to scrutiny by the bank?
Sounds like they got tired of waiting for the government to create a national firearms registry database and are instead going to compile one themselves.

I see opportunity
If FedEx won't deliver firearms, I certainly will.
And I'm sure there are anons out there that know how to start banks and credit card companies.

Why should (((they))) own everything? Are there no others that understand how this shit works?
If they create a need by no longer fulfilling that need, THAT is an opportunity to step in.

Darn, I really liked my Citi credit card. Closing it now, gonna tell the phone rep that I closed it because of their stance on the second amendment.

Lawsuits will determine this, but you're right, they can't refuse to accept commerce and still be covered, not if we demand they not be.
We can still kick congressmen out of their cushy jobs and take their place.

This is terrible bait, plz go back to reddit

Might this explain the recent attack on crypto?

Only problem I see with that is the inevitable (((nuisance lawsuit))) brought by the family of someone who was killed by a firearm you delivered or processed the purchase payment.

You seem lost, friendo.

hi buddy

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Global report.


Going to read this to the operator as the reason I am canceling my Citi Bank Credit Card. Fuck em.

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Global report.

Global report.

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You're either an idiot or a shill. The reality is that the money they throw around is PEANUTS compared to every other lobby. They don't even reach the hundreds of millions. Many anti gun lobbyists reach into the billions.
Come to think of it, if you're so worried about an "atmosphere of violence", why aren't you going after sensationalist media?

I'm not panicking, I see delicious desperation.

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I wish reddit's larping of imminent deathsquads coming for nonwhites was actually reality instead of this milquetoast slow decline we have going on.

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Have the NRA actually did anything though? Last I check they did fuck-all regarding the NY safe-act, which was a pilot for a nation-wide act of faggotry. I've seen GOA do more.

I know, right? It feels like they are fuckin teasing us with that shit. I WISH we lived in something resembling that.

If I recall it would involve the supreme court and a case making it all the way up there, then the court being even willing to take the case, and if it would even be a favorable court composition.

The NRA is like a slightly better GOP of the gun world.
If they weren't here we'd be fucked even faster, but even if you throw your support behind them, you are likely to just end up delaying things a few years until you get fucked again.

They are taking on the Florida age restriction and the bill in general to court, so at least they are doing something

The NRA does a lot to protect the 2nd Amendment, I was a member for many years.
Looks like I have to join up again.

Remember that we won't be the ones to attack outright. We have to take this time to prepare, and network so that we're ready when it counts.

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After the whole bumpstock shit I am back to where I've always seen them.They are a whole lot better than nothing but I trust them as far as I can throw them. Necessary evil that we need.

I don't have much hope for the future, I'd personally am keeping my expectations low and hope to be surprised.

The one good thing about this at least is that the harder the push on gun owners, the more they will radicalize. Simple owning a gun and knowing what it does is babies first step into noticing media bias. Now silicon valley and banks are starting to push their weight on us.

alright, that's enough for me. for a number of years it just seemed like they were selling fear with no results.

the real danger is the lack of competition. Any service competing with these giants seemed to get snuffed out. Without competition the market will have no choice.

I'd argue that the age restriction is an even bigger problem than any of these individual state bans.
At least in NY and ban states you can still get pump action shotguns and stuff like Garand's at 18 and be able to defend yourself, not ideally but still you can put lead downrange.

But setting the age to 21 is outright denying people the ability to defend themselves with anything at all for 3 more years for no reason. Then it sets the precedent that they can just raise the age to whatever they want.

Hopefully this sort of thing galvanizes lolberts into realizing that letting companies go wild is a bad fucking idea and will fuck them just as bad or worse than the government will.

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You remember the bank bailouts fella?


*bolshevik counterparts

At what age do Americans leave school?

18-19 generally I suppose, baring dropping out or other exceptions.

Companies can do stupid shit all day, it's when they become monopolies it's a threat.

Trump would completely rape them simply for opportunity.

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It's becoming increasingly apparently that video streaming services are going to be extra-kosher from now on.

Back to torrents I guess. Meanwhile, start downloading content and seeding.

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I'm going to set up a seed server because of this. we need to get a list of content together before it gets completely wiped out. Real shit with knowledge nothing with e-celeb faggotry.

The individual mandate only worked because your birth certificate registered you as c(h)attel, goyim.

No, really, thanks Obama, you opened a lot of eyes to sovereign citizenship.

Would you cuckchan refugees like to know why people here are so indifferent to the actions of mega corps and mainstream social media? Because unlike you normalfags none of us have a stake in them and have already isolated ourselves from the kikes. Pushing for companies ran by jews to stop acting like jews is retarded. Push for people to spend their time and money on something more productive instead. If you are a full grown man and actively spend your afternoons browsing reddit and jewtube you deserve to be fucking shot.

You have a lot to learn, Chaim.

Hopeful thinking on my part.

If you cut off any gun related content on youtube, you are effectively severely hurting the potential to reach the next generation of gun owners, you need new life blood coming in in order to grow. Political victories follow cultural.

Reddit is a shithole but /r/gundeals was the best aggregate for deals out there, slickguns is nearly all chinkshit flashlights and shitty steel plates.

That is not what I was implying. I was addressing the OP, which is about reddit. Probably should have quoted the OP to distinguish those thoughts.

which is of course the whole reason there is a 2A to begin with, is to allow you to do exactly what our redditor friend there is talking about, which is to say that it's working as intended, but the dipshit that wrote that has no self awareness and probably still wants guns banned anyways

A great deal of Zig Forums related documents can be obtained here:

Guns will always be popular. As an Australian, shooting guns is the most awesome thing after having sex with a woman you love. If youtube bans gun videos then that's an excellent opportunity to push other video platforms that do.

So make better websites that respect your freedom and privacy instead. I haven't used reddit or youtube in years because I disagree with how the websites operate on a fundamental basis. The problem with society today is that people forgo principles for convenience which is what has enabled the kikes to have monopolies.

If youtube does something you disagree with, criticize it openly, then in the same breath discuss the alternatives to youtube like hooktube or bitchute. The problem with cuckchan posters is that they never provide solutions. They complain about jews while simultaneously giving them even more money expecting them to share their good faith. It's fucking retarded. They never will.

This is something that you can influence with a few changes in your habits and a couple of different clicks. I know none of you will ever have the spine to slaughter kikes and niggers, but at least have the spine to click a couple of buttons and get a script to redirect youtube links to hooktube or some shit man.

The problem is that youtube is the most accessible and normalfag friendly, some kid can stumble apon gun content from just about anywhere on the site and gain interest.
Sites like Full30 and others exist, but you already need to be in the know to be aware of them and they will never get the amount of attention youtube gets.
Mass media is enormously powerful, which is why the jews first bought up and consolidated their power of record labels, movie studios, news media etc.
Losing the largest platform out there is a big hit, inevitable sure, but people here shouldn't be acting likes fine just because it doesn't affect them personally.
These sort of issues is why Pierce was working on comics, his own record label, books and radio.

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im not giving up my waifu


literally slapped me right in the feels


Some one backup Ian's videos, just in case for some reason he dosnt have all the footage.

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Why are you even still breathing? ffs

Pull it and put it into gold, real estate and crypto.

it was made to empower White Americans with the tools and legal rights to defend White America.
not for retarded idiots to defend the brown hordes who are overrunning our country
few things are more vile than traitors to the Volk

Just a reminder, Citibank provides the DoD travel credit card for all DoD civilians.
They're perfectly happy to finance the tomfoolery and boondoggles that go into creating new guns, and putting guns in the hands of 18 year old soldiers and marines.

when will they take this mad threat to society's guns away??!

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Reddit Dox
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Citigroup Dox
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[email protected]

Hey guys, this may sound silly but I bet we can get a campaign going for gun dealers started accepting cryptocurrency as payment (REQ comes to mind)

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We simply have to redouble and triple our efforts to move people beyond these tech and finance companies.

We also need to start engaging in lawfare against these groups. We need to be smart, shop winnable cases and pair them with sympathetic districts to ensure early stage victory.

Cryptocurrency can be a legitimate means at circumventing traditional financial channels

YFW you realize I am a rich homeless guy that does his own investing because he’s not a retard.