Venezuelan refugees get pee-pee'ed on

Venezuelan refugees get pee-pee'ed on

By the Colombians, of all people

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Chilean here: I can't tell a colombian from a venezuelan. I'm pretty sure they were the same country centuries ago.
Only difference now is one of them has socialism.

Chilean user, do the Venezuelan refugees are trying to enter your nation and if yes make sure they don't spread their cancer to you guys

Spaniard here: I can't tell anyone apart on your continent.

Eh, Chile is pretty cool country, would like to visit it someday.


Are they same type of people that who would be outraged over being forced to use clear backs after demanding that the 2nd amendment would be repealed?

Poo poo pee pee is GOAT meme.

/tv/ has a word filter now? I know it got posted alot, but making a gay ass worldfilter like that just gives it more validity

Hurr durr I wonder why they hate retarded leftist parasites creeping into their country?

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A lot of them are racemixed so I doubt anyone can tell the difference.


They saved the urines and left it in the pots for long time without drying up. Think it as the rotten eggs.

I can tell the difference but it has greatly diminished over the past century. There's also a lot of mixing between the two and the differences are less pronounced toward the border.

If they will both start a war against each other, it will be a win/win for White South Americans.

Get meme'd on kike, go D&C somewhere else.

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Spic here, fuck Venezuelans. Overrated "hot" women that will mooch the fuck out of gullible retards, men with fragile egos despite being oh-so-manly and they keep hiring them in my country despite knowing less and working a lot worse than the local populace, while college graduates and other engineers and workers struggle to find a job, and the kind of people who want you to listen then talk but will gladly ignore when you're talking. But their women are so hot you guize.

venezuelan women aren't even hot

Yeah, I'd be pissed too. That's like commies from commiefornia coming to other states with their commie attitudes and commie baggage. If it wasn't blatantly illegal they'd be soaked in piss all the time.

Bacteria break down the uric acid and ammonia in the urine, in a kind of process of fermentation. The end result is darker and more foul-smelling than fresh urine, making it more noxious to throw on foreign parasites.

Fucking useless fucking spic niggers need to sort their own shit out.
The amount of fucking cucks who leave their country to shit up another when it doesn't go right infuriates me. Very jewish.
Venezuelans are the fucking problem and they need to sort their shit out.

wrong board idiot

Some have a nice figure, but South America in general has suffered from brazilinisation like that one screencap talks about. The perception of beauty has moved away from traditional ideals and focused more on breasts and buttocks. I would add that society in general is focusing too much on sexualization. Notice how every man or woman is "hot" or "sexy". What happened to calling people fair and beautiful? Not that there's anything wrong with sexuality, but I feel that in the last couple of decades words like the ones I mentioned have declined in use more and more.

this is because they don't have a country, nothing to be loyal to. consider that nation = race and they don't even have a race they are just mongrels. no pride in themselves because "self" is poor defined, they can't decide between being venezuelans, latinos, or humans. thus they'll gladly mix and move out of their own. learn spanish, travel and lurk hispachan and you'll see their just crabs in a bucket. or you can save yourself the time and take my word for it

Thanks, user.
I'll see it for myself in a couple of months in CO for biz.

Wait, so brown people dont want brown people?

B-but its supposed to be motivated by racism!!!


fair means of light complexion, it's not really applicable to mud creatures

Those shitskins should leave ASAP; sleeping in close proximity to pee might cause a throat infection

I speak from experience

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It means attractive as well. It comes from the old German word for beauty, it just so happened to be associated with clear, light skin.


Is Archive dead again, or is it just something on my end?

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it doesn't "just so happen" dumbass. Language evolves as it does for a reason. White skin is objectively beautiful. A reason nips carry umbrellas in the summer and the jews can't blame it on "White patriarchal concepts of beauty" or whatever their latest buzzword is.

Oh great you are trying to false flag this for cp to shut 8chn community.


Both border regions and its neighbor states are, in very general ways, the same region and people (excluding specific immigrant groups, most of which no longer exist in Venezuela), so this situation is either:
a) Payback for something that happened in the late 80's for a year or so, or
b) Normal reaction from too many people entering your shit

Taking into account the Venezuelan crisis is something that goes back to 2003, we can deduce it's option b), with supporting option c) being old colombian refugees coming back home as opportunists

I hate replying to bait but it never actually happened. Look at haplogroups and genetic studies.

Have a redpill on "white beauty standarts". All cultures perceive fair skin as superior.

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Yeah, and i suppose there were never Germans in Gdansk either because there's no one with their genes there
Spain had a massive campaign of Desmoronamiento, you forget that the "discovery" of the new world coincided with the same year as the Reconquista final years/victory. Plenty of ethnic cleansing and suicide missions for prominent but, at the end of the day, moor individuals
Check castellanos against andalusian population comparisons as a basic example, then andalusian with canary islanders, and then andalusian with basque.

All South American countries have the whitest descended actors on their TV soap operas, weather broadcasts and whatever is watched by masses too. Leftists just don't bitch about it because they're highly ignorant about the world, they just latch onto what's popular.

Better to be piss off than pissed on, eh?

Poopoo peepee meme coming to life

Go watch some movies from the 70's to see how far our standards for beauty have fallen. It's all natural breasts, long untamed hair, curvy hips, next to no makeup, etc. The fashion is terrible but the women were girl next door types and pretty in their own interesting ways. Not this plastic Mexifornia spray tan shit with basketball tits that their 75 yr old male "friend" bought for them.

A for effort. Its certainly a lot more than any other country is doing against their invaders.

Loved 70's fashion. Its probably the last normal generation before the wheels starting coming off.

Brit here. I can't tell any of you swarthy spics apart.

70s fashion was bretty good in my opinion

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They were both part of New Granada and Gran Colombia until Gran Colombia balkanised. Seriously Chile user, I think you and Brazil were the only Latin American nations to actually grow post independence. The rest of them collapsed.

Kek. One can only hope, right? Plus it would kill socialists and cocaine smugglers.

This. They definitely aren't the best Latin America has to offer. I would say Chile, Argentina and Brazil have the hottest women in Latin America.

Good, Colombian here, get those dirty Venezuelans out of there, after their communist revolution they became worse than Mexico and no longer even slightly related to anyone else in South America except maybe the niggers in Brazil.

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They don't complain about it because they aren't told to and they aren't told to complain about it because that would be a complete waste of political capital.


New fag gtfo

Neither did the Inquisition.

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