Reverend Al Sharpton Planning Visit to Sacramento for Obama’s Son’s Funeral

Dead nigger spokesman expected to raise awareness of racist police practices, grease stains on headrests

Sacramento retailers are stocking up on Jheri Curl and morning after pills in advance of the Reverend Al Sharpton’s visit to the state capital this Thursday, in honor of Dead Nignog #3,954, who was shot while fucking with Sacramento Police last week. Incredibly, the boy’s body hasn’t been eaten by his cannibal relatives yet, and is slated for burial in a Kickstarter-funded coffin after chitlins on March 28.

The late Nignog, whom sources describe as a good boy who was getting his life together, was cruelly shot by authorities while innocently lurking in a suburban backyard after running from white supremacists. As several posters have pointed out on Facebook, the nigger in question was unarmed at the time. Questions have been raised by community groups as to why the two exhausted police officers in the backyard who shot him were not fucking psychic, and mistook the gun-shaped cellphone in the nigger’s hand for a gun as he lurched menacingly toward them under cover.

Details about the phone have not been released by police investigators working the case, and so it is only presumptively true that it was an Obamaphone the taxpayers had to buy for him.

Sources with knowledge of the Reverend’s itinerary state that he is expected to visit the church where the boy will be laid out, as well as the Church’s Chicken across the street from that. The Rev. Sharpton is also expected to pay a personal call on the boy’s all-female relatives, possibly impregnating one or two of them, before paying another call on a local bank, where he will deposit large sums of cash given to him by people who need the government to pay their rent.

Sacramento has a large population of Nigger-Americans, approximately half of whom are on welfare (true fact), and the other half work at useless government jobs (also literally true). This diverse (nonwhite) group of citizens voted roughly 90-percent in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016, 99-percent in favor of Obama in 2012, and hilariously 80-percent in favor of outlawing fag marriage in 2008.

The Reverend Sharpton has not commented on the case or on his visit yet, though it is expected he will sweat chicken grease and flee the premises if anyone brings up Tawana Brawley. Rev. Sharpton is also not expected to comment on the fact that his half-brother lol, his mother was a whore was just indicted for capital murder fucking yesterday, because niggers. The family of the murdered woman, whom Sharpton’s brother fucking shot in the fucking head with a fucking gun while she fucking begged for her fucking life, is not expected to be graced with a visit from the Reverend, as this would potentially taint the jury pool.

In other news, niggers gonna nig, and it’s the wicked white man’s fault, always. Repeal the Second Amendment.

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No Jews here, fam.

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oh hey its the silly guy.


Fucking checked. Twice.

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Have a (You), sir.
Is it finally happening season again?

Oddly enough I checked and I qualify for an Obamaphone and it did actually look like a gun. Solid black clamshell phone that could easily be mistaken for a gun in the hands of a sweaty nigger.

They're bound to get started once the weather warms up. Niggers hibernate indoors and play Madden during the cold months. Spring is officially here when the first dead-nigger protest starts smashing windows.

this is funny.

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Puxatawney Philando must have seen a cop's shadow when he stuck his head out the trap house door this year

fucking this


Sorry, anons.

Recognizing when you've done wrong is half the battle.
The other half is violence

Hot damn, does that picture have potential!
Firing up GIMP…
Thanks, OP.


Not going to lie – I've been looking for an excuse to use it.

Here you go.
Any suggestions for image changes/additions or other captions?

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Hol up fam
That is the old robust rev al CY +2 rev al looks like a biafran poster chile for a feed the starving campaign.
Pic related b4 and after

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Him has da AIDS

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Obama's son died?

where does the line form to buy a clue

Well, obviously he didn't adjust his caloric intake to account for all that running… :^)
I'll add those to the stack for when I get bored with this meme

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That made me actually laugh
TY user

Jews don't care for dead nonjews unless it makes jews more powerful or rich. This nigger died for neither. Jew free thread boys, enjoy it!

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What more needs to be said?

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Nigger look like a deflated football..

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is this a shop or does he really look like a lost feral niglet from the back?

ChadOP strikes again

Got as far as reading "grease stains on headrests" before realizing it's Chad OP.

if you think he looks funny, you should hear him talk.

Shame he lost all that weight, it means he'll live longer

Very nice.

Thank you.
Have another.

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