ADL makes MAJOR threat to Iceland over proposal to ban circumcision

American Anti-Defamation League Threatens Iceland Because Of Circumcision Ban

The Anti-Defamation League, or ADL, known as the most powerful Jewish human rights organisation in the US, has recently vouched to turn the world’s attention to the subject of growing extremism in Iceland if the circumcision ban is approved in Parliament, Vísir reports.

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new favorite word
Judenrein first post

Foreskin thieves on suicide watch.

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kek what an ugly, ugly surname, it's entirely fitting

If Iceland does it, I'll make sure to vacation there every year.

This Greenblatt kike is cliqued up with Trump.

Iceland should ban kikes and mudslimes from being alive in their country.

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It's an abomination.

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Iceland I swear to god I will go to every EVE Fanfest and run 5 paid accounts for the rest of my life if you go through with it.

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Ritual abuse.

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What kind of idiot admits in public of going on a Mongolian stamp trading forum, especially if a jew is asking?

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Nine Inch Nails
It's what they used to nail Jesus to the crucifix.

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Here here

You're actually wrong.

So basically this kike is threatening Iceland and telling them that if they ban circumcision, Jews will use the power of their controlled global media apparatus to demonize and insult Iceland until their cave-in, apologize, grovel, build a Holocaust Museum as the biggest building in Reykjavik, and let kikes take over their banks and media.

I swear to God they're so blatant now I don't understand how any normalfag could not see Jews for the evil, vicious, bullying supervillains they really are.

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Hey guys, we just had our first boy and didn't get him circumsised.

even though I am, fuck that. It's mutilation and serves no actual purpose. The studies they've done saying it's healthier we're based in studies done in Africa a long time ago and used this as a comparison pool. "Look at all those uncut Africans with aids! See goy, you need this! Mutilate your sons dick and broadcast to the world our tribes power, which is so great we've convinced you to butcher your child's body."

People need to talk more about not getting circumcised.

How the FUCK do we fight against this?!

This guy was one of the best police chiefs in my country, apparently he was a man of morals and integrity.
Also nice dubs.

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The audacity of these kikes. How can anyone still think these filthy creatures are genuine?

I'd want to visit then.

Gas the kikes until there are no kikes to gas.

A jew and mussie free country. That's something I'm sure others will pay to go to.

It is a very feminist country unfortunately, maybe the vikings in them wake up after this

Yes because only natzees, whites and "other extremists" are against circumcision. This amount of oy veying almost physically hurts.

What the hell gives this organization, which was founded in response to the (justified) killing of a rich kike factory owner who raped and murdered a 14 year old white girl AND WAS CONVICTED OF IT (despite trying to pin it on a black guy) the right to meddle in the affairs of other countries and try to dictate what laws they can and cannot have?

So obvious.

Watch a circumcision and you will understand what kind of people we are dealing with.

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Congratulations user. Raise your son with care.


Listen! I, Paul, am telling you that if you allow yourselves to be circumcised, the Messiah will be of no benefit to you…I wish that those who are upsetting you would castrate themselves!

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LOL. So this Yid Greenblatt said by banning circumcisions in a country, their economy could literally just turn to shit because of it. Who in the fuck do these JUDEN think they are?

how can a 2-bit operation like the ADL be so arrogant as to threaten an entire country like this

shouldn't the US government rein them in to protect American-Icelandic diplomatic relations?

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That means "clean by Jewish standards" or "clean as a Jew". What you want is "Judenfrei" (jew-free).

Whoops, it was a 13 year old girl, not a 14 year old. My mistake.
Of course "The consensus of researchers on the subject is that Frank was wrongly convicted.", just like the (((researchers))) who claim that jews didn't really drain blood from gentile children or poison wells in the Middle Ages. Rewriting history to make the kikes innocent victims.
Hell, they even got the state of Georgia to pardon the dirty pedophile.

Don't you believe their lies for a second.

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LOL is right.

Exactly this. I’d love to visit this country in the summer time.

Genital mutilation is one of those things we have to push back against hard. They have ZERO defense for it, and it makes jews rise to the surface.

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Can we have this as our board tagline?

You're entirely missing the point. What this kike is threatening is that they will set up Iceland with controlled opposition groups to harm its international reputation.
They will literally pay agents to run fake right-wing groups like TWP, NA, IE using Iceland as a base, and make sure that their comically extreme "nazi" material gets plenty of publicity with the word "Iceland" in every headline.
It's a direct threat of retaliation.

Congrats Satan, I swear, for yours and mine, I will kill some kikes for revenge in my lifetime. I'm not doing this to my kids either, if a doctor even suggests it I'll call him a kike and probably beat him tbh…It's disgusting.

It's easy. Meanwhile Kikes have to justify genital mutilation - that's the hard part. The (((ADL))) will kvetch as hard as they can but that won't change the fact that they're fighting for their rabbi's desire to suck baby dick. The job we have is as easy as informing people what circumcision really is and exposing the (((studies))) kikes use.

Also, for good material to spread on the subject of genital mutilation, Stefan Molyneux recently did a heartbreaking call-in show with a caller whose penis was made inoperable as a sexual organ due to genital mutilation by a docter as an infant. The guy's testimony is sure to end up as a video on Stef's video channels soon, but for now it's available on Freedomainradio.

Heil'd, kikes themselves are an on an alternate evolution that whites, sandnigs, hell, even nignogs. They're a parasitic leech of a race, and deserve to be strung up. When I'm old and about to die (or get terminal cancer or something) I promise to all whites out there that I'm taking some fucking kikes with me.

KEKel, KEKel, the kike threatens with all he has, the shekel.

fuck yeah, i love this. shut it down.

What world do these kikes live in? Literally no one will care.

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Well if I ever begin to doubt the seriousness of what Judaism does to the world, I'll just think back to these images then.

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(((they're))) afraid

gas 'em
circumcision is the world's problem. not


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whenever you ask your parents how you get a house or apartment and they say do it yourself.
and youre just a retarded circumcised male that cant make his own decisions because of his ineptitude.

we should get all males to just go absolutely retarded. that way we can make the moms feel bad about doing it(and dads that are dumb enough) and then we will fuck over the jews because they wont know what to do with us

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Refresh the board, lol.

what did he mean by "I gotcha!" ?

Wow this is 100% pure uncut jewishness. A perfect example if there ever was one to help normal people see the danger of ever listening to them or letting them take a shred of power.

Why include a veterinary procedure amongst otherwise valid material?
You can see the infection in the prepuce, looks like a medically necessary procedure on an adult dog.


Goddamnit. It does switch it. What good is the fucking website if you can't say what you mean?

Sabotaged physically and even mentally from birth… I want to burn these kikes alive, so fucking much.

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ethno national




civic national




civic national

But ethno does mean civic. What's the problem?

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Where is the infection?

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Thanks mod.

I'm just another friendly neighborhood user, user.

Recording of

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Kikes like you are the problem.

bumping for marked in your flesh

For jew.

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wanting to put your dick in any of those whores.

I always knew that bannig circumsicion was one sure way to get to these fagots.

Anyone got that one webm of (((Greenblatt))) mentioning Zig Forums?


are you speaking in the name of Lord Rostchild himself shlomo? cus he's among the few who could fuck up a country's currency like that
only merimutts who'll do that shit are the mutts in San Franshitsco or other liuberal hellholes
everywhere else in Merica old uncle adolf seems to be enjoying an all time high as far as popularity is concerned even libtards are obcesed with Hitler you think they would miss the chance to go to iceland to (((document))) the antisemthism?


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It's already in this thread that you didn't even bother to skim, try saving it this time you fucking retard.

There is no health benefit. The study was flawed but the (((media))) ran with it.

b-but muh tradition! muh senseless barbaric custom!

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nice try schlomo


my face when

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Iceland is a living breathing proof positive that homogeneous European societies are paradises. Visiting Iceland evoked great happiness that such a place existed and terrible sadness that I could not have the same thing for my people. Circumcision ban or not you can be assured that Iceland has been in the sights of the globalist for some time. If they can destroy it then they will also destroy the evidence that dual cultural societies are inferior by every possible metric.



Glad you like it, user

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==Proudly judenfrei since 1933 & voted "best summer camp counselors" of judenrein '39


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lmao my fellow magapede!==


Oh, and in case anyone hits the stop button during the first few minutes:
It's the host laying it on thick to set the mood of whiney kikes lamenting "baffling antisemitis without any good reason no matter where jews go".


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This is a poor choice on the ADLs part because it exposes just how important cutting off gentiles foreskins is to the kikes. Its a slave thing, youre robbed of pleasure. They circumcised slaves so they couldnt enjoy sex.

Go swim in a deep lake with bricks ADL.

It's like a fucking comedy show at this point, jesus christ

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Hmm maybe someone should research the longterm changes to brain, behavior, temperament, empathy, etc that occur as a result of circumcision. If Jews and Muslims literally can't exist without chopping off part of their dicks as babies, maybe someone should figure out why that is.

It's absurd to think that torture and shock to a child wouldn't fuck-up the brain.

Thanks for teaching me the word Judenrein.

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