"Pope" Francis: There is no Hell

One would think that it can't get worse after "atheists go to heaven too", but Francis just keeps on delivering.

The interview is headlined, "The Pope: It is an honor to be called (((revolutionary)))." (Il Papa: “È un onore essere chiamato rivoluzionario.")

Then, they realised they spilled the beans and tried to damage control:

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To be fair, this is standard esoteric teaching. Anything that does not hold its internal spiritual consistency after death is washed back into the lower cycles of karma.
However, in a Catholic context it is rank heresy.

As much as I dont like catholicism or christcuckery in general, which has been jewed for a very very long time, the OP is wrong and the article is bullshit.

How do I know? Easy, in the OP's article there isno direct quote of pope francis saying there is no hell.


It's a lefty atheist italian journo making shit up.

see the part after the redtext

Who would've though. He's a commie.

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Combine this with the hogwash coming from Holy Cross (Massachusetts, I know) and I'm all but done with organized religion.


Heresy. I hate heresy.

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Nothing about a faith that merely requires to say a phrase is real.
Yeah, I know, they built cathedrals and wrote down documents, but everyone did that.
"I belive in jesus christ as my lord and savior" is not a faith.

Well, okay, there are also instructional videos and apps so "you reaffirm your connection with christ, and that makes you happy.

Mean jack shit to any Christian.
Or would YOU be a Christian if all you got was the "good christian life full of superior teachings and philosphy and morals" but with the caveat that there's no heaven at the end.

t. 100% of all Christians.

Reminder thanks to declassification of JFK we know form FOIA's that Francis is likely CIA.

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Cue the atheistsAKA good goys and their stupid misapplication of the "No True Scotsman" rhetoric.
"It's all Christianity, fellow goys. So long as you claim Christianity, whatever you espouse is authentic! It's not like it contradicts any established doctrines hurr durr!"

…to be honest guys, this is actually a pretty cool teaching that lines up with Gnosticism, but dude explained it poorly. You don't just "disappear", beings who are sick of your shit throw you into a sun to have your soul reconstructed.

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Gnosticism is not white. Zoroastrianism, classical pre-christian Celtic or Nordic faiths or bust.

I'm an atheist and I am more offended by heresy than all the good goy Christians I have met.

If only it weren't from a heretic, feet lickin', jesuit Pope.

Gnosticism has been on the run from the church since forever, because they bring to light the REAL shit hidden in the apocrypha. In my mind, disagreement with Gnostic ideas is a good yardstick for how infiltrated your church is at the moment.

Or you could go to the actual information in the Hermetica rather than getting a diluted semitized version.

Way to break that stereotype, edgelord.

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I mean, it's probably true for the most part regardless of who said it. Kikes and their ilk probably go to some place of punishment for slighting superior Gods, or maybe they go to many different such places depending on what they did. But a singular place of punishment for all people just reeks of Abrahamic monotheism and is unnatural.

Pope Francis is doing gods work by destroying the church as an establishment. It's become dogmatic, corrupt, twisted interpretations, and no longer serves the people which gave it rise to begin with let alone anyone else who converts.

Its because we're already in it.

He's not wrong you know

Um, this is literally the plot to the movie Dogma…

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That's because wetbacks only bootleg movies and music, not books. He got his religion from the back of 1998 Chevy Tahoe parked by the onramp.

Catholic anons, you know where to go for proper theology, right?
Stop following occidental, adopt, fold into, journey within oriental. Pope a shit.

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Rest of the Catholics look at him similarly as the British queen. If he the guy sucks.
Now the Polan Pope was something special.

It's heresy in the context of the Church, but it's actually biblical accurate.

If you're not reading the NT in Greek you don't know what you're talking about.

I ain't got enough paper OR nails for this shit.
And the pope certainly don't have enough doors.

SJW pope strikes again, currying favor with people who aren't even fucking religious or are in the process of conquering western nations.

Post proof

I still think it has alot to do with how powerful ones soul and will is during life. If someone’s soul is extremely powerful in life, they will be able to exist in some state during death.

I don't even have to argue against Christianity. It does all of the work for me!

Isn't the current pope one of those Argentinian crypto-Jews from when they fled there during WW2?

Why is there an upper case eta in the spot where an N should be?

lying pope!

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Take this shit to Zig Forums

Little sad nobody got the joke

All according to plan…

We got it, it was just a bad joke. You shouldn't need validation, faggot.


Catholicism is heresy and not representative of the teachings of Christ, faggot.

Protestantism is judaism masquerading itself under Christ.


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So can I finally stop "DEUS VULT" larping now? It's getting tiresome waiting for the next Crusade.

Antipope when.


Literally has been going on since francis bought his seat

This alleged statemnt is almost certainly an invention of Scalfari. The problematic things Francis says usually fall into three classes. One, fake quotes he never said at all. Two, quotes that are taken out of context and misinterpreted by journalists. Third, ambiguous statements that could be interpreted in an orthodox sense or not. Francis isn't known for bluntly proclaiming heresy. He's criticized for not bluntly speaking orthodoxy, and for his ambiguity and subtlety. Most likely the alleged quotation is a mix of one and two, perhaps brought about by three.

Anyhow, it wouldn't matter whether the pope held to a heretical opinion on this matter, since this is already a settled question within Catholicism. Dogmatic teaching holds that the human soul is etetnal, that hell is eternal, and that the souls of the damned suffer the tirments of hell for eternity. Case closed.

Except you're wrong. Dogmatic law makes what the Pope proclaims true. If the Pope says there is no Hell, then there is none.

>>>Zig Forums
I'm not sure if I even want to remember this life in my next one (probably not), but I'm sure I'll still despise Christians, if they exist at that point.

Only when he's speaking ex cathedra.

Hopefully this convinces many Catholics to abandon their faith, which has been compromised and used against them for some time now.

That's not how Ex Cathedra works.

Then how about a little disorganized religion?
Chaos frogs, moon god, sun god, bloody lionesses, and gondola. Welcome to the holy teachings of Zig Forums.

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Not so. A pope's comments in a private conversation (which he very likely did not actually say) are not infallible at all. Not even a pope's ordinary religious teaching is infallible. See the controversy of John XXII for one example.


IDGAF what you think, there isn't a Hell so I frankly will do and say whatever I want.

Irony is a Christfag calling others faggot. Follow your Semite goy.

Reading old theology disputes is like reading threads on /tg/ for games you don't play. So much tism.

You do it, see what reaction you get and report back

Oh it seemed like a sad commentary on state of the Roman Church

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Daily reminder that your fellow followers literally drink semen as part of your rituals

Hi, paid jewish shill. Reported.

The Bible tells us the only truth: that He'll is real and eternal!


Ha, that atheists quote wasnt even close to the worst.

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Wanna hear a joke, papist? “Salvation through works.”


Hi, phoneposter.

Also reminder if the pope was in control the Jews would be the ones believing in Christ, but the Jews control the pope so the pope tells them they are saved and HE gives in to THEIR wishes.

If salvation through works is Wrong then why did Christ have to die? If sole fide was enough, he could have just said his piece and walked off.

Papists, everyone. These are the people who say that Mary remained a virgin her entire life and was ALSO sinless, despite the Bible explicitly listing Jesus’ half-siblings and having Jesus state that Mary was just like any other human. THIS IS CATHOLIC DOCTRINE.

Sorry prot, but you lost. If sole fide isn't enough for God, it's not enough for man.

Read the bible.

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Enjoy hell (which exists), papist.
Romans 10:9 - That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
So how hard is it to accept salvation, you fucking heretic? Doesn’t sound that hard. How hard is it to ACCEPT A GIFT?

Which one? Cuz I read Da Jesus Book, mon.


Yeah okay.

Beat me by five seconds, ✡pagan✡.(defending jews)

That's the entire point, it's fiction made by a Semite that Christcucks repeat over and over in order to justify their hatred of the actual cultures of Europe while they worship a Semitic idol.

Wait … "Zig Forums-like behavior" (their words, not mine) is an automatic ban on Zig Forums. Why is a Zig Forums thread tolerated here?

This is completely at odds with the concept of a soul. A soul cannot just "disappear", ever.

So which is it? By the way that only happens until the end of the cycle. If you haven't sorted your shit out by then, then you get left behind at the end of history.

No faith which lacks the ecstasy state is real.
Yes, the lowest bush shaman of deepest Africa and his people are more spiritual than your church-going christian who literally LARPs their religious experience every sunday in a sad display of crypto-kikery long ago purged of any meaning. Who is actually less in touch with reality? Someone who enters a state of trance or ecstasy and literally hears a voice they assume to be a higher being, or the soccer mom who claims that Jesus speaks to her while she's watching "Real Housewives"?
Northern paganism had rites which evoked an ecstasy state, we just don't know how they did it but dancing seems to have been a key component.
Right, that's why nearly every reported contact between man and the divine in the fucking Bible and not in the Bible (Enoch etc) involves transcendental states and contains descriptions of entities which would not have sounded amiss coming from the lips of Terence Mckenna or Alan Watts.

Oh look a jew trying to get everyone to stop talking about their theft of the Jewel of Europe.

Found the Baptist.
Don't listen to this hayseed try to justify his religion for lazy crackers and drunken hillbillies. Faith without works is just as dead as the faithless works of the juden and the RCs

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Se basically it's gone from banishment to vanishment

"Hell" is an entirely jewish concept anyway.
Still, fuck the Church. Kike jesuit scum.

Actually no. The jews didn't have an afterlife until they were taken to Babylon and cribbed their metaphysics from the Persians. Afterwards, they start talking about Hades (location, not person), like the rest of the Mediterranean.

Time to retake the Vatican

Some "church-going" Christcucks actually do get the ecstasy state because some of their cathedrals are both built over pre-Christian sacred sites (and therefore have features such as telluric energy currents) as well as being built according to the ancient principles of sacred architecture which create structures with acoustic properties suitable for stimulating people with subsonic resonance. I doubt such care has been put into the construction of the majority of churches though.

The question is really why are Christian threads tolerated if there is a Zig Forums board when self-improvement and book threads have been done away with due to /fit/ and /pdf/. Then we can get into the question of why a treasonous religion created by Semites is tolerated on a National Socialist board.

Reminder that Francis is the final pope according to St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes.

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Heresy everywhere.

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St. Malachy had good sources.

Gonna need a lot of rope

Become literate.

Bad popes you traditionally parade around as skeletons and put on show trials.

The lack of divine punishment doesn't automatically mean something is okay. Goddamn it you Christcucks are so submissive, always looking for what master says.

Really makes you think.

Did you even ATTEMPT to read what was written?

1666D chess: pope doesn't want the jews in heaven.

I don't care much about "a master" I try to live a life the most moral possible, but he is flaunting the idea that "a bad place you go when you do wrong doesn't exist", implied doing wrong/amoral thing is fine.

So fuck him

Kill yourself jew.

You can't go to hell for committing untold sin and disgusting acts against human decency if hell doesn't exist

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>you’re a jew if you denounce (((catholicism)))
Best you can do, huh, papist?

Reminder that to the ones who do not fallow the creator, Hell is their haven or Ideal paradise. They do not think hell exist in the forum written in the common bible of the "current interpretation" of it. In truth, God made both haven and hell and therefor hell is still under the creators domain. This upsets the Jew since they want to defeat god and not fallow the plan. There will be two kingdoms in the end. One that has law and fairness and the other with no laws. Most will be driven to live among the souls who wish only to serve themselves with no laws to keep them in check. This is what the pope has been driving people to and will feed more souls into the kingdom of damnation. Imagine living in a world where everyone only cares about themselves, not even their family or children stand a chance. Imagine being with those people forever, that is the true understanding of hell. They think with more souls they will have the larger kingdom and thus can restrict haven. What they do not understand is one may crown himself leader of hell but he did not make hell nor can he control what is hell. That leader can only manipulate the souls that are in it. Repent for your sins or live among the sinners. You cannot ask for forgiveness by asking some one lower then god. Human kind cannot forgive sin, only God can.