Failed Assassination attempt on Pedokike awareness raiser Cory Feldman

Corey Feldman Says He Was Stabbed, Shares Photos from Hospital Bed
Aurelie Corinthios, March 28, 2018, 08:46 AM

They are getting more and more bold by the day. Who are (((The Wolfpack)))? How much longer until this system crashes down?

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Where have i've seen this pattern before? Ah yes, on multiple occasions with Hillary.

Total bullshit. If it was real he would show the injury.


Seems to me if they wanted him ded he would be tits up.
Whats the odds on nigger zerg rush robbery?

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I wonder if Charlie Sheenie had anything to do with it?

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inb4 car crash, heart attack or suicide

Schlomo trying to send a message. The answer is still the same. You’re responsible for yourself as well schlomo. You’re ridiculous if you expect a different answer after your behavior.

Feldman’s career at this point is basically just victimhood.

Vaping has and always will be a white tradition, if it was good enough for the NSDAP its good enough for me. It leaves no ash all over the place which makes places stink. It does not leave cigarette butts all over the floor which also stinks. I understand it when people have a problem with obnoxious "cloud" vapers but most do not do this. MUH SMOKERS GO OUTSIDE TO SMOKE No smokers do not do this because they are magnanimous, they are required by LAW to go outside and stink up the place. Smoking also takes way longer than vaping, you can have or two puffs a smoker smokes a hole cigarette. Vaping is superior to smoking and not smoking or vaping is superior to both.


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lighten up

u wot?

Kill yourself.

you forgot to downvote

Its just shitposting with a vary small bit of truth in it.

That pic made me lul, good shitpost user. I do prefer vapers (not the shitty BLOW CLOUDZ AHL DAHYYY NIGGA types) cigarettes are disgusting, and vape flavors all smell really good, save a few maybe.

Reported. Enjoy your ban shill

>no I can't just tell you their names I have to express it in my chosen medium

Yeah me to and the sudden large forced meme campaign who tried to paint the average vaper as gay really made me think. Made me think about tobacco and how very deeply entrenched Jews are in alcohol and tobacco. Lots of Jewish billionares come from the tobacco industry and they are shitting their pants because of vaping


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Choose one, you double nigger.

As in more healthy than smoking you mentally challenged two piece McNobody with extra chromosomes. Typical that you would chose the weakest point and attack that.

To be fair, you have to have a very sensitive flavor palate to appreciate vaping. The taste is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of glycosylation most of the flavors will go over a typical vapor's head. There's also the nicotine's invigorating headspace, which is deftly mixed into the juice - my personal preferences draw heavily from Arya Vedic formulations, for instance. The true vapers understand this stuff; they have the connoisseur capacity to truly appreciate the depths of the flavors, to realize that they're not just cool- they express something deep about BREATHING. As a consequence people who dislike vaping truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the delicate sensibility of a Fruity Pebble/Mango blend, which itself is a subtle reference to Cap'n Crunch's epic berry blend I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons staring at their rigs in confusion as my custom mixologist's genius unfolds itself in billowy clouds. What fools… how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have a vaping tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the poofters' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 volts of my own capacitor (preferably lower) beforehand.

Whatever you say, rabbi.

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suh dude

Fuck Corey, let's turn this into a handcheck thread

Really hitting close to home is it?


wtf is suh dude it only links to reddit and some vine thing when I google it?

Why are you googling shit? fuck man, at least lurk for 2 years.

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when is the economy going to crash lol

What is controlled opposition?

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That's 1000% cannabis oil. Those are pretty common in legal and medical states. He's probably using it for the pain

all these (1) posts taking a vape shitpost so seriously. Did I just accidentally discover a real shill bullet point

Could be some blackops clinton shit related to

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had the exact reaction when seeing the pic
>surely its going to help the recovery (((Thanks doc)))

Imkampfy is a 100% dude weed lmao and will kvetch about anons exposing (((weed))).

Feldman should just shit or get off the John. If (((they))) are legitimately arranging for assassination attempts against him, he has nothing to lose.

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Daily reminder if you fell for that shilling you're fucking retarded. Based on the "quality" of posts in this thread that must be a lot of the current userbase at this point. Sad.


use a proxy

He's a limited hangout.

He was molested, but they caught him getting in on the action, so they paid him and use him as controlled opposition.

The truth is pretty close to 100% of Hollyjew is pedo.

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Oldfag here, what the fuck is the Suh Dude nigger meme?

I dunno. I'm sure if they wanted to off him they would have done it sooner. You know another Hollywood ex child star suicides on an overdose.

better to vape weed than to chug opiates

weed maybe still jewed, but it's better than taking opiates

Stop bothering, they have keystroke loggers, backdoors in your CPU, ISPs that give them info and all sorts of shit beyond my technical understanding. Break the link if you meant to not give them referrals from here.

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he seems a bit more prepared than your average junkie actor.

this jew is full of shit he's no investigator he allegedly has names and information and he's never revealed anything specific. he's a useless kike and this is a hoax. never happened.

It doesn't take much force to realize that your average vaper *is* fucking gay. Use whatever mental gymnastics you need to tell yourself its ok though, at least it's not big tobacco rite? They definitely wouldn't find a way to cash in on this fad with a subsidiary.

I suppose your right but at the moment I am making 6.5k (+- in burger dollars) in profits every month for something I make myself (juice not the actual vapes) and sell to a lot of people trying to quit smoking a lot more than "lol clouds". I suppose they could start making the vapes themselves but China pretty much has the market cornered atm.

I don't care people have thanked me and say their health is improving, I am making money instead of dying in a bank (studied finance) and taking money away from a decay profiteering industry. While donating money to culture preserving institutes for tax benefits.

I am not going to stop because (((they))) could potentially in the future take advantage of the situation while I am currently fucking them over. I doubt its a fad, its a legitimate aid to stop smoking and is becoming a lot more common place people started "vaping" back in 09 it just wasn't as public but did exist.

Is it the same Cory Feldman who made this?

Definitely did it to himself for muh victim status.

Has he even named any names?
If not then he's nothing

Have to agree with TORfriend this time. Feldman has been stringing us on for years. Watch him start begging for funding for something again.
Fuck off, Cory. Name names or DIAF.

Cringe x infinity.

"Oh that's what he gets for investigating conspiracies! Crazy people will get out for being crazy

Is that going to be their same excuse for this too?

uh actually he got hit dubs so

no u

Speaking about his actor persona in the 3rd person? check
Freemasonic Jew? check
Instead of just naming his abusers and preventing further abuse, try to get money? check

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Feldman's an enabler and a kike. He's in it to scam the goyim.

Non-lethal stabbing lends the narrative he carries credence. Could just be another more egregious faction throwing another (older) one to the wolves, just to run interference on themselves.

Scottish Rite co-opted the chapters that left continental Freemasonry over the issue of the Royal degrees/rituals that still paid homage to the British Crown;– Albert Pike essentially took the last document dump from those legacy organizations and did whatever the fuck he liked with it. By usuring shares, gaining control of the Secretary positions in other orders, they eventual consolidated the entirety of American masonry (at least the hard assets.)

– So if the Protocols were right, this was a successful cooption of any nativist elements leading it in the New World. Now you have italian flatbread parties and midget tranny hula dancers inside the Temples. 9/11, 11/9 – hopefully this was trans-national Reich exotic tech moving against Anglo-Merchant Masonic NWO.

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Feldman always came across as "off" to me, like a male c-list actor clinging to stay relevant with his male #metoo stuff.

I wouldn't be surprised if he stabbed himself.

Him staying in Holyjew and pursuing a career in entertainment after all that allegedly happened to him when everything is run by kikes is the tell tale sign.

Is he jewish btw. ? He looks like he could be (((Charly Sheens))) brother.

His kikepedia:



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