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In 2008 there was a pair of Huffington Post articles condemning the adaptation of the New Testament into manga.



It's coming on 10 years and I took a look and this manga looks pretty neat. I'm loving how angry they're getting about the Pharisees (ie rabbis) being the bad guys. I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas for memeing this. It appears someone added this all to Facebook albums in 2011 not sure if it exists in a more accessible place.

Can we get Jews mad about this again? If they attempt to bury it it will just give publicity to a hip pro-Japanese outlet to show their villainous role. Perhaps we could pair it with Saint Young Men or My Last Day or Superbook?

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Why do jews think they own the world?

they kind of do dont they? the rothschild basically own all the banks, the rest of the jews all over the west control the vestiges of power. courts, film, print media, internet media, music industry, occidental culture is semitic as fuck

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Funny, no one says anything about all the media that encourages and celebrates brutal violence and prejudice against the "nazis"

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I think jews are especially butthurt about christians because the jews got jerusalem burnt down, and the christians rebuilt it.

lel. Someone should make a manga Talmud, it's one of the most "anti-semitic" books in existence by documenting the insane evil and ridiculous lies that kikes believe.

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Here's the radioactive version.

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There's no need to re-imagine what's already written in the bible in popular japanese fashion. Same with movies. It only makes people praise that "other jesus" portrayed in such art. The attempt is heretical.
And the fact fallen angels have horns and look different from other angels is a long running lie too.

I think huffingtonpost is only "angry" at this to promote it.

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Jews don't like things like this getting popular because it makes people spiritually aware and ask questions and sooner or later the goyim will notice the chosen never talk about anything divine, holy, or pleasant all they want to talk to you about is their so called worst moment in history.

Christians are eager to tell you about Jesus and how much of a good man he is and the miracles he preformed. Jews want to yammer about uncle Luey experience with being turned into soap.

Step aside Toki, make way for the true savior.

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(((Huffington))) Post rejects Christianity. Oh, it's like the kikes are in every fucking aspect of our lives oppressing us.

They need to do a 300 episode Anime going into autistic detail about everything in the New Testament with in depth discussion on Jesus' teachings and something like webm related as the OP.

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Checked. Got a PDF of this thing?

Why does everything from back when has so much more splendor and wonder in it than the flash and glitz we have today?

Nothing I see from modern day has a sense of something is amazing in the future, something neat is around the corner just keep going.

Everything is so wrapped up in nihilism and apathy it chokes the desire to explore what could be out there.


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I think it could be done. However, the present project is to complete the sort of manga canon, with a book of Revelation, and, let's face it, it's gonna be awesome to have Revelation in manga form.

They're taking donations here:

Because back then things could only get better. From here, things can only get worse.

They're going to need a better artist and style if they want to make it into the big leagues.

^ kike

The art is excellent, every bit as good as any manga or anime.

(But kikes don't like seeing goys being successful, making money. They are thieving faggot degenerates, who deceive, smear. Curse their religion.)

Oh, Jew!

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So putting it on >>>/pdfs/ when?

What is the point of this thread? The news item itself is a decade old and a nothingburger even then, the subject matter has nothing to do with Zig Forums and we have an entire fucking board devoted to Christian circlejerking where you could have posted this.

This is either a wonderfully subtle shitpost, a new shill tactic or the product of a retard; but any way you cut it, it doesn't belong here.


And there are 5 manga:
Manga Messiah
Manga Metamorphosis
Manga Mutiny
Manga Melech
Menga Messengers

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t. fellow goyim

Right? Same with this guy's cap , because nowadays the truth is antisemitic.

It doesn't matter how old it is, jews kvetching is always fun and political based (majority of the time at least). But don't be a faggot, and Christianity is something that needs to be discussed, especially when it's de-kiked (well less kiked). This manga is genius tbh.

This has everything to do with today's political landscape and those orchestrating the problems that are discussed on a day to day basis on this board , including the topic of the thread . The board is "Politically INCORRECT" not "Politics". Fuck off kike shill


But does this shit deserve its own thread? No, it doesn't. "Kikes kvetching a bit about something they always complain about anyway" is an insanely low bar for making a thread and the OP is low-effort as well. It's a cuckchan-tier thread and you should feel bad for defending it. If you want to see what a proper thread devoted to mocking talmudic screeching looks like then look at the sticky about Iceland and the ADL.

Checked and great post, user, it's borderline bread in my books too. At least there is kike moaning.

There is nothing left to discuss about Christianity. It is a degenerate, Semitic religion which has no place on a National Socialist board. It is impossible to de-kike a religion which centers around worshiping a kike idol and kike tribal deity. The closest you can come is throwing out the entirety of the Bible, OT and NT, and recasting the Christ as being secretly Aryan misunderstood by the Semites to whom he preached and thus nothing actually like Yeshua. However, the psy-op of Positive Christianity is no longer viable due to the discovery of the Dead Sea materials which show the development of the Yeshua idol by Semites over hundreds of years. The time for lies is over, only the truth matters now and the truth is that Christianity is no better than Talmudism. Those who advocate for Christianity for Europids are no different from those who call for "White Sharia."

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There was a comic done on Revelation
Not too bad adapting the visions

Jagi was the real reincarnation

Kenshiro was the beast from the sea

Christianity could be good if it worships a warrior figure i.e Sigmar in Warhammer, but instead it worships the meek naked corpse of a pacifist who "dies for our sins".

Things went very wrong in our timeline.

Yes, but is it an anti-kike manga of Revelation?

What Jesus didnt count?

Fuck off, kike

you're just reading the wrong bible
read about that time he chased kikes out of a temple with a whip

Checked. It's completely stupid to imagine that Jesus could have, from kikes, created an army capable of taking on the Romans. Jesus had a long game, and his target was everyone corrupt.

Because they DO own most of the world.
Long story short:
- in the 30s 40s jews tried to control Germany
- Germany elected Hitler
- jews then convinced americans to invade Germany
- jews then created the ultimate victim story to explain off the whole Germany takeover attempt, crafting the Big Lie
- jews took control of American television, therefore controlling American public opinions and government
- from there on Americans are basically the unaware servants of the jews and made everyone in the west bend over to them

That's the sad story of humanity since WW2 bro.
We won't get out of this until Americans realize what actually happened in WW2 and what is happening in their country.

Check out this channel.


Stop shilling your shit.

Nice hitler dubs x100

There are good things made today. We do need a revival of some genres, but it may mean going indie.

I think any user who really wishes to produce high quality content could find a good market these days.

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Patrician taste, user.

I think one of the main reasons anime is popular in the West is because it embodies the spirit of Romanticism. Things are larger life, each in their own domain. Men are hyper masculine, women are draped in layers of lace, soldiers are allowed to fight for their cause without reservation.

Of course, there are plenty of exceptions, but they are exceptions, not the rule.

Yeah, I get tired of that kike.

No, FDR was a "progressive" jewish dictator and they conscripted them. The convincing was after the war.

Most importantly, the values the protagonists has is eternal ones like staying loyal to family and friends no matter what, fighting against evil even if the odds are against you, fighting for your country, doing what's right (and not in the jewish way of political morals).

They are just way more wholesome than the standard (((western))) media produced.

you cannot own the world

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I fucking hate kikes

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I wouldn't mind them having a homeland if they got the fuck out of ours.

They don't want a homeland, they want a base of operations for their schemes. If they were faced with the choice of losing Israel or being contained within it, they would give it up.

I think you're right, but I would add that part of that spirit is that it trends towards glorifying clean, pure, beauty over the debased.

The nips have a lot of problems, sure, but consuming this part of their culture can only help us as we crawl through the filth of this decaying society.

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Oy that's terrible they should be transgendered and black and covered in tattoos and fellating each other then it will be nice.

I noticed this most of all with their execution of cute girls. There's plenty to complain about with how moe has overtaken the industry, but there's something in their technical execution of it that is more than a surface-level appeal to 'cuteness'.

Consider the standing girl's stance in your image. Legs together, toes pointed inwards. Sometimes called pidgeontoed. There's evidence to suggest that women do that automatically in youth and the reflex lessens the more sex they have. It may be a subconscious indicator of virginity.

In LOGH, the Imperial Galactic Prussians have returned to Odin though.


As much as (((Christianity))) sickens me outside of a handful of good morals that I'm pretty sure most Christcunts totally ignore, I think this is a heilarious idea to piss off those goddamn kikes. They've probably forgotten about this entirely. I wonder what other dead things we could bring back just to piss them off.

Just like with jewish blood rituals and well poisoning. Criticizing Jews for anything they do is auntie-semic.

These kikes would have the bible banned if it wasn't already too late. Everyone can be the villain, except for kikes, no, that'd be "anti-semitic". I haven't read the manga, but if it follows the bible kikes aren't even all portrayed as bad, many accepted the messiah. Some didn't but they also did fucking sacrifices, how can that be seen as something good today?

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N-no, it's code for Jesus!

Absolute faggotry. Rabbi Yeshua bin Yosef is lauded among the Jews as the one who led the the entire European continent to kneel before a Rabbi and worship him as a god.

Reminder that anyone who claims kikes hate Rabbi Yeshua are in fact damage control kikes trying to keep you enslaved to the biblical jew.

Christfags are traitors and will be crucified.(Religious d&c)

Like a bitch, Sigmar would have slaughtered them.

LOGH is glorious but it cucks itself at the end by leaving a woman in charge. Reinharto and Julian's "final battle" is fantastic though. That man hasn't reached me yet!

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She would only be in charge until their son could take over. Given the situation it was the best possible outcome, as any other possible candidate was dead. If he wasn't fucked over and killed, Reuenthal could've taken the throne then instead, but they'd need a few more episodes at least.

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Don't make me break down in tears. He deserved so much better.

That was an appropriate end, the German empire goes back to peace and prosperity. I figured Reinhard dying at the end represented the time of warriors coming to an end again where the society turns more feminine. Though Reuenthal's son reaching for the stars could have been foreshadowing trouble.

Reuenthal's last acts cement him as the best servant of the Kaiser tbh

Zig Forums isn't really Christian but fuck it. If it triggers kikes it can't be too bad

Synagogue of Satan is illustrated

The cross will repels vampires and Jews. Any other symbols that repels them? Besides a tip sign

cool, when do I get to stop looking at smug anime girls?

Unfortunately they got this Hitler manga discontinued with pressure tactics.

Lads… Just realized I was given this book by my religious grandparents. who are German
Not that they're weaboos but they probably thought it would appeal more to my younger self.

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It was part of a series on political books, they had one on Das Kapital as well. The worst part is it wasn't even pro-nazism or anything, they never said Hitler was right or wrong, only show some of his motivations (and they didn't do much research, they say his mustache was meant to attract attention, but it was just a popular style at the time).

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Find a scanner and let's fucking storytime!

It's 300 pages for this book, I'll need some time and I'll have to do it in segments.
Let me see if I can snoop out a pdf or an online version anywhere first

Appreciate all your effort, user. Look into djvu if time is a concern.

If it's not done already, turn this fucker into a .cbr or .cbz

lmao bro r u srs rn?

UBI, transhumanism, white genocide, removal of borders, realistic VR, 100% polygamy rates, etc. these dont sound good to you?
this is if we were to go off on a straight line tangent from the year 2014, but luckily (at least in that particular respect) time is practically a circle in this sense.
society must (and will) come to different values and aims in order for the media to improve

Looking through this while I convert it.
I can see why maybe the jews wouldn't like this.

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As I recall The Flying House and SuperBook (also SuperBook 2, ) did a fairly good job of telling bible story's that kids could digest easily in an anime format. (original Japanese versions are ever better as the US/EU versions had censorship thanks to the kikes at the 700 club)

The Flying House is for younger kids, and SuperBook for older kids/teens (has some blood and nudity).

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Superbook is good shit. My siblings and I watched the fuck out of that as kids. There were some genuinely legendary episodes.

The file is too big to post on 8ch, where should I stick it and link here? (41 mb) just on mega or is there somewhere else to put it?

High five bro, same here! (My siblings and I would always get up extra early to watch SB and FH) I also liked Ulysses 31 (even though it was an 80's scfi take on Greek mythology, as a kid I always felt like it was an action show with a Jesus like main character (looks like him, lol) and a strong positive father figure. (super rare in western media) check it out if haven't seen it. (its 26 episodes + the un-aired pilot).

mega or file dropper should be fine, (is user files still around?)

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Showing people parts of the bible that (((churches))) don't read anymore.

Filedropper is being a little bitch and not working despite multiple tries on different browsers
Here's DropCanvas file link, can download but expires in 6 hours
Maybe you'll have better luck uploading it somewhere but I'm done for now.

I'm from europe. The whole Zionist Christians and chosen people concept is very alien to me. I never hear anything about that when I attend church. Maybe I just grew up in different times. I did not start hating the jews when learning about that they killed Jesus Christ. That came later, when I started reading up on history and visiting chans in 2006.

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file dropper is 5gb max.

Wait, the file is smaller.

lol what?

Probably premature ejaculation. Try again.

Ridding the world of christianity is as much D&C as it is D&C to pluck a ravenous tick from skin.

Whatever you say rabbi.

It's a nice manga:


That's why its been highlighted as one of the most effective D&C tactics by subversive (((think tanks))), huh Moishe?

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Go munch on a foreskin, kike. Godless traitors have always been the enemy.

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