We Palestinians Now

gotta wonder if they'll supply slings/slingshots or if the kids'll have to supply their own.


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Good job faggot, now would-be shooters know the kids have rocks and will attack with paper.

I like that they're teaching kids to fight back instead of autistically screeching about gun control.
Sage for shit thread.



Pic highly related

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That's enough Internet for today. Nothing will top this.

Your move.

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are there schools with shooting lessons/programs?

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To be honest this actually isn't a bad idea. If a gunman comes in and you have no gun (e.g. because you're a Yuropoor) take the nearest object to your hand and throw it at him. If 50 people do this they will disorient the gunman and potentially knock him out. Hostage situations occur because the victims are pussified by the gun they see. Don't let this happen to you. You are always armed, even without a gun.

Fine, you know what? Here's the solution to all of this nonsense. Segregate the schools racially and by sex, have all the male teachers be armed. The end.

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Numales can't handle the social pressure of high schoolers. They'd never teach.


We all know rock beats scissors, but still

Allentown has been getting niggier.

Outside of Allentown.
Some of those guys will be throwing to kill.
I used to kill rabbits with rocks, when I was a kid. It's not much, but it's better than nothing, I guess.

Nice one, user, that's going to fuck someone's' day up pretty good. I also used to be a pretty good thower too.

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Nice HH dubs, by the way.

There's no expectation the stones will ever be used. It's cheap theater, as if there are evil white gunmen with machine guns laying siege to their public places with high capacity turboblasters. This is what moms share on facebook, it's incredibly effective.

It has nothing to do with efficacy. Guns are literally evil to them, they have actual phobia. If an armed guard was hired then his handgun would be a portal Voldemort would enter the school through. It's MORE effective propaganda that it's simple river stones. 'Look at how helpless the children are! They're resorting to river stones!! Why won't the government take away guns, can't republicans SEE!?!?'


You can do a lot of damage with scissors.

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Your move, Pennsylvania.

Is soda banned from schools this week? Those would work too.

If you're going for terror…

Checked 'em.

But realistically once the shooter is down, I don't think kids will stop pummeling them, and if the teacher intervenes that little mob might not want to stop….

On second thought that's a great idea… shooter goes down and we loose a shit-lib teacher… win-win, well played…

Give the kids CANS!!! 48oz sat-cans!


what the fuck is the scenario they're thinking of here? you don't have a ton of time to even get rocks into everybody's hands in the first place, let alone get everybody into a position where they could throw the stones without hitting EACH OTHER on accident during the mad dash and panic that would set in.
and then he will back up out of the door frame, blocking off all rocks but those being thrown straight through the doorway, and just shoot those students, or just move on to another room. it's not like they're going to chase down a gunman through the hallway with FUCKING ROCKS

i suppose at the very least it's a "response" with intent to stop the attack, which is a better mentality to arm students with than just saying they're fucked. i remember hearing about some elementary school in LA that was teaching students just to freeze in their seats in the event of a shooting.

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Funny Bastard.

It maybe sound funny but then you find yourself as that gunmen who is caught between rock and monkey leftist court. Protraction is mileneal old tactic.

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Why not arm them with airsoft or paintball guns if they are going to use rocks?

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There used to be, until niggers started swarming everywhere.

Faggot, a real gun under every seat is the only way

Or, you know, you teach children there are consequences to action and that they as people are the ones responsible for driving their peers to violence, no abstract social forces.

Its the pharmaceutical jew, nearly every one of these shooters have been on SSRIs.

The Jews are responsible for creating unlivable conditions + peddling experimental drugs

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