Operation: Jew the Jew

```Operation: Jew the Jew```

Reverse Engineer Kike Logic about Fake Mainstream Media Narratives

Typical mainstream media narrative in the topic

By now, everyone should know how to interpret the (((mainstream media's))) "Russians did X" narrative.
They say hackers and bots, but we know they actually mean the average shitposter on half/full chan
or the alt right in general and our vastly successful memes and shitposting (see above article).
They fully realized now, that their attempts at naming us, and even the newly defined term 'Alt Right'
is proof of this, which backfires by red pilling even more normies who want to look into this in detail.
Naming us also provides a way for normies to read up many articles in the topic which (((they)))
planned to counter by setting up controlled opposition sites.

Typical kike logic in time order is the following:
1) Name us Alt Right, but it backfires because of the above, it is only effective for lefties
2) Still have to discredit our success, so come up with teh evil Russians narrative which is initially successful
3) After the election of Trump, the Russian collusion and fake news narrative starts to fall into pieces
4) Need new ways to convince goyim: Cambridge Analytica scandal, it actually backfires by recoiling back on
Faceberg and promotes distrust in facebook/google etc. Oy vey!

What is very apparent is that the Media dares not name us directly without risking the exposure of goyim
to even more red pills about the jews. This is vastly in our advantage: we managed to kike the kikes in their own game.
The way this fake narrative actually works is based on the lack of interest from normies to look into
detail and after enough repetition from media they just believe the accusations to be facts.
They on the other hand are not exposed to any of our materials while still maintaining an actual
conspiracy theory about Russia/fake news/bots/Cambridge Analytica etc.

What can we do? Attach to all of our memes slogens like:
"Approved by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin"
"Made in Russia"
"Warning: The poster is a robot"
"Propaganda supported by Cambridge Analytica"
"Fake News Inc."

Feel free to suggest more.

What do we accomplish? We provide evidence and concrete examples that will accomplish many simultaneous goals:
- Ridicule the current fake narrative
- Provide bread crumbs for normies to look for similar material
- Troll and trigger lefties
- Does not lead them here

How this works: Nobody will believe what's written on the meme is actually true and really approved by Putin etc,
becase these memes are supposed to be done covertly.

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This is a pretty good idea. It's about time for a fresh OC thread anyway.

I also propose the converse. Pics of hillary, "disapproved" by Vlad.

Nice post, I was going through the hashtags and links and I forgot some of the stupid shit pulled like having people text their vote. Fucking good times.

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I think this is genius. A shame raids don't happen as often as they used to - they were great for publicity.

We should do something funny to nestle just to get our name out there. I fucking hate those guys.

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I was wondering why they're kikeing facebook itself for the sake of a tame discredit campaign.
Maybe it did backfire on them.

Pic related, they're pushing this fagot now as the "leaker" of cambridge analytica.
Now people "trust" this liberal plant, so he is being used to discredit a few people (facebook be damned).
Oh , he also has a shirt with a kid on it, which says "pleasures".

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There could be two scenarios.
1) It did indeed backfire, because it blatantly blamed Trump so obviously. I think people on the right then simply started blaming facebook instead, actually that's what I did too.

2) It gives Zuckerberg new ways to censor whatever they believe is this kind of rightwing/russian etc. propaganda. They are already writing algorithms which identify hate speech and other similar content that later can be used by facebook to censor/silence people:

We're supposed to believe for one micro-second that a military op hired a rainbow-hair soyfag, and now they are letting xim openly talk about military schemes?

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< Hello, fellow kids

That guy is so incredibly obviously a member of the ChIA or the NhSA. It's very keekish.

RIDF is hard at work this morning. Don't bother vlad, no one gives a fuck besides the ass-hurt lefties.

This form of ironic self ridicule also makes it impossible for lefties to dismiss the redpills through buzzword slander because we already did the job on our own.

This is effective in general not just in this case, i've had a youtube account called "Turbo Hitler" with a Hitler profile picture to spread redpills and because i called myself the worst possible thing they could call me, they could not fuck up the discussion with namecalling but had to discuss with me. For some reason even more people started to reply and comment on what i said because their virtue-signalling addiction forced them to fight ebil Hitler, me. Only, i always completely ripped them apart with arguments and they had to ban me in the end.

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It makes sense though. Who would the kikes hire? Good white men or non-whites and total Commie faggots?

Please die you subhuman kike.

Outkiking the kikes. Gotta admit, this is pretty well thought out.

How long do you think it would take for (((Susan))) to take Turbo Hitler down from her Jewtube?

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I used this tactic to redpill normies on my college campus with yikyak. They absolutely could not handle that I was calling myself a "nazi," they broke to the point where they began to say that being a fascist was okay but being a racist was not.

No. I won't be doing (((your))) job shill.
I already know how memes are used as evidence to make new laws against us.

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You didn't seem to get it.
The point is to make it as a reaction eg. to someone posting a typical mainstream fake narrative.
Then you react with a meme, with something ridiculous like: "Your article triggered the Russian bots" or something similarly clever. It's really your choice to decide what fits best.

This user gets it, although "Turbo Hitler" is a bit overkill. :) But yeah, some healthy level of self ridicule can so easily disarm anyone. They can't comprehend your confidence. Also, this is the exact tactic that works against school bullies. They want you to be angry, but you simply does not give a fuck.

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But that's bullshit. Mainstream media has been name dropped 8ch since the Trump electoral cycle.

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You should check out the Butterfly War thread:

Not even a new tactic.

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This faggot was an Ottawa political rent boy. He has lots of leverage. They should be nice to him.

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Blackmail op, user.


They occasionally say online trolls. But then why they come up with evil "Ruissian hackers"? That's total bullshit to me.

How? I man, simply humans could see the pattern, yes, but how would that give away the origin directly?
If they would want to ban it, then they would need to image process them: extract and analyze the text. If something becomes so visible to worth this effort for them, then we already accomplished our goals.

No, that of course must not be done.

we are the jew

Just keep in mind that the "news" we get from other countries such as Russia and NK may not be what is actually being said, but might be propaganda.


lolwut? it would be obvious to everyone that putting "approved by putin" on a meme is not something someone being paid by putin would do. are you retarded?

heil is a shitskin tranny and skeletor is the mod from r/t_D

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

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Why not just clear 8CH.NET so everyone can find the details?

Pepe doesn’t love Russia though.