>"He’s never gonna build a wal..."


Started Monday morning, shareblue niggers.

You just got knocked the fuck out.


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That's a fence you dumb nigger and it's to replace similar shit that Pedro fucked up. There's, NO MONEY for a 2000 mile WALL. Not this year. There's 10b for chucky the jew and a tunnel in NY State but no spic wall.

Kike free first post. Not the White House though. Sad!(USER WAS BANNED FOR TRYING TO DERAIL THE THREAD)

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the fence is on the left in the 2nd pic you retarded nigger. The short one. It's the previous object that's being replaced with the impenetrable steel wall on the right. Fucking retarded nigger faggot.

drup btfo!

Hey kike shill the actual wall needs to be less than 1000 miles. Trump has said this since the beginning. But keep shilling away, won't stop the shoah.

Did he implode the hundreds of cartelCIAnigger drug tunnels yet?

Having a hard time telling for sure, but it doesn't look like it goes into the ground very far.

I thought they had chosen a different style. This looks like the old type they've been putting up for a while and could be a project that has been in the pipeline for some time already.

This. Natural barriers.

Like the river they swim across hence "wet backs"? Try again.

That isn't this.
Keep dreaming though. If Trump had any intention of building an actual wall he wouldn't waste time and money building this heap of crap.((1) ON ENTIRE BOARD (what are prototypes))

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Thats one specific location. Over half the border can't be crossed without 90-95% of the people trying dying.

Stay assblasted, shareblue. I can taste your delicious salty tears from here.

lel, the was always going to be steel bollard erected so that border patrol could see through the wall where they need too. Goo image you chose though. That 2nd wall, big slick blue, was the finalist that Trumped picked when he visited California. You can search for the video to see for yourself.
Only a matter of time now that Trump declares a national emergency and gets the military to build The Wall.

I say again. Tunnels.

Those are from March 13th.

Who are you trying to fool?

Those are from March 13th, replacement of existing California border fence with the approved wall design. Has not been extended beyond previous conditions because funding is not settled.


People keep repeating this but Ive yet to see any proof tbh.


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Yes this (1 and 3). Neither of those what they're putting up. Those are simply replacements for what was already there.

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A start is a start. Keep fucking going. Then cutoff all trade with Mexico and starve those fucks to death so we can take over what is rightfully ours.

The tunnels already exist, completed, and operational. Wall, not so much. I want a wall, my point was that by not demolishing said tunnels first, Trump is complicit in CIAniggers running drugs and spics into our country.
Eliminating the competition.

So like does the concrete slide down onto the the steel posts

Why not just station men on top of the wall in intermittent garrisons then fill in those gaps with cameras and drones?

No it's just the posts. Hence the anons calling it a fence not a wall.

Bush said he was going to build a wall too.

Most people are just walking over. The tunnels will reveal themselves once the easy route is cutoff or the invasion will slow to such a degree the tunnels will be irrelevant.

Despite the giant blocks of concrete lying behind the sections where the posts where put in.

At what point does a fence become a wall? At first glance I figured this was just another fence, but those things have to be 30 ft tall.

Beaners jacked-up on coke and jalapenos are like little brown rockets. You can't be stationary in a tower, you have to patrol for the greasy little beasties

So leave the tower? Just put a road on top of the wall.

When the gap between poles is small enough that it can't be crossed by squeezing through.

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It's important to note that these images are from last week and show the replacement of the already existing Californian border fence, not the extension of new wall segments.

Given that Hungary has already shown a barbed wire fence and some concrete roadblocks are enough to deter 99% of migrants, I'm sure this will be fine once complete.

That's a little more than a replacement though.

Eliminating the competition? Are you retarded? Do you think they are going to send expensive college graduates trained in tradecraft to do the manual labor?

they've talked about having detectors for that.

this, tbh. I know everyone is going to call me a torposting shill, but the truth is, this is just a replacement for already existing fencing. They have this type of shit in el paso, iirc

look in the background. its a city. this is the type of "fencing" they have between el pas and juarez. this is not "the wall"

Blocks are temporary to hold up the fence while they pour concrete in the holes underneath.

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It's clearly the beginnings of real construction, but funding still isn't settled on it yet. Construction will start soon but has not. As of the 24th, the DHS was still hiring contractors.

That depends on the geology.

Which side is which? Who loses access to that body of water? Does that town have another lake or whatever? Seems a bit mean. Funny, but mean.
That property right on the division just lost it's water-side location real estate flair.

Counter-checked. Well done mate.


i thought they measured for vibration, like little seismographs, but I could be wrong

I don't think it's the actual "wall". Technically it kind of is though. Compared to the previous fencing it's amazing. It's also important to note that this upgrade wouldn't have happened without the attempts to build the wall; this will also be a part of the wall once it's done, so it can earn official wall status in a few months. Happy to see strong improvements in border security, but this is kind of jumping the gun. Trump and anons aren't wrong to call it the beginning of construction though. A lot of the border already has old fencing and shit, so if we don't consider replacing old garbage with new god-tier defense, then we'll never actually see a wall even if it's already been built.

Non-constructionfag here. Isn't that what the crane is for? Or would non-solidified concrete not hold it in place

It is, but it can't be extended beyond the current fence until funding is settled. Hence all the "Through M" stuff this week, Trump's trying to bypass congress (legally and legitimately) by using border security as a national security issue.

Tell me that there are comiefornians protesting with 0% energy

Fuckface you need the wall first. Then you clean up tunnels and add to wall. You are seriously retarded aren't you?

I would have liked a really beautiful wall, though. Its nice small varmit can get through. Much more economical to have small gaps. Would like some drones to patrol it. Maybe some manned turrets as well.

If you notice the ditch ahead of it isn't perfectly dug, so they're digging it quickly, putting the fence in and pouring concrete right in to form to whatever the hole is. This is quickest & cheapest way (plus the concrete footing conforms to whatever the hole size is) time wise to get the job done.

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He means the MS-13 arrests are eliminating the competition, e.g. they are street level enforcement for a particular cartel or group of cartels that Washington feels are too far outside of their orbit/control.

For people that dont understand, a citizenship question forces illegal respondents to either not answer the question or commit fraud. Answering no on that question could lead to prosecution which would lead to removal if caught.

The more interesting scenario is if they don't answer at all. Basically what's going to happen is that when they basically shut the door and dont give any response, they basically don't exist, census wise. That means illegal beanerbobs get no consideration when it comes for the next ten years' apportionment of house seats and state funding considerations. You can't fund ghosts and what not.

Also, ICE can see areas of nonrespondents and create a pretty good heatmap of where illegals are more likely to be, using the assumption that a citizenship question census will spook them enough to cause a massive drop in census participation. These areas would ostensibly, using that analysis, have a lot of illegals and would lead to increased enforcement.

still banned for four years so posting on TOR

This could work IF the cyclone type fencing Mulvaney spoke about last year is being put in. If you notice that smooth cap on top which is probably 6ft high. That part they can't grab onto as they scale these. DHS says they're 20ft but if these smooth caps are added they could be much higher overall.
Pic 3 are the totals we need to keep track of bc thats all the funding Trump has allocated for it. By Sept/Oct if nothing funding wise using the mil spending for these walls you can safely assume hes told the country to fuck off. Hes hoping this will be memory holed and his base will become sycophants like Obamas minions were. People are way past that stage. Either fix the issues or you're proving what we've always known. The entire gov is completely corrupt from top to bottom.

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The same type of fraud like staying here illegally and using fake social security numbers to work or a different more cucked kind of fraud? Illegals have committed a ton of felonies beyond what the kike media tells people.

Implying they aren't under their control. If they weren't washington wouldn't fight for them. Black market payoffs is main reason why they want that trash here.

I'm not implying anything. I'm clarifying what the other poster meant for the user who misinterpreted.

Got it.
People need to understand that these "elites" want america to become mexico. People with cash lives behind guarded walls while the rest deal with the cartels/gangs. Americans will be too busy looking for food and keeping safe while the people behind the gates can pick and choose whatever degeneracy they want unobstructed.


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Checked for this being the giant rebar on the actual wall.

Go ahead and throw them over, we can use their bodies to fertilize some corn.

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Good, good. Now we need to build Dr. Robotnik's Meaner Beaner Machiner to catapult the remaining Mexicans back to their shit hole nation.

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Not to derail, but why are still crying about shareblue Imkampfy?

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National health emergency has already been issued for the opioid crisis. Trump also sent a letter to Paul Ryan invoking the budget and deficit act of 84 (I think that's the year) that asked him not to spend any of the money he didn't see fit in the omnibus and allows him to reallocate money to address the national health emergency.

Which means the wall starts now…

What's the prefab concrete in front of the beams?

Wouldn't the drug smugglers just dig the tunnels under the wall and fences?

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Grumpth must be stopped!

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Mexican products are among the few I can find in stores that don't have a (((U))) or a (((K))) on them. I'll be growing my own food soon, though.

Holy fucking shit that's tall.


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Looks like a two step process. Put in the poles, and then put the top bits afterwards.

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If it stays like that, a simple grappling hook and some rope is all it will take.

holy shit that made me laugh user.

I dont think it'll be that easy.

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Have they test the suction cups?

I see potential in that kind of design.

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Should have gone for an East Germany style border.
Specifically a small fence on the true border, small minefield, then proper fortress wall.
So anything at the wall is already trespassing and can be shot.

That's brutal.

Well if special forces couldn't breach it according to the sources that always tell the truth that's ok then.
If it stays like those pictures it's fucking simple.
1: Throw hook over wall.
2: Pull it tight against the bottom of the panel.
3: Tie it off on your side, around the leg of the fence, how convenient.
4: Climb over.
4a: Add knots to the rope for females and weaker invaders.
4b: Drag a rope ladder over for fatties.

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LMFAO Equality! Guarantee she is a Sgt. and has had a kid every other year.


Right, a bunch of 4 foot tall goblins are going to be scaling a 30 foot wall with grappling hooks on their first try ever.
If and when the full wall gets built I’m sure it’s not going to be so poorly built to allow that to happen. Let’s all keep in mind we have a president who A) built things for a living B) actually listens to people like border patrol and military experts who know what they’re talking about.

Calm your tits faggots.

A definite improvement, but unless they put a concrete cap on it, I'll call it a fence.

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Walls work. Just ask Israel!

fuck that i want a wall. i dont even want filthy mexican air thats touched a spic to get through.

Hungary also has a shoot on sight policy. We've got to get ourselves one of those.

it's a fence my man

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Why stop there?
Get some kind of injunction to make Western Union cease wire transfers of money to Mexico. Most of the bodegas will close up, since that will leave most illegals no way to send US$ to Juanitaconchitamariaconsuela in Tijuana.

Just a thought for all the based fashy mods
How about creating an auto-forward routine for new Zig Forumsaks that will redirect them to the NeoConservative Ruplicicans Recruitment membership page.

It would really save on the 6 million stickied threads all basically doing the same thing which is recruiting for jewish Republican politics

lol this

That rounded top is to prevent a hook from easily catching the panel bottom. You could still attach it with a few more steps.
That said a wall will never be 100% efficient, the same that border patrol are not 100% efficient. But combining the two solutions you can get pretty close.

That can be taken care of by putting a lot of large divots in the wall surface. That said, suction cups aren't likely to work on the fence portion on the bottom, so I'm not sure they're an issue to begin with.

It's not a wall, it's a tall fence.
It's trump's way of getting what he wants started.
You can call it whatever you want, we know you're not "really" asshurt.

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