March for Our Lives:
Cameron Kasky wants 1,000,000 protestors to bring AR-15's to Washington DC and smash them on March for Our lives event on March 24th
A statement by Cameron Kasky in the Wall Street Journal;
"The group is now preparing for the March 24 rally, where they plan to smash unloaded
AR-15 rifles with a sledgehammer and squat in front of the White House for 17 minutes
to honor the 17 victims, according to Mr. Kasky."
To counteract this. Trump supporters have created an NRA Rally outside of Trump international hotel on March 24, 2018
They are strictly anti-violence, and they even have a fcebook event page.
Here is their page

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this screams honeypot tbh

Total honeypot, but I'd love to have those parts were it actually true, I'm sure there would be salvageable stuff given it'd be wymyn and fags trying to break their husbands' and fathers' guns.

I hope they fucking do. I also hope that they'll enjoy prison.

I bet they'll try to murder a protester with one of those evil babby killing assault murderrifles and parade their corpses like some kind of martyr. Bonus points if the protester killed is a woman or a child.

Im not going anywhere

Why? Why not protest at some richfag lib's house or at CNN studio's HQ? Both actions will rattle far more cages than protesting some shitlibs on the side of the road. Sometimes I feel absolutely disgusted by how the moderate right conducts itself.

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You'll always win when all your enemies are losers.

holy powder keg this could be fun

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Is it legal to hand out free ammo?


minions vs minons is just a retarded circle jerk for the wealthy to enjoy

Won't matter.


I wonder if their corporate sponsors will buy the sacrificial guns?
>gun-grabbing (((commies))) fly for free on South West Airlines

Well then I certainly won't be there.

Lets hope people are stupid enough to go along with this.

If they are stupid enough not to make it a big front-page story
then they are stupid enough to go along with it.


Liberals couldn't even get tens of people to protest Trump's election back in 2016, and that was in major US cities full of shitskins, liberals, and kikes. I doubt more than 300 people show up to this thing and probably no more than a dozen old-ass guns, and that's even if it goes through. These fags are going to have a terrible time getting permits for this fiasco.

Won't this just mean a bunch of free AR-15 parts in DC for assembly? Don't they know guns have interchangeable parts?

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Breaking things then flinging themselves on the ground. These people have the emotional maturity and intellectual prowess of toddlers.

I highly doubt a million people will show up for this

Bring up the flamethrowers

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they couldn't even get a million negroes for the so called million man march against police violence back in the 90s during the crack epidemic, the likelihood of parents taking their kids out of school, buying them an assault rifle, and then a plane ticket to fly to DC is extremely unlikely.

Watch again (assuming you did in the first place).
Everything is being supplied at no cost to the students (not sure about the sacrificial firearms, though that may be part of the 'surprise' she mentioned).
Also, this is being arranged through the schools for the ewig(((convenience))) of the parents.
I can't imagine most normies turning down an offer like this.

They're probably smashing cheap ones so don't expect any of them to have a half decent trigger or anything besides basic stuff.

What if these losers try to storm the White House?

I bet they bring AR 15 air soft crap
Don't get your hopes up..

You can get this for $25

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meme it

The white house has motion activated turrets that will turn them into afghans

I'm sure the WH has anticipated any potential problems and scheduled accordingly.
And, even if the President, vice-Prez, or any cabinet members are present, they'll be able to get to the bunker in time.
Besides, even commies aren't that stupid.
No, with so much media attention focused on this event, I would more expect a false flag perpetrated by their side; they've been winning too much with the dead kids tactic to stop now.

Except for the white house turrets shoot 1,000,000 rounds per minute…
Also they don't shoot paintballs…..

They are going to pull a Kent State on Trump, trying to provoke the White House guard into returning fire. Just like the bullshit in Ukraine with the protesters getting "shot" and causing the "revolution".

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Those little commies won't be allowed near the White House with guns. They're going to be arrested.

some dude with expendable cash could buy a shitload of the crappiest chink airsoft AR15 he can find, then sell them to these fags on the interbutts at a steep markup after they can't find any other because stocks are depleted
and just for fun, the fags could have the option to be sold the "guns" in other colors once the skary black assault death machines are sold out, and they all get the pinkish hello-kitty models to smash in front of the cameras

Nobody's buying any guns because this whole thing is fake news.


Well, not a whole lot you or I can do about it, at this point.
If this situation has you feeling particularly nervous, you have about a day and a half to get your bug-out preparations ready.
Mine already are, so, I think I'll spend that time investigating that link to murdercube somebody posted in another thread.
Godspeed, friend.

I have to drive past DC on Sat and was planning on talking my Walther with me to NC. Just what I need, thousands of jumpy cops on the highways because someone told a ton of faggots to bring a million guns to DC. I may postpone my trip 24 hours.

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Then we will post pone our rally for 24 hours
Thanks for the tip m8

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None of that is legal. If we weren't under a two tier justice system, they'd go to jail for a very, very long time for violating the NYC SAFE ACT

the fbi will kill the protesters on sight when they bring guns near thewhite house the fbi have sniper posts and knifers and pillboxes and sams on the roof. idiots.

The FBI is part of the deep state.


Mate, I live in the south. Anything in that area I think is NYC.

T. Small brained redneck who's never been north of the mason dixon line.

They don't want another Ukraine. In case you haven't noticed, Ukraine is still in conflict nor really left Russia's sphere of economic influence. It was a failure. And lets be honest. Who would really care if leftist agitators were shot in the street, especially if they are waving guns at the white hosue? The media?

that doesnt mean they dont enjoy a perfect excuse to kill practivce.

good ole murder cube, been a while since i have seen that

The CIA is a money laundering operation, they don't care if it fails. Gives them an excuse for more funding.

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Failure in this case is a complete yugo style dissolution of the US. The last thing the CIA wants is armed men in pickups rolling through Langley looking for families that glow in the dark.

I would love to show up with a giant box and collect all the BCGs.
$100 a piece. You could make a shit ton of money. Or just build 1,000,000 ARs.

The lucky ones will escape to Israel while the rest get lynched. The kikes don't care if America collapse, they'll move on to China and have the UN bomb the Midwest.

If you're American and you don't know basic American geography, why are you using commonwealth slang? You're not American.

1/4th (or close to it) burgers dont know where Murica is on a globe.

and over 1/4 of Americans are shitskins, what exactly is your point?

Imagine the amount of gun violence this would actually cause if they did it. A million mostly in tact ARs all with interchangeable parts littered around DC. False flags aside these people have no capacity for critical thinking, (obviously.)


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Is it really possible?

With 18 billion dollars I assume anything is possible.

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Have you noticed the number of honeypots springing up over the past couple of weeks using this stylography?
The "text on rectangular overlay" meme. It's all centralized. There are a bunch of threads using this style. Sometimes it blocks the eyes of White people in the picture to signify blindness, sometimes not, but either way, sure sign of a honeypot.

No one seems to understand exactly what the objective is here.
The 1M guns will be guns belonging to men in the lives of liberal women.
Fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, uncles. This is the jew's design, use the women to put pressure on the men in their lives. Control the women through "dead children" hoaxes. Door-to-door confiscation never was the plan. Confiscation will be voluntary, I've been saying this for ages.
If this goes through, it will set a precedent and that's undoubtedly the plan. Mass public gun destruction brought about by nagging and the thread of withheld sex/divorce.

I shouldn't have written "liberal" there. Any woman is capable of this because any woman can be controlled by the jew "school shooting" psyop/hoaxes.
The women of conservative men will already be saying "do we really need a gun?", "all my friend's husbands and boyfriends have smashed theirs, you're the last one, why don't you care about children being killed?"
Remember, women base their beliefs on what they think their female friends believe.

What is theSmedley Butler, the Bonus Army and the Business Plot for 500, Alex.

Btw I seem to remember people supporting the canceled nov4 marches saying it would culminate in masses of people converging on the WH. Maybe the astroturfed buildup fizzled but they still want to go through with the end plan. I wonder who their Smedley might be if such a plan were unfolding?

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Seriously user, thats pretty bad, IF you're not LARPing as an American

Women are horrible when it comes to geography. Whenever I have to give directions to a woman I start off using street names and directions, and then realize theyre not grasping what Im telling them. Then I have to use landmarks and right and left instead of north, south, east, and west.

Point is, it aint just mudshits who are geographically retarded.

Jokes on them

October 6, 2017 the district became "Shall Issue." Seems with the wording this is Open Carry as well in this instance? What about mask laws for DC?
Anyone, Bueller, Bueller…Anyone…

Got any specifics? Is there a dox repository?

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Worked so well when that radio libertarian guy did it and then got slammed with drug charges.

That is going to fund gun lobbying for decades.

War is the way of Man.
Our worship is our readiness.

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How the fuck is that even possible in the first place?
It's like the EU asking Mexico to leave the US sphere of economic influence. Country that are neighbors necessarily share economical flux.
Country that are neighbors, are the same people, speak the same language, were part of the same country 30 years ago (and had been for centuries), will always have a major economical trade.
FFS Russia has major ties to Germany 3 countries away, 2 world wars down the line and half a century of military occupation!
How the fuck was Ukraine supposed to do that without going to total ruin on short term?

So, they're fueling the gun industry by spending money on guns to try to make an anti-gun point. Brilliant!

Do you have a better source?

WSJ is one of the most un-biased outlets there
is, and they are very reliable. I'm assuming that
because this story doesn't fit the narrative
of the more biased media companies, they wont
run it unless they have a better angle.

Dana Loesch is confirmed to be speaking at the NRA rally
"In Washington, D.C., the NRA is sponsoring a rally to counter protest March for Our Lives"


Now that could be interesting. My Mother was there attending school at the time. She said it was the SDS's fault. That they had showed up in town over a week before and were going around provoking and just generally making trouble and increasing tensions until the shit hit the fan. These groups are essentially doing the same thing.

A million people are going to drop 600-1200 on a gun just to signal? Doubtful.

I doubt this will actually happen. If it does then Trump should call in the National Guard and rekt them. What are they going to tell the Judge? "I was simply engaging in an armed protest in the middle of the capitol against the President and the Constitution"?

And who's going to pay for all those AR-15s? And why do they think that buying a fuckload of AR-15s is somehow bad for the gun industry? It's like fighting drugs by buying drugs from drug dealers and flushing them down the toilet.

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Yet, I was able to identify Turkey as being the closest foreign nation's landmass to the Greek islands of Lesbos and Rhodes in yesterday's Final Jeopardy.
And, it was all thanks to this place. :)

I was going to mention someone posting that a while back, but, I couldn't remember if it was on here or not.
I regret not screencapping it.
Good to see you're back.
Care to go into further detail?

I lay the lion's share of the blame at the feet of the electric Jew.
When I visit my mother, she never has the TV left off, and I hear the same propaganda spew from her mouth that I heard coming from the set earlier.
I've been considering sabotaging its coax cable with a bit of aluminum foil or a pin.

Also, on the topic of turning women against the men in their lives: I can see some men flying off the handle and visiting a bit of physical harm upon the cunt that destroyed hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars of equipment simply because it was trendy.
In doing so, they just lost their right to firearm ownership under domestic violence laws.
Excellent theory, and I hope it turns out to be just that.

Metalstorm is trash. No one anywhere is using it for anything.

Seriously? Like just badass dudes running around with knives waiting for someone to start shit? :^)

I'd be happy to although I don't know if it will be as in depth as my original post about Kent State.
For the rapefugees here, SDS refers to the Students for a Democratic Society. Think of them as proto-Antifa. They were a socialist organization targeting college youth during the sixties and are responsible for a fair share of the unrest during that time. As usual with (((outside funding and support))). For context, at that time, Kent, OH was a small college town and fairly tight knit among it's actual residents, students excluded. From my mother's eyewitness account, the leaders of SDS and many of their members from across the country showed up sound familiar? in town a few weeks before the shooting happened and began starting demonstrations, inciting students with anti-war and anti-government rhetoric, vandalizing the town and school, as well as more violent escapades. Hardly the "peaceful hippies who dindu nuffin" that they are portrayed as. Needless to say the townsfolk despised them. As for the shooting, she was on the other side of the campus when it happened as my mother knew they were degenerate troublemakers and wanted nothing to do with them, so I don't have an eyewitness account for that, just the events leading up to and the aftermath. Is there anything in particular you'd like to know user? I'll answer as best as I can and can ask her any questions user's may have that I can't answer with certainty.

Do you have a source that actually allows people to read the part that is relevant?

I did give the part of article that allows people
to read the part in relevant it was posted in OP

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Nothing specific, however, I do enjoy hearing accounts that aren't in line with the (((official historical narrative))); they make for the best stories.
Also, considering commies are generally too dull and uncreative to develop new methods (you just know they're borrowing from the original SDS/Weatherman handbook), anything the townspeople of Kent did to deal with them that you believe can be reapplied in the current day and age.

Well the townsfolk weren't able to do much. As you know the commies during that time used free speech as a tool of subversion whereas now they can operate with impunity and the state and media openly back them up. Much more so than then as the full takeover hadn't been achieved yet. What saved the town was, in my opinion, the National Guard shooting them. Though it's become a liberal shithole today so nothing good came out of any of it.

1 M rounds per minute KEK,

Goyim I…

and these dumbasses will still fall for it.

Funny how this event is almost always omitted from education.


Would be a damn shame if someone placed a few bluetooth speakers around and played a recording of automatic weapons fire.

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How terribly subversive of you

1,000,000 Commies degenerates with AR-15's what could possibly go wrong?warms me with a comfy glow

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Actual youtube ad right now

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Are lefties even capable of formulating thoughts that don't consist of some mish-mash of pop culture references?

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It is very clear deep state is not on Trump's side. Deep state's objective is to disarm the public because their corruption is coming to light. That is the point of this orchestrated rally.

It won't work, and America will not disarm. America is beginning to see that this country has what is effectively an organized crime syndicate within and outside government that does things like orchestrate school shootings and massive propaganda campaigns such as anti-gun rallies, because deep state's ultimate goal is to disarm the American people. Disarming America guarantees irrevocable deep state control.

As for your shilling/lies suggesting deep state might have a plus side since they protect Trump, your argument is shit because the evil deep state does far outweighs some minimal protection function (and deep state should not be trusted to protect the president at all, regardless).

Who do you think is helping organizing the protest? Who is Hogg related to? Who helped run the treasonous syndicate that was selling classified intel and nuclear weapons material to anyone and everyone? Do you know who ran the massive internal spy ring in Congress?

Who is Andy McCabe? Who is Comey? Who used FISA to try to stop Trump from getting elected and then oust Trump with the fake piss memo? Who covered up the massive treason syndicate by burying the Hillary/Huma email investigation?

Cut the bullshit. Stop the deep state shilling.


No they will not. If America implodes into civil war and shatters into a hundred fiefdoms then former USgov assets are worthless and will be discarded. Remember that Goy is not only the jewish word for non-jew, Goy is also the jewish word for cattle, and when the cow does not give milk anymore it gets slaughtered and eaten.