"Global Warming Death Toll = 25 Holohoaxs"

>http:// dailycaller.com/2018/03/26/ny-mag-global-warming-death-toll/

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You'll have to post an archive link.

but maximum keks

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https:// archive.fo/2rgSS

But it is!, who are the retards who give "poor" 7 foot tall muscle-jungle apes countless of hands me outs, food and medicine?


Kikes really can't help themselves.


You can be damn sure the money doesn't come out of their pocket, but rather gullible whites.

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I have been following the global warming story since the 90’s. Every prediction has failed, every claim has been proven to be fraudulent, every single group has been proven to be corrupt beyond belief.

I don’t even even take these people seriously anymore. It’s racketeering plain and simple, but since it’s hard to prove that it is without about 2 million in equipment and satellite access they can get away with it by claiming that the science is settled and that no further research needs to done while they apply to get another grant or corporate backing for their next research survey or project. Ignore their $500K plus home and new Porsche sitting in the driveway. Definitely don’t ask why they are banging all the coeds either.

Yeah, climate change is just a name for communist subversion. They are merely attempting to change the political climate to be more to their liking by manipulating young kids and women, and the stupid goys that want that nerd rockstar status without the effort.

I achieved it without school. Pissed off countless people and the leftists and BLM fags everywhere.


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How retarded are these people? Does ice not weigh anything? Or is it weightless because it's floating.


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Conservation of energy and mass blown the fuck out

They are getting desperate. It's quite bizarre to make such a non-sensical comparison, there are many other examples that work better than this. It's a pathetic attempt to keep the goyim from forgetting about the shoah

They will make up several political and environmental crisis in order to depopulate.
(((climate change)) might be a faux. or it also might be artificially induced, in order to trigger a massive exoduse from the third world towards the north. In the end, as kissinger said, the world population will be decimated and the result will be intermixed.
Climate change is clearly part of that.

Checked. Finally the media reports the truth.

Meanwhile, Northeast USA is still at freezing temperatures a week into Spring. But don't mention that. That's antisemitic.

Checked truth dubs

Does this mean that denying global warming is the equivalent of wanting 125 million jews to die?

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25x6gorillion=150 nugillion death

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It has nothing to do with depopulation. It is purely about ending the white race. If depopulation was the goal, they would just release a virus in India, China and Africa.

Genociding a race sounds a lot like depopulation to me

They aren't simply removing whites, they are replacing us with non-whites.

(checked n kek’d)

nonsense. depopulation IS the goal. They just think the monkey will act the same way white people do when put under hard market restraints and stop having so many children. also, let's not forget its mostly christians and assorted other moralfags who are feeding subsaharan apefrica. the elites would let them all die if they thought they'd get away with it

You suck at this filter merchant.

Will we ever find an atheist who isn't a retarded nigger too stupid to realize he should lurk for eternity? The search continues.

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"they" aren't increasing the population you dipshit. they're importing niggers, who are supposed to then become Western and stop having children. sooner or later, they actually expect the niggers in africa to stop having children, too.

the problem, here, is that you don't realize how deluded these people are.

Yes they are. Every nation is growing, and they openly state that they are importing nogs TO KEEP THEM GROWING. Are you fucking braindead?
Sure, that's why they keep helping them have more.

No, the problem is you are fucking stupid. People act in their own interests, not against them.

holy shit you're stupid. stopped reading there.

I'm talking about the TOTAL GLOBAL POPULATION. You fucking myopic dipshit. the globalists don't think in terms of this country or that, but how they'll manage the TOTAL POPULATION. the idea is to import shitskins in order to keep the bottom from dropping out of the economy during population reduction - yes - don't get me wrong. but, the goal FOR THE ENTIRE PLANET is depopulation. China is doing it. India is doing it. All the projections (except subsaharan africa) are all moving toward replacement levels or below. They believe that niggers in africa will also stop having children if only [insert different answers here] – but the main answer is that once magic markets truly civilize blacks, they'll realize resource constraints and they, too, will stop having children. And, thus, THE GLOBAL POPULATION WILL THEN BEGIN TO REDUCE (but slowly so no economic crisis and all that)

The entire planet's population is growing, and they are encouraging it you fucking braindead sack of shit. They want lots of low IQ mongrel slaves. Why the fuck would they want to reduce the population? What possible benefit is there for them to do that?


first pic shows that by ~2050 the only population growth will be in apefrica

pic two shows the deluded fucks actually believing they'll get that under control eventually


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You are actually brain dead for real aren't you?
No, it shows that they want you to believe that. And you are actually stupid enough to do so. Your argument is literally "ignore what is actually happen and believe what the kikes tell us will happen in 30 years".

Is he denying global warming?

lol, you retard. no that's really what they're doing. I've literally talked to R1 PhD professors and graduate students and they literally believe that

take your retarded conspiracies to >>>/x/

woah dude this user is wacked out. hey, isn't that the imkampfy spam from /sudo/???

if you werent a kike you would just post and not suck cock like this.

The future has not happened you fucking idiot. The part up to the present shows exactly what I said, growth. The part in the future is purely hypothetical. It is them making shit up. I apologize to all retards for thinking you were merely retarded and not a kike.

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They literally want to kill you if you refuse to submit to their indoctrination.

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Really makes you go MMMM

Jokes aside, whats probably happening is that as sea ice melts its getting added to land ice (we know that ice packs are getting taller in Antarctica), meaning the volume of water in the ocean isn't increasing as much as they said. They gotta say something so "deeper oceans" is what hey came up with.

What a scam.

In other news, the kikes are somehow going to fuck this up and we are going to kill them off finally.

wtf does GDP have to do with shitting out babbys?

I just cannot imagine how you measure a change of 0.004" on the ocean floor. The amount of sand getting kicked around and the amount of organic matter settling, getting kicked up, and resettling has to be orders of magnitude larger than this. How in the flying fuck could you detect a depth change of 0.1 mm?

i dunno about the ocean floor but i know **ur mom did last night m8*

We can pretty much end the thread there.

You can apply this train of thought to all the aspects of (((climate change)))
< 1ºC temp increase per decade projected

Exactly. The basis of the claim starts with "we've observed a 0.6 degree increase in average global temperature since 1900". Except the margin of error in the temperature data from 1900 is like 3 degrees.

MicroHolocaust doesn't roll off the tongue that well. Microhitler would be better

Here is a rare pepe for you

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Take that faggot shit outta here.

Maybe those who die are all jews.


Fuck this idiotic hoax. Its only link to the holohoax is how big of a loe it is, and its ability to promote Jewish interests. The Kikes are butthurt that the US auto industry and oil industry are (just guessing here but i know im not far off) two of the largest moneymakers under White majority ownership. And oil comes from Muzzies. I really wonder how long they can continue this shitshow with all the mounting evidence that the Earth is starting to naturally shift to a cooling phase. I know cities have smog, but honestly i dont pity anyone who wishes to live like insects anyways. With online shopping amd free shipping, the need to be in or near a city to have current goods is no longer relevant. The cities themselves are the probelem. Terrible publoc transport and most were haphazardly expanded as they grew into big clusterfucks. Just for the Globull Warming Kikes reading this, i have no emissions controls on any of my vehicles and they all have a V8. So get rekt faggots.

Mine's only an I4, so you'll need to hit the gas extra hard to make up for me. At least it feeds crankcase gases directly through the exhaust with no recirculator.

is this the jews wet dream? kill the goy by push of a button?