The madman is using demoshit talking points to scuttle this god awful form of funding!
pffffffft ahhahahhaAhhHahHHahaaaa OH NO NO NO NO

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shills should probably lurk for two years, too

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4d chess tbh

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You guys are at a loss huh?

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I'm glad to see a veto for any reason but I have trouble imagining that Trump is so stupid as to think that Hispanics will suddenly start voting for the him. Especially illegals that he grants amnesty to. They will happily take their citizenship and use it to vote for whoever promises them the most free shit.

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I wish it were a heil but unfortunately that faggot is doing a dab.

Pic related

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Its an excuse to sink it that renders rebuttal from the left impotent. Trump knows they'll never make the deal, he confirmed this at the rally for Saccone.

Can the embarrassing mods unban everyone who was calling for a veto yesterday? It’s clear they were correct in calling this bill out as shit while they were lambasted by the reddit trump sycophant types. If trump vetoes this bill it would be a great thing for America.(Didn't ban anyone for supporting veto. Sad lie!)

I don't think Trump is trying to win over the so called "Dreamers" I think he's just trying to play up that the democrats didn't come through for them as a fracture point.

This sounds about right.
But the problem is that this bill still passes. Trump won't get blamed for it but it highlights a problem, that you can get things done against the interests of voters/Trumps base. Not sure where I've read it but it seems like some career politicians, especially republicans, want to lose in the upcoming midterms. Taking a few steps back for maybe a few years until Trump is out, giving him a hard time in the meantime to get shit done and than they return pretending they were not part of the mess of the last couple years.

I shit all over that bill and I wasn't banned. Must have been for another reason.

1488D chess. "Nope can't sign this. You didn't address DACA. I haven't forgot about them like you conveniently have."

Note that Trump continually plays the general population off his base.

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The government shuts down making huge news. When asked why, he states that the democrats failed to address the protection of beautiful DACA babies. (Also the wall isn't fully funded.)

The dems only option is to play ball or lose the Hispanic vote. Trump comes out as the benevolent hero to the dreamers AND gets a FULLY funded wall. 4D chess.

The memes are real

Wasn't it Saul Alinsky who said "make the enemy live up to their own book of rules."? It's always fun to see Trump screwing his enemies with their own tactics.

He doesn't want their votes you stupid nigger, he simply doesn't want them to vote Democrat. Obviously he knows he can never win over spics or niggers so instead he tries to destroy their will to vote for Dems through dissappointment, he cuts off the support of the Dem mainbase. If spics and niggers don't feel they get anything from Dems anymore, they won't vote for them.

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Murmurs of Trump looking to roll people.

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The GOP has little interest in fulfilling the immigration planks of Trump's agenda, even though they're the reason he got elected and opinion polls consistently show voters care about removing beaner more than anything else. They need to be forced to do it anyway.

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Do anons have their own independent thoughts and opinions or do they wait for trump to tell them how to think? Just looked over the other stickied thread about the $1.6billion wall funding and the general consensus was support for the budget. With dissenting anons being shouted down.
Now that trumps tweeted his disapproval of the budget suddenly the consensus is that it’s bad.(Consensus was omnibus sucks, don't lie)

I had honestly begun to lose hope in him, but this is starting to get very interesting, maybe we won't have to destroy everything before things will start going in the right direction.

What does that mean?

He isn't, he said in a pre-President tweet that the GOP's pandering to them was retarded and would never work. Some Cubans vote (R), but that's about it.

Freedom Caucus signalling Trump to Do It Faggot.

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you have shit reading comprehension if you found a consensus in that thread. or maybe you're disingenuous


Oh please fucking do it. Using DACA as an excuse to veto the (((omnibus))) would cause kvetching so high-pitched only bats could hear it.

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No daca


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Wake me up when he actually do it. Also, Learningchode is stickying useless shit again.(Assmad about stickies)

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Funding ends tonight. You'll be btfo soon enough.


I can't work out if Ann is so used to being betrayed that she can't understand basic political strategy of saying one thing while intending another, or if she gets it but pretends not to, because gaslighting Trump's base is part of the kayfabe that makes these tactics work.

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Thank god, I was waiting for this.
If he had signed that omnibus, and he would have, I would have been forced to admit that Donald J Trump was just an incredibly advanced A.I. the whole time.

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She's one of those extremely logical and truthful people, and sometimes we just are too tired or forget to apply subterfuge/social thinking to what we see. It's twitter, you shoot from the hip.

I think she just likes being consistent. She may in fact see through the gambit but her brand is hardline.

Don't use nigger lingo here, user.

I have my doubts

What promising digits.

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I'm not up on my swamp slang, what exactly does this mean?

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Fucking newfags

From the context I'd say it means to eliminate or punish. It's probably some retarded nigger slang

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Let them get good and drunk , they'll swing , you dodge and then proceed to fuck them up. Lesser men would take the cash from the drunk and walk away. Rolling drunks

Am I surrounded by an anti-comprehension field?

It really would have been unbelievable for it to happen: Schumer builds tunnel under Trump not receiving a wall? How could Trump lets those optics happen, ever?

I really hate this bill, but doesn't this bill has a super majority vote which a president can't veto and vetoing will result in a government shutdown due to its deadline?

It's bait for the drooler-class lefties.they are all drooler-class
They can only function by getting instructions and morals from the media, so Ann is reinforcing the bullshit that Trump cares about wetbacks but Democrats don't. It throws their pathetic statist religion out of wack, because their devils are never supposed to do good, and their gods are never supposed to do evil, but here we are. If Ann (a devil) is raging against Trump, he can't be a devil. But if he isn't a devil, who is? Oh no, the Democrats are abandoning the beaners! That's what devils do! I need to go do drugs and eat flamin-hot gibbs!

I think regardless of how it initially passes, the prez can veto.
And then, all sorts of politics can happen. If we can throw congress into disarray after the veto, an override is dead.

Nah. The votes weren't reached for super majority.

Plus, how could he resist vetoing it after Chuck and Nancy have spent the last two days openly bragging that the omnibus gives them everything they want and they totally pulled a number on those dumb republicans?

It missed having a supermajority in the House as far as I know. And it might not even pass the Senate with Trump threatening a veto.

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The president can pocket veto a bill for his whole presidency. Meaning he decides to postpone a vote on the bill indefinitely. It was originally the presidents real power. But the last few presidents have been giving themselves more power and using executive orders to bypass congress.

Trump is giving me the wink to push the narrative that: he's blowing up the deal because he's passionate about Dreamers now? kek

I can't do it from here. Boomers can sell that spin, but it's too hard for me to do with a straight face, and I'll fucking spoil it.

I wonder what it would be like to come up with shit like this and follow it through? He should go all the way and make a video that's set up like Schumer's press conference and fake cry.

He could do it. He can blame the dems for them not keeping to their promises which they shilled for long (DACA). He literally gave them free full DACA amnesty for everyone if the wall gets funded. And they refused the offer even until today. That will paint them as the "Party of NO" and having nothing more but empty bullshit promises.
However, if the shut down happens, there will be lots of media smearing. Maybe it's worth a try but I can't predict how much this will affect the Midterm elections.

Oh right, 67, not 65.

It's basic "good cop/bad cop"


lel, I'm picturing him posting that on twitter with this as sad background music

It looks more like "good cop/retarded cop" considering she's coming off as illiterate.

250,000 million to promote democracy in Europe

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She's coming off as illiterate to us, she is dead center in the normie-sphere of things.

I'm pretty sure she's coming off as illiterate to everybody, user. Trump said he might veto the (((omnibus))) because of DACA and meager wall funding. And she's assmad because she thinks he said he might veto it over DACA instead of meager wall funding. Fuck it though, I don't want to derail any further

You're forgetting that she's ultimately an Eternal Woman, so it's not out of the question that she might be given to irrational hysterics despite her overall intelligence and probably-an-actual-WN politics. But yeah, I tend towards thinking that she knows what she's doing.

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He's not doing it for the Mexican vote, he's doing it for the Koch bros. Chain migration has to end, if he does that i'll give him a second look. He's talkin out his ass, he'll sign it.

Aren't practically half of western societies problems owed to how imbecilic the normalfags are?

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Of course "promoting democracy" actually means blatant interference in their internal affairs, in particular the promotion of faggot degeneracy and trying to influence elections. In addition to the State Department there's a specific body that does this, I forget their name beyond the fact that it has the Orwellian "center for democracy" sort of flavor you'd expect. Anyway they're more or less literal CIAniggers, having originally being formed as an offshoot.

< But you have to declare war on Russia because they posted some memes on facebook, goyim

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What makes you think that? After his veto threat shitpost I'd say there's a 99% chance he doesn't sign it.

Be sure to come back after it hits his desk.

Whoever suggested that should be named.

Well, its not going to take long as far as speculation goes - he's got until midnight tonight to sign it or veto it.

Basically, within the next 12 hours, we're going to find out where Trump actually stands.
Given the Bolton thing, I'm not positive, to be honest with you, but given the short time-frame, there's no point in arguing about it in-depth.

That said, if he does sign it, if it does go through, what then?
Yes, yes, I'm just saying, in terms of speculation, as opposed to argumentation, what do you two obviously ardent supporters have to say on the matter, besides 'wait and see' or calling me a shill or some shit?

Neither of those things, user. Ann's political problem is called "being a woman."

Maybe read the thread.

Right. I forgot Trump was a Bolton puppet.

In what way is she coming off as 'illiterate'?

The 'fuck you' on the Wall implies meager funding to be the 'fuck you', it would seem; that is, not 'instead of', but rather, 'that meager funding in itself is a fuck you, and instead of threatening veto over that, its over DACA'. Perhaps I'm confused as to what you're implying.

Half of? Try every single Western country m8.
There isn't a Wester nation in existence at present that isn't suffering as a direct result of the misplaced belief that universal suffrage democracy is beneficial or sound.

Trump never said he wanted to make this happen. Ever. Saying "Our Latino support is increasing" is not the same as "Because that's what I wanted." It's not about getting votes for Republicans. It's about losing votes for the Democrats.

Dunno lol. But I think that's extremely unlikely at this point. He gains too much from vetoing it not to.

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That seems pretty retarded, if I'm honest, user.
It seems overtly circuitous and accomplishes little.
But maybe you're right.

The Bolton pick suggests he may well be a puppet of someone user. To suggest otherwise comes off as basic denial.

Its never going to happen, so that's a good thing I suppose. That said, if you think he's not losing Republican votes at the same time that he's creating a loss of Democrat votes, I would suggest you'd be mistaken - I'm in SW PA and plenty of people I've spoken with are becoming extremely disillusioned with Trump, because, whether it be some kind of overtly circuitous 4d chess or what have you, to the majority of normalfags, it just feels confusing and distressing, at least from what contact I've had.

If they're not keeping up with his historic list of accomplishments, then that's their problem.


Yes, that is correct. They're obviously still eating the Fake News swill if they think historic accomplishments that keep coming and coming is anywhere near a good reason to turn away from the President.

Which accomplishments are you referring to, specifically, and how are they historic?
I'm just trying to get a gauge for your perspective here, because quite honestly, you're coming off as nigh delusional in your commentary in this regard, and I say that without intent at insult.

Bye, bye, shill. Into the filter you go. You were sliiiiightly more subtle than your friends for not going for the throat, but the mods will ban you too.

Okay then.

No one denies that, user but this is about helping them see the truth as much as they can handle and not disregarding them for their normalfaggotry.

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Given the circumstances, I don't think he's going to be open to listening to you.
Seems user is in full rhetorical defense mode, and anyone who questions the legitimacy of a strategy involving turning off the base in a democratic scenario is merely a shill.
Seems a less than legitimate strategy, but no point in arguing with someone that wrapped up in the issue.

Unless you are an illegal immigrant, the average American does not care about DACA. But they care about jobs, political corruption, and government waste. Using DACA as a reason to veto the bill is like saying Religion of Cuck™ is bad because they are intolerant of degenerate homosexuals. It makes the left kvetch but it is feeding into the their talking points, and completely abandoning the use of arguments from the right.

What Trump should do is hold a press conference is in the oval office. He should read out some of the more egregious waste in the bill while surrounded by struggling small businessmen, wounded veterans, and victims of illegal immigrant attacks. He would mention each person, describe in detail their hardships, and then say how this bill is a spit in their face to them and the American people. "Folks, we did not win a historic election just to continue the same dirty business as usual.” If DACA has to be mentioned it should be only a minor part and mentioned along with building the wall. The heat this would bring from on Republican lawmakers and swing state Democrats would garner enough votes to kill a veto override. The government would “shut down” and the media would screech about how Trump is treasonous, but Trump's numbers would soar, especially among the middle class. Hardcore liberals will still hate him, but he would garner massive respect from working class center-left Democrats.

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It seems overtly circuitous and accomplishes little.
Trump is a circuitous guy and wedging dems and outting rinos accomplishes more than you ever will.
If you're even a casual Zig Forums lurker and you don't realize by now that the National Security Advisor position has been muzzeled to some guy in a shit who talks shit under Trump and that pic related is the real McCoy when it comes to national security, I can't help you.

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I really don't think thats the case user.
Do you have anything to support that claim by chance? Because, again, SW PA, most of the folks I've spoken to care quite a bit about DACA, and are very disagreeable in the context of the president's (perceived) support thereof.

This is a very strange manner of response.
In any case, what do you mean by 'outing' rinos? They're not hiding at all at this point.
I'd also like to ask, because I've never gotten a clear answer on this: Exactly who do you think this will 'wedge' amongst the dems?
Obviously, non-Whites who are supportive of the Dems on the single-issue of immigration won't be going anywhere. Neither will the "I'm with Her" ideologues. I suppose it could turn some of the Blacks off, but they basically show up in direct correlation to how much busing and free Sizzlers coupons are handed out, and whether or not the candidate is a nigger.

Well, that's an interesting narrative you have there, but it doesn't seem very probable.

That sort of commentary seems to have become a bannable offense. You should be wary, assuming you care, of course.

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Nice. I was getting worried we'd have to wait til like 6-7 pm, which was gonna be a slog.

Drop your socks and grab your cocks, its 10 minutes to midnight mother fuckers.

Trump's going on the offensive.

Only stream I can find at the moment, NBC, though more will be popping up shortly no doubt.

Trump's DACA d&c has caused spics to protest outside of DNC headquarters and (((Chuck Schumer's))) fucking house. Are you seriously asking where the wedge is?

Yeah when he writes short and sharp you know he's got some fixin' to do.

>Trump's DACA d&c has caused spics to protest outside of DNC headquarters and (((Chuck Schumer's))) fucking house. Are you seriously asking where the wedge is?
Yes, because, as I said, spics may well protest, but that's not going to stop them from coming out to vote Democrat.
Are you genuinely implying you believe this will act as a wedge for voters who are single-issue on the topic of immigration, to the point they will come out and protest outside DNC hq and (((Schumer)))'s office, as to get them not to vote Dem or not to vote at all?
That seems highly improbable, which is why I mentioned them in detailing how I've never received a clear answer in this capacity.

I really love how Trump is the only person who would have even considered ending DACA, and now he keeps using what they thought was a settled issue to demand wall funding.

Any good/suggested streams?
Here's another that isn't (((NBC))) news: