“When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile."



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Calling it now, she's actually a (((she)))

Guess how I know this TORpedo has been banned within the last 24-48 hours.

This is just (((convenient))) anti-Trump shilling by the fake news media. Bump stocks are a meme. I'm glad Trump already banned them.


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Your article led me to this video

Wish I was a CIA kike. At least then I'd have some money. You guys hiring?

Nice try, kike. Trump tricked the demokikes to hand over a retarded sum of money for him to do as he pleases with it, including build the wall.


video starts around 7 minutes

I didn't get banned, and I freaked the fuck out over the omnibus. You must be doing something really wrong.

This is the stupidest spin I've ever seen and you should be ashamed.

She's in her early to mid twenties.

Not that user, but you've just been lucky tbh. I got b& a few weeks ago for criticising Trump, the mods really do need to take a second and learn to differentiate the shills and actual anons just voicing their opinions. It isn't hard honestly, the mods are always just ban-happy.

Worth watching this video

This is disgusting. Using children - children - to further any agenda is an atrocity.
Sheriff Israel started a circus and made these children (((media))) targets instead of protecting them from this. He should investigated/fired/jailed.

Banning bumpstocks is literally White House policy.

(((Trump))) is completely in favor of this

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Full Article:

Checking that ID.

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Only person who got tricked is you
Good goy. It isnt like he hasnt voted in favor of a certain (((interest group))) including Feinstein. And you wonder how so many nations got tricked again and again. You're calling anyone the enemy who points out kike trickery.

Mods are cucks from reddit(shareblue)

>twitter.com/search?l=&q=jewish OR jew OR jews OR israel OR gay OR lesbian OR hispanic OR muslims OR cat from:delaneytarr&src=typd







Does anyone know why Obama legalized bump stocks? I mean, technically, you could even 3D-print one, right? Or even make it by hand.

(samefag: I don't mean they shouldn't be legal. I'm just curious why would Obama of all people be pro-anything gun related)

Well, with cunts like this:

I would be ban-happy too.

The ATF under Obama's term evaluated bumpstocks are realized they shouldn't be illegal because they don't convert a semi-auto to a full auto. It's still 1 trigger pull = 1 shot. Banning bumpstocks means banning semi-autos. Trump fucked up or he did it on purpose.

They were never illegal before, since it falls into a different categorie "static" than auto sear "mechanical " or something like that

From the Fake Jews, so take with a grain of salt…

IOW: Its all bullshit, Obongo 'couldnt' inhibit them because they weren't actually guns…. So Trump, cucking as usual, had that little goblin Sessions redefine 'machine guns' so he could ban them.

How incredibly (((BASED))) can you get?

The people who suck his dick continue to do so because the oversight continues to try to maintain the appearance that the majority espouses that mindset.
If you're a Trump dick-sucker, why would you leave?

Most of the PPH at this point is just google's shillbots.

*how incredibly kosher

not an argument

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The argument is here
Why are people 'cunts' for pointing out kosher action on behalf of Trump?
Its a fair question.

Oh, I see. You're now trying to justify banning Tor by shitposting via Tor as a Jew.
Always a new strategy.

All this whining about guns when there are plenty of countries that have already banned them one could move to.
It's like walking into a pizzeria and demanding to be served chicken McNuggets, then stomping one's feet and threatening to disrupt business until their demands are met.

It's the first step of the Hegelian dialectic: problem.
Bump stocks created an inroad by which to attack semi-auto firearms.
Then all that was required was their being implicated in a false-flag mass shooting and the legality of anything associated with it became fair game.

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he didnt legalize them. he just didnt ban them.

In B4

WELP time to unsubscribe from that faggot. I didn't know Sig was a kike brand, but considering the prices and foot high bore axes of their pistols, I should have guessed already.

archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/bump stocks meme/

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what jewish gun does he like that he gets so assblasted about if someone doesnt like them to the point where he starts calling people anti semites? is this satire of how kikes and boomers defend anything jews do and call any critics anti-semites?

well this is old. we're still waiting on the outcome.

Sucking dick or not, free proxies just bring aids.

Just because I personally hate them, and you. I reported all of you, by the way.

His Tavor. He shoehorned it into everything he could.

Literally who are you talking to?

(((She)))'s actually a (((he))).
Just look at that glassy thousand yard stare.

It's the first step of banning semi-automatic. Aka AR-15.
After that you've only got bolt and pump action.
And then even that gets banned.

By the way, if this does start happening, Trump or not, blow some Zogbots away when they come to confiscate your guns. Resist the KGB at the gates.

Wow, the kikes have truly taken over the asylums

His schizophrenia is acting up again.

Completely organic my fellow kids.

One of the tor kikes, possibly you.

More likely that it may fuck with the NFA. It fucks with what the feds already consider full-auto. Give it time.


If they ever do speak out they backpedal when their money or position gets threatened.

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Good goy. Demonize encryption. Don't use it yourself. What could go wrong?

Reminder that the Tides Social Engineering group is behind the anti-gun march, the (((anonymous millionaire donors)))

I'd love to terminate all of these kikes.



Encryption is one thing, but you really are taking a gamble on TOR being anything that can protect you.

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liking the tavor is one thing, but calling anyone anti-semetic that criticizes it? thats not just good goy status, thats im such a good goy i keep my mouth shut about the rabbi that gave me herpes good goy status.

ted nugent named the jew? REALLY? wow.

…and the dyed hair and fake hair extensions. I think she might even be cross-eyed too.

Might agree if you're just talking that firefox TOR browser… but I boot TAILS from a flash drive on a librebooted x200.
If you think going in raw or trusting some vpn company not to turn you over if some agency demands it is better, good luck with that.

Nah. You're just a faggot.

Scratch that, you're a Jew.

Who is 'them' and why won't you answer the fucking question m8?

She looks pretty good in that pic tbh(shit taste)

Never Forgetti:

I think he's on the Bataclan thread also
It's a distinct rage at anyone not going along with the Kushner approved narrative on any subject, regardless of how insignificant they seem.

Anyone that starts the post with
>I've never ever been banned from here and I've been very critical of muslims and leftists on here
Ought to be suspect


Go take a look at some of the shit on her twitter, without the quality lighting and make-up.
Find the one with her shitposting in a dimly lit room without make-up on while her dirty-ass cat rubs its clawed poop-shovels on her face.

Typical catlady - could be glorious, instead chooses to be toxo'd.

reported for MGTOW faggotry

Checked. Mods are fags.
And on 075, he's an example of what the kikes want for us. In-fighting. No trust. Short memory-span. It allows them to get at their goal so much easier because every one is too focused on the narrative (((they're))) pushing to distract from the more harmful narrative.

>(((White))) wymyn
What, you no longer doing the rach thing?

is she a kike?

Pretty fuckin' sure.
If she's not, she's basically the only one of the pile who isn't.

It's so tough to say anymore, I can always tell WHEN it's a certain person, but I'm not sure WHO this person/persons are. I keep hearing mixed rumors, and if they try to get tor banned doing this shit, it says a lot about tor, of which I'm assuming with these new bills passing, tor will have to become the norm.

He cucked and apologized afterward. They probably threatened to release any blackmail material they had on him.

Me too, if I find out I'm dying whether from disease or in a potential war, I'm taking a LOT of kikes with me.
Checkin this shit!

Checking what? It doesn't exist.

Because with liberals and kikes it's all about them. WE (the majority) need to do what (((THEY))) prefer, what makes them comfy, what makes them feel safe. Such a sickening and greedy mindset.

Apologies, you're right it is removed I mistook 11316244 as 11416244

My bad anons, I entered a 11316 instead of 11416, no kikeiness happening, just a retard moment.

She's not white.

Of course, I hate that people gotta fix PR after they name the kike. And tbh, I wouldn't doubt that, but what's more believable is that (((they'd))) probably just make some shit up to can him. Cuz you know…they're kikes and all.

out of a cannon into an oven you mean

anglins fag shack reports this is causing a twatter storm atm.

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It wasn't but let's see what happened in CY-14.
>Ron (((Cohen))), SIG Sauer's president and chief executive officer joined the privately held firm in 2004
Oy vey.

All of them need strung up

Trump is a traitor and this is his fault. He gave them that inch.

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Everyone is a kike according to you faggots. Trump sure likes to act like one, though.

What are you implying?

Not everyone - but definitely that girl from a 40% Jewish school in a group of students from that school who are all Jewish and pushing gun control.

Oh, and Trump doesn't act like a Jew.
Trump acts like a shabbos goy.
Get your shit together.

Well that's also true.

Checked for truth.

anyone got the –feminist– jewish shaming tricks chart?

Why aren't these kids in school, again?

What's in that glass?

I've seen abortions better than this pathetic shit show