There be a Happening afoot

HAPPENING: Parkland survivor's father was SUED for trafficking orphans with false documents
Parkland Cameron Kasky's father runs an adoption service called One World Adoptions, and he was sued for trafficking in 2012.

Also connected to CNN since as early as 2004, talking about Haitian adoptions. Remember Laura Silsby?

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Other urls found in this thread: / Region&module=Trending&version=Full®ion=Marginalia&pgtype=article

KASKY is the CNN connection.
This is a CNN transcript from 2004, where One World Adoptions was being interviewed about Haitian orphans.

Kasky was asking for Uber service days before Parkland shooting. He knew!

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this is… this is… this is fucking it. I must be a joke, this can't be fucking real d00d.
All I feel is rage

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There was some connection with Jeff Kasky and Super Mario Logon on youtube which had a bunch of videos targeted towards kids with very questionable content…

See where WHOISOLOGY was found and proved it conclusively. He scrubbed the normal WHOIS on but not the oneworldadoption domain, because he was stupid enough to use the jeffyjeff email for the former but not the latter. So even though the latter was a disgraced adoption agency, the former had a more redacted WHOIS.

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why does it always goes back to diddlers

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because it's easier to blackmail a diddler into a position of power than it is to make someone into a position of power a diddler and then blackmail them

He's right, you know.

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Looks like there's going to be a push on the claim that the parkland students were the bullies / Region&module=Trending&version=Full®ion=Marginalia&pgtype=article

There's no fucking way that was written by a teenaged girl.

He was the perfect patsy

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Can't even feel reality anymore

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Hey Schlomo, what triggered you? Keith Rainere?

you're from neither board i take it

The dad is 100% kike.

I'm sure they feel really dumb allowing all the first-hand accounts from the victims ON SCENE to reveal the shooters were actually SWAT. I'm still amazed the ZOG fucked up a psyop so badly their patsy literally just walked away.

I'm waiting for another FBIanon to leak the forensics reports showing Cruz had no powder burns or gunshot residue. That will be the final thread in the unraveling.

Turtles, user. It's turtles all the way down.

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Checked. Me too
t.trashcan man

Fuck off

Oh hey, it's Alexa!

You can be my crisis actress anytime, cute stuff.

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It also doesn't really make sense. If a bull starts rearing towards another bull and they don't respond then they tend to back off. That's the opposite of how a bully works.

Got this from 4chan and wanted to point out that Kahan/Kahane is a different spelling of Cohen.

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Is this more signalling?

Bye kike

Every fucking time

The other cop looks like a jew too. Isn't it fishy that jews are never cops yet at this false flag there are two?

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It never ends, this shit.

Sounds like it.

Also L3 technologies

It's basically desert sand nigger gential obsession and degenerate blood and scat fetish that they built a little fake cult around. They rape young kids and try to turn them into rapists in adult life, or they try to find guys who already snipe kids and bring them into the fold. Plays off the notion that in any honest society dishonesty and shell gaming pays hugely.

>that pig face and detached earlobes on the dad
Anons, this feels like the moment you win solitaire and just need to stack the suits as a formality.

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I like the normal way.

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THAT'S IT!!??!!?
the banality of evil, indeed


it's the thought that counts, user

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>THAT'S IT!!??!!?
if you only knew how bad things really are

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checked for white pill

Calls company "One World"
Uses a butterfly for a logo instead of a globe

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use this link for text of the bill

Every. fucking. time.

That's 2016's bill from December 15th, 2015 you colossal fucking shill.

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These people know neither honor nor trust. How else can you ensure compliance?

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It just makes me so angry.

Oh look, you're still quoting the same text from before, but just using a different link.

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Clearly he doesn't understand concepts like the deep state and geopolitics.


Checked for posting the idiot of the day. What a fuckin' ignorant twat.

I wish there were reasonably priced assault rifles, but it's nearly impossible to find one thanks to collectors, the nfa, and the hughes ammendment.

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Who fucking cares?

Your entry level is stuff like a Reising SMG (5 to 6 thousand) or a MAC 10 or 11 (used to be as cheap as 3-4k, going for up to 8k nowdays sadly). Sometimes I see a MK760 going for around 5k as well. Damn near everything else is over 10k and then actual real rifles like ARs and AKs are over 20k most of the time.

And remember the full autos ultimately got shoah'd because someone shot Jim Brady with a 20 dollar .22LR revolver. I know the NFA has existed since the 30s, but it was the attempted assassination of Reagan that caused the major push in 1986.

Just let that sink in. A .22LR revolver and they went after the machine guns, then the next 8 year period saw the 1989 restrictions and the 1994 AWB. Three major pieces of unconstitutional gun control legislation went through in under 10 years because one crazy guy shot at some important people with a rimfire revolver.

Oh yeah and the NRA sold out gun owners and supported the machine gun bans so don't expect them to ultimately be on our side in the end.

Yea. A lot of anons are digging over there, could use some man power if anyone is willing. I'm cross posting here for record keeping and info dissemination for future threads.

(((Their))) obsession with kids should key in the general population that they are pedophiles by nature.

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For all the rage that one can feel, you know what sets me at ease? Pretending that I've come from a parrallel universe in which the Third Reich won and dominated the earth and stars and we all knew peace and prosperity, but out of boredom we were sent here to the reality in which that didn't happen in order to conquer all realms and continue to find new degeneracy to purge with calm. I hope they're browsing here so they can know some of us still know the joy of conquest and find it rather enjoyable.

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On DOTR, we're all allowed to keep a Jewess slave… right?

why would you want to?

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It doesn't say he runs it though. His name is not in the lawsuit.

Which one is it niggers?

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Hahaha this is too good to be true


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what does it mean to sign as 't.'

It means:
Lurk moar, newfag.

t. newfag

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Cheeky bugger.

Don't spill your seed in ZOG minge, user.

CORRECT! That's the price of admission into the illuminati or whatever the fuck these globalist kikes call themselves. Hey diddle diddle and now they have the ultimate dirt on you, incase you ever betray them.

Read Crowley to understand. This is devil worship, friend. What do they do with the children after they are done with them? It's worse than you think.

They'd probably make for great prop dead bodies to bury after a hoax.

They'd make great dead body props to use during a hoax.

"you have to finish the pizza yourself"

Yep, this isn't as simple as "oh, it's a good mechanism for blackmail", no- these people worship Satan.

Isaiah 57:4–5 (KJV): Are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood,
Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree,
Slaying the children in the valleys under the clifts of the rocks?

what the fuck does that mean

Heroes reference. Zyler or whatever could consume the powers of others by fucking with their brain. If he took the Cheerleader's powers, which was basically immortality, he'd be unstoppable. So the big thing with the show was save the cheerleader save the world.

thanks based /tv/ user

Things are going to get better soon, brothers.

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wtf kind of AR are you saying costs 20k? you can have them all day from academy for $500 bucks, build your own for $450, or shit, build your own AR10 for about $800-$1200 depending on optics, or buy an AR10 for $1600.

pls meme responsibly

gb2 /agatha/ degenerate

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Can we just start the blood sacrifices for Sekhmet now, starting with all pedokikes?

Hail Sekhmet!

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And eagerly am i working towards the day we send kikes to their beloved satan. Since they love hell so much, lets make sure they'll all experience it.

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Tranny, hooker, or both?


You don't want witnesses, or at least those not in your cult.

Today, with satanic worship centers, it's all in one place. Ever wonder what "partial birth abortion" is? Now you know.

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At least they took the black dicks out of her kike hands for this picture.

devil worship, the demons need child's energy or they go find a new host user


/pol is compromised. It revealed itself as a honeypot when it censored any criticism of the omnibus.

Please move to /zenpol

The omnibus is a total betrayal:

-provides no funding for any border wall–just 33 miles of fence

-provides no money for wall prototypes. Only “operationally effective designs" already in use

-prohibits hiring of ICE field agents. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT jobs are mandated

-reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761–by about 250. This means fewer illegals can be detained

-increases the number of foreign workers–H-2B visas are increased by 100,000

-prohibits cutting federal funding from sanctuary cities. Remember that, per the courts, a president cannot cut this funding on his own

-on top of all that, the massive $1.3 trillion omnibus gives a ton of money to Israel and various middle eastern countries for completely insane, bullshit reasons (funding for Afghani women police, for example)

-Note that the military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.

Holy fuck, anons made unprompted postings on this faggot in the liddle kidz thread on 2/19/18.

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missed one,

inb4 /zenpol is qresearchbotpol

Mystery Babylon

Can't write cursive.
Nigger confirmed.

He also has a surrogate mother service. (whores that are willing to get pregnant)

Yet he calls the White House a whore house.

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I believe that's his brother.
They show Jeff Kasky's office later in the vid.