Brit/pol/ #2791: Centrism v Zionism Edition

Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin accused scoobydooish people of 'identity politics' over the Holocaust

Tommy Robinson says he will stand as independent MEP candidate in May elections

'They'll long for the days when it was just Nigel Farage': Tommy Robinson announces he will stand as an MEP in the European elections to 'represent the working class of England'

Details of EU Brexit talks with Blair and Soros kept secret

BME campaigner tells scoobydooish student to 'be like Israel and cease to exist'

Salaries go up in Bristol as companies struggle to fill jobs

CUK Microtargeting Guardian Readers on Facebook

Mobs of Easter Worshippers Magically turn into Christians and have been threatening and beating Muslims, dozens of residents said. “They even beat my kids," said a Pakistani refugee who has lived in Sri Lanka for 2 years

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Goodnight lids

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I wonder why, couldn't be the ridiculously high paki birthrate could it?

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first for the step father, mossad cuck alliance.

xth for the British Federation

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Goodnight lid

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Lads, please give me a rundown of what happened on QT. Some lad in the other thread is claiming it got spicy.


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t.Jess Flipflops

But is it classicly liberal

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Honestly I would just tell Pamela to get off and that I'd see to her behind the bins rather than hear her mind fry

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It's nonexistent

downloading gears of war 4 lads

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It's all so tiresome.

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Yes, mosses was pretty civic unlike hitler

That cunt is pure evil
The salt

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did you see the scoobydoo york times suddenly remembered the word "Christian" when covering stories about retaliation attacks scaring Muslims?

Christ, imagine the tears if Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad actually won the seat!

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It's in the OP lad, fucking unreal.
The bastards need to hang.


Lads….what happened in QT that was spicy????

ngl I need it to happen

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didn't know muslims buddhists hindus etc prayed in Christian churches outside of Europe
That bitch is a commie anyway
just read her wiki
Hope Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad wouldn't even raeps her


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Reckon Andy has fucked Miranda Green?

It's Andrew Neill lad, he doesn't accept second rate clunge

I want to fuck those qt BBC lasses

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jess philips has the key to their chastity belts you must make her cum before you can get the key

we turning as quick as Threasa May backtracks on stuff las

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good lads

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can i just be a cheeky lad and kill her in broad daylight , maybe a week before a historic referrendum or soemthing, getting the key that way?

Terry at the start tbh

Shit lads she just gave me a blackpill



careful lad the gchq trannies will come for you

it's obviously satire lad

also, I want someone to post Thomas Mair reaction images because I don't have any

How I invneted the term GCHQ tranny
Thats how I invetned the term lads

has it never occured to you that this is what Farage really wants?

Could you go back smfh


He'd never have to tackle any real issue and just slag off anyone who does on the right, easy money.

could you elaborate on this part plz lid?

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kind of describes his whole political career doesn't it? He's a safety valve for dissent, was never a real avenue for change

She was forced into working there, like she had to sit in a faraday cage all day.
Stuff like fucking with people on chatrooms and ddosing cp sites.

Why were you even talking to trannies you mess

t. /newbrit/


Pretty sure there are things in the bible about sitting on the fence, especially if they are supposed to be leaders

Marmite on toast and a glass of iced coke for dinner


I'm pretty blackpilled TBH
My only social life is online outside of work

fuckin scoobydoos

how did "she" get blackpilled, and what was she blackpilled about?

Join a club lad


Gonna smoke dunhill through a filter

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nice glasses

who watches this garbage?

That she had to fuck with people on online forums. Theres pressure from your family to go work there if you have any intrest in computers and secuirty.
She used to smoke a pack of cigs a day and was also a true Nationalist Socialist


Sure is /newbrit/ in here tonight.

in what kind of way?

Danny Baker reads the same here

what are they editing lads?

She would not say much as she feared that she could get into legal trouble. They are now far far way and I don't talk to her much anymore.

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No like true ethnic nationalism, she used to listen to the BUF anthem at work.

sounds like she had a fucking easy job, ngl. I could do that really well, btw, if anoyone at GCHQ fancies giving me a job

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have you ever considered that "she" was fucking with you the whole time?

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Did he suck you off, lad?

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I most likley knew about stuff I should have not known but i'm used to that.
It's very damaging to your mental health, as well as being a heavy smoker she drank a bottle of vodka in a night sometimes when we chatted to try and keep her mood up.

No lad, she left the UK by choice after quitting the job at GCHQ.

For her

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lad, you ERP'd with "her" didn't you?

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That is so much better than smoking normally


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good lad

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Big time



Nope as she had a boyfriend already, I was more like a internet friend in general.
She/He had a similar youth to mine and thats why we bonded well.

you mean he


I can't believe there are people that are still surprised and disappointed in Farage. I dropped him years ago now

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