Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment(OY VEY TURN IN YOUR GUNS GOYIM)

>“The demonstrators should seek more effective and more lasting reform,” (((John Paul Stevens))) wrote in a New York Times op-ed published on Tuesday. “They should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment.”

>(((Cameron Kasky))), another Marjory Stoneman Douglas student, made a similar point on “Fox News Sunday.”

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Forgot the last quote.


You ready user?

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Kik free first post

Fug :DDD

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It’s been long overdue. So fucking long.

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If you get rid of an explicitly recognised right then the rest are fair game.
Though could you even do so with how the US constitution and bill of rights is set up? They recognise rights rather than grant them. Working from the concept of natural rights.

So to remove one natural right invalidates them as a concept no?

Kikes are going to try to burn everything to the ground, but President Trump is going to crash their plans with no survivors.

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If Hillary won that would never happen!

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Why do they always lie? It's like a man with a gun outside your front door asking you to open up and that he's definitely not a robber

Already you know he's a faggot

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Heli'd. Wow, everyday the fuckin kikes have to have a lie slip their lips.

Fucking faggots won't leave it alone. I hope they try this, gun owners and soon-to-be ones will fight until the kike fuck off.

The repeal of the second amendment is literally casus beli for the population to overtake the government, whatever that actually means.

I swear 98% of what leftists believe is shit they just think up and say, and by saying it, believe it magically becomes a fact.

So you're saying they meme things?

Anyone else noticed the audacity of shills and kin lately?
They don't even hide it any more.

DOTR when?

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They're trying to get people to become violent. Stock market is crashing as well. They'll try to burn it down so things will be too chaotic for them to be held accountable for their crimes.


It's terrifying that there was a supreme court justice that could think like this… and that the vote in 2008 was that close.

It shows that there are fanatics on the SCOTUS that put feelings and politics far ahead of law and the Constitution and that is an abomination.

Historically speaking, more executions for treason happen in chaotic times, than peaceful ones.

Yeah, but as we all know, the left objectively can't meme, so it all just ends up sounding fucking retarded.

I agree, but I disagree on the aim. They want to Balkanize the world so they can more easily control it, imo. Divide and conquer on a world scale.

Year 13,820,002,018, imo.

Yeah, which is why they want worldwide race war while they hang out in their New Zealand bunkers. They don't even care if fellow jews get murdered because "ends justify the means" for them, also the only thing they hate more than fellow jews are non-jews.
The key is to hold it together long enough to fucking gas them, then fix the world in an orderly fashion afterwards.


That cunt is the reason we have the 1986 machine gun ban. Fuck that asshole.

There is no way a new amendment to repeal the second would happen. It would need to pass both houses of Congress and three-fourths of state legislatures. Not gonna happen. Even if Congress becomes 100% Democrat, there is no way they will get that by 75% state legislatures.

He went senile part way through I think. Deep State had a party after that.

Half right. They're trying to make their useful idiots violent while disarming the bad goys so they can finally kick off their (((glorious revolution))). Things have been going wrong for the kikes so they feel the need rapidly accelerate their plans.

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Over my dead body.

I think that's the point.

u wot?

Stevens isn't Jewish.

He's an honorary yid, the way he acts.

In 2008, the 2nd amendment repeal went to the SC and was voted down 5-4.

DC vs. Heller, for those unaware.

how can one possibly come up with the logic that would enable one to say that the founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment to enable the government to be armed?

Yup, he already had signs of Alzheimers at that time

Whatever it takes to get us unarmed. Logic be damned.

Because you're openly acting in bad faith but have a significant portion of armed men backing you?

George Washington would have personally lynched this nigger for treason

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Stevens is a (((Protestant Republican)))

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What a striking coincidence

The Jews must have had their finger on the 'send' button of his baby raping-murdering video to have him write this article.

If Hillary had won she'd have appointed a turbokike to the SC and reversed the ruling

Daily reminder there are no "based kikes" and no "based Republicans". Regardless of how they brand themselves, they will always subvert/destroy and cuck out, respectively.

Every fucking time

Your government are people. Brit government is not your people.

NRA has a lot of $$$ and political clout. I wonder how the inner circle of this organization is handling this recent dissent..

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I'm guessing their plan was to whack Scalia, then take another crack at it.

These faggots already have gun laws they refuse to enforce. Felons try to buy guns like 100,000 times every year, and the ATF doesn't prosecute even 100 of them. Hegelian dialectic.

To bad not even war is an answer if Jews orchestrate and manage it.
I'd be happy to die in a war, just not for Israel

Post all your accelerationist salt.

That is 100% accurate because in order to be a leftist in the first place one needs a measure of autism (genetic selfishness), and thus libshits lack an actual theory of mind. Daddy cnn tells them that X is so, and thus of course it must be so.

To meme is to wrap truth in the easily digestible shell of humor, which libshits completely lack for the above mentioned reason. Go to any rainbowhair/cuck site and look at how awful their macros, shops, and running jokes are, then you will see that their "humor" is just aping the syntax of their favorite goyvision (((comedians))) while slapping muh political feelz onto them.

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you misspelled "jewish agenda of white genocide"

Good. This will finally kickstart DoTR

Have any of you read The Turner Diaries? In the very beginning, (((they))) took the guns, and the "responsible conservatives" cucked out and did nothing. I hope Dr. Pierce was wrong and enough people actually fuck them up if they try to confiscate.


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Did you edit this part in? It's not longer stated that he came from a Jewish family, and the source doesn't mention his Jewish ancestry.

One thing I've noticed in the Turner diaries is that political tensions were not as high as they are now, with the very obvious racial divide, the democrats all but openly demanding the extinction of the White race, and the seemingly unending deluge of false flag events. This sets off warning alarms in the head of any reasonable rural man, and that standing army out numbers any military police for by 5:1.
Furthermore, the diaries did not anticipate the invention of the internet and subsequently the speed at which redpills can be distributed. For all the kikes that throttle youtube, they still cannot silence the jq being asked on a site they actually own, much less the wildfire-like spreading of information on imageboards and through memes. What I'm saying is that generation X, Y, and Z are fully aware of what is being done behind closed doors, where as the diaries were written from a clueless boomer perspective that relied upon msm for it's information feed.

indeed, only this version have it

Wrong, because I had a gun to protect me. You see?


The 2nd was repealed on June 26, 1934. Still waiting for that war you fags are all talking about.


he's saying our universe isnt the only one, nor the oldest.

and you have a useful frame of reference for that, or is it just shitposting?


This will keep people busy worrying about muh 2A while they continue fucking the nation behind closed doors. Pay no attention to the causes (((they))) give the nation to worry about.


Make a move you legislative cuck.

Meaning you repeal whatever scribbles on paper and it's still a right.

Inalienable apparently means "in accordance with a fraction of public opinion."

Sure, let's have a constitutional convention to repeal 2A. Then we can also repeal women's right to vote and expel kikes, and this time get it .in to the constitution.

Socialism is "so shall" -ism. Words have power, they really think they can meme things into reality if they repeat it enough.

does anyone have the video from some msm channel where they're all sitting around crying about how trump will win the 2020 election? and dems dont have a chance? i can't seem to find the video anywhere.

Remington just filed for bankruptcy. Banks have already bailed them out.–sector.html

archive is down for some reason

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As a lawyer who pays close attention, my legal opinion is that this government is past the point of tyranny.

Note how they have some ridiculous inflammatory bullshit like this in the Times along with an article literally about arresting POTUS. The deep state is running 57 candidates now to take control forever. We are not a democracy and the constitution has been ripped into pieces bit by bit.

Bad news for the cabal like outing the father of Omar Mateen as deep state when Mateen himself was G4S–somehow that shit got memoryholed in five seconds. But it's real and damning evidence that should be the actual news. The government carried out a fucking mass shooting.

Instead, it's this inflammatory bullshit like this Stevens editorial by the government-controlled media to distract people. Deep state is about to take permanent control. Not to mention FOSTA. We have no rights and we are not a democracy and the constitution is fucked.

This shit is ridiculous at this point.

maybe they shouldnt sell shitty rifles at a premium, and shitty ammo at a premium? just a thought.

The anti gun stuff going on right now is the "R"s trying to repeat 2016 and get out the Gun vote, and also, boost gun sales.

All the gun companies over bet their companies after Sandy Hook, while their stocks were rising, they expanded, now with the collapse of Gun sales, they are all going belly up, and the kike bankers are buying up the companies.

Good news is, their are plenty of smaller Gun companies.

I agree, Remington offers are room temp. Not very exciting, but when you study how the stock market really works, and the news, you realize the news gives you and explanation for things after its already happened, instead of why it happened.

I wouldn't worry too much user.

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Reagam was jew-owned before he even got into politics. He's originally brought the trtoskyite neo-cohens into the White House. This "Reagan was BASED, but he was subverted/poisoned/whatever" meme needs to die.

This. He massively expanded government and gave amnesty on a fuckin PROMISE. Its time people get rid of their security blankets and wake the hell up.

thank God

not even their offers. i can get a better gun from another company, for less money. their only gun worth buying is the Remington 870. that should say enough about them.

even if i was only interested in buying from an american company, savage makes a rifle thats just as good but cheaper. and if i wanted to spend more money id go with a browning because it'd be better. what is Remington good for at this point?

Is that new mag-fed shotgun they just came out with worth it? I think it's the 870 DM?

Yeah so a treason charge, when?

rem 700 is good

pump action mag fed…. 3 or 6 round mags…..ewwww whats the point

700 is good if it was a $300 gun.
savage makes a just-as-good rifle for alot less money.

do you think adding a less reliable ammo feeding system in a pump action shotgun is worth it? pretty sure if thats an issue they make ammo feeders.

Fair enough.

Honestly though, what I'm really looking for is a rifle that fires shotgun slugs.

not revenge, RETRIBUTION

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A lot of us are standing ready, waiting for a spark.