Stormy Daniels Interview Highlights

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Also thanks for watching this so I didn't have to OP. I don't believe a word that comes out of this whore's mouth.

When asked "How do we know you are telling the truth" she replied " I have nothing to hide.

Lol, is this real?

I'm sure she doesn't have anything to hide. That doesn't stop anybody from fucking up their testimony and making it look different than what everyone claims.

Not this again

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good luck in court

but first…

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They just can't help themselves with the shark week shit.

no idea why but this old joke made me laugh way to hard.

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Had a good laugh, great way to start the day

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Don't bother watching. The French knew how to treat their filthy huas.

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The way you bit that other shark, that was real good.


I'm fucking dying here

Kek sure I've seen thins BS before, but there is a video now?
Too convenient for that to happen right now, narrative switch time and someone is behind it.

lel first thing I thought of

Further keks

The point isn't to win in court though, it's fame and shekels from the DNC / judenpresse. It's pretty funny that they're running with something this weak, I guess it proves they don't have anything else and are terrified of the OIG report dropping.

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Hey yo eggbois how it b feelin' knuin we sharks is comin fo yo women?

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I accidentally a thing. Now I'm scared of myself.

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hell yea dude, saved

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I think a lot of this is DNC/judenpresse fame. I fully expect to see Stormy invited to the next State of the Union and also tour around to DNC events in the lead up to the mid-terms.

This a good thing you accidentallyed.


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Why do I feel like this is an elaborate viral marketing troll by Discovery Channel to force everyone into watching 4 hours of Shark Week this summer??

Not going to work. Shark Week has been ass for years.

What's really cool is that it literally doesn't change a thing, whether it's all true or all fake.

Prepare yourself, Shark Week memes are coming.

He should sue her for sexual harassment


That's a non answer to the question. Maybe she means she has no reason to lie but that is a hollow answer at best, it's like saying trust me because I'm trustworthy.

That said I have no doubt Trump bangs chicks besides his wife on the regular.

Shark twitter must be jacking their fins rn

Looks like the whitest of the French population (which is fucked through with semite blood) knew the Nazis were a good thing and the goblinos took it out on them after. Like Russia all over again.

Although, when I heard her take out and dust off the old leftist narrative about Trump supposedly having sexual feelings for his daughter, I knew right then and there the whole damn thing was a set-up.

Pay a whore to do things, and she does them. Simple as that.

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the only thing shocking here is Trump's awful taste in women

Anyone that can't see this is fake, by now, is either a drooling idiot or a lefty in psychopathic denial.

Well, physically, she's not "horrible," but I'll admit she's mostly paint and plaster.
Her soul is disgusting, though.

Hi-new fag gundam.

Stormy Daniels Jimmy Kimmel

Oh Hi David!

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This will backfire on the left hard kek

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Actually, since she accepted the money you have offer and acceptance. She's fucked, but George Soros will fund her legal bills.

And these are all lies. I genuinely wonder if she has actually ever had a conversation with Trump, because we see evidence of basically "witness leading" that that congressional kike uses.

They have established a fantasy Trump, who has certain characteristics not valid for the actual psychology of Trump, and that includes a kind of BDSM side - he has none, and a TV-obsessing side, also fake. Oh, and the incest story line. That's also fake. Trump told a rude joke, and the kikes spun that (this is typical of lawyers, they use the public, the available, to generate lies) into a whole long-ass story about how there's an incestuous angle.

It's very interesting, to me, how they always overstep.

Does she specify the DATES on which the sex allegedly occurred?


Altruistic punishment, lad. Read the Culture of Critique series.

This is worse than ecebel shit. This is circus for retards.

If sharkweek wasn't on when she says they met it sinks her story right there. I didn't watch this garbage and I don't care about this whore, but that would be pottery if the shark week angle sinks her story.

You're missing the point. She doesn't care if she wins. This is a marketing tool for her.

I think there is something of a mistake here. Times have changed. We can find lists of people who have purchased her products and punish them.

By punish I mean every lawful way, same with getting the lists (plenty of open source methods, ad methods).

We must make an example of her. If she attacks our nation, and the safety and security of our people, then she must be utterly financially ruined, and lawfully. Each of us possesses in our heart the ability to be strong, and take a stand against those who do us harm.

yea, sounds really credible and serious.

Take your D&C and get lost.
If this is to work, they need more believers than the small number of boomers left. They need people your age to believe this nonsense, thus the reason it will be played nonstop on shows like Kimmel & that English faggot on the Daily Show.

It's YOU they're fucking with, not us. Our day is over.

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That's …. actually kind of cute.

Fake, tho.

all i see whenever this "scandal" shit pops up is that a fucking parade of former 8's,9's and 10's willingly fucked a middle aged man and thought the good times were never going to end. then, their mid to late 30's happened, their looks faded, and the alphas they took for granted had moved on to greener pumping grounds. in a rush to try and revive their dead sexual market value, these whores scream from the rooftops that they once fucked the man who is now the president, but since credentials in the sexual market only matter to women, you end up with hilarious shit like "we watched shark week for 4 hours" as an attempt to signal high value through a man simply wanting to spend time with her in a non sexual way

kudos to trump in all of this for crushing the kind of pussy men half his age could only fap to. i've yet to see an ugly women come forward in all of this, or at least one who was ugly when they supposedly banged

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Why do I feel like this is an elaborate psy-op to get little boys having milf fetish fap fantasies about being the president fucking big-titted blondes so they look up porn of it?

Because you're a nonce.

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Drudge, the literal faggot kike, yet again betrays us, the white peoples of America.

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Sporky is hardly a 4

Who's sporky?

You don't understand. This is a sequel to the Clinton-Lewinsky affair 20 years ago. The Starr report was leaked on the Internet then, with all the graphic details.

Every little boy wants to be president and have power over women.


It's his thing, remembering Lewinsky and Bill.

No it isn't. Starr found evidence that Bill Clinton had lied under oath - a crime:
- kikepedia

This is how the kikes control us. They control all of our media, and pick and choose to manipulate us.

But he, the faggot, curse his name, Drudge, and curse all kikes and Israel, did not make any big deal at all of the mistress of Obama.

Indeed, few even know about it today.

But of course this is payback, for Bill Clinton. But oh how much they shall suffer, because the normies have not found out that Hillary is a lesbian, who cheats on Bill.

That was JFK.

Except it never happened, which is obvious by the way her expanded narrative matches the leftist narratives that were already formulated by Trump's enemies.
Now it's an obvious lie.

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What was his name?

Lel fucking japs


Slicing Simian

Yea I don't believe anything the likes spew. I barely trust them to tell me the weather. is a non kiked way to get the weather.

Oh how they shall suffer :^)

Remember, 60 minutes is known for their lies.

Vera Baker

Bullshit, Vera isn't a man's name.

Well, it wasn't. The purpose was that which kikes have. That a population fornicates isn't beneficial for kikes. The purpose was to get America to punish him for his "transgression" - the kikes exploit our individualist genetics, which drive us to altruistic punishment. But then the Republicans ran Bob Dole, who couldn't have beat a cucumber.

Last night I got to wondering. Is there a possibility that Stormy is a total smokescreen created by Trump to distract the rabid dems from his true mission?
Imagine the blowback if Stormy eventually just says "I lied about everything." It's not like she has a reputation to uphold.

I don't fully support Trump
But this is just a literal worthless prostitute trying to be relevant

I really hate whores soooo much.

Fuckin’ noice

Fascinating. A porn whore talking about sex with a faggot interviewer.

oh my

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Fuck. The absolute state of America. A whore and a faggot talking shit about the POTUS on prime time. Fucking Jews.

Would have been better if the interview was live (was it?) and when the faggot Anderson Pooper asked a question she would start yelling MAGA MAGA!!!! TRUMP is AWESOME!! or something.

Wayne Madsen, who was considered credible when he was targeting Obongo, Rubio, and Rato, claims to have a source inside Trump tower who confirmed that Trump had an incestuous relationship with Yael Kushner.

Remember the stories about Rubio's faggotry? They came from Madsen, same with Cruz's father's link to the Kennedy assassination.

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How many shekels do you think she gained by doing this? What's a whore's reputation and legal standing worth these days? 100k? A million?

Whys the toaster in the living room?

Wayne is a really dumb piece of shit. Even infowars doesn't want him anymore, and that should tell you something.

They don't want him because he isn't pro-Trump. Jonestein's whole operation currently revolves around selling the dumbest Trump supporters snake oil, that's why he's pushing the Q LARP that you have to have a double digit IQ to believe.

The biggest take away from this is that while there are wars being fought, hundreds dying every day from opioid abuse, mass amounts of illegal immigration, mass amounts of rapes and homicides, mass firings in govt positions and the list goes on and fucking on, 60 minutes has a feature with a former porn whore discussing salacious rumors with no evidence beyond her word and a "lie detector test" which LEOs and intel agencies no longer use due to the faulty nature of the lie detection system. Unfuckingbelievable.