Sacramento Antifa Propaganda Destruction

I'm in Sacramento and near a bridge that is displaying an Antifa flag banner. There is a group of people on the bridge assumably guarding it as there are flowers and the such donated to the home invader near them.

I am armed with a sword and still in my car. Should I drive by and get photos for future IDs?

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You shouldn't go there at night without your phone and cut it down. That would be mean.

Yes. Why are you still in sacramento? I left for the sierras 4 years ago and it's much better.

Job Security mostly. Big pay coming up once I earn a MGMT position. My goal is to finance a place eventually in placerville area.

Hang town, nice. Good luck then.

Well shit nigga just challenge them to an honorable duel

Is this about that nigger that got 20 new speed holes from the cops the other day?


Have you seen "Highlander" ?

There can be only one

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Oh california

If that shit was flying in a Red State like mine, I'd go and burn the thing right in front of their faggot asses.

Sacramento here. Which bridge is this?

Yell "You're all white privileged males, kill yourselves to save America.". Then watch them kill themselves.

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Go do it

Are you strong? I can easily charge into a crowd and start throwing bodies on the ground followed by head stomping with great speed and agility. systematically grabbing them one by one while using judo throws to body slams them onto the ground, stand to follow with a head stomp, duck, pivot, dodge and grab. I like to reverse head lock then using my body weight I flip them into the concrete backwards , in this case it’s important to break off and grab the closest to throw. For a fatality move , make antifa bite the bridge then open palm strike it’s head.
Use sword to cut down offensive banners then if you have smoke bombs make a line of smoke back to your car and make your get away. Make sure all witnesses hear you yelling, deus vult.

>Should I drive by and get photos for future IDs slash them?

Absolutely. Just hang the sword out the window and gun it. Failing that, come back at night with friends.

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Don't slash, take pictures and report back. I will see if there is a facebook event for this so that we can match faces.

Godspeed user.

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Post the pics OP I want to identify the scum asap.

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all photos are good photos

You sound like a huge cuck.
Stop being a slave to what others let you do and take control over your life, user.

Don't flee like coward like this user: