Jew Yorker Compares El Goblina to Joan of Arc

“Emma González's appearance at the March for Our Lives—in its restraint, its symbolism, and its palpable emotion—offered an uncanny echo of a classic film about Joan of Arc…”

From now on, we should call this bitch Joan of AIDS

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Maybe theyre planning on burning her at the stake!

Why does everyone seem to forget that Jeanne was an ultra-nationalist whose goal was to set the Dauphin on the throne?

what a bigot don't you know that she fought for English inclusion in racist France

(((They're))) itching to make it a martyr.

I will suffocate Hogg with my dick if it helps.

The half cast won't even know who that is.

It helps thanks milo

Pick one nigger.

rather not imagine that type of intercourse

Did he die of AIDs yet?
Saging in apology for derailing.

Have no idea, although your Hitler digits give me hope

fuck i cant read nevermind

In theaters this summer!
La Goblina Loco and the Shekels of Legend

La Goblina Loca

Hail Hortler 1994.

More like Poncho Villa's leukemia addled son.

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Compromised? Skeletor is the best thing to happen to the board since IDs. Last I checked, the moderation policy on that board was "I'm not going to do anything to maintain board quality."

Since when does the (((Jew Yorker))) praise Christianity or its Saints?

They'll say anything to make people fall in line.

Two denominations are acceptable in the judenpresse in limited cases, due largely to them being heretical shit:
1) Catholicism - 1600 years of feudalism is a treasury for Marxists
2) Nigger Church - because niggers make religion fun!

Over-moderation is worse than none, you can read through and/or filter what's not there. Already noticed comments that didn't need to be deleted, being deleted. But I won't derail this thread any further since it's gonna be funny as fuck.

*can't read through…
whoops, back to El Goblina and her retarded followers.

Meanwhile protestants rejected their actual European heritage to become more jewish.

They aren't, they're praising a film about her, not the lady herself.

Oy vey, making lotsa money means you're one of the predestined saints, goy

Notice how she's never 'Saint Joan of Arc', but mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker is always 'Prophet M'.

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That might be true on a normal board, but certainly not for one under siege from paid shills and legions of various shitposters. I've been checking the ban list and I haven't yet seen a post where the ban was egregious. There's no reason to have to read through or filter the artificial dross when the trash can get taken out instead.

When I can't openly type the name of one of the two biggest threats to our culture, there's a massive problem. I don't mind bans, anyone who is worth having can get around those, but the word filters drive me insane.

Speak for yourself, idol licker. You're the one who takes orders from a wetback pedophile.

That's a minor problem at worst considering anyone who regularly lurks will know about the filter and it certainly doesn't filter to anything flattering.

No, when I try to say something, I want to use my words, not have some unfunny faggot change them into unreadable, grammatically incorrect nonsense, and I'm not going to self-censor to get around a fucking retarded filter.

You getting your panties in a twist does not constitute a massive problem with the moderation.

It's retarded faggotry and it decreases the signal to noise ratio. Anything that does that is fucking counterproductive.

It does nothing of the sort. Anyone who has lurked for long enough to be posting knows what Religion of Cuck™ means. You are bitching about nothing.

What, you mean îslam? It's not remotely hard to bypass the wordfilters if you actually want to. i think you just want something to complain about tbh.

I strongly disagree and will not budge on this issue, but it doesn't seem like this thread is the proper place for it.

Might as well be the place for it, there's nowhere for this thread to go other than making fun of some spiclet and the propaganda machine.
Explain how the wordfilter creates any kind of change in the signal to noise ratio when everyone knows what Religion of Cuck™ means. Even a newfag should be able to figure it out from context pretty damn fast if he has any hope of being worthy of posting here, let alone taking two years to study the board.

I refuse to believe that anyone outside of the retarded mod team welcomes having their words forcibly changed.

You mean besides inserting a shitting meme where proper noun should be?

I lol'd when I saw this.

Saint-Joan was an ultra Nationalist, took up arms, and is one of the most devout Christians ever.

It doesn't stop you from talking about Religion of Cuck™, its history, the annoyances it's causing in the present, or exterminating all mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckeran. Any message you could be trying to post about Religion of Cuck™ will be unaffected, even if you're trying to defend it or praise it. You might even say instead that it undermines any attempt to treat Religion of Cuck™ as something other than lunacy. It's a little lame to see it over and over, but that's why we just rotate our insulting names for the religion. I suppose I'd prefer if the filter didn't exist because it isn't necessary, but in no way is it a massive problem. A massive problem would be actually banning people for shittalking pisslam.

It absolutely does. Any serious critique you right on the subject becomes a fucking unreadable joke that can not be taken seriously. It looks like a parody.

I just use "pisslam", but I tend to fall on your side of this debate in general.

The fact that we can't openly say i slamic terrorism is a huge fucking red flag.

All it does is turn one word into three. That doesn't make something unreadable. It doesn't obfuscate the meaning of what you write, it doesn't change the meaning, and you don't get banned for posting it. Any serious critique you post here will be read by people who are used to seeing Religion of Cuck™ and will not give a fuck. It's a non-issue you colossal faggot.

You're not being censored you retard. Censorship would be to ban and delete if you call mudslimes terrorists and report on their activities. No one is going to be confused by seeing Religion of Cuck™ terrorism.

Jewn of Arc

Soros Color Revolution Sacrificial Lamb in 3, 2…

Fuck off you pathetic cockstain.

No one is stopping you from talking about Religion of Cuck™. You aren't being banned for talking about Religion of Cuck™. Whatever message you decide to write about Religion of Cuck™ isn't being altered except that the religion is being insulted. You are complaining about nothing. What the fuck is it supposed to be a red flag for? The BO being biased against Religion of Cuck™? Sodomize yourself with a shotgun and make sure to pull the trigger.


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Okay, so let's change the word Jew to Cuckduckbuckstuck and see how well discussion goes.

You may laugh here as much as you want but 2nd amendment supporters are cornered. There is massive anti-gun propaganda going and gun owners are not allowed to talk openly back. Only to gossip in their dark corners with an image of criminals.

Yeah okay but none of that matters. Like, ever. Trump is not gonna ban guns, even if he wanted to Republicans wouldn't let him. Several democrats who are basically just blue replubicans also wouldn't and the gun owning, from conservative handgun only to hillibillies to gunnuts to all sorts of gun owners are too powerful of a voting block to give in to pressure. Really this is all just to inluence the midterms. And even so I assure you democrats would not deliver on gun legislation to the people that rigth now are all "guns r bad".

You can rest easy for the most part. At most some states that already had strict gun laws will re-check and even so, you can always just go across state lines and get one at a gun show.

Shouldn't have to.

Holy shit you're triggered. The filters are fucking cancerous. At the very least they should be a switchable option on boards like Zig Forums

Jewish precinct school full of 3rd world latinos whose parents can not even speak the English language. Joan of Arc resurrection confirmed.

Return to your Goon board, you're not welcome here.

And one thing i will note too, because the slogan is going around so much in the news.

"Kids are the future, these kids will get gun legislation when they grow up"

This statement is just… Very, very flawed. The kids. What kids? Whose kids? From where and ow many? I mean shit that was a lot of kids in that march for sure but… I think they are forgetting the other couple millions of them. I think they are forgetting how detached kids nowadays feel towards violence and even to race and sexuality. Yeah you have your tumblr kids that want to feel like they're revolutionaries shaping the country and stuff but there's just as many who feel like having a gun is the shit. Or, kids who could not give less of a fuck about it all. That goes even beyond white kids. In fact most black kids and latino kids just don't give a shit about it. They seem violence before. They won't care. So when the media says "the kids" they mean, the middle upper-class and upper-class kids who are highly active on social media and are in this huge media storm. These are not all "the kids". I'm pretty sure even Michael Brown or Tray-Tray or whatever would not have given a shit.

Listen, this will all blow over. And if people really cared about the whole gun violence thing, they should invest more in education and monitor what goes on in media and reshape the american family core. It's a mess. This fucking circus the media does, will not do a thing.

pick one. Being an emotional little bitch isn't restraint.

Example of one of the anti gun kids that bullied Nick Cruz

I don't even get it. What's with the gun thing? Like, get the paranoid "they're coming for our weapons first to make us submit!" conspiracy out. Let's assume, even though it is likely a lie, that the mdia says it's to "protect the kids" I just don't buy it. There's so many more ways to hurt people. If I was a kid and I was unstable and wanted to hurt others I would even consider a gun too much of a hassle. I would get a car, and just drive through a packed school event. What then? And that's only one way. There's so many…

I'm not being a cynic. It's not like I don't care about these kids lives or about kids at all. But it's a bit hard for me to swallow with the terrible way the media goes about it. Like they're weaponizing tragedy to get me riled up. And it's so transparent. Where was "the kids" argument when we droned the fuck out of Syria and the middle east as a whole? And that was on Obama. Hell, there was school shootings during Obaman's tenure as well and these cries were never as loud. At least, they were not directed at the amnistration. It's just all so stupidly transparent. And i'm not even Trump's biggest fans but the media is just digging and digging themselves in by being so damn annoying and hypocritical and just plain monstrous about it all. I can't believe them if it only matters when it's convenient.

wew lad

Evil is as evil does and continues to. That ugly communist bull dyke even looks evil.

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You mean that's a female? Huh.

of course not
they were thugs that got shot while doing actual violent crime
how new are you?

In all honesty she'd be a better pick than the one they got for the new Joan of Arc movie

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I am still confident that justice will prevail and this abomination will meet a premature demise.

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Are they wearing their clear backpacks yet?

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How does the Emperor maintain control then?

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Inbreeding of Sharia Law Polygamy cause a condition known as microcephalics : excess inbreeding.causes congenital defects, blindness, deaf, retarded and huge medical costs to Western countries:

Your cartoon is dead on for your peeps

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By lobotomizing dissidents like her. If she wasn't a Jewish spic – the deadliest hybrid since that Prius malfunctioning accelerator incident – I'd call her a useful idiot. But I'm actually convinced she'll survive the revolution and wind up on the post-American Central Committee.

The New Yorker is a publication of Condé Nast, the same kikes who bring you Cosmopolitan. Condé Nast is owned by Advance Publications.

Advance Publications also owns reddit

So now you know. That list of shit this particular group of Jews owns is instructive. Maybe worth a look sometime.

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that does look like her though, not sure if that's what the kikes intended.

Can someone download this 18 year old's photo and upload it? my computer sucks

All in the name of tolerance and peace.

Reminds me last month when the girl chosen to play Joan of Arc was a Benin/Polish mix.

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surprised no one posted this yet

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These kids are being inflated with a messianic God complex by the media and later in life they will suffer greatly for it. I don't think little Emma is able to separate herself from the rhetoric, her teenage brain is still developing for God's sake.

user this shit won't last the next two weeks.

That's right. y-you're one of THEM.

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gas yourself

TRS teach you that line, rabbi?

I mean look at this POZ

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Further the entire census part of the nativity story is complete nonsense. That's not how Roman censi worked.

The fuck is this blasphemy?

any archive of it?

Forget this bitch. She claims no one ever died from a knife attack: what happened on 9/11/01? A bunch of shitskins used knives to hijack planes. That's a knife attack dumb bitch. It killed 3000 people that day in multiple States, you dumb cunt. Let her burn in hell with all her friends.

How does this have anything to do with Jean D'Arc at all? Even if you like both Emma Goblinzalez or Jean. Their stories are not even slightly comparable…

This Emma girl apparently needs to be fucked into pregnancy a few times to calm her down.

Perhaps we can find her a good Black man to facilitate this lifestyle change for her?

MFW I recall Joan of Arc being a dirty ginger.

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There is no soul inside that body, only programmed reactions.

We found the "meme lab." It's in the Jewish Community Center in the Shops at Heron Lake in Coral Spring, FL.