David "Zog Flunky" Hogg Threatens Laura Ingham

Firstly, I don't like laura ingraham at all, I think she's a useless cunt. But if you make yourself a public figure and willingly become a spokesman for ZOG's agenda, you can therefore be criticized when you publicly bitch you were too fucking dumb to get into any of the unis you applied to.

So this faggot bitches, imagines a big school will offer him a place a guess. Ingram makes a comment about his whining. fucker threatens her advertisers! Who the hell does he think he is?

>TMZ founder (((Harvey Levin))) came to Hogg's defense, tweeting directly at Ingraham and asking if she had watched the video of the interview at all.



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Look at the fucking arrogance….who does this fucking shitbag think he is? If faux jews caves on this one…they are already a neo-con shithole but the arrogance of the little fucker–what has be accomplished?

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Does anyone actually believe this moron is smart enough to think of doing this himself?

Yeah, this world is too backwards for even Papa Hitler.

Isn't his shitbag father a retired FED? Dr. Scheuer never stops talking about what a cancer on the nation the FBI is and how he dreaded every time he had to work wit them since they were worse than fucking useless.

Also, even Dr. Scheuer (22 years working at CIA) thinks the FL shooting was a false flag…He's not random guy ranting in his basement he ran the CIA operations for 2 decades+/

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David "Dumb as a nog" Hogg

I don't even mind and can excuse stupidity. It's this fucker's arrogance that gets me. He was near an (alleged) school shooting, so this therefore makes him an authority on the subject? I was standing on Church street 4 blocks away when the first plane hit the tower on 9/11. Can I give speeches now on terrorism and airline safety?

It's like the fucker expected special treatment. He didn't get it, so he'll be taking a (((gap year))) and next year saying to the admissions jews: "don't you know who I am?" And, sadly, he'll get his way and probably get into Stanford this time or even Harvard. Because he now live in a society that rewards the person who declares their victimhood the most loudly.

When the US inevitably brings back capital punishment for treason, david hogg is probably going to wish that he rallied to band assault rope.


Lol the little cuck is going power crazy

How long until CNN abandons him and he commits suicide?

I just don't understand how anyone can be this fucking small and ugly.

What a passive aggressive little shitstain. Those are the words of a child on a power trip. He needs a more suitable name. David "The Flunky Monkey" Hogg maybe?

Who are his 860,000 followers? They need to remember that freedom of association isn't freedom from consequence. He's actively trying to subvert the 2nd amendment to the United States Constitution.

Imagine how hard he's going to crash when Soros money moves onto the next fad. He's not very smart so he won't be able to follow it. He honestly thought that being left leaning would get him into college. Unfortunately for him, there are no spots for mediocre, white shitlibs, those spots are all taken by Jews, blacks and spics.
He's going to end up back at his parent's house, ranting about how the NRA sabotaged him.

I feel sorry for him because you know after they're done with him he'll probably end up like this kid.

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They were Bernie supporters? I smell a HRC hit.

They're trying to build up the narrative that Hogg et al are 'genius' internet wunderkinds because they can operate an iPhone.

I guess you could say he got shot down

You have to go back.

This wouldn't happen if they wore clear backpacks

That kid is such an insufferable shill faggot, he had a tantrum over his purse being made transparent.
Always trying to get attention with ridiculous ego exaggeration.

Look at his Twitter account, I can guarantee it's run by the same 30-something Jewesses that did social media outreach for Hilldawg.

God I hate this little ZOGbot, even more than the others.

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

The keks keep coming. I mean really now.

Harden up, son. The sooner this little faggot gets himself perished, the better.


Now that's entirely created for free advertising. That company is staffed by a bunch of faggots, spics, chinks and leafs. There's no way the virtue signalling homos at hulu support conservative anything.

He can't get in as an undergrad because , wait for it , HE IS IN HIS TWENTIES and already has his degree in -insert fuck whatever here-
Yeah it's hard to be a freshman 17yo when you're old and graduated already

How effeminate.

To be fair you can go back for another degree. He didn't get in anywhere because he hasn't applied anywhere.

Do we need more evidence he never went to Parkland?

when re you going to stop whining about getting attacked and attack yourself?
aren't you the side with "all the guns"?

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David Hogg stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

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then why even have the thread?

Tommie Smith and John Carlos weren't doing a black power salute, it was a human rights things. They didn't wear shoes and had human rights patches on their jackets.


go home /int/ you're drunk

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you do know who was funding and pushing for uppity niggers in Africa and the US at the time, right?


Yes. (((Your))) tribe.

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kikes are without exception also commies


You have to be fucking retarded. The clenched fist is leftist/black power. There's a documentary on YouTube about Black power and the experts say they did it as a show of pride for being Black. It was during the civil rights movement so of course niggers would be doing shit like this.

Absolutely beautiful.

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pol board owner is a pedophile

You are down sydromed if you're trying to say you'd have a negro in your utopia because skin color isn't race.

Oh damn a YouTube documentary where an (((expert))) says so. Nevermind why Carlos, Smith, and Peter Norman said they did it, experts said so.

I hear he was rejected.

you asked who was funding. whenever the question of "funding" arises the answer is always the (((tribe))) with the funds.

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Don't you mean



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It's his mouth, that's the worst part of him…he cinches it up into a tight little prudish slit like a self righteous old lady. It looks like a hen's arsehole.

Because he's a cocksucker.

Looks like this was based on a 2000 census.


I WONDER if this has ANYTHING to do with the 2020 Census?

He does that to suppress duping delight. He lies all the time, you see. Duping delight is a little smile that appears when someone is lying… and he has to suppress it very often.

They're in for a surprise if they think Southerners wouldn't slaughter them all the minute they decided to get this uppity.

Why do I get the feeling they propped this hogg faggot up to be a punching bag? He's not exactly a teen idol that peers would be drawn to.

Pisses off faggots

Is this really how low shills have sunk?

They are desperate and cannot understand how they haven't convinced any of us to play into their narrative. According to all of the data they have presented over the years, allowing a honeypot like this to stay alive should have fostered something noteworthy of being arrested and paraded in front of the MSM.

What they don't understand is that we are not prone to such deeds simply by the motivation of discussion. They cannot comprehend how much we can digest before taking action. What is worrying them more is that when we do take action, we are not taking action in the way they want. So each time they think they can vector Zig Forums into physical action, they are stumped because we come up with a different path they had neither planned for, nor even considered a possiblility and hence are always caught with their pants down when we do some crazy digging and find an avenue of attack that laid wide open.

They cannot comprehend what has been created; they have expanded their game theory. They originally thought they were creating a finite game. Instead the Umman Manda come out of the woodwork; the game is no longer finite, and the finite players have found themselves in an infinite game; and so have we. The players can change at any time, and the chans are the epitome of infinite gameplay; hence why namefagging was always so looked down upon.

I fucking love how Florida is not involved with their little advertisement. What's wrong, a few alligators and crocodiles stand in your way?

DO NOT INTERRUPT THE ENEMY WHEN HE IS MAKING A MISTAKE. Most of these are companies that we all should be boycotting anyway, they advertise on other jew owned TV networks, not just the cuckservative one, and they are all part of the globalist agenda in one way or another. Boycotts of major companies, particualrily those that advertise on TV is an important thing that WE should be doing, for other reasons obviously.

Also, we need to find a way of reminding this faggot that the reason he did not get into this school is because they have racial quotas demanding that they let in every nigger that has a barely acceptable class rank, and for this reason whites are discriminated against even if their GPA is far above the average for incoming freshmen. He is a victim of racial discrimination and the public needs to be aware of this.

This idea was made in 1968 the manifesto wanted $400 billion in reparations but never went through because the federal government rejected it and 15 RNA members were arrested on federal conspiracy charges.

Not always. The two main ideologies are the marxist leftist jews, and the neoconservative right wing jews. They actually disagree and infight with each other quite a bit, but they at least agree to always unite against the goyim.

If I were to describe Florida, I would call it a constant struggle to keep nature from taking back that which White man claimed.
It takes planning, coordination, and a lot of work to make it happen.
Under black management, it would all fall apart as fast as if a hurricane were to hit Detroit: game over.

Pretty soon I'm hoping a splatter on some pavement.

first virtue-signalling advertiser pulls out

Rachael Ray's pet food brand Nutrish severs ties with Laura Ingraham's Fox News show after David Hogg's plea

Dangerous levels of Vitamin D in Rachael Ray Nutrish cat food prompt nationwide recall

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You're making the mistake of assuming communism doesn't just mean "jew ran state."

#2 is gone.

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Oh okay, so these 'kids' can say and do whatever they want and anyone who countermands them should immediately lose their jobs.


This kid is getting increasingly annoying. He needs to be fully exposed. The digging into his past hasn't gone deep enough.

Fucking pathetic.

Not a lawyer, but, it does seem like this should be covered by some kind of law.
I suppose it all boils down to being able to prove intent to defame and cause damage to reputation leading to loss of revenue, coupled with a willingness to pursue legal recourse on the part of the person targeted.
I doubt his handlers will let him, but, hopefully the little shit slips up and crosses the line with an overt public statement.

Wait, so this little fag had a 4.1 GPA? Is UCLA that hard to get into? I guess I don't get the joke.

I'm done with this little homo and his 15 minutes of fame, and he seems like the type that will keep pathetically trying to cling to attention long after his usefulness as a useful idiot is over.

What past, the dude is like 17. This is like a golden goose for these faggots. They get squeaky fucking clean opposition that no one can do anything to that has a massive tragedy behind them. Its what they have needed all along. Every time they pick someone they would have massive fucking dirt in their files but these kids havent even LIVED long enough to do much. The only thing that we could hit them with is finding out who the groups are that are using them to take on our amendments/rights.

Diversity quotas.
Same thing happened to a kid I knew from my high school: 4.1 GPA and still got axed to make way for a shitskin.
The kicker is, he wanted to become a doctor, which should be a merit-based field only, but, they'll let any shitskin in because feelings.

UCLA has a SAT rank, thanks to affirmative action. He's automatically hit with a -250pts when he applies, asians are -50. Blacks get +250, hispanic +185. archive.is/m6YT1 If you want to read up on some of it. But nearly all universities in the US have something similar, if you're white, male, you're heavily penalized in nearly every school.

3rd advertiser down. She should never have apologized they're just using it to intensify the attack.

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Wew lad

Different yid, same lie.

4th advertiser gone. They're crowing about Expedia pulling ads. Also the usual rags are using her "apology" to beat her bloody with. This is textbook Progressive Outrage Machine. Wish she'd read the attack survival guide.

TripAdvisor covered up rape allegations on their reviews. Fuck em.

Is this an actual thing?

I'm pretty sure rule #1 is never apologize. These fucks don't accept human decency at all they'll just take and take when they spot weakness.

Found it.
(It's Vox Day, though)


See the second definition.

I can't make a Twitter account or I'd tweet this at her. That little shit is liable for a civil suit. It would be a bit messy, but I think they could beat him on the grounds that he so clearly and publicly displays malicious intent/desire to intimidate.

Hogg sounds like a retard, even when he's spewing MediaMatters talking points. If he seriously has a 4.1 GPA, then either you Americans have seriously let your standards lapse, or this kike school is inflating the grades of its students to raise its own stature.

Imagine being jewish, having a 3 letter agency daddy, being a "shooting survivor" on the "right side of history"

And still being too fucking mentally challenged to get that dank free college with that liberal pants creaming combo.

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5 down. They're claiming Nestlé has pulled out.

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Couldn't be more accurate. I've witnessed this too, the fuckers will just double down on you after you apologize.

Heil'd, at least I know what to stop buying now. I fucking hate this David kid, he's a twat and a half and absolutely loudmouthed as hell.

I fucking hate Ingraham more then anyone on the hogg crew now. Its this cuckoldry that gives them their power. In a stand off with a 17(or27) year old retard this super strong career woman just runs away and begs for mercy.
When ever the road gets even slightly bumpy everyone on the right folds up and runs away. They learned NOTHING from Trump.

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There is no one on television or radio who supports us. No one. You are a redditor or a paid shill if you think otherwise.