Child Machete Gangs Fight Over Garbage

Venezuela has gone Lord of the Flies

Gangs of starving mudskin whelps are now killing themselves over bags of garbage. Just a reminder, this is what jews and goodgoys want in the USA:

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Kike free first post.


But goy! You have to let this poor child into America/Europe!

Why is it that you never hear about people going innawoods after shtf? It's always people fighting over garbage and not fishing grounds or something.

Because they're not white.

Because they don't know how to survive in the woods.

How would they report on stuff going on in the woods? Presumably if someone is clever enough to go innawoods, thry wouldn't be tracked down by some reporter.
Also keep in mind that most people don't know how to farm/fish/forage.
Plus south american forests are full of poisonous animals and insects.

Yet tribes have survived there since the mongoloids crossed the Behring strait.

Yes, but those tribes pass down knowledge about the forests. Even if it's dindu knowledge like "don't eat the ground because it make you go sick-sick".

Because they only know what the desert people teach them.
Sharing is a Celtic trait.
Although much of South America is Celtic, it is run by jewcatholics and they all think they are mayan mixed.
So they fight.

Good on you, user.
The amerindians, maya, azteca, and so on, are the ancient mixed people of Northern Asia/Southern Siberia.
They are "native" to Asia.

Urbanites are scared of forests and jungles.
They won't enter them willingly.

They dont want failed commies into the countries becoming commie states to decry communism, especially if they are non white failed commies, since libs will listen more to non whites.

There's plenty of Venezuelans living in SoFL

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The one thing that interest me is why does it take this long to overthrow the government?
East Euros waited for for a bit but not till their kids started hacking each others with machetes.

Or is it just shitkins?

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How do you think Venezuelans get into Colombia or Brazil in the first place? You think there's a strong border patrol in the south of the country by the Amazon?

Why would they want to? They support it even as it fails them.

They won't organise sufficiently and the army remains sufficiently well fed.
Essentially the government is still able to provide just for some not all.

And most of them still support the ideas the government is built on.
Because spics gonna spic,

It's like a child rebelling against their parents but because it's a people it never ends

low IQ

There's already hordes of Venezuelan refugees escaping to Brazil, Colombia, and Guyana. The country's truly gone to shit.

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And they all fucking suck. Get out of my beautiful state, Publix isn't for you REEEEEEEEEE!

Real socialism at work.

Publix: where stepping over homeless spics is a pleasure.

How about you stop turning yourself into an animal and think about your own self improvement instead?

Can YOU survive communism?

Now you know why the kikes want to replace us with them so badly.

Quads for health and future prosperity of Venezuela

RIP Venezuela


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The layman may not have fantastic survival skills, but it feels like innawoods is way better than roving rape and pillage gangs. I have a family member who is stocked on .22lr so he can snag rodents in case shtf. Polite sage for off topic.

It's not a child gang if it has adult members. Don't justify kikery. By that logic, every single gang that exists everywhere is a "child gang".

This and they dont need marijuana like best Korea because this:


almost no women
why is always like that

Let them eat medical waste hahaha it's the future spics deserve.

They literally love the gibs that government give so much that even though they consider THEIR current government to be bad, they love government control in general.

this is how socialistas and cockroaches behave in the real world

The coup that never was.

Surely there is some Venezuelan in the area with a camera and Internet access that can be convinced that such footage can be somehow monetized.

I wish we were back at simpler time in brazil, when this would not be allow to stand, help would be sent to kick back or else every single last one of them and deal with the people that tries to make a narrative and idiots that bite into the naked hook. Heck i seen some of thoses start to appear around, banks i guess.

go away reddit

this. people used to get b& for this faggotry

Sounds so epic.

Not only are there almost no women, but do you notice how clean and brand new their clothes are?
Not torn or dirty or very old…

This x1000000
I wanna see shitskin gangs of kids with machetes chopping eachother up for good lulz and profit. If those shitskins wanted socialism then they get what they deserve.

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the women have someone that already takes care of them, either someone thats fucking them, or a rich family member. This is why you hardly ever see homeless women. I still remember the ONE time in my life ive seen a homeless woman that wasnt old, it was in Vladivostock, Russia. She was maybe 25, surprised the hell out of me.

"This is completely new to Venezuela and the rest of latino America, fellow Right-Wingers, sosaleesm is to blame for the problems of Diversity!"
T. National Review.

*Shitskins hacking each others with machetes.*
"This is what the jews wants!"
< Implying that is a bad thing.

Give em free bath salts, crack cigs, meth and fishs from major Chinese industrial areas.

Looks like they don't want just arabs and niggers flooding Europe.

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Low hanging fruit grab against normalfags. Typical febrile story concocted in the sewer of a kike's mind, much like the one about Haitians having to resort to "eating dirt" out of hunger.
In fact they eat the "dirt" (specifically selected diatomaceous earth) as a health tonic and mineral supplement, and to quell pica-like cravings especially when pregnant, the difference is they don't pay $30 for a 10 gram bottle like Westerners.
There are plenty of reasons to laugh at niggers without letting a kike control your reality.

I see no reason not to believe this. It's an example of socialism failing, it's what starving kids would do, and it doesn't affect my life enough to really bother questioning.

This is how they roll in south america

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huezilian martial arts
dob jej

Butthurt kike

Lies and deception.

Chilean here. My country is still filled with the people who lived here before the spaniards invaded them: the Mapuche, an aggresive people with no culture, no writing, no music and who only gathered for drinking and raping.
Those lazy cunts are only good for asking gibs to the authorities but have never produced anything of interest. Our deep woods are filled with boars and good game… what do these guys do? They just collect some pine nuts from the ground. And if the parrots don't drop them to the floor: "bad harvest". Leftiest as usual promote abortion among the cultured people but are not interested in teaching it to the truly poor people because they need votes.

TL;DR: latinos can't into the woods.


That's what happen when brazilians chimpout in their jails. They take control but can't escape, so they make it hell on earth and fight each other to death, demonstrating everyone that they truly were scum in the first place.

casual activities

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I hope Trump increases funding for public zoos

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The reason im posting gore, to show the true face of diversity

I hope so too, unironically.

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