FOSTA was passed! How does that make you feel, Zig Forums?

FOSTA was passed! How does that make you feel, Zig Forums?

I'm having a conspiratard breakdown so enjoy!
It was only a matter of time before the gov't would restrict and fuck around with the magic technology given to unwashed plebeians. Look at Windows 10, look at Intel CPUs with ME, look at smartphones and soon also driverless cars that the gov't can use to assassinate you.

It's all magic stuff that you don't know how it works and can't repair it yourself once it stops working. You cannot trust it.

Now getting to the Internet. Did you really think this "everybody can do and say what they want online" shit was going to last forever? Get your asses ready for Internet Permits real soon. You'll need to log in through Facebook or similar to post on Zig Forums.

And if you troll, or even tell an offensive joke, God forbid, your ISP will send you a warning letter over how much of a naughty boy you were. Three strikes and the police comes knocking!

But there is some good news. Laws of Man are not forever. Hell not even the Laws of Universe are forever, assuming the Universe implodes one day. The point is, years from now FOSTA will eventually be un-passed. What will replace it, better or worse, depends on our descendants and how retarded they are. Have you been breeding by the way?((1) and done)

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Just remember, if they can snoop the data through back doors, they can fake the data through back doors.
Soon there will be no attainable "beyond-reasonable-doubt" standard of "digital proof" of criminality.

Next few years will see a big case where this whole system is proven to be nothing more than a form of industrial and military espionage (both foreign and domestic) with a thinner than thin veneer of "but we need it to catch dey bad people!".

Also, some cunt will invent unbreakable crypto communication that runs on older tech and that will be unstoppable.

(((They))) are planting pizza as we speak. Probably from their own folders/database. (((They))) have the largest collection in the world after all.

Lel Craigslist already pulled their personals section.

What makes you think they weren't already spying on you before?

And why are you meming AMWF pron?

This was copy/pasted from /b/.

Who would have thought that the cyberpunks would be the ones going off the grid

If they American government think they can stop me from talking shit about Jews and blacks then they have another thing coming.

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nice copypasta OP


muh 4d chess


nice projection faggot shill, you still have to go back

Only shills would not want Zig Forumsiticians discussing recently passed internet censorship bills.
Enjoy the rope.

What’s there to discuss? Nothing. What does discussion do? Nothing. It already passed. You didn’t stop it. You aren’t attempting to reverse it. You certainly don’t have any power to ignore it. There’s no point in wasting our time with it.

Damn you are so desperate.

Lmao he got banned then bitched about it on /tv/

Linked to the wrong post >>>/tv/1227218

good. people will start talking face to face again and the movement will actually begin, just as it is in erupoe. OP is not White hahahaha he wishes he was but he never will be!

iamkampfy=HEIL hahahahaha getting your shit pushed in by endchan. this containment zone known as is coming to an end and there is nothing you can do about it you dickless subhuman cripple(You have to go back.)

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Tone down on the shitpost levels holy shit, you're reaching Australia levels.
They're still around? Haven't heard about them in awhile, I assumed they went the way of 16chan.

You went full cuck.
Good goy.


do you feel that? its you cognitive dissonance breaking

They do that and it goes like this.

They show up. They give me the warning letter. I ask the person who is giving me the letter who is responsible for this. I find out who passed this law, who is executing it, everyone responsible.

I then torch everything they've ever owned to the ground and slay them in the streets and release a last broadcast to the internet before going around rallying everyone I know to join me in revolution. Those that refuse get shot, those that like me enough and don't want to get shot join me, we take back our country.

RIP. I had the police visit me over a craigslist ad in the personals section before.

(((you have to go back)))) ←mod edit=triggered as fuck. HEIL never felt the inside of a pusy with his cripple dick hahahahahaha(ban evasion)

Requesting details.

Tried to arrange a suicide pact over craigslist. Was going to meet up in Waterloo Park with someone and kill myself on Victoria Day I think it was, when the fireworks were going off.

This is not cool.
I don't think they understand. We are in control. We always were.
Prepare the meme cannons, boys. Select your most potent memes and redpill fucking everyone.
I pledge to redpill every human being on this planet by the end of the year.
I'll make a thread on this. The meme war begins now

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think you mean mw3 (meme war 3)

it's in Dev. works like one time pad. trying to decide on ASIC/FPGA/GPU to accelerate.

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check out diamond substitutes for silicon

Oh look it's one of those cuckchan shills that came here to pay us a visit.
Thanks for passing by, Herschel, now you can fuck off back to >>>/oven/

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kek just watched this whole thing