A male birth control pill that dramatically lowers testosterone levels is moving forward into a 3-month trial

- A new kind of male birth control pill was recently tested in a month-long trial, and is moving forward into a three-month study — the next step in the FDA approval process.
- The pill is taken once daily with a meal.
- Some men who took it gained a few pounds, and some decreased their levels of "good" HDL cholesterol.
- The experimental pill is at least five to 10 years away from coming to market.



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Why we don't have a male birth control pill yet

Pharmaceutical companies haven't bought into male birth control yet


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Time to stop drinking public water etc, its going to be spread to everyone. This is genocide.

Not surprising that they put scare quotes around the word male. Fucking scumbags.

Right on, user. First they'll render us infertile, then they'll use that as an excuse to bring in hundreds of millions of male migrants to impregnate our women.

These fucks are downright diabolical.

AKA the Hooton Plan.

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Wow, this is not good. Hopefully it doesn't pass the trials.

Plan: Sign up for male birth control, don't take it and get androgen thats hard to get otherwise?

Sweet, archive doesn't work and OP is a fucking faggot hiding the link completely behind the archive. Way to go, flappy.

FUCK YOU OP. I like riding my bicycle.

The archive link *does* work, faggot.


They'll probably test you to see if your testosterone levels are low enough for the shot.

And the migrants from shithole countries won't be exposed to these chemicals via their water supply, unlike westerners. Meanwhile western men will become increasingly feminized and passive about the destruction of their civilization.

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On a related note I recently came across a study which found that sweating helps to eliminate Bisphenol A (BPA) from the body. BPA is one of those "gender bending" chemicals which can leach into foods and drink via plastics. So make sure you work up a good sweat during exercise.


Is there a way to completely purify water in my home? Will distilling water get rid of the estrogen and shit? Someone please tell me.

Your testosterone levels are too high, according to our modern scales you have hyperandrogenism! But we have a medicine for this condition. We'll prescribe you male birth control so your testosterone level becomes normalized. Having too much testosterone leads to overly aggressive behavior and pathological risk taking. Help is available for your medical condition.

Stop being so aggressive, MALE. Act more like the females!

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Much like the pills given to women, this will end up in the water and cuck everyone. I fucking hate the kikes beyond all language.

How do you avoid the shit quality of public water without giving thousands of dollars to a controlled opposition water filter salesman?

Male BC pill will not be marketed because the pharma companies were told back in the 60s that the kikes don't want it available.
This is why:
Think about that. It doesn't make any sense. A male BC pill would be the hottest product this century but none wants to touch it.
The conclusion seems to make no sense but it is the only conclusion that makes sense, for some reason: the kikes do not want male BC to be available.
The question is why?
First off, arguing against male BC pill while also arguing against having sex or children out of wedlock is not sane, because the only pregnancies this will affect are unplanned ones where the woman is not on any BC, that translates to surprise sex/drunken irresponsibility, it does not apply to stable relationships.
The best I can think of right now is that the kikes ran the numbers and models, and discovered that a male BC pill would have some consequence which interferes with the White genocide.
What could that be? My guess is that the models showed that the pill would mostly reduce black pregnancies, which makes sense. Nigger music is replete with songs about the burdens of child support, how the unwilling father wants to kick the pregnant woman in the stomach but can't because it's murder#1 and so on.
If you can't reckon the reasons yourself then just hold fast to one simple truth:
It could even be that the models showed male BC would increase White pair-bonding and accelerate the decision to come off the pill and have children.
Remember that women and only women decide if a pregnancy is carried to term. This is lot more complex than it would appear prima facie.

And I'm sure the vast majority of men who actually take the pill will be white. Just a coincidence of course.

>beer has been (((pitched))) as a manly drink specificly to pacify men with estrodrink
Clearly whoever made that image is also a cuck.
Red wine is delicious, I'll have you know. Try a Cabernet Sauvingon or a Merlot; Carmenere is also nice, though it's mainly grown in Chile.

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No it wouldn't, as no sane man wants to reduce his fertility.

Not even the vikings drank beer, germanics drank mead, which is honey and water.

They don't even have to do this; accumulation of drugs in recyled water supplies is a thing since the filtering processes do nothing to remove them. This means that cities that rely on recycled water, such as New York will have their entire population passively medicated. This is assuming they don't just slip it into all public water supplies regardless of the source. and
gets it.

No, and I hate to advocate (((buying water))) but honestly it might be your best bet even with the leeching plastic containers have.

In a historical context often beer was brewed as a hydrating beverage primarily and an alchoholic beverage secondarily. See Ancient Egyptian beer kangs need not apply.

I'm actually planning to make some mead. I will unfortunately need to acquire some ?food grade? plastic tubing as a siphon so I can rack it properly, unless someone has a better idea. Mead doesn't touch the plastic very much since It's only pumped and I have glass bottles. Thing about beer is that pre-12th century, hops weren't really put in beer and the ale was simply a sweeter drink as a result. You could also use a different bittering agent like ?thistle? if I'm not mistaken.

Fuck, that's horrifying; not that most of them wouldn't rather beat off exclusively. Regarding eugenics, anyone with any hereditary issue(s) should voluntarily sterilize themselves, it works both ways. I've never known a vasectomy to lower testosterone. You have soyboys running around even having children while there are genuinely good people who choose to not pass on their genes for the benefit of the volk. It's a sad truth, but one day that will all change.

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this seems to imply that annihilating sperm count and testosterone levels is a fantastic thing

It's not a hard pill to swallow for them. I can safely bet that there will be those who simply wish to prolong pregnancy who won't read the stipulations. Next thing you know, they're wondering why they can't get pregnant.

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Look into brewing a gruit americancraftbeer.com/what-the-hell-is-a-gruit-ale/
I've had one where the brewery used immature oak leaves in place of hopps

Historically estrogenic hops beer only became standard since the 16th century.

The vasectomy reducing testosterone thing is a meme. It happens because some guys feel like they've lost some part of their manhood, and get depressed. So really, depression causes the testosterone drop. Other guys who have no emotional hangup about it all see no drop in their levels whatsoever.
t. de-weaponized 3 years ago.

What has happened to Vaselgel anyway?

So let me get this straight.
Kike doctors choose to promote a potentially dangerous hormone based treatment that will alter the mental state of patients over a non-hormonal treatment that last 10 years with no adverse side effects.


You can get silicone tubing off ebay for cheap.
Silicone doesn't leech unless it was manufactured using shitty chemicals.

Male BC puts sexual control into the hands of men. It's might also eliminate female BCs effect on environment, aka stop the soyification of Western men. Women too would likely stop taking their own if a guy is taking it, stopping every negative effect that it has on women as well (frontal lobe damage).

Of course the kikes would be against it if this is the case.

I also have some ale yeast which I haven't opened- I'm considering using that since it won't add any flavors to the mead, as opposed to just wild yeast which also risks bad bacteria. I'm also considering adding strawberries, but I might go with straight mead.

lol, you realize most "science" is a sham, right? most "studies" are propaganda funded by corporations or very rich people, like George Soros. historically, that's the case, not the exception. the whole low fat, high sugar problem in society is a product of propaganda studies. the sugar industry paid scientists to say that fat is super dangerous, when healthy fat is some of the most nutritious stuff you can eat. similarly, by misusing data and authority, Edward Bernays popularised the eating of bacon and eggs for breakfast. he's the reason why it is considered a breakfast food today. most of our modern culture is a product of this kind of social engineering. the jews will find a way for whites to actively genocide themselves, happily with cool pills, or something.

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It was prone to spontaneous faliure, worst part is, you wouldn't even know it's failed unless you're getting your sperm count checked regularly.

imagine knowing modern men have testosterone levels historically below average. then deciding, that a pill which dramatically lowers individual levels from already dramatically low levels, is a good idea. can a man with the test levels of a woman from two centuries ago even be fertile?

Probably not, since even chinks and all their soy can still breed 1M.

I meant billion, sorry.

No, the kikes don't want a safe male BC.
Why do you think they've suppressed Vasalgel in the western world?
Why do you think this hormone faggotry has made it through two rounds of FDA testing? They paid off the FDA.

different biology, different dna, different culture, different diet, healthier diets.

They own the FDA

This is idiocy in our current predicament. We do not have the luxury of saying that only the top tier should breed when we're a shrinking global minority and being flooded with shitskins, if you're white go have kids.

So, Zig Forums , Is this the ultimate soyim pill?

I have a private well at the moment, thank fucking God.

it's its father. the ultimate one will nuke your test, make you gay, and vaporize your ability for critical thought.

I need one. Funnily enough, I never actually thought about doing that. Are there any retarded laws about it in burgerland?

If there are, be sure to break them and not get caught.

C: but of course. I would also have to get some rainwater. The only problem with using the roof and gutters is dirt and dust accumulation between rainfalls. I think they sell devices for that. Unfortunately I don't own land/house of my own where I can effectively do that though.

Fuck that, I seriously doubt a cuck could stand any kind of disciplined class like that.

We need to turn the soyim pill into a meme. How do we do this, and how can we irritate the normies with it?

Look into reverse osmosis, it isn't perfect and has some drawbacks but it works well for most purposes. Aquarium enthusiasts often use RO if they live in areas with bad water so you should be able to find units and filters ready to install if you aren't up to building your own.

There are also some home filtration solutions based around the technology used in lifestraws which are the most aggressive filters I know of.

The main thing you're going to need to worry about with this level of filtration is that the water it produces has little to no mineral content so you will have to take supplements or add a re-mineralization step into the filtration process.

basically, put a spin on the red pill. instead of lefties becoming enlightened and better after taking the pill, they just turn into soft, weak betas who get cucked.

rightwingers take the red pill, lefties take the soy pilled. they get soy pilled.

Not only will this end up in the water supply effecting the population and environment at large but it will likely spike sexually transmitted diseases also, there is no way that this drug won’t lead to a reduction in the use of barrier protection. “Hook up culture” has already sent STD rates through the roof contributing to the mutation of more potent strains; this will be the nail in the coffin.

This. It isn’t cheap but you can have all of your mains water run through a RO system, there are firms that can fit and maintain everything for you if you are a richfag or you can install your own and have it signed off by a plumber depending on the laws in your country.

Yes they did. Beer has been present in virtually every single civilization that has grown cereals, even in the new world.

The estrogenic nature of hops in beer is considerably overblown around here. Yes, hop-pickers experienced menarche earlier but that was the result of handling literal tons of bare hops over years of growing seasons. Five gallons of a contemporary mildly hopped beer might have - at most - three ounces of low-alpha hops and probably less. Small beers (the kind that common people drank all day every day) would have had a tiny fraction of that.

I recommend not drinking alcohol ever but ok.

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red wine and liquor are perfectly fine

I have an overactive immune system which causes intestinal swelling and the drug to manage it interacts with my liver function.

That said, I will enjoy a glass of alcohol three or four times a year: birthday, easter, christmas, thanksgiving. Otherwise I'm completely dry

my HDL is always high as fuck every time I have a physical and im normal weight. So is that good?

So they can sell two horrible drugs at once.

The mineral thing is bullshit. There are very few water sources that have a mineral content that even makes a difference in your daily consumption. You can drink nothing but ultrapure lab grade distilled water for the rest of your life and will suffer no ill effects from it. It won't taste the greatest, but you won't "wash out your minerals" or any bullshit like that.

if you cant handle some beers, youre gay as fuck.
that being said, IPAs are overrated and mostly hipster garbage. Red wine is severly underrated for men seeing as its cheap in bulk, delicious, good with meat, high alcohol content.
yeah yeah, I know. You shouldnt have vices, but drinking with your buddies is a manly past time, and it helps build bonds with them. And how else am I gonna have an epic rant about jews and race mixing or nationalism if we are all sober??? Im basically known for doing that now and honestly, its been mostly positive besides a few fights. even Hitler would agree.

I think this myth is because of how retards tried putting their fish in distilled water and it died. thats because of the Ph, not the minerals though.

All of those genocidal assholes deserve to suck start a shotgun.

Daily? I'll stay a wizard a while longer, get back to me when I can take it once annually or something. I can't even keep up with Vitamin D supplements. 3dpd pussy isn't worth the trouble.


This is why folk are poking fun at you.

Does this contain any hormones?

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What about these 2 too

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The fermentation process destroys phytoestrogens.
Soymilk is the reason "soyboy" is a valid insult.

Another myth. Fermentation does not destroy the phytoestrogens in soy. It just breaks the glycosidic bonds and free them. The same thing happens when we digest soy. If you use soy products in small amounts as seasonings and condiments like was traditionally done for the most part, you won't get much phytoestrogen.

I do seem to remember reading a study that said tofu was actually pretty low in phytoestrogen as most of it was left behind in the water during coagulation, but don't take my word for it.

More like Heavy cream wet dream creamshake


I've got bad news son, that's not a coffee

Your best shot is reverse osmosis. While it's best to purify your entire homes intake, just purifying your drinking water is an excellent start.


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I’m starting to worry there isn’t enough rope on this planet…

the beauty of rope is that it can be reused

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They thing is though that we're exposed to all of these phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens that are individually insignificant, but when you add up accumulated exposure from all these "insignificant" sources from before birth until death, they add up to be quite a problem.

source: soyboys

Oh for sure. It's just not uncommon to hear people in threads like these claiming that knocking back a sixer of IPA will make your dick fall off. People should be more concerned about nalgene bottles, plastic pipes and tupperware than hopped beer.

Its already very popular, its called soy and its contained in literally every single premade food you can buy :^)

Holy shit spend two seconds on Google or pubmed. Fermentation can cause a very slight decrease in total isoflavones but often increases total isoflavones.


Isoflavone content decreased in tofu and tempeh ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3074428/

Miso is one of the foods that increases it's isoflavone content as it ages. Since soy sauce and tamari are just miso juice, they have more isoflavones too. The thing is, you shouldn't be using large amounts of soy sauce and miso anyway, so it's not something I worry about.

I don't know about isoflavone content of natto, but it's something I like to eat in fairly large quantities, so I make my own soy free version.

Distill it you faggot or capture rainwater and distill that. If you don't live in a degenerate shitbox apartment without a balcony it should be trivial to do this.
Distillers are a few hundred bucks max. Check out crystal rain if you want a fancy lab grade 99%+ model.
The normal brew shop ones are about 94-96% which is good enough for most sources of water.
You can replace any salts/minerals leached out by eating well. It acts like an internal sweat as it can also pull toxins and nasty shit out of your body. Similar taste to artesian well water but little less minerals.

Knowing how to make a male contraception pill with off the shelf steroids has been known for ages. This is not something new and these womens approach will not work because using testosterone analogues only will not suppress sperm production in 100% of males unless the dosage is way above natural production and if you go by that route you will have given every body builder a legal steroid.

That is very good. HDL removes fat plaque from your arterial walls.

no it fucking doesn't. HDL forms into plaques on artery walls when they heal from tearing (happens from regular activities like exercise or movement).

LDL doesn't form into plaques on the wall as easily.

Eating polyunsaturated fats are bad because they don't stack well, forcing your body to increase C levels of lipoproteins, also they oxidize easier meaning cancer. It's no coincidence goys say don't eat saturated fat, eat this unhealthy rapeseed oil that kills you, and then flip science on its head. Food pyramid ring a bell? eat bread goy, it's good for you!

A hormonal male birth control will never take off. Non-hormonal pills have been in trials for years, but they'll never go to market because women. It will take a rogue nation to put it to market, but the entire world is afraid of women crying about not being able to oops-pregnancy their BF/husbands.

Same. They also tried to forcefully push tap-water here and made it illegal touse it. But there are pretty simple ways around it. A well + pump is around 1000-1500 bucks depending on how deep you need to dig and how good of a pump you require.

Also it simply tastes better. That being said - should definitely let the water checked for chemicals, etc.

Well depth is very dependant on geography and desired quality/longevity.
You don't want to be drinking the shitty low depth water, because it's easily polluted when sheckelstein and co start fracking up the road, or a bottling plant moves in and your water turns salty/iron laden.

Deep artesian aquifers can be 40-80m or deeper. 80m well through rock is like 8-10-15k USD… I've had one quoted before. They also can't guarantee anything. So it may end up being 25k before they hit water and much deeper.

That obviously depends on where you live. If you are surrounded by city or by sheckelsteins, you obviously need to go deeper. Fortunately where I live I don't have that. That's why I said, test the water professionally.

How deep is your well and is it borewater or Artesian/Aquifer source? What I understand is you can get normal bore water (which is okay for drinking but more iron/minerals etc) for much cheaper as it's not so deep.

Ugh what a waste of trips. Sorry Kek.

Notice they change it too. In Russia 500 is low!

This, not drinking alcohol at all anymore is one of the best choices ive made.

All things in moderation.

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