Julian Assange's Internet "Privileges" Revoked by Ecuadorian EL GOBLINO
Nothing in almost 24hr.

Kikes in (((City of London))) celebrating

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oh shit

Forgot twitter link

Kikes' living privileges can be revoked as well.

I'm quite disappointed that Trump hasn't evacuated Assange. He seems to have a pretty low cost of living and has proven over the past several years that he doesn't require much space. I'm sure the Trump Org can donate some unused office space for the man to reside in, after all, Trump took in some stray negress he caught squatting in Trump tower.

yea he's on timeout. lame.

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The (((City of London))) kikes still have a lot of pull, especially in their home base. That's the real center of jew power, not Israel. Whoever gets Assange out clearly has more power than the kikes.

If Ecuador could stand up to them until now, then Trump sure as hell can.

Why bother? Assange has bad-mouthed Trump a lot. So really, he's on now.

Bad mouthed is a bit strong. He didn't fan boy and had his critiques but I wouldnt say he bad mouthed the guy.


doesn't matter. if you don't suck his dick you're on a list. We live in an autistic, black-or-white society now of fanboys and haters.

wtf is el goblino? do u mean the ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno?

he literally wants US troops in the country to "fight" the narcos on the border with Colombia (there have been some explosions n sheit since the last weeks with some guerrilla disidents).

This is perfectly orchestrated, don't be surprised if they handle Assange to the UK soon.

Bastardization of 'el gobierno'

Kind of off topic. Can someone ITT meme pic related into something?

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ohh i see

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D&C shills using TOR. kek

can't tell if shill or edgelord faggot. either way kys shlomo

lmao he used a smart contract dead mans switch
he'll get his nets back soon or that podesta pizza order list is coming out

Trump wants the shit Assange is holding onto as insurance. Unfortunately he's playing a waiting game, especially since he knows he can't control Assange once he's free/loose.

Bitcoin Cash's chain had the shit spammed out of it yesterday. I highly recommend someone looking into it to see if an Assange DMS dropped some goods there.

Nice to see that meme used on the creatures it fully applies to.

< "X is compromised, Pol!"
< "DRUMPF is a kike!"

I'll try to see what i can do.

Top Kek!

How White is Equador?

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March 28, 2018


The Gobernment of Ecuador suspended of (sic) the systems that allow Julian Assange comunicate with the exterior from the ecuatorian embassy in London, where the citizen remains in situation of international protection since six years ago due to the risk that his life and integrity are at.

The measure was adopted in the face of the breach by Assange of the written commitment that he assumed with the Gobernment at the end of 2017, in which he forced himself to not emit messages that posed and interference in relation to other States.

The Gobernment of Ecuador warns that Assange's behavior, with his messages via the social networks, sets at risk the good relations that the country keeps with the United Kingdom, the rest of the Estates of the European Union and other nations. Due to all this, to avoid potential damages, the embassy in London interrupted this 27 of March the communication to the exterior to which Assange has access to.

The Executive also keeps open the way to the adoption of new measures on the face of the breach of the commitment by Assange.

*to comunicate with the exterior

If Trump sent a team over there, they’d likely be deep state spooks who would “accidentally” allow him to be killed or just use a heart attack gun on him.

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Saved. Thanks a lot fam.

oy vey

Can't do that.
Evidence of augmented reality and CGI in the various "Assange" interviews, and incongruous behavior on the part of "Assange", points to him most likely having been murdered some time ago, so any "rescue" immediately presents a new problem: how to explain Assange's total absence of public appearances despite being a free man.
Having a virtual "Assange" serves the same purpose as having a virtual "Stephen Hawking" did. The idea of a brilliant scientist, unable to speak except through a voice synth, allowed (((them))) to present an instant "expert" opinion on anything science-related, as well as a slew of globalist issues.
The idea of an Assange, a rebel hacker on the run from the NWO, allows them to control the opposition narrative, or in other words, both sides.

Oh look a leftist shill trying to discredit Assange.

I find it funny that you're all looking at what the lights shining on instead of what's around it.

Assange without internet can't get or send any news. This has less to do with Ecuador and more to do with who's making them gag him and why.

They don't want Assange announcing what mainstream isn't, which is clear is coming out today.

Trump's lawyers all over the news talking about how this was legal extortion, everyone does it, how this is a great employee threatening Ivanka for alleging rape.

I think they rounded up a LOT of the main players (stars and politicians) and the media and skeleton staff are is pulling more weight with less options on fumes.

I'm seeing Clint Eastwood's back on twitter promoting a new site talking about spilling his guts once he's verified.

Mel Gibson's talking about hollywood drinking baby blood "I'm still trying to wrap my head around it" and we know corey feldman was stabbed yesterday.

They're grasping for straws. Some are running, they're likely finding some people murdered and killed themselves today and later this week.

I REALLY hope POTUS forms a committee that spends the next 50 years unraveling what happened and publishes it as it learns backwards decade by decade until possible our landing here.

Just imagine we sold out to break away from the UK and Rothschild funded that war and the greatest trick was making people think the first he funded was Napoleon.

Meaning American Dream was literally an inside joke all along

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it's what you get when you racemix with spics which think they are 56% Spaniard

Trump is on a kike list you dip. If they say no assange he obeys.

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not much. It's very similar to all the other SA countries (with the exception of argentina and uruguay, but they have been getting a thorough enrichment program in the last few years, so that's changing rapidly), mostly niggers, indians and mutts with a very small white population that also happens to have all the money/power/resources. Middle class is virtually non-existent and the rich have to live in walled neighborhoods to avoid nigger chimpouts.

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all he has to do is pardon him, and assange is free



/pol is compromised. It revealed itself as a honeypot when it censored any criticism of the omnibus.

Please move to /zenpol

The omnibus is a total betrayal:

-provides no funding for any border wall–just 33 miles of fence

-provides no money for wall prototypes. Only “operationally effective designs" already in use

-prohibits hiring of ICE field agents. Fewer than 100 new SUPPORT jobs are mandated

-reduces the current number of detention beds–about 40,761–by about 250. This means fewer illegals can be detained

-increases the number of foreign workers–H-2B visas are increased by 100,000

-prohibits cutting federal funding from sanctuary cities. Remember that, per the courts, a president cannot cut this funding on his own

-on top of all that, the massive $1.3 trillion omnibus gives a ton of money to Israel and various middle eastern countries for completely insane, bullshit reasons (funding for Afghani women police, for example)

-Note that the military will NOT fund the wall or assist building it. Pay attention to Mattis. His policy is to remain neutral on any political issue like building the wall.






See if you just made a couple posts or a thread about this I wouldn't care but when you spam every thread it makes me think you're a shill.

My bad, I was tired.

He isn't dead yet?

Heil's login got taken over by imkikey and skeletor is a Steve Huffman aka "Spez" is a child rapist, murderer and cannibal, owns reddit mod

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

heil is a shitskin turk and skeletor is the the mod from r/t_D

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He criticized where criticism was due. He didn't go over the top, and he took into account the deep states leaning on Trump. I think he's done his best to try to keep Trump to his word.

Must read 'The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman' dl off PB. The current Ecuadorean president is one of the stories. All of the stories are about the intel services, and corporate/political structure of mainly the US, but with help from Euro Vassals and some G7s, and the World, and other big investment banks, IMF etc and their subversion and annexation of countless nations by usury. Must read, its the literal blueprint for the takeover of world government. Correa friend, ally and inspiration in standing up to World Banka nd their death loans was CIA'd in his plane. Shortly after, Correa backed down. So I was surprised he even took in Assange, athough that might have been the plan, who knows. Correa didn't fully sell out, at that time, but who knows the case now, after another election.

What the fuck, i just looked up that book, "New Confession of an Economic Hitman", im seeing some stores on Amazon selling new or used books, that sell for between 10-30 pounds, selling for thousands. Drugs, child porn? These are their bestselling items, books worth 20 selling for 1600?

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just download it for free and get one of these

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What would jesus think of this?

Yea, i got it off pirate bay, I'm just saying, this store is selling lots of books for 1600, so wtf, clearly the book is worth 30. What are they really selling?

probably just some bug in the javascript fetching error or some error in the database itself.

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he can litrally just pardon him when he feels like it.
he wont even get any heat in the long run, assange is a target just because amerifags want to take revenge

washington on damage control over the leaks?
how fucking new are you?
>I REALLY hope POTUS forms a (((committee)))
yeah we need more of those (((comittees))), like for 9/11, iran-contra, iraqi WMDs, syrian CWs…
1) literally impossible should the US want to survive
2) good IF it happens

Too many words. The proper response is:


Rare books sometimes get expensive.
Look up the price of "Sled Driver"