Universal Dichotomy

In our lives we have two ulitimate choices
The choice to be good, or evil.
This can be influenced by anyone or anything, but the choice between the two is soley up to you.
It is up to you and you alone to differentiate yourself.
You can choose to be a force of good and to bring light to the world, or you can choose to be evil, and to bring darkness and suffering into the world.
There has been a war waged between these two fronts since before time.
Look deep within yourself, find who you truely are, and follow the path before you, its the only way the war will have a natural ending

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Not true.

Good and evil isn't predicated on the good of the whole or upon suffering.

Rather, good is behaving by one's own nature, and evil is against nature.

Suffering will exist either way.

Virtue is all about aligning yourself with the archetype, with being the best version of yourself.

…to illustrate: a cat that behaves as the ideal of a cat is a good cat, though his interests as a cat are in conflict with the interests of the mouse.

While the cat that fails miserably at being a cat is quite evil indeed.

The universal order is disrupted when the German stops being a German, when men are turned against themselves.

so then good vs evil is about being for or against the natural order?
are virtues established on the basis of the natural order?

so that would mean being good is being for your natual purpose and evil is being against it?

Well if you are strictly secular or religious, there is no difference between physical law or moral law. It's only when you diverge from these positions and get fluffly pop pleb philosophy that they diverge. Or someone trying to sell you something.

i intend this to be a theoretical discussion about moral relativism and to encourage people to form their own opinions on the subject

To expand: if there is a designer/intentional higher power: Moral and physical law are the same because they're both divine will. If there is no designer/intentional higher power, moral and physical law are the same because moral law is "simply" an evolutionary outgrowth in response to natural law. Note that the latter doesn't discount God, just doesn't put the personal (aspect of) God at the Godhead.

so that would mean that god could be/is everything and nothing?


All virtues are things that strengthens ones character.

Virtues mostly pertain to self-restraint.

…and yes good and evil is either undermining or establishing the natural order.

Those who oppose the natural order (many Christians who ironically have been duped into carry out the Satanic ethos without knowing it, jews, and the masses of people in general brainwashed with ideas that go against nature) are doing evil upon themselves and the order.


Also I'm still the original user I just got banned for 2 years for calling National Socialism an ideology (which it is and it being an ideology isn't a negative thing to me at all, wtf).

Rather that every'thing' (operative word thing) is in the set called God, if you wanted to be all monist about it. I personally think there's more moving parts but that's not politically operative.


Cucked mods. Fight the good fight user. Differentiate oneself, master morality etc.




Negated sage.

There is no such thing as universal in subjective topics.

Define good and evil

There is no happiness possible for someone who is born with shit genetics and schizophrenia like me.

cats can be neither good nor evil
they lack the degree of mental sophistication to contemplate morality and the nature of morality in relation to their actions.
therefore they can be neither morally good nor morally bad
they can be "good at" or "bad at" being a cat, but that has little to do with morality.

morality and the nature of good/evil is a very complex issue
my 2 cents:

stopping White genocide and creating White countries for White people and only White people is morally good

the demonic kikes who follow the talmud are morally evil (because of what the talmud says, if nothing else)

an agreeable post
so this, by definition, would mean that lefties/liberals are evil because they intentionally do wrong against the whites, and that the whites are good because they intentionally try to help all people and to become their best form?

Completely Jewed. Morality based on natural law and tribalism is the true human morality. Every civilization except the modern, idealistic, Jewed West subscribes to this system.

If yes, then it is moral.

This cannot be stressed enough.

so when they portrayed general zod from superman as the evil villain, he was really the rightous savior and hero?
also a good point, so each people has their own system of morality relative to what is best for them and thus antagonizes those who are not in the "in" group?

Good and evil is nothing but perception.
Perception creates reality.

Kinda true but mostly wrong. There is no cosmic dichotomy, only Unity. Only Nature. Only The Logos.

There are two great strategies for serving Nature: The Path of Serving Others and The Path of Serving Oneself. These are foundational evolutionary or even cosmic strategies. Generally as pack animals we are biased toward serving Others but we could make a hard fork and go for serving ourselves.

Naturally serving others does serve yourself and serving yourself in the end also serves the whole. This is why there is no division. But there are two general strategies. You could think of this as Cat vs Wolf strategies. Wolves ended up branching beyond dogs and fully integrating wit humans. This is the service to other orientation strategy. It perfects by perfecting ones place in the interconnected system. Cats integrated with humans but still see them as resources, even prey. The cat is fundamentally still a solo hunter. The domestic cat is probably a dead end for the species unless it can dramatically change its nature. It cannot continue to evolve unless it reverts to the self service orientation. It's way forward is probably through parasitic control of the host and we already see multiple methods by which it conducts this.