Colombians Douse Venezuelan Refugees in ‘Rotten Urin

How soon until the left start demanding the west take in Venezuelan Rapefugees? Even South Americans not putting up with Venezuela rapefugees spreading drugs and crime. Jewstream media already spreading pro Venezuelan Rapefugees in South American countries.

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They can't do that or they'll have to acknowledge the failure of leftism for the 200th time.

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DAE get really happy when they see people of color on TV?

Poor beaners, can't even get fresh piss thrown on them.

Never. They want them to just die because so many leftist pieces of shit went to bat for them and were shown to be completely wrong.

You think CNN wants to hear Pedro explain how all their ideas ACTUALLY work? What their fucktard utopia involves day to day? Never. As much a blackout as possible and you see that with the fact you're linking to an Al Pedo video.

that happen when someone use a Neo-Socialism. it happen those Madness.

And this is a problem because SouthAmerica there a lot of Neo-Liberal and Neo-Cons. as El Gato, Piñeda, Temer, Etc. They have a lot of contacts with the Cabal (Especially with Soros).

Now, with Venezuela, We have to wait, the Council on Foreign Relations did that Venzuela already is a Falling State. and The Bankers of Switzerland locked some bank accounts of the Venezuelan Govr.

Hmm, it seems that Mendoza is the Next. A Scum of the Malta-knights.

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*Venezuela. Sorry.

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Lucia Newman definitely isn't jewish.
And neither was the old president of Peru or the new one.
There is no conspiracy.

It's a good thing Venezuela has fallen apart so much they can't even maintain a semblance of a strong army nor throw parades with superficial displays of nationalism or else we'd have hordes of fetishists coming out of the woodwork every time it's mentioned just like with DPRK.

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Colombian here, I've done my duty to harass invading Venezuelanniggers. I would give anything to become a dictator here use eugenics to make this place a White country.

Spain is already full of them.. they come with on a student visa to spain and simply never go back home.

and don't think any of them look cute… they are all fat ugly barrels..

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You're a good man. I hope one day we can assist you in your ambitions.

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You are oversimplifying retard. No country likes each other in south america due to various reasons, but I am convinced the main reason is because, like americans, they don't have a main identity that differentiates them. They either have to say, "I am descendant of Spaniards" yet they are not spaniards and, if they have mostly spanish dna, they are not living in Spain, or they have to say "I am Native" which most of them aren't. They are mestizos. They don't have an identity other than that because, like all colonial countries, they don't have enough history to differentiate each other, unless it is petty things. I remember when I went to Chile then had their own version of the cowboy and so did argentina. The funny thing is that the cowboy comes from spanish vaqueros. It's neither an american invention, nor chilean, nor argentinian. Now you can say that americans popularized it, which is truth.

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