Trump rallied the world together by expelling Russian diplomats


Yeah between this and the petroyuan shit is going to hit the fan.

Depending on how China starts moving I think WW3 is a serious possibility before 2020

Golly, the threat of a Russian kerfuffle in Europe. I wonder if Trump is going to start demanding those unpaid NATO bills if Europeans want to keep enjoying American protection? fugeddaboutit

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More like Trump completely cucked in the last week in an attempt to sabotage the dems 2018 midterm narratives.

It is. Next week you'll hear him float something his base wants to the dems as "tit for tat" with the expectation it will be shot down and he can claim they're intransigent.

Checked. Trips confirms Merkel will find a horse head when she wakes up

And they say prayer doesn't work

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Of course, of only the USA had elected Hillary and protected esoteric immigrants.


Being built with M.

>implying the wall wasn't an esoteric metaphor on the dangers of the FEMA camps and FEMA walls

You must be new here, I seem to remember a time when we could satirize a serious situation.

So much this fellow aryan, the future of the USA depends on a chink nation. I hate chinks now so much I don't care about the US anymore.

see this (natural and organic dubs)


Who has a picture of Sage?(Shitposting spree)

WE are his base. The cuckservatives are not. Why exactly would he play the cuck game? It risks the ire of men whom hold no more connection to what this civilization has to offer, why play with fire when his other moves destabilize and crush his enemies at every turn?

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So much this OP!! We need to follow Mexico and Venezuela!

Do you want a discussion, or do you just wish to spam the thread?

Yesterday he said it starts "immediately."

Where can we check to verify the status of construction? Do we know that it hasn't started today?

I don't think it has, given two days ago the DHS was still dealing with contractors.

Well I think we can all agree that he's hinged his reelection on that wall. "Don't even worry about it". Therefore, I trust that he's going to get it done. I don't think he's the sort that likes to be humiliated; his ego wouldn't allow that.

The wall won't be enough to win him reelection. Guns are the single unifying issue of the Republican party.

wew lads
Some real high effort shit right here.

So are there actual russians posting here? This was a good move by Trump. He appeased the neocons while also showing how strong the US still is. Turkey won't mess with us now.


Not really. If anything, it indicates his lack of leadership internationally.


Lmao didn't take long for you glow in the dark kikes to show up.

8ch is banned in Russia.

I never understood why people shit on Russia the way they do still. Its like people still have this retarded notion that "Russia is the center of all evil and must be stopped" as if they are still stuck in the cold war. They are a country like everyone else. A bit more competent than some I would also say. I honestly think that everyone is just using them as an excuse to blame their shit on. Meanwhile you have China, a country thats ACTUALLY doing shit and fucking with every country and no one wants to fuck with them because they make all their shit for pennies on the dollar. Its kind of backwards if you ask me.

You might want to look into nuclear triads.

So because they have more capable weapon systems means that they are an enemy? I honestly think America should ditch the EU as an ally and Get Russia and Japan to form a more beneficial alliance because the EU has lost their fucking minds.

Yes, are you unaware how power works?

I do. I would rather have the most powerful people in alliances instead of trying to piss them all off. Its a retarded move and just a bunch of International Dickwaving.

lol, no.

pic related. and a lil something extra.

Welp. It was a gun run lads.

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lol meant to say good but that works too. But no, guns are not the single most unifying issue among republicans. Immigration always polls ahead of it as well as the economy.

I didn't say he won't or can't be re-elected, given the state of the democratic party it seems pretty likely, however, he should mind the things the base actually cares about if he wants to be successful.

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His base ain't going anywhere.

First image is from the 13th, not today, and is just the replacement of part of the california fence with the wall proper.

That remains to be seen. However, the census question is very good news.

I've neglected to keep up with this matter. Have they found proof or russian involvement or are things still stuck at "It's soviet gas. Must've been Russia." ?

The latter. Isolating Russia so they don't have diplomatic channels to negotiate when Israel tries to swallow up Syria.

Is this going to be the see-through design with the round top?
I still want old fashioned parapets

Of course. Real kike move to pull, the goddamn bastards just can't fight unless it's through lies and deceit.

Still zero proof.

Kikes are notorious cowards.

So fucking stupid. Trump could have cut off Russia and captured Syria a year ago. It would have been especially easy during the start of the "Russian Collusion" meme, since that's what the kikes were goading from the start. At this point, only the dumbest of niggers (you) think that Trump will start shit with Russia long after the collusion meme has sputtered out.

Estimating ~30ft

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Falling for the britbong Novichok meme

Where do you find updates on wall construction? Searching for "border wall starts" gives old news. Not even news supposedly on Trump's side have anything to say. I also hope that's the prototype wall. It's a nice looking wall.


Ebin. If he's planning to use the military to build the wall based on his prototypes, why does he bother with this shit?

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i can't find my shill bingo card, but thanks to you i know i won.

There was a thread yesterday populated by clearly jIDF hasbara regarding the Bataclan jewish false flag attacking anyone who argued that there were isreali agents active on the scene there and asked for any evidence the jews in the thread were claiming about the torture to the 'victims' they were inventing.

Apparently according to the resident kikes here only "shareblue" would dare ever question the jewish media's narrative on any event, especially suspected false flags.

So "shills" and "shareblue" are basically antisemites who don't support jewry and their spin on world events.

Ruski here. 8ch is banned by some ISP's, that much is true, but nothing on the governmental level.


in that chaos we will remind them

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They didn't banned Zig Forums, they banned some loli bestiality shit and hotwheels responded that he doesn't care Putin is offended by some drawn pictures.

A solid wall was a ruse from the beginning, and that's the design the President wanted this whole time. Mulvaney confirmed in the Omnibus press briefing that a wall prototype design will not run through the whole border. And when did Trump specify the opposite of what Mulvaney denies? Still, when an inferior sheet metal wall south of San Diego slows illegal immigration by 90%, how much more will a towering, thirty foot monstrosity stop?

I don't know anything about construction, but that bollard design looks like it will go up far faster than any prototype for a fraction of the cost. Under budget, and ahead of schedule. My guess is the President wants his border barrier as complete as possible before the mid terms, partly so the shills and Fake News can paint securing the border with a strong barrier as Trump failing to fulfill campaign promises (lol), when in reality they'll give to the President free advertising for his shiny, new, long, thick, hard, and beautiful border fence.

But who knows? This is day two of construction. We'll have to wait and see how this plays out, especially with the President still teasing "build wall through M." It probably is the military, and I think the same thing, but no one can know for sure until the President confirms what it means.

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oh babby keep talking dirty to me

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It was banned for Zig Forums Russia is one of the largest CP producer and hosters. Putin arrests actually civic nationalists so that's why Zig Forums is banned he's a civic nationalist

I miss DemolitionD.

Putin's not a nationalist at all, he's a russian imperialist.

ISPs do bans according to the law.

Why not steel reinforced concrete?

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That's what it is, retard, the steel goes in first and then they pour the concrete