Stormy Daniel's Interview Tonight

well 12 years ago he fucked her so truly #metoo is gone too far

Is anyone watching this? Don't think this is a dupe thread but if it is sorry- catalog is a fucking mess

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Yeah this will totally be the thing to take down Trump, the fact that he fucks pornstars.


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(((First post))) every time.

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I'm sorry, what was that famous speech of Goebbel's? Less Moralism, more morality?

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Are leftists confused about what impeached Clinton?
It wasn't the nature of what happened it was lying under oath.
They also did all the legwork for making the general public not bat an eye at sex scandals.
Good job normalizing degeneracy, Trump is already known for banging all types of women.

Extremely true and a bastion of light in today's degenerate world.

I was kidding when I said two scoops but since Trumps exploits were extremely well known and respected until about 5 seconds after he went down the elevator- there's more:

So he was fucking a Playboy model AND a Pornstar at the same time? WEW LADDIE! Bravo! If you respect such degeneracy of coursemost men used to

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I'm betting she forgot all the details over time and her lawyer wrote this fanfic.

While I do not condone adultery, I don't think any man is going to fault Trump for going with Karen McDougal. I had never heard of Stormy, but if you ever saw Karen in her prime, I think you'd forgive the man for his transgression.

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Whatever you say, shlomo.

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she was coked up

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That is pretty interesting. Quality degenerate (of course not the WORST, but still) and btw that pic always makes me laugh, fuckin accurate. Although, you could replace the girls with guys cumming and jacking it, and it'd be the MAGA crowd and other trumptards.

YFW you don’t care at all and find the bulk of humanity to be beyond redemption anyways.

Yes, we should banish the president because some slut said he fucked her. Brilliant plan, shill-kun.

jej, yep

t. degen

OMG the billionaire Trump banged a porn star, a playboy model AND is married to a model! HOW WILL HE SURVIVE!
I'll bet he gains votes after this. Nigs still love Clinton bc of what happened.

I've been fucking different women my whole adult life #MeToo

Its like they're trying to boost his vote totals.
Breaking the evangelicuck vote ship sailed a long time ago. If they didn't drop him after the tape they sure as shit wont drop him after muh kike embassy move and all the rights given back.

I can't see how this can bring him down?

My unwelcome question is, does this constitute sex buying?
Does hush money open him up to charges of being a Jon?
What's the statue of limitations there?

Even if they're weren't ironically totaled thanks to their lack of foresight, there's no viable alternative to Trump for them and things would be much worse for them under a democrat.


It absolutely in no way shape nor form can but the marxists don't care. Evil Drumpf and such and such

Assuming the attempted transaction occurred in New York most likely then it would be 1 year since it is considered a misdemeanor.

maybe she should shut her whore mouth before it ends up on a kike cock.

That's her job user.

Well a little of it was the nature, being that Lewinsky was a White House intern, so she worked for him. If he'd have fucked a porn star instead he would have gotten in a lot less trouble for it, I doubt there would have been grounds for an inquiry.

Remember how much Grab Em By The Pussy improve Trump's standing with blacks? It was a several percent boost if I remember correctly.

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Are most porn stars not prostitutes?
Isn't the sex supposed to be simulated?

(Paying CB member, disclosure purposes)

Wrong, most are also escorts (actual prostitutes) on the side.

Here's something I don't get, and maybe someone will explain it to me.

Donald Trump was 58 years old 12 years ago, and if we're being honest he's got a body like a sack of doorknobs. That's understandable, given his age and such, but because of his money and power – plus his pure-alpha-androgen hyperfuel – he got a crack at a woman with tits and a toned ass. Maybe by Zig Forums standards what he did was degenerate, but he's a man and a Boomer at that, so we all understand what was in it for him.

She, on the other hand, had lots of options, and she sucked Literally Hitler's dick. This young (at the time, kek) woman got up on all fours and gave her ass to a man nearing retirement age, and we all know it had nothing to do with his winning personality. She is, in other words, a complete whore. She tossed herself under a near-elderly businessman and wriggled for him like a fleshlight, he blew in her bag, and she got on with her life; one more meaningless use of her pussy went on record, I guess.

So here's what I don't get: Why's he the bad guy? He was a fat old man who got a crack at a professional dick massager, so it seems like the right line on him is that we should all be so lucky at that age. But she went after an old man with shameless whore abandon for what, money? A shot at the Apprentice? How is our society not either ignoring this as nothing or cursing her and giving Donald a pat on the back? It strikes me that if anybody here is bad and gross, it's not the old man who's only crime is living until his nipples are hairy, it's the young careerist who seems mad about selling her ass for whatever six-figure hush money she eventually got. Like, what else does she think she deserves? Pic related.

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Muslims don't have to deal with this type of shit in a Muslim country this whore would be stoned.

I hate invaders as much as the next guy but they know how to treat women i.e. like property. The west has and continues to let our women run wild pretending to be men and it's been our great downfall if this single issue is not corrected we will be replaced by those who will.

Women should not have the right to vote,own property or work outside the home.

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Because they fuck their sons.

Yeah yeah they are all gay,they are so gay they are invading every white country and raping our white women while we do nothing about it.(faggot mudslime)

Are we talking about Ivana, Marla or Melania?

They really are gay. In their own country they're known for raping little boys instead

You're missing why they're coming here. It's not because of the war, it's because of the mate availability. Religion of Cuck™ic polygamy means only established men get wives and young men must leave the social group to attain them of their own. Traditionally, and now, this is done by invading other tribes and steeling their women. The lack of mate availability is also the driving force behind their culture's pederasty.

It's an inversion of human dispersal strategies: chimps and humans have females that leave the family group to join a new one, this creates "patriarchal" (in the actual neutral sense) structures. Religion of Cuck™ does the opposite, male dispersal pattern.

God I hate these word filters, I can't even write about why they're faggots without it being made retarded.

Pick one and only one, you utterly shit taste having faggot.

No, because he's not buying sex, he's buying silence.

Technically no, but it's a lawyer distinction. Basically, porn stars don't technically get paid to have sex on film, they get paid to appear in films in which they happen to have sex. Therefore the whole thing's covered under the First Amendment, unlike prostitution

what she gets out of it is attention, pats on the back from the judenpresse and likes on kikehook. This is an old pornstar, user. She spend half her life having most men fall at her feet, and she got used to that. Now she's an old, beat whore who is losing relevance faster than she zips up all the rails at party. Basically what she's getting out of this is 15 more minutes of fame. That's it. She's not that deep.

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I don't understand his motivation, there. To me it seems like overpaying for a high mileage rental car covered in stains that glow under a blacklight. But I also don't understand why it's this big a deal. Trump still just comes off as a normal guy.

Yes, and the media hates all expressions of white masculinity, so Trump needs to apologize for having a penis.

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The only people who get offended by this are the same dumb cunts who are offended by everything and already hate him. I don’t see how this hurts him at all. Grasping at fucking straws.

She's not the only one, that's his go to pick-up line!

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This, all women are whores.

His wife was pregnant/just had a baby, probably wasn't feeling very sexual. He was horny and being rich, figured he'd fuck a woman rather than his hand. Being a rich man he probably figured he'd go out and find the most skilful fuck he could, leading him to porn stars and Playboy models

This is exactly the same shit as those pussy tapes. It changes absolutely nothing we know about him and will change no mind about him. It's even stupider than the tapes because there's no election to win and, unlike the Bill Clinton sex scandal, the affair didn't happen while he was in office and he didn't lie about it under oath.

So this is basically just a fat lot of nothing. Another petty attempt at humiliating him that will end up being as successful as all the other attempts

Outward expressions and facades almost always are the opposites of kinks. Quite submissive coy people can be some of the best doms. Loud boastful hyper masculine dudes tend to love being subs. It's pretty obvious in trumps mannerisms that he's a sub for sure.

Lots of leftypol shilling ITT.

Thread ruined. Look elsewhere.

Zig Forums BO spotted.

Fake tits ruin it man, they look unnatural once you know what to look for. It's the same with fake blondes.
Fake hair, fake tits, fake eyelashes, fake everything, pig disgusting.


Get the fuck out of here commie

I get what her motivation is, but why is America supposed to grind to a halt to console the poor fallen flower, rather than kick her to death like a dog?

I guess if you're a libshit, and you've long ago liquidated any sense of morality or ethics, then you might genuinely not know why people got worked up about Bill Clinton fucking a fat Jewess, lying to the grand jury and the country, sending others out to lie for him, attacking her character, maybe threatening her, then scoring her a job she wasn't qualified for at another agency to shut her up. Maybe they just don't get why we were mad, and they think it was Clinton's toxic masculinity, and that showing the world that Trump also likes pussy will destroy him.

Somebody should install a human ethics chip in their tiny fucking heads.

Because roasties and soyboys recoil at male sexuality. Remember they vote for abortions and free shit, not jobs and social cohesion. This to them is 6 million times worse then same tusken raider snackbaring a gay club.

When you're so alpha you even cuck your son-in-law

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Well good to know that they don't care about getting hanged.

What are you projecting here?

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Imagine hating your own father, must suck being a nigger

OK can somebody *PLEASE* give me a quick recap? I'm guessing it's a bunch of unverifiable bullcrap and implication, the fact that they chose to use the lie detector schtick is telling - that way they can set her up with loaded questions and it's all subjective and on the lie detector guy.

It seems like a fucking Maury episode to me, honestly. I haven't seen it but is this what went down?

Well it sounds like most of you have never had a girlfriend. Let me tell you that it is almost unbearable the amount of shit you have to deal with to recover a relationship in which you have cheated.
Which is a non issue unless you are married and have a kid, then you done fucked up.

This attack isn't about public opinion, this is about actually destroying Melanie trump and therefore trumps current family, and thus greatly weakening trump. As he will most likely to die alone or at least without love. It takes time and effort and energy to invest in a relationship and he wont have the energy or time at this age to reinvest again.

It is a serious character flaw that he doesn't have his dick under control at 60 fucking years old, especially when your child was just born. Now Melanie is going to be like "DAHNULD how am i supposed to stand in front of the country with honor, this was our plan when we got married but this isn't how I wanted to be first lady, I wanted to be honored now I just look like a fool….."

He is hunkered down working his ass off and it will seriously effect his efficiency is this info is actually new to Melanie and he will have to redirect a lot of energy to save his marriage . Therefore he is weakened.

Reminder that fetishes are a type of subversion and only secretly gay people who will eventually transition to trans engage in them.

It happened to both of those Matrix faggots.

I get the impression Melania is not thrilled, but she will get over it. She knew he wasn't a monk when she married him, and if he had any sense, he came clean before that escalator ride – he had to have known this would come out eventually.

That's what I thought.

But then again, he's meant to be "right wing" so they'll attack anything relating to his image.
I think Trump should be attacked for his policies, not some random hooker 12 years ago.

Defective male spotted

What the fuck's going on in this thread?

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user… all porn stars and hookers are fucked up.

Negro, at least get her name right. God damn.

The media want it both ways. They claim that Trump has a mistress and Melania has someone on the side and the marriage is just for convenience and they have an arrangement not to get divorced while Trump is in office.

Then they turn around and say these affair allegations are totally going to destroy Trump's marriage.

They can't have it both ways

When he went up against Ted Cruz in the primaries, didn't he say 'I've admitted to all affairs'

Monogamy in general is largely a Christian thing, rather than the "basis of society." I don't want to sound like D&C, although this post alone could probably be considered a derail; but polygamy is pretty normal behavior for alpha males, and other "great men." The concept of monogamy was largely developed because it seems more "equal", that every man has a chance to reproduce. The fact that so many people are willing to recognize reproduction as a major purpose in life, yet are also willing to shackle themselves to an arbitrary decision to only sleep with one woman ever are odd. Most men I've encountered seem to fantasize about sleeping with more than one woman, yet they think any attempt at realizing their desire is "morally wrong." I don't understand this sense of morality, and I do not understand why people see virtue in restraining themselves from higher status.

Some slut Trump dicked years ago is "coming out" with some probably made up bullshit about Trump being a pervert. is tis de end of drupmf? Probably not. I personally don't give a fuck, build the fucking wall.

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Porn star tells "story" of her affair with Donald Trump 12 years ago on (((60 Minutes))) tonight even though she had been paid under an NDA. Liberals will likely use this to try to tar and feather Trump like every fucking thing else.

It's so that you stick around to RAISE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING KIDS, YOU NIGGER.

It's pretty simple logic, I'm surprised you had to come here to learn that. Please don't post for at least 10 years, thanks.

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But making sure you have successful kids to leave behind a legacy is a masculine thing. Men who abandon their children largely do so out of ineptitude. If they were a King or a billionaire do you really think they would just up and leave? Having to abandon a woman shows you cannot own her. Having to abandon children means you cannot provide for them. So in the inverse, being able to control multiple women; to raise multiple children, means that you are an extremely capable man.

It doesn't even sound like either of you faggots watched it. What did she actually say, I know that it's being hyped as a big deal and all but what is a synopsis of the actual content of the fucking broadcast?

You can read the full interview here:

Monogamy predates Christianity among Germanic tribes, I forget which Roman wrote about it and I'm too lazy to look for the cap.

Correct, I didn't. Watch it yourself if you want to hear the same normie-tier gossip garbage for the 100th time you lazy nigger. Nice trips.


The fucking kikes are pulling together a Tweet mob already.

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w-what mannerisms?

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Wait, I'm expected to believe that a decent looking billionaire likes to lie down with the ladies?

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Man. People who play dominos on pasta and cheese shouldn't be allowed to cast stones.

Or have a haram like a fucking mudslime. Monogamous with lots of kids from one woman to form the roots of your own family tree is ideal.

Did Larry Sinclair get a "60 Minutes" show? I forgot.

t. Low T male.

Shit, meant for

I'm not seeing any actual reasoning behind your post. It seems like you're just thinking based off of what sounds right, and using your logic to back it up; instead of thinking to determine what is right.

Itll really fuck their narrative is meleina comes out and says she was "aware" and a "strong empowered feminist" she told trump to smash a roastie as she just had a child and didnt want to at the time. Etc etc Tumblr rambling about marriage is a cis white scum sham and shes a feminist hero blah blah.

Honestly the whole thing's probably bullshit. Maybe there's 10% of truth to it, but even if it's 100% true, I don't care. It has literally no consequence.

Who cares? I mean really. Who the President bangs before becoming president is of no consequence. Gtfo. These libtards truly have no shame.

Puritan/Evangelical thing. God bans polygamy solely for women. Anybody can look all they want for a Biblical law specifying a ban for men, but they will never find it. And there are many righteous men with multiple wives and/or concubine wives who live like that without any repercussions, because it's not illegal. And God did say "go forth, and multiply." The strongest defense for monogamy-only marriages comes from Adam and Eve and how they were one man with only one woman. But how does things not changing now mean they will never change later? If that assumption was true, then Adam and Eve would never disobey God. For this argument to hold weight, there needs to be a showing of an alternative Universe where Man never disobeys God and lives in eternal righteousness as only pairs, until the end of the Universe. This has yet to happen.

That is not even porn in the [current year + x]

From what I can tell the idea of monogamy as dogma originated fairly early on within the Catholic church. Polygamy wasn't too big of a thing in Europe before Christianity, but there were a lot of sex-slaves and stuff like that. It certainly isn't something that would have been met with extreme resistance, but I'm interested in what motivated the early church to create monogamy.

No you brainlet. If you have a society with polygamy then sure, perhaps only alphas manage to reproduce. Then the next generation (simplified) is full of nothing but alphas trying to do the same thing as their forefathers, because they're cut from the same genetic cloth and feel those instincts as strongly. The best reproductive strategy in this environment is to fight the other men over the women and attempt to monopolize as many women as possible. But of course natural selection will dictate that your competitors are also going to do the same thing to you since they were also birthed by these out-of-control alphas; kill you and take your women. You can not hold together civilization under these conditions, and it turns into a constant bloodbath (see: the middle-east since literally as soon as the arab subhumans took it over all the way until now). Loss of civilization leads to your collective group being weak compared to those that maintained civilization by forcibly preventing the internal bloodbaths with the construct of permanent monogamous marriages, therefore monogamy is a construct that emerges naturally.

This is especially true in harsh conditions such as those in Europe where you can not afford to fuck about expending time and resources accruing women and trying to prevent others from poaching yours. Monogamy is a contract between the men of a society to agree to not fight each other but instead cooperate to build a proper civilization and therefore ensure the survival of their greater group. Europe has long been built around competition between civilizations, with the losers being culled. That is what made the white man what he is, and why we are superior to niggers and arabs. Since you and many like you can't understand that simple fact, we're now in a dysgenic death-spiral, and no Trump is not helping here. There is a reason adultery used to be severely punished up to and including death; this death penalty is a eugenic practice preventing our societies from falling apart by culling those lines that couldn't respect the contract of civilization. We have forgotten this and are thus falling apart, making us easy pickings for the hordes that want to take us over.

It irritates me to no end when retards decide to mouth off about Christianity for having 'backwards' values like monogamy, not understanding why that behavior is beneficial to begin with. Even if Christians as a whole do not understand why they value what they do, that doesn't mean there's not obvious truth encoded within that religious vehicle. It is always a massive risk to disregard tradition if you don't understand why things had been done the way they were for generations, since there's usually a reason that you just weren't smart enough to understand. Incidentally, the pagan religions also enforced monogamy for the same reason - it fucking works, and any sensible society follows suit.

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