Sekhmet is stirring

A high priestess of Sekmet returns

A presumed empty the coffin was kept in an acrylic display case in a classroom at the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney, in Australia.

Hieroglyphs indicated its occupant was Mer-Neith-it-es, a high priestess from the temple of the goddess Sekhmet.

And now it contains said high priestess.

They just missed it for hundreds of years

That, or the ogdoad really is waking up, and Sekhmet is coming into play, which means bloody war. Last time she walked the earth, we had to drug pools of blood to stop her. (she drank them)

praise Kek. war is coming.

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She will have oceans of blood this time around


Just make sure the kikes are dealt with first, so they don't slip away in the chaos.

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What's her (Sekhmet) deal? Who exactly is this goddess and also this priestess of hers? And why is it so important? A good summary is needed here for those who are new and don't quite get.

Here lazy faggot, it took me 30 seconds


We are like a stereotype cult filled with madmen that want to plunge the world into eternal darkness and chaos… with the one exception that we're actually the good guys.

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We're cleaning the world of filth with one ray of truth at a time. Amun-Ra is a Sun god, Sekhmet is his daughter. There may be darkness and chaos, but we bring light and truth no matter what. Not all destruction is the same.

In the status quo of pure, twisted, perverted evil, goodness and virtue becomes the chaos that destroys the degeneracy.

Get a load of this fag.

Homicide is a-ok.

Makes you wonder what all those old god cultists know that we don't

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Go to bed reddit.

Remember Trismegistus, lads:

TL;DR: Shit's fucked, then shit's gonna hit the fan, then paradise.
Praise kek, may the wicked drown or burn in His fire.

Sounds too subservient to me.
Remember the Emperor, man is greater than any lowly god creature.
Our relationship with Kek is one of partner not simpering supplicant. Where he to abandon us for not pleasing him, we'd scarcely care.

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The Ogdoad are the Amesha Spenta. Sekhmet is Ameratat. Kek is Asha.

Are you aware 40k is fiction?

Praise Kek it's eleven twelve

Yep. Meme responsibly.

Do you think we care?
For the Emperor is in our hearts.

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Praise Sekhmet. Remember that she is a Goddess dispensing bloody justice against a corrupt world. Destruction does not necessarily mean war as humans perceive it. Destroying demons within one's soul and draining its energy (blood) is more likely the kind of warfare Sekhmet brings into the world.
I once had a dream years ago, Sekhmet put my head into her mouth and I could feel the sharpness and pressure of her fangs on my skull, but she didn't kill me. It was a display of her power, her potential and a warning to me to pursue wisdom and righteousness. I am still on that path and have failed and fallen many times and this thread has served as a reminder to keep fighting for my soul.
Praise Sekhmet. I offer her my gratitude.

That was written by Greek Gnostics of Hellenistic Egypt. Beautiful prose, but don't just condemn the wickedness of others, seek out the flaws in yourself and correct them. Passively waiting for the gods to do it for you is leads to error and sin.

I'm more of a Nurgle kind-of-hereticguy.

didn't play the game, but IRL Sekhmet is so fucking badass

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I said 2019

The pagan faiths in Europe were pretty big on that.
Humans being the soldiers and guards of the gods, being expected to improve continously, bring just vengeance to enemies, and all that stuff.

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Someone is upset

Not only that, this is entirely voluntary. Before the creation of the world, the souls of Men and the Gods reached an agreement that Men would choose live and die to obliterate evil, rather than simply exist spiritually and suffer it forever.

Fun story.
In the ancient lore/stories of the Britons our people were on a more equal footing to the gods.
One of our greatest heroes (Arthur) even commanded gods and former gods as part of his retinue. While frequently raiding the otherworlds of various gods and inhuman beings for plunder or just because.

Sounds plausible, yeah.
Northern european gods were some of the most human like ones, many flaws, aging, not completely immortal, etc.

That's news to me but I'm not a total expert or anything, plus, in the west things were more locally divergent than in the east, for example.

A reason why northern paganism is much smaller in scope than slavic paganism.

The latter is a lot more uniform, even though that too has differences from region to region, of course.

Which is fine.

A local spirit is of no significance to a place 500 miles away, etc.

so much bullshit
the interpretation of other religions is utterly false and misleading, and the supposed qualities found in the Imperial cult are written in a way that makes them dreadfuly easy to corrupt
it's as if this piece was written by someone who misinterpreted WH40k canon to be able to crap on the misunderstandings he had about religions
seems like a regional office of the Officio Propagandarium got infested by tzeentschi again

wait, didn't the last batch of college graduates have a large part of weirdly-colored hairs SJWs in its rank?
p-pink horrors ?!?

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It's more rooted in the Imperial Truth.
The philosophy the Emperor advocated prior to this internment within the Golden Throne.


If it takes an eternity for all the filth and wickedness to clear up for the next bright day to come THEN LET IT BE SO!






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as above, so below

Are you faggots actually worshipping a fictional Egyptian god?

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No, a mythical one.

You should read the Letters of St. Paul again. The gods are acknowledged as existent powers, subordinate to his God.

And that means you should abandon Christ in service to this profane ghoul?

You should serve Truth, not a single on of its aspects.

Egyptian gods (Europid gods) are real, unlike the fictional Semitic deity Yahweh and its fictional avatar Yeshua.

I think what's being suggested here is that God rules over these other various deities. Is it not possible that these 'gods' are not just angels?

Considering that's how Zoroastrianism, Christianity's actual root religion, dealt with other deities, it seems the most reasonable case. Now, some serve the Lie, not the Truth, some (such as Vay/Mercury) are neutral and serve the world.

it's such a shame that we cant even see the night sky as it really is. how many people have lived their whole lives without even even seeing a half-natural night sky? i can go outside at night and at my house and i dont see a single star. very unhealthy for the spirit and bad for mankind

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Yeah picture really blows me out of the water, user.

Well cited argument, faggot.
The Jews hate Christ. The talmud actually says that Christ is boiling alive in his own feces in Hell. Why else do you think big Mel caught so much flak for The Passion? Because he portrayed the Jews true role in the assassination of Jesus.

The truth is that the gods of Egypt are fallen angels. They're egomaniacs that wish they could be God. Think they could defeat God.

There's nothing in the actual bible to lead you to that conclusion. Your apocrypha is more pagan than what any one else has put forth.

If you visit Egypt in the current year, this text reads true. Mecca circling muslims rule over the greatest creations of mankind and they shit, piss, and litter all over these places. They ignore the pure sophistication in favor of a box with a carpet on top.

Praise the old gods.

Are you trying to tell me that Zeus is real too? And "Allah"? What about Scientology, that also?

Not any more than you semetic wind deity, Schlomo.

yeshua was a jewish rabbi, and all his followers were jews.
his adversaries as described in the (((bible))) were religious authorities who wanted to remove a potential rival and had nothing to do with jews hating christ.
you're a brainwashed zionist cuck redneck hillbilly who worships a kike on a stick.
not an argument


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St. Paul explicitly said that the greco-Roman (and therefore indo-European) pantheon existed and were non-malevolent. The most he said is that Christians can not offer sacrifice to them, but they may still eat the results of the sacrifice.

Want to habeeb. Sauce?

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bobby, your slave morality god is degrading to mankind and does not serve the white race. these egyptian gods, the ones that are white and on the side of Zig Forums, are much more powerful than that thing from the bible. were you even paying attention during the election? or do you just drink too much tap water and watch too much television to notice kek's presence during the campaign?
and now that we're getting another surge from a lioness deity and you want to shut it down. why?

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Paul to Corinthians.

Who cares what the Talmud says about Yeshua? Both the Talmud and the New Testament are false documents which were written by Semites.

To be fair, the villain of the Old Testament is the Jews, not Yahweh/Vulcan.

They would execute all the jews and atheists, because they are liars and murderers.

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Not an argument.

A fucking string of buzzwords isn't an argument either.

Are really that much of a nigger that you believe the "strong pagan UTOPIA society"? That's on the same level as Kangz "We all hadz it good till da white man came and took it away"

More of an argument than yours, Schlomo.

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Hi, ban evading torpedo. There’s a reason you were banned. No one is going to believe your paid jewish shilling.

You’re shit at this.

"hi intl reported" spammer sighted, time for the ultimate test case for the new mods.

I wonder if she was kept secret because of people following the old religions all this time. I really wish the fucking masons, shriners and other crypto kikes hadn't co-opted Egyptian aesthetics, I think it'll be a bitch and a half sorting them from us.

Not going to win that one, laddy.

This is how mentally defective intl actually is. This is what they actually think we’ll believe.

Kalki/Third Sargon all mention rivers of blood in the final days before the Golden Age can come. Perhaps this is their waifu and he goes on a rampage trying to find her on one half of the world and she does the same from hers meeting in the middle.

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Not only will the rivers turn to blood, but the mountains will melt and run as lava, the righteous will walk through them and feel as if they are walking through cold milk, while sinners will be purged of their misdeed through fire and return anew to their brothers. All families will be reunited, and the just and unjust alike will recognize Truth.

Why do you think they yearn for ever larger cities?
To fully blot out the stars

I take it you rode Pegasus to Mt. Olympus, that's how you know which gods are real and are not real.

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If they pull out some nigger corpse out of that coffin I will go ballistic and burn it

Who would've thought this entire time it was all about a grand love story and we're just sitting here in the illusion wearing our 3D glasses thinking its real when it's all just a gigantic movie reel.

Mind giving me a source on this? I've heard many of the tales but never ones including what youvdescribe

Just get any book of Celtic or Saxon mythology/folklore.

They also hate muslims, what are you trying to say faggot?

dont mind me just checking these dubs. pretty decent dub to post ratio in here.
so far we've got dubs in 0,0,1,1,2, and then 8,8,9

i'm pretty sure there are things that can be done to significantly reduce light pollution while maintaining adequate lighting, pic related being one example, and i'm mainly talking about cities here. it would also be very interesting to see what types of different aesthetics were developed with pollution-free night life in mind (you can actually see pretty good at night if your eyes are adjusted to it. this aspect of humanity is pretty much lost in modern times)

stop doing this to yourself. it's bad for your health to have such a negative opinion of your own nature

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I presume you're subservient to a crucifix?

talk about prepping the bull.
more proof that semitic religions are all about keeping Whites in a submissive posture to inferior races and cultures.
their toxic memes needs to die

Yeshua has been determined to be fictional due to discoveries such as the Dead Sea materials which show that he is a culture hero devised over hundreds of years. As for Yahweh, we can trust one thing in the nature of the Semite and that is that he is a liar, as can be seen by the many false narratives filling the Old Testament such as the fictional story of Exodus. Considering the Genesis narratives are also plagiarized from Sumerian myths, we can assume that the entirety of the religion is a falsehood with a satisfactory level of a certainty. Or rather, there isn't a single reason to believe Yahweh is real or that any Abrahamic religion is even close to being truthful.


Shame I opened up this thread after heading to the shops, would have bought some red ale to honour her

The claim was being pro-christ = kike

No, no I'm not. Maybe a Catholic would be. To worship a cucifix would be to worship a graven image. It's the creation, not the creator.

Wikipedia is a start.
You're looking for pre-saxon and pre-Geoffrey.
Because he was our hero in the fight against the Saxons.

For an example of how these stories tended to go down:

You're looking for what most these days would call "welsh folklore/mythology"

Reminder that in Zoroastrianism the fifth month of the year is named after Ameratat (Sekhmet), so the happening may come pretty soon.

This would be correct. Those who worship Yeshua debase themselves by ritually consuming the flesh and blood of a Semitic idol in order to commune with a Semitic deity. This causes all Christians to become pawns for the Semitic race, as can be seen in their destruction of European cultures and their establishment of the Semitic hegemony which exists today.

I'm ok with all of this, let it begin

JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, VIII:44

Great as if Australia wasn’t scary enough now we have fucking mummies.

Wrong attitude, faggot. Your very Blood binds you to the Old Gods - subservience is only required when you've devoted yourself to foreign Gods. When your Old Gods are given power, you are directly uplifted.

It was more than a year ago that I felt that energy the last time that I got from reading through this thread right now. Praise Kek lads, and embrace the coming chaos. You only need to truly beleive.