This is what debate Communism from reddit thinks about you(aka most modern "commies"

This is what debate Communism from reddit thinks about you(aka most modern "commies"

Why are you all such islamophobic and racists Zig Forums?

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Can you imagine if someone claimed that "Christianophobia" or "atheistophobia" was a thing?

Everybody knows you can't be a revolutionary if you are against theocracy and Islamic religious extremism.

Check your privilege bigot.


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What did they mean by this?

Saying anything positive about Zig Forums will get you banned, btw


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Come to think of it. We are more like the old left (class-focused; all else is divisive), which, by the way, has achieved a hell of a lot more than a bunch of edgy college kids LARPing as socialists as they are, yet they claim we are a "petty online imageboard".

If we are unable to form a mainstream left movement, it's precisely because those faggots take idpol to it's absurd and extreme conclusion, which liberals hammer on to avoid focusing on economics.

I don't know about "christianophobia" (nor do I care; fuck christians along with jews and muslims, anyway), but rationalwiki, aka SJWiki, does claim atheophobia is actually a thing.

Also, we should seriously consider debating those SJWfaggots on an actual public space. It's time we demolish those motherfuckers and reclaim the mainstream left.

Rationalwiki was an atheist wiki before it became a SJW one, which is why that article exists; many (most?) SJWs actually spew sectarian sentiment against atheists.

Fair enough, but atheophobia is not a thing; at least not in the same league as they claim "islamophobia" is.

So that's why Zig Forums has become overrun by SJW-Tankies recently.

Islam's the state religion in half the muslim world, which also has blasphemy laws making atheism de facto illegal, or compulsory religious registration, or just secular bloggers getting butchered by Islamists and the government not giving a shit. They can claim whatever they like about "Islamophobia", fact remains Islam is legal virtually everywhere and atheists get repressed and killed everywhere Islamists take power.

Yes you do. This pure cancer starbucks "lefties" (conformist puppets) are taking over discourse. They should give any real revolutionaries embarrassment.

I don't care what asshurt tankies think.

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Reddit is neolib central.
They are very open and unironically proud about it.
Their contempt is something to ve proud of.

Stopped reading there

they are a thing. very common in america

Reminder this exists:

Disregarding that neither Hitler had leftist market policies they seriously take offence to that.

Whenever I see someone saying "MLM" these days I have to do a double take to be sure whether they're advocating a people's war or essential oils.

I hate reddit so goddamn much.

Why is such a radical centrist minority so overpresented in the parliament?

I swear I saw this somewhere on r/europe with many upboats

PoC want to murder you and steal everything from you that do and do not own how much longer are you going to keep this charade going

can Zig Forums and Zig Forums join forces to hang the redditors

thanks for clearing things up natsoc

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Gosh I hate those narcissist cunts so much…

Fucking garbage echo-chamber platform which insulates them from criticism and pads them with warm "upvotes" to reassure them of their significance in the world

The world would honestly be a better place if these LARPing faggots all disappeared

Let's issue those faggots a challenge to a debate, on a public platform, be it youtube or else, and we'll shut down those annoying cunts.

It's time to push neolibshits out of the left.

Ephebe-kun here. I'm going to stop you right there because I feel uniquely qualified to address this. If the faggots you refer to had any interest in having a fair debate, they would never have created an echo chamber to begin with. Our experience with the liberal mainstream media denying a platform to anyone who calls out American age of consent laws for the absurdly repressive doublethink-ridden retarded feminazi bullshit they are has made us more aware than most of the fact that the only reason people refuse to debate is because they know they don't have any evidence. They're not going to discuss anything you want to talk about in good faith because they're not part of a marginalized group. They're petit bourgeois hipster shitwads who benefit from the status quo and can only stand to gain by turning the left or any other group trying to change anything significant into a morass of imbecilic liberal twattery, so why bother to talk to them?

I'm glad we give a platform for pedos to openly talk about their mental illness (as it's important they get help) but please be a little more discrete about it. You'll give them ammunition against us more than already exists and we'll be up to our neck in ad hominems

There has never been a person who has taken the time to get online and rebuke literally anybody else for not "working toward and making a revolution" who has ever attempted it themselves, or has any idea where to begin to merely just describe what that even means in a modern liberal democratic state.
redditors of all people positioning themselves as the ones "doing something" relative to anybody else is a great meme.
pro tip: getting together with handful of other callow petty-bourg dilettantes and stroking your patchy beards while chatting about "core MLM works" over coffee - if you even do that much - is not "working toward and making a revolution".

reddit kids "do" exactly as much as we do - fuck all. they just take themselves way more seriously while doing it.

Attraction to teenage girls isn't a mental illness, you stupid nigger. It's what every man in the world was born and bred for since the dawn of fucking time. I don't give a shit about their cucked liberal moral panic fucktardery or how much "ammo" you think they have on account of you being enough of a gullible fuckwit to believe their zero-evidence feminist propaganda about inherent incapacity to consent to sex which somehow doesn't exist when a teenager does the exact same fucking thing with someone their age. The only help we need is to get rid of shitty age of consent laws made by buttmad feminists jealous as fuck that guys want teenage hotties instead of used-up roastie bitches. The mainstream American view of this issue is a goddamned embarrassment completely devoid of factual support and it's not my fucking responsibility to not talk about this truth because you're a whiny bitch afraid that your Sicilian spaghetti making imageboard will be called names on the internet by a bunch of cunts you'll never meet who already consider you a problematic nazi shitlord for not believing every single word of their SJW garbage. Now take your feminist faggot shit and get the fuck out.

Besides, if they have as much love for Islam as they claim, they should support the part of Islam that allows Muslims to marry lolis because otherwise they're Islamophobic bigoted right-wingers.

I dunno why user always presumes everyone around here does nothing outside of image board shitposting. Do you think we're eager to dox ourselves on the ass of the internet?

because people who go on imageboards (and reddit) don't do shit. there are people who are politically active in a meaningful way and there are people who spend time in online spaces dedicated to discussing politics - but there is little to no overlap.

I'm game, but Zig Forums wants to spare redditors because they're mostly white people.

They don't debate, they censor. They'll never let their views be subject to scrutiny from an effective left-wing critic.

Lol,you didnt even have to mention your an amerishit.

Yet another reason Zig Forums deserves the rope. Suffer not the Redditor to live.

Which wonderful country is this?

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Something I've never been able to get a straight answer about from pedos: Explain to me why, in spite of adults marrying teenagers as young as 14 being completely legal in the US, statistically speaking it's complete trivia that practically nobody (except pedos) cares about, and has a far higher divorce rate than adult marriage?

Pedophilia is attraction to pre pubescents. Understand that or is that too complicated for you? You know the difference between a pubescent and an adolescent?

Probably not,that requires an i.q over 70.

Nobody cares about what happens in your "country" you dumb americanshit.

Care about? I was talking about europe you idiot. It means if you think anything below 18 is pedophilia then technically Europe has legalized pedophilia since the age of consent over there is around 15-16.

I am saying pedophilia is attraction to pubescents and the idea that adolescents are literal children straight up makes no logical or scientific sense(but muh feels hurr)

Please don't breed,make sure your genes die with you.

If you aren't a pedo, what issue exactly are you complaining about?

I call bullshit. Ain't no way marrying some teenage thot can statistically be any worse than normie marriage at 50some percent divorce rate

Considering loveless marriages and infidelity by women ill say 90℅ more accurately.

Pedophilia is a make believe problem. The only people raping kids are mods. Do you hate mods?

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You could answer this question two possible ways:
1) Economic factors making it tough to make ends meet for couples in which one or both partners is a teen. It's already tough enough for those who are older and more economically established.
2) Lies, damned lies, and statistics made to say whatever the feminist media wants them to say.

The feminists have been trying to do away with this too. The marriage rate has fallen dramatically because today's 18+ women are simply unsuited for it on account of them being unbelievably whorish self-absorbed cunts, so they're frantically attacking the only good option men have for a wife just as they attacked the only good option for sexual relationships before. They'll get thrown out in the cold if they don't and men will just marry teens instead.

I'm actually not that poster. Turns out that the world has more than just one person who thinks this hysteria is full of crap. The point of this is that it should be legal without the parents' permission because the boomers have demonstrated that parents in general are useless.

I've wondered about the thoughts of non-Americans whenever this crops up. Some appear to reject the American view decisively and often heap scorn on those who believe it, but others seem to have been cucked by American social mores. What country are you from? I can imagine that men from elsewhere would rather like to keep it legal and perhaps even to loosen the laws a bit because teen girls are the best. But I can also imagine that some people overseas just hate the US due to its various acts of imperialism and reflexively adopt whatever view seems the most anti-American. This seems to have formed part of the reaction to the Reddit socialists described in the OP.

A quick spin through Wikipedia points to divorce rates for child marriages in the US being 80%:
As compared with the general populace, which peaked at 40% in 2000, and has since dropped to 32%:

The actual primary reason for falling marriage rates is soul crushing poverty and debt in a dual-income labor market, much like most other lifestyle and career failings of millennials. If you want to look into the more specific issue of lower sexual interaction and its bias against males (though increasing numbers females are also dropping out of the dating world, even if not quite as much as their male counterparts), though? I would say Idpol certainly has an effect, but I suspect the main culprits are social atomization and I swear I'm not just being crotchety or meming ironically modern technology.
If it's such an issue, why is there practically zero demand for it, whether in le ebil burgerstan, nor among yuropoors?

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

This isn't the case at all. You're trying to downplay the amount of hatred that exists against these laws, which is massive. It only appears to be less than it is because of a campaign of censorship by the feminist media. Euros also don't have to be as vocal about it because their laws aren't as cucked as the US. But they need to be aware that feminists are trying to export American bullshit all over the world and stand up to it. Otherwise they can expect to undergo the same social disintegration as the US.

And what the hell do you think is to blame for this if not liberal feminist shit?

Where is this "massive" phenomenon that has failed to crack single-digit percentages?

Surely you understand that sources of this type are in short supply due to the politically sensitive nature of the subject, as exemplified when the feminists got the Rind study censured by the US government because it completely blew the fuck out of all their claims and they had nothing to contest it with except suppression. Given that, your request comes off as disingenuous, as does just about everything else you've said.

Literally holy fucking lmao my dude. /r/jailbait was at one time the most popular subreddit before their admins took a more censorship-happy approach. "Teen" porn is invariably among the most popular categories on any porn site.

oh the ironing

The divorce rate has gone down because people of all ages aren't getting married in anywhere near the numbers they used to. This poster is deliberately misinterpreting the statistics to make it seem much more unstable to marry a teenager, when in reality, the overall rate of stable relationships isn't that much different no matter who you're looking at. If that isn't an example of being disingenuous, then nothing is. But I'm not at all surprised by this. My experiences with ancoms have ironically shown me that ancoms are some of the worst busybodies out there, which is completely at odds with what you'd expect of an anarchist. The kind of distortion of statistics that he commits here is fairly typical of them. Ancoms are SJW to the core and are not to be trusted.

Can you tell me more about this? I'm curious.

>Feminists move immediately to make pseudoscientific propaganda alleging that all the hot dickings they got from 25-year-old men when they were in junior high were deeply traumatic and their brains were too undeveloped to properly understand all those screaming orgasms so they can secure a boomer man to be their walking wallet husband by preventing him from pursuing better, younger options


Also islam like all religions needs to be killed, but at the moment it is the most violent and anti-humanitarian religious cult out there. If these burgers lived anywhere outside of their little white suburbs they would know its a fucking cancerous ideology.
Half of us are faggots and the other half wanks it to trannies, but according to reddit saying "trap" is transphobic so I dont give a shit about what they think.
Reddit thinks that rejection of idpol is reaction of those who are the subject of the idpol, rather than the rejection of the political focus around it. Apart from a few shitposting Asserist larpers, most people here dont give a shit if people are gay or trans, as long as they are comrades, we just dont want to turn a movement about fundamentally changing the economic structure of society into a movement which fights for government subsidised hormone therapy under capitalism.